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Of course, I always try to support small shops and local businesses, but during these times, it’s more important than ever. I recently purchased end of the year teacher gifts which got me thinking about my favorite place to buy gifts…ETSY! So…I thought I’d share a few purchases from the past few months and these shops have other items to offer as well!

(Pictures are linked)

I purchased three of these 8 inch personalized flower pots for my kids’ teachers. Once they arrive, we’ll pick out some flower to plant and find a way to safely get them to their teachers. I knew I’d love these pots so much, that I ordered one for myself and the word “home” will be painted on it.

The shop owner, RiLee, returned all of my messages quickly and helped me with ideas on how to personalize each one. I can’t wait to see these in person!

I follow Amanda Nall on Instagram and read her That Inspired Chick blog which is how I learned about her Etsy shop. At the beginning of spring, I ordered one of these personalized skinny can coolers for myself.

My personalized skinny can cooler is perfect for the Whiteclaws I like to drink in the summer.

I also follow Michelle (@ellerydesigns) on Instagram. She’s shared about her presets that she has in collaboration with LouMarksPhoto. I use the presets a lot for blog photos to help streamline how the photos look, but it’s amazing how much the different presets enhance daily photos too. It’s probably the best $9 I’ve ever spent 🙂

Once we got Homer last summer, I started following @Goldendogco on Instagram after my friend told me about them. Then, it became very clear that Homer needed to have a variety of bandanas including one for football season. I’m sure the Chiefs won the Super Bowl because Homer represented the team each week with his bandana. 😉 Needless to say, they have a variety of options and sizes for dogs big and small. Homer’s bandana collection is next level!

Go Chiefs!

Last year, I needed a new key chain for my school keys. It’s no secret that I heart the Golden Girls, but I have no clue what made me search for “golden girls key chain” on Etsy….but…look at this gem that I found! It arrived very quickly, great quality, and serves its purpose well!

Lastly, this sweet set of books is a perfect home decoration or a perfect gift. I’ve ordered neutral (non-personalized) books from them as well as the sweet little set I have in the picture below. We’ve also ordered these with the grand-kids’ names as a gift for my mom.

Ya’ll, this is my favorite piece of home decor.

I hope you find a gift idea or something for yourself. I definitely think this is the time to show these small shops and businesses some love!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

I hope you have a great day!

6 thoughts on “Etsy

    1. They help make pictures look brighter/ better. I don’t use them all of the time, but if a pic I take is dark, I usually do or for all my home pics, I used presets. If you look up / follow @louandmarks or @ellerydesigns , you can see some “before” & “afters”

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      1. Yes. I only use my phone. To me, it was kind of confusing to set up at first…some steps to download to presets. I’ve had the Lightroom app, and I put the presets there with a couple other presets I have.

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      2. Thanks for the info. I have thought about buying a light box, a ring light, or some cool looking faux marble contact paper to improve my photos. Maybe I will do that this summer!

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