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Friday Favorites {#40}

Hello and Happy Friday. We had a pretty great week around here. Of course, we had school, work, and activities as well as flu shot appointments, and I had a dental cleaning. I’m a weirdo who loves the dentist.

Again, the weather has really been cooperating and feeling like fall. I think we are supposed to warm up this weekend before getting cool again next week. Speaking of next week, somehow, it’s already fall break at the end of next week. The first few weeks have flown by…and we are supposed to have answers next week about school moving forward. We shall see…

As always, I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some of my favorites from the week.

First of all, I’m just so happy it’s fall which is my favorite time of the year. I saw this cute graphic, and thought I’d share. It certainly includes so many favorite fall things.

Favorite Moments:

I had a couple of favorite moments with Hayden this week. No picture, but it was just the two of us for dinner on Monday night. I’m pretty used to Travis taking Hayden where he needs to go and I tend to get Hadley to her activities. Anyway, I picked him up from baseball, and we went ahead and had dinner before I picked up Hadley. He told me all about his school day with his pod and then about baseball practice. It was just a rarity that it’s the two of us at home.

Then, yesterday morning, Hayden went to sit outside for his morning work. They were to observe their surroundings and write about what they hear, see, feel, etc. Well, I looked out the front door and just saw him out there enjoying his quiet time while journaling. So simple and sweet.

And…yoga for recess yesterday. The kids don’t know how lucky they are ❤️

Favorite Kid Quote:

Well, Tuesday was flu shot day for the kids. On the way there, Hadyen said, “Mom, you know when the nurse usually asks what medicines you are taking?” I said yes. (but was surprised he knows that’s a part of a doctor appointment routine) He said, “You’ll have to update her now that I’m taking my allergy medicine.” It was just a random Hayden thought that made me chuckle.

Then, when I woke Hadley up Wednesday morning and she said, “Mom, I just had a dream that all I ate for dinner was carrots!” Again, random but sweet.

Favorite Pic:

Since the kids were little, getting a shot means getting ice cream afterwards. Hadley ordered the unicorn “character creation” ice cream at Baskin Robbins. I swear…some days she’s 10 going on 15, and other days she’s 10 going on 5. 😂

The ice cream was super cute and came with…

the unicorn head band! 😂

Favorite Food (drink):

For years, I’ve liked a PSL from Starbucks, but a couple of years ago, someone shared that for their morning coffee, in the fall, they use their creamer and a dash of pumpkin spice. So, I typically do that now during the fall months. It’s just enough to give me the pumpkin flavor without being too creamy and heavy like the Starbucks PSL.

Favorite Porch Decorations:

Throughout the week, I continued to add decorations to my porch. I put out the pillows, door hanger, and doormat after Labor Day. Then, I added my pumpkins and a few other touches this past week.

Homer is saying hi!

The corn shocks were the final touch that I needed, and I picked these up at Fresh Market earlier this week!

A little front porch peek:

Give me all the pumpkins!

I clearly have zero chill when it comes to decorating my porch for fall 😀

Favorite Teacher Meme:

I saw this meme shared on Facebook. Teaching in 2020…😂

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

A couple of years ago, Hadley was with me at Home Goods and told me she needed this sign. It still sits on her bedside time! Girl Boss from day 1!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts from the week in case you missed one!

Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts! I hope you have a great weekend.

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Friday Favorites {#26}

Hello and Happy FRIDAY! How is it already Memorial Day weekend? I feel like the month of May has flown by! We’ve made it through our final full week of distance learning, and, for that, I’m very thankful!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for this week’s Friday Favorites.

I’m going to start off with my very favorite favorite this week…

My 150th Blog Post:

Y’all, this is my 150th blog post! I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed starting this blog, “meeting” new people, finding other blogs to follow, and also just finding the time to keep Show Me and Sweet Tea going. Thanks so much for following and reading posts that are of interest to you!

Blog Categories:

Speaking of the blog…I feel like a “Big Girl Blogger” because I organized my posts into categories on my site! It took some time to label and move things where they needed to be, but I’m so glad to have that system in place, and I hope it’s easier for readers to find posts that they are looking for. Getting organized is always a favorite of mine.

Favorite Moments:

May is a big birthday month in my family. Both my mom and my dad have May birthdays, just a few days apart. I thought it would be fun to have Hayden and Hadley and their two cousins spell out Happy Birthday to each of them. My sister-in-law took her kids’ pics and sent them to me, and I put them in a collage…and I was able to print the collage at Walgreens to put in their birthday cards.

Hadley FaceTimed my mom on her birthday and put a candle in her waffle with (too much) Nutella and peanut butter. Then, she had GG “blow” out the candle. The kids did the same for the Major on his birthday a couple of days later.

I always say, “Find you a Hadley.” She loves big and has a very generous heart. It was sweet of her to come up with that idea.

Another favorite was the kids’ artwork this week. Their self-portrait needed to include something that they love. I always crack up when Hayden draws himself in his glasses, and Hadley doesn’t miss a detail…look at that scrunchie!

I finished the third and final book in the Peachtree Bluff series. It was such a good read, and I loved this series so much. All three books would be great summer or vacation reads!

Trader Joe’s had some of my favorite flowers when I stopped by there last week.

Favorite Recipe:

Hadley’s Girl Scout troop wrapped up their year with a virtual cookie bake off. Each girl received a sleeve of cookies to use in their baking recipe. On Monday, they had their Zoom meeting and each shared their finished product as well as the recipe with the troop. We modified one of my favorite baking recipes to include the Thin Mint cookies Hadley received. The cupcakes were so delish, and the girls had fun presenting their finished products. Her troop leader is gathering the recipes for a little cookbook, so the girls can have all of the delicious recipes in one place.

finished product
Ready for her presentation
Ready to eat!

Favorite Clothing Item:

It’s been about 20 years since the last time I purchased overalls, but these Universal Thread overalls from Target didn’t disappoint. Real talk: at this point, when I put on these overalls, I’m dressing up! 😂Anyway, I think they will be perfect for the spring and summer months.

Favorite Kid Quote:

I made Hadley’s lunch yesterday, and when I gave it to her, she said, “Is this ‘on the house?'” 😂 I told her that her whole life is “on the house!” I’m not sure where she heard that saying, but it was just funny to hear her say it.

Favorite Mom Memes:

Non-essential stores are beginning to open up around here. I do think our local Home Goods isn’t scheduled to open up just yet, but that’s the one store I’ve really missed visiting during this time of quarantine.

With distance learning wrapping up, I had to share this meme while it was still timely!

Bonus Favorite: Flashback Friday

I think I shared this toddler pic of Hadley in a previous post. Now, Hayden’s teacher has asked for one too for something they are doing next week, so I thought I’d share his too. I miss when they were this little!

Pinchy cheek cute x 2

And this pic from 2013 popped up in my Facebook memories 😢 They were ready for the pool…I’m wondering if we will get any pool time this summer?!

Weekly Post Recap:

Well, that’s a wrap on this week. Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

I can’t believe this is my 150th post! I really appreciate all of the support along the way.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Friday Favorites {#25}

Hello and Happy Friday! We’ve had a pretty good week around here, but I can’t get over the weather. Mother Nature needs to get her act together! We have freeze warnings the next couple of mornings. Anyway, we’ve continued in our distance learning and work from home groove, but we are always ready for the weekend!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites, so check out their posts too!


Last week, Hadley had my phone for a bit. Later, I found this pic plus a few more. She’s so funny…and why does she look 16 in this photo?!?


Hayden was petting Homer and said, “Mom, Homer is like the grown up that lives with his parents but doesn’t pay any rent?!” It was just such a random comment. I don’t even know what he meant by it but it made me laugh.


While the kids have probably been on technology too much or played too many hours of Xbox, I feel like this week they spent some more time outdoors again. Recently, Hadley built a fort in the basement and spent some time hanging out in it. Then, this week, both kids started building an outside fort in the space between our house and the neighbor’s fence. It’s been fun to see their creativity, and it’s always nice when they get along!


We’ve still had cooler weather which I love because I’m a big fan of sweatshirts! So, lots of shorts or leggings with sweatshirts as my momiform.

I wear this Target sweatshirt on repeat; I have it in both blush and camo.

I am also still loving these Hanes sweatshirts from Amazon. They are comfy, and you can’t beat the price. I have it in light pink, black, and this blue color.

Recently, I’ve purchased this style of Amazon Essentials lounge shirt and shorts to use as spring/summer pjs. They are comfy and cute.


This week, I made two recipes that I haven’t made in awhile…Pizza Pork Chops over Orzo and Shay’s Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken & Mushrooms over Rice. Everyone loved them; I need to bring them back into the rotation.

Pizza Pork Chops over orzo


I mentioned in a recent post that while we updated our sunroom a few years ago when we moved in with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring, we still don’t use it much.

This week, we went ahead and made some moves on making this space more functional for our family. I’m talking we went from 0 to 100 in a day! I had my eye on this set after seeing it recommended by Jen Reed as she has it in her outdoor space. It was out of stock at our Walmart, but Travis stopped by on Monday, and they had one! Then, I put our sectional for sale on Facebook Market Place and had multiple offers over asking price within minutes! Another person even asked to buy the rug I had which I wasn’t necessarily planning on selling. Both the couch and the rug were gone by Monday evening! So, Travis put the new furniture together on Tuesday, and we’ve been enjoying it ever since.

It’s still not 100% finished, but the new furniture and new rug certainly have made this our Updated Sunroom 2.0!

As you can see, I’ve been playing with the room arrangement. We are planning on putting a tv in here, so I think the arrangement below may work best even though I prefer the chairs on either side of the rug.

I received a fun surprise on Tuesday. My mom asked my brother to pick up some flowers for me for Teacher Appreciation Week as well as flowers for my sister-in-law as it’s also Nurses Appreciation Week too.

I added them to the sunroom table.


I have always been strict about bedtime (lights out by (9pm) and wake up time (don’t leave your bedroom before 8am) with my kids…but I feel like we are regressing. I remember when they were three and would egg each other on and have lots of energy at bedtime. That’s how it’s been lately. I guess maybe they aren’t burning as much energy during the day to be completely exhausted at bedtime.

Bonus: Flashback Friday:

I remember taking this pic Derby Day 2011. The twins on horsies coming down the hall.

Also, I took a trip down memory lane recapping our best family vacay to date. After finishing the post, I realized, I think it was my favorite post to write on the blog so far.

I hope you have a great weekend! Also, Happy Mother’s Day weekend which is obviously a time to celebrate moms, but through the years, I’ve also realized this day is a tough day for some. Prayers for those who have recently lost a mother and for those who are struggling to start a family. The time will come, continue to be brave, and know the journey is worth it in the end. And for new moms—cherish this time…the years sure do fly by!

Thanks so much for reading,

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

**I shared this post earlier in the week, but all of the items are my favorites and perfect for this week’s Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika, so check out their posts too!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to go ahead and share some ideas. ❤️

I saw this meme on Sunday, and thought it would be fun to put together some gift ideas for mom. Also, these could be gift ideas for yourself (I do that sometimes…like every Friday after I’ve survived another week of home schooling 😉) or ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Of course, now you are down to about 10 days!

When I saw this meme, I really did get sad for a second. I love when the kids bring home cute crafts from school for me and there’s nothing better than a homemade card! For Father’s Day, I always print one of those fill in the blank sheets “All About Dad” with Dad’s favorites, etc. The kids’ responses are always so cute.

Per tradition, the kids and Travis know all I would like for Mother’s Day is a card, two hanging ferns for our front porch, no fighting…and maybe an hour of peace and quiet. The past couple of years we’ve gone out for brunch…and I will miss that this year. Since I do most of the cooking, I do take a break on Mother’s Day, and Travis usually grills out or we get carryout from a local restaurant.

To be honest, Travis is a great gift giver. Most years, on top of the traditional gifts, he (and the kids!) usually come up with something special like a framed sign with a saying, a gift card to somewhere I’d probably never go on my own, or a sweetly completed craft project.

Pinterest always has cute craft ideas for Mother’s Day. One year, Travis painted a wooden crate, and then the kids put their names and hand prints on it. Then, they filled it with flowers. It was a perfect addition to our back porch. A framed photo is always a sweet idea as well. I think all moms really want is to feel appreciated by maybe sleeping in a bit, not doing any household chores, or getting to stay out of the kitchen.

I posted some recent favorites of mine last week, but here are a few more ideas that are extra special!


9. I have this Amazon blanket in gray. It’s warm and cozy.

10. I have two pairs of these flip flops from Nordstrom. They are my faves and would be a perfect gift with some of mom’s favorite nail polish (I love OPI Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny!) or a nail salon gift card.

11. This “mom” ring dish (can be customized) is so pretty and perfect for mom’s dresser or jewelry drawer.

12. These vases from Rustic Roots would be a wonderful surprise for mom. Just fill them with flowers!

Y’all, mom doesn’t need anything fancy; she just wants to feel the love. Of course, I’m sure she wouldn’t be mad if she received something comfy, stylish, or sparkly to go with that sweetly signed Mother’s Day card.

 I hope you find an idea or two for mom, for yourself, or for someone special.

P.S. someone may need to forward this to Travis. Just in case. 😉 

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Favorites {#24}: Things I’ve been Loving

Hello and of course, Happy Friday. Y’all we made it through another week. This was definitely our easiest week so far. The kids were able to do their schoolwork with minimal help from us, and the weather was pretty nice all week allowing us to get outside a bit more than we did last week.

Of course, I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for this week’s Friday Favorites, so check out their posts too.

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I thought I’d share some things I’ve been loving. A few items I’ve been using for quite some time and others have been recent purchases #quarantinemademedoit

All of these items are, of course, my favorites. ❤️

Health and Beauty

After seeing quite a few people promote the Billie razors, I thought I’d give them a try. I signed up for an every other month subscription ($9+free shipping). This cute box arrived on my doorstep in a matter of days with my starter kit inside. I chose the blush colored razor, and it came with the magic holder and two other blades. The starter kit also included a Wonder Wipe sample that removes makeup and a sample of the Sudsy Body Wash. I will receive four new blades in my June shipment. I do really like this product so far. The razors provide a smooth, clean shave, and I love the magic holder as it’s a magnet that sticks right to my shower wall.

At only $9, I felt good with trying these razors out. I may switch to a monthly subscription, but I thought every other month was a good place to start!

As I’ve mentioned before, I always have my nails painted. I usually stick with OPI Bubble Bath or Funny Bunny which are neutral colors. Andrea has shared about her base and top coats that she uses, and I’ve used them for quite some time now. I feel like the top coat definitely helps an at home manicure last longer. Of course, going to my regular nail place isn’t even an option right now, so I’ve been using my own at home supplies more and more recently.

Admittedly, I haven’t been putting forth a lot of effort in the hair and makeup department recently, but I’ve been using the Revlon One-Step Dryer since January after receiving it for a birthday present. I’m sure you’ve seen others talk about it or review it, and most everyone seems to love it. Me too. That being said, it’s definitely not something I can use on sopping wet hair. I have always let my hair air dry almost to 75% before using a blow dryer, in the past, or the One-Step Dryer now. So if your hair is mostly dry, this is certainly easier to use.

I find that it gives my hair so much more body and fullness. In the past, I would blow dry my hair with a round brush, then use a straightener where needed and then add some curls with my curling iron. Of course, all of that, is a lot of heat on my hair. Now, I can completely skip the straightener step. Sometimes, I don’t even put curl in my hair because my hair already has enough volume after using this.

One thing that did surprise me once I saw the One-Step Dryer in person….you’ll get a bit of an arm workout while using it! 😉 It’s a hefty styling tool. That being said, it only takes me a few minutes of use to get my hair how I’d like it.

Another product I’ve used weekly over the past couple months is my Nano Steamer. Again, it was a gift, but it’s one I use in addition to my normal skin care routine. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and I made sure to read the instructions and even viewed a tutorial video because I wanted to know how to safely use all the features. After just 12-15 minutes of use, my skin always feels so refreshed.

Shoes, Shoes, and, well…more shoes…

I’ve made a few shoe purchases recently. I kept seeing all kinds of great deals that influencers were sharing, and I couldn’t pass the deals up!

Jen Reed shared that her retro Adidas were back in stock at DSW, so I snagged them right away. DSW had a code and I purchased mine for $38…and they arrived very quickly!

JC Penney seems to have the same retro shoe with a few other color options as well.

After following Jennifer Todryk for so long, she always shares about the amazing deals shes gets on shoes from Joe’s New Balance Outlet. I now get the New Balance emails and waited until I saw something I liked that was a good deal. My New Balances were only $35!

Then, I used Landyn’s Vici code for a discount on the already reasonably priced sandals she showed one day in her Instagram stories. These sandals seem to be out of stock, but Vici’s shoe and sandal collection has so many cute and affordable options.

I’ve mentioned recently how my sciatica has been bothering me lately, and last time this happened, I had waited too long to purchase new workout shoes. Both of these tennis shoes have already helped with my back pain, and I can tell they are providing my feet with more comfort and support…at least that’s what I tell Travis when he asks why there’s another shoe package on our front porch!

Food and Drinks

This week, I mentioned that I went on a Trader Joe’s run recently. These are some of our family faves! I love the Havarti cheese with dill and the Buffalo Chicken dip.

I also love Trader Joe’s Simpler Wines Rose’ and purchase the four pack in the spring and summer months! It’s a refreshing drink for sure.

Around the House…

Since we are washing our hands on repeat (on repeat, on repeat), I purchased a few new foaming hand soaps from Bath and Body Works. They seem to be having an ongoing 4 for $20 sale. After putting those in my cart, I decided to add in a couple of single wick candles. The soap and candles arrived this week, and both the candles smell heavenly! Also, the candles were 2 for $20, so I was happy to take advantage of that deal as well.

That’s it for my What I’ve Been Loving: Friday Favorites. We are going to take advantage of some nicer weather today before what looks like a soggy weekend!

Thanks so much for reading, and don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

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Friday Favorites {#23}

Hello and Happy FRIDAY! Week two of distance learning went a bit smoother this week which was a relief. That being said, the weather was either rainy/overcast or chilly. So, we didn’t do a great job of getting outside as much as we usually do. Hopefully, we can do that this weekend.

As with all Friday Favorites posts, I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea. Make sure to check out their posts too!

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Pic:

We made the best of a different Easter for us which I wrote about in Wednesday’s post.

The kids did a great job of going with the flow for Easter, and I love this pic of them.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden loves Homer so much. So, when I walked in the living room Saturday morning, I said, “I can’t believe you and Homer aren’t snuggling.” Hayden said, “Homer wants some social distance.” 😂 Funny but also sad that’s a term that’s so common right now. 😢

Also, the kids shared their favorites last week, and their answers are simple, sincere, and funny.

Favorite Clothing Item:

About a month ago, I bought this Universal Thread sweatshirt at Target. I purchased the camo one and then a few weeks later, I ordered it in blush. The quality is great and it’s so comfy…Fun fact: It can be worn with pjs, sweatpants…and probably even jeans that button…but I haven’t tried that outfit look yet 😉 Bonus! It’s only $20.

Favorite Food:

We made one of our favorite meals recently and then one of our favorite desserts for Easter.

Favorite Moment:

Like I said above, it was hard to get motivated to spend lots of time outside with the dreary weather and cooler temps.

Also, about a year and a half ago, my back did me in…a trip to the doctor and he said I had sciatica. Thankfully, with some meds and some rest it went away…until recently.

My back started bothering me about a week ago and by Monday it was to where I could barely sit for long. So, I had to pause on my normal workouts but was determined to at least go for a short walk every day. I’m glad I did. Even in the cold, 37 degree weather we were having Tuesday, I was able to see so many beautiful blooming flowers. My bundled up walk felt more like February, but the beautiful flowers reminded me it is springtime in the bluegrass state!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Ain’t this the truth?! haha

I recently joked that you know it’s math time at our house when Homer puts himself in the kennel! It’s usually the last subject we do (and maybe I need to rethink that) and math isn’t necessarily a strength of mine…so the struggle tends to be real when we are trying to focus on how to use a protractor while measuring angles!

Favorite Kid Activities:

For science this week, the kids were to construct a 3-D object made out of recyclable objects that they could find around the house. Honestly, they found all the items and came up with their vision of constructing robots all on their own. We had to help a bit getting some parts to stay together, but I loved how they turned out. Hadley wanted to add hair with the leftover Easter basket grass, and Hayden did too. Of course, Hadley had to accessorize with a bow and sunglasses! Hayden added the Nike swoosh.

I know Hadley is missing her dance classes…mostly based on the number of Tik Tok performances I have to sit through on any given day. To balance out the Tik Tok (and, for the record, she doesn’t have an account), thankfully her dance studio is offering some online sessions. On Wednesday, she took over the sunroom for an hour long ballet, tap, jazz class.

Bonus: Flashback Friday

This memory popped up on Facebook, and it made me smile. I don’t remember where she got that dress, but I do remember her walking into the kitchen telling me she was going to wear this dress when she gets married. Awe. So sweet!

Well, that’s a wrap on this week! I hope you have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday.

Thanks for reading!

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Friday Favorites {#22}: Kids Q&A Edition

Shew! We made it to Friday. As with every Friday Favorites, I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea, so check out their posts too!

Honestly, this week was a huge adjustment as it was our first week of virtual learning along with me working from home. First and foremost, HIGH FIVE to all the educators out there busting it to make school as easy, seamless, and meaningful for their students (and the students’ parents!) as it has been. I have been BLOWN AWAY with all that my kids’ teachers have done. The best thing is the daily 10:00 Google Meet class meeting. I know my kids love seeing their teachers and their classmates.

Also, HIGH FIVE to all the parents out there working AND helping their kids with their school work. I’m a teacher, and this has been a MAJOR learning curve for myself as a high school educator as well as now a teacher to two 4th graders! We will get through this, but I’m certainly looking forward to a nap later today followed by a glass of wine! 😉

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I decided to ask the kids some of their favorites. The age of 10 has been a fun one. They still need me but are also pretty independent. Needless to say, we’ve had lots of time together recently, and I thought this would be a great time (and a great age) to take note of some of their Favorite Things…

Hayden’s Favorites

  • Favorite color: blue
  • Favorite book: The Hatchet
  • Favorite TV show: Garfield
  • Favorite food: bacon
  • Favorite game: Madden 20
  • Favorite animal: dog (specifically the Homster!)
  • Favorite outfit: shorts and a t-shirt
  • Favorite subject at school: Social Studies
  • Favorite sport: basketball
  • Favorite breakfast food: Oatmeal and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Favorite holiday: Easter
  • Favorite vacation: Grand Canyon and Dodgers game in LA

Other Questions and Answers:

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? basketball player
  • What’s one thing you’ve learned at school this year? measurements in math
  • Name one thing you do really well. Sports and reading
  • Describe your best day ever. Saturdays because I can chill.
  • If I could choose a different name, I would choose…Cooper (Fun Fact: He was almost named Cooper)
  • When I’m with my family, I like to…watch TV shows and laugh with them.
  • What’s one thing you like about your sister…She’s fast.

Hadley’s Favorites:

  • Favorite color: teal
  • Favorite book: Mother Daughter Book Club Series
  • Favorite TV show: Alexa and Katie series
  • Favorite food: tacos
  • Favorite game: Diary of Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge
  • Favorite animal: monkey
  • Favorite outfit: athletic shorts and tank top
  • Favorite subject at school: Spelling
  • Favorite sport: Dance and Cross Country
  • Favorite breakfast food: Waffle with Nutella
  • Favorite holiday: Christmas
  • Favorite vacation: Los Angeles

Other Questions and Answers:

  • What do you want to be when you grow up? An elementary school teacher
  • What’s one thing you’ve learned at school this year? How to do long division
  • Name one thing you do really well. Being sassy
  • Describe your best day ever. Going to Disney World
  • If I could choose a different name, I would choose…Mackenzie or Addison (Fun fact: She was almost named Addison)
  • When I’m with my family, I like to…go on bike rides or have a game night
  • What’s one thing you like about your brother…nothing really, but he can be sweet when he’s not awkward.

Even if they fight too much and some days drive me crazy, I know I’m blessed beyond measure with these TWO! And, Happy National Sibling Day to them as well.

Thanks for letting me share some favorites of my two favorites.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter.

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Friday Favorites {#21}:

Hello! Well, today is our last day of “Spring Break.” We’ve had a pretty good week at home. We had a couple of dreary days, so I gave us permission to be a bit lazier than usual…which pretty much ensured I was able to finish a great book and wrap up Season 2 of The Crown 😉

Virtual school starts on Monday, so we will be starting a bit of a new routine while I also work from home as well.

As always, for Friday Favorites, I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea, so make sure to check our their posts too!

Favorite Pic:

We purchased these #TeamKentucky hats from our friends. With a donation being made to the #TeamKentucky fund for each hat sold, it was just another way to support our community during this time.

Homer is a team player too!

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden had a couple of funny quotes this week!

Of course, a 4th grade rite of passage is receiving and playing the recorder in music class. This week, Hayden pulled his recorder out of his back pack and tried to play Hot Cross Buns. After a few squeaky tries, he said, “Yikes! I’m rusty. I haven’t played in awhile!” (He also says the recorder is the reason he has an A- in music right now!) 😉

Another funny Hayden quote….I’m getting caught up on seasons of The Crown. I was watching the last episode of Season 2, and Elizabeth and Philip were having a heart to heart. She said that any marriage presents challenges let alone challenges with the structure of their marriage. Hayden said, “Challenges?! That’s why I’m never getting married!” 😂

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’m loving the joggers and Hanes sweatshirt that I mentioned in my Amazon Lately post from this week. Not only am I loving those items, I’m also living in them right now! #momiformonrepeat

Favorite Food:

I actually cooked a couple of favorites this week. We had Bev’s Simple Chicken Pasta Soup which provided us with dinner for Monday and Tuesday. Then, I made my brother’s stuffed peppers recipe. The whole family loves stuffed peppers, and we had them for dinner Wednesday and Thursday.

And, bonus—we made Easy Peanut Butter Cookies that lasted less than a day in our house!

Favorite Moment:

In times like these, it’s been so nice to see communities, cities, states, and the country come together with a sense of solidarity. With that, comes so many visible sights of kindness. From signs my kids made for the teacher parade, to kindness rocks, and the chalk the walk movement, there is certainly a sense of unity even when we have to stay six feet apart.

Our neighborhood had signs of beauty everywhere!

Besides at least doing reading and math every day, I’ve tried to plan at least one other thing for us to do. Sometimes it’s a bike ride, other times baking cookies, maybe watching the Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari, or doing some kind of craft.

On Monday, we did our own Chalk Your Walk project in our driveway. The kids were big help in taping the driveway, and we all used sidewalk chalk to complete the project. From start to finish, it took about an hour and a half; the kids were impressed with the final product! I was too! 🙂


Favorite Mom Meme :

Three weeks into social distancing…I will take whatever laughs I can get.

Other Favorites:

Of course with some extra time on my hands, I’ve been able to read a bit more, listen to some podcasts, and even watch a movie or two…

I started listening to the Even the Rich podcast. I think it’s fairly new. I’ve listened to the first three episodes which are all about the Royal Family! I’ve always had interest in the Royals, but I seem to be on a roll while listening to this podcast, getting caught up on The Crown and even reading the American Royals book last month! –

Just yesterday, I finished reading Regretting You, and I loved it!

On Tuesday, Travis mentioned that Call of the Wild could be purchased to stream on Amazon. So, Tuesday night, we popped popcorn, purchased the movie, and all watched it together. It was so good! Of course, it brought a tear to my eye, too!

Bonus: Flashback Friday

As always, Facebook memories continue to slay me. These pics popped up recently.

The kids were four months old here, and we’d taken them to KC to see my family. We were packing up to head home, and I propped the kids up in their suitcases and sent this pic to Travis who had already headed back to Lex.

This pic collage always cracks me up. We’d received these hand me down onesies from another set of twins. I love the pic of both kids as Hadley’s clinging to Hayden as if she never wants to let him go. Story of his life! She’s always up in his business!

Fun fact: Hadley was a hot mess the first nine months of her life. Hayden was the easy going baby and she was super serious and suuuuper fussy all of the time. Now, she’s the easy going one and he’s a bit more intense (Type A, schedule oriented, etc…apple doesn’t fall far from that tree.)

Sweet cheeks x 2

I hope this week has treated you well! As always, thanks for reading.

Take care,

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Friday Favorites {#20}

Happy Friday. Well, we made it through a very different kind of week. I went to school two days while working from home the other two days. We started getting into somewhat of a “home schooling” routine. Full disclosure: still trying to find the balance in it all while navigating these uncharted waters.

I’m still finding the joy in keeping a blogging routine. Who knows…maybe I will be able to blog more than just three times a week with the extra downtime? That being said, not much action going on around here, so I’m afraid I may run out of content! Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Like usual, I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika. (**These ladies may have altered their blogging schedules, but feel free to check out their blogs and posts too!)

Favorite Kid Quote

Hadley is kind of known for being excessive. For example, pouring a large amount of orange juice only to drink a few sips. Or filling her bowl the the brim with ice cream and eating it all…(of course!) but then I have to remind her that dessert every night shouldn’t be supersized. Or wearing 7 scrunchies on her wrist at once (I let this one slide! 😉

The other night, she was getting herself some ice cream, and I asked her to put a few scoops in a bowl for me. When she brought me the bowl and showed me her bowl, it was the correct amount a dessert should be!

She said, “I’ve been making the perfect size scoops of ice cream lately. I’m so good that I could work at Baskin Robbins!” haha

Another sweet moment…Not necessarily a quote, but Hadley’s Girl Scout meeting was canceled. Her leader invited everyone to meet via the Zoom app. They had about a half hour meeting, and it was so good for all their sweet little souls. They talked about missing school and each other as well as other thoughts and feelings about our current situation. Thank goodness for technology during these trying and isolating times.

Favorite Pic

Well, I never got to Dairy Queen for Homer’s birthday ice cream…but I did remember we had these individual vanilla party cups in our freezer. So, we lit a candle for the Homster and let him have his ice cream.

Favorite Clothing Item

Currently…my pjs during this work from home situation! Although, I have made it a point to work out or go for a walk every day this week.

Favorite Food

I usually do grocery pick up, but last Saturday I had lots of time on my hands. I was afraid if I placed on online order, I’d get the text saying many things were out of stock. So, I wandered the aisles for essentials and easy meals.

Travis makes this pasta every once in awhile. We had it on Monday night with leftovers for Tuesday.


  • Pasta
  • Marinara Sauce
  • Red pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Turkey sausage (or whatever kind you like)
  • Parmesan cheese


  • Boil the pasta according to directions.
  • Dice the peppers and saute in olive oil until soft. **I also had garlic on hand, so we diced a few cloves and let it cook with the peppers.
  • Cut sausage into small rounds, and brown with the peppers.
  • Then, add in the sauce and heat until warm.
  • Add the sauce mixture to drained cooked pasta.
  • Serve in bowls and garnish with grated or shredded parm!

Also, I’m making the baked chicken recipe on Sunday that I shared in Monday’s post.

Favorite Moment

My dad was able to visit for a few days. It’s always good to see him. Literally, the day he arrived is when they announced churches and schools should close. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have made the trip right now. Unfortunately, we had a visit from my mom and grandma soon that has to be rescheduled.

He always wants a pic of him with the kids in birth order 😉 on the steps of my front porch.

The past couple of years he has chosen to visit this time of the year to enjoy the corned beef and cabbage I always make. So, we gave him the You are Special plate for our Sunday St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

Favorite Activities

Well, our normal school, dance, and baseball activities are on hold for now.

But….we are getting the hang of online learning. The kids were on their chrome books, and Homer wanted an education too 😉

Favorite Mom Meme(s)

Oh…the coronavirus memes have been on point. We have to laugh, so we don’t cry (or go crazy!), don’t we?!

Spoiler alert: I was the teacher, and Hayden and Hadley were the students!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

As always, thank goodness for Facebook memories. These two pics popped up recently. I love the pic of Hayden in Trav’s old “Travis” shirt, and I clearly remember the day I took this pic of Hadley. She was in the 2nd grade, and I had just picked her up from after school care. She’s not really a “girly” girl in regards to clothing, but she was rocking the pink on this day!

Make sure to check out my other posts from this week 🙂 I mean, what else do you have to do? (just kidding!)

As always, thank you for reading. It’s such an unprecedented time right now, and keeping a routine and some light hearted blogging has helped me keep a sense of normalcy.

We are all in this together, y’all. ❤️

Have a great weekend.

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Friday Favorites {#19}: Happy Birthday, Homer

For this edition of Friday Favorites, I’m celebrating Homer turning O N E!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea, Narci, and Erika, so make sure to check out their posts too!

I’ve previously posted about getting Homer being a highlight of our summer! Also, I wrote a post about Homer at his six month milestone.

Two of my favorite things are birthdays and Homer, so here’s a little Happy Birthday tribute to Homer.

It’s my birthday!

Of course, we don’t know Homer’s actual birthday because we adopted him from Tails of Hope OH. He was listed as possibly being 12 weeks old, but after the first vet visit, he thought Homer was closer to 10 weeks old. So, based off that, his birthday would be around mid-March. Dogs in our family get a vanilla ice cream from Dairy Queen on their birthday, so we will get Homer one this weekend! Then, in the future, we may just celebrate his “gotcha” date of June 8.

10 weeks vs 1 year

Homer: month by month

My friend Natalie got a Golden Retriever pup a few months before we got Homer. She had the idea of monthly pics based off of the @goldenpeanutpupper account on Instagram. I loved the idea (and remember: I treat Homer like the third child I never had!), so I took monthly pics as well. Homer will pose instantly for a treat, so the monthly pics weren’t too hard to take. It was so fun to watch him grow this year!!

Months 3-7 (month 6-7 amazes me how much taller he got!)
months 8-12

Homer’s DNA Results

I wrote a post about Homer’s DNA results here, so check that out if you’d like. We were looking for a lab mix, and that’s what we got! Even the first time our vet saw him, he mentioned he thought Homer had some Husky in him…and he does. His break down is:

  • 25% American Staffordshire Terrier
  • 25% Great Pyrenees
  • 25% Labrador Retriever
  • 12.5% Chow Chow
  • 12.5% Husky


Since we got Homer, I’ve joked about his “hobbies.” They include, but are not limited to:

chasing his tail, trying to catch lightning bugs, chewing shoe laces, licking dirty dishes in the dishwasher, unlocking his kennel while he’s inside of it, stealing food off of the counter, licking lotion off my legs, running full speed onto the couch, licking the shower door, chewing (and destroying!) the remote control, licking icing off of a cookie cake, chewing up stuffed animals, getting into the outside garbage and littering the backyard, playing in the mud, dragging the toilet paper down the hall, destroying Trav’s wallet (x2!), tearing up school work, running around in the snow, dumping his water bowl over and bringing the empty bowl to us, taking receipts out of jacket pockets and tearing them up, destroying baseball hats, eating a tub of Parmesan cheese, and giving us KISSES (I had to end on a positive note!) #homerisahandful #buthecute

Homer by the Numbers…

  • years old: 1(ish)
  • Pounds weighed: 55
  • # months in our family: 9
  • # of nicknames: 4 (probably more!): Homster, Biscuit, Pooks, Sweets
  • # of dead birds he’s brought into the house: 3
  • # of breeds in his genetic makeup: 5
  • # of scarves he wears to be stylish: 7
  • # of things that have been #Homered: too many to count
  • # of hearts who love him: 4 #wehearthomer

Fave Pics of Homer

Our Dogs are Our Family

My love for pups runs deep. The greatest gift my parents gave my brother and me was showing us what a dog can add to a family. Growing up, we had a German Shepherd named Maggie and then a couple years after she passed away, we got a Doberman named Jake. They were such an important part of our home and taught us about unconditional love, responsibility, and unwavering loyalty.

While we currently heart Homer, we’ve loved two other pups in our family as well. After our one year anniversary, I tricked Travis into thinking that the standard one year anniversary gift was a dog! We didn’t have kids yet, but we knew Boxers were great with kids. We got Shiloh in August of 2006. In the spring of 2008, I convinced Travis that Shiloh needed a friend…We stuck with the Boxer breed, and we got Scout!

Shiloh and Scout meant the world to us…when both of them passed (Scout in April 2018 and Shiloh in March of 2019), I thought about all the times they were there for us. Their unconditional love helped us through some tough times, and, in general, they brought such joy to our lives.

I’m not sure what they would think of Homer. Scout would probably enjoy playing with him, and Shiloh would probably have had zero tolerance for him 😉 (She was known for her rested B face!)

We miss them fiercely, but Homer has helped our hearts heal.

“A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more that he loves himself.”

Josh Billings


Top left: Scout; Top right: Shiloh

Happy birthday, Homer! There’s a vanilla ice cream pup cup headed your way this weekend!

Thanks for reading today’s Friday Favorites post. We sure do love Homer, and he certainly is a favorite of ours…especially when he’s behaving…or sleeping (He’s so cute when he’s sleeping!)

Have a great weekend! See you back here on Monday for a favorite recipe of mine!