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Bloganuary 1.15.23

Hello! I hope you had a great Saturday. I sure did. It was a pretty lowkey regular Saturday with some birthday fun last night. More on that later this week.

Yesterday, I wrote about books that have changed my life

One of this week’s Bloganuary prompts asked about memorable gifts.

Here are a few:

First of all, I’m spoiled because Travis is a great gift giver. I give him gloves and handwarmers for when he works outside. He gets me photos of the kids. *sigh*

The first thing that popped into my mind was for our first Christmas as a married couple, I opened a little blue box from Tiffanys —he’d gotten me silver heart earrings. I still wear them and love them.

While I was pregnant with the kids, I remember feeling miserable and sitting in the chair with my feet propped up on the ottoman. He came in with a gift bag. I opened it, and it was a David Yurman bracelet. I swear I’m not fussy about jewelry, but I appreciate that he’s given me things that are timeless and I wear often.

The first Christmas we lived in this house, he gave me this sign that now hangs by our front door. It has our last name (obviously) and our address with Est. 20014 because that’s when we moved in.

When the kids were in 3rd grade, I opened up the sweetest pic of them (and a few others). This one sits on our mantel. I had no clue that he’d has these photos taken.

We are lucky because Trav’s brother is an exceptional photographer! I cried when I saw these. (And then laughed as Hadley recounted Travis taking them to Target for shirts —which I had seen in their closets and thought was odd…haha and keeping the photos a secret.)

Before Homer, we had two Boxers, Shiloh and Scout. Shiloh was older by about a year and a half. When Scout was 10, he passed away unexpectedly, and then we still had Shiloh. For Christmas, I opened up a box with this sweet bracelet. It has our anniversary, the kids’ names, and Shiloh and Scout engraved. I cried.

This Christmas was no different. He had this photo made/framed from Smallwoods.

While these were for the kids, I had no idea he was getting them. When they opened them and I saw them, I cried. #cryingisaChristmastheme

I love them so much.

This Christmas, I asked for perfume because I was running low. I’m not really picky about perfume, so I suggested Travis choose one that he liked (and still told him a couple of suggestions as ideas). Anyway, on Christmas, I opened up not one, but three perfumes. I love them all, but what makes them more special is that he took Hadley with them, and she helped him pick them out.

I got: Juliette has a Gun, Daisy Dream, and Perfect by Marc Jacobs. I love them all and just rotate day to day.

Last night, after dinner, the kids and Travis gave me their gifts. I wasn’t expecting it, but Travis gave me some new earrings while the kids gave me this jar with slips of paper to use throughout the year. Hadley led this charge, I’m sure, but I appreciate that they all gave ideas like “cup of coffee, watch a tv show as a family, and my choice of takeout.” Both gifts were so thoughtful…and unexpected.

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received?

Have a great Sunday,

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Fave Gifts: Book Edition


I received quite a few gifts that I love for Christmas, but today I’m sharing some of my favorite books that I received. It’s no secret that I love a good book, but I typically don’t buy books thanks to the library. I keep a list on Amazon to share as Christmas and birthday ideas when December rolls around.

Here are the books I received:

Brunch with Babs:

I follow Babs on Instagram, and I love all her tips and tricks. My mom bought me the Celebrate with Babs cookbook (per my suggestion), and I think I will use it quite a bit. It’s organized with recipes and tips through the year. From NYE to Easter to birthdays, Babs has you covered. (Plus, I think it will look pretty on the built in bookcase in my kitchen.)

Betty White:

This book was a pleasant surprise! My mom’s friend saw this at a yard sale, and thought of me. You know I love the Golden Girls and Betty White! This sweet little book tells about Betty’s life. I have some favorite books on my basement bookshelves, and I think this one will go there as a keepsake.

Story Worth:

For Mother’s Day 2021, my brother and I gifted my mom Storyworth. For a whole year, my mom answered the weekly prompts and was really good about adding pictures too. At the end of the year, she proofread it and received her copy. She got me an extra copy which I appreciate so much. I wish all my family members would do Storyworth.

The Queen:

This was another book suggestion I had as a gift idea. After Sarah shared about meeting Andrew Morton at an event for his new book, I knew I wanted to read this book. My aunt gave it to me along with the most regal bookmark that she made. I can’t wait to read this one. I’m already using the bookmark for my current book.

Recipe book:

This recipe book was such a pleasant surprise. My Gma gave it to me.

It’s filled with lots of recipes from the recipe.stamping club that my aunt hosted. She’s a Stampin’ Up demonstrator and has many classes throughout the year. I guess, over a period of time, different clients shared recipes, and they created these recipe books. So, my book has a variety of recipes, but it also includes some family recipes as well as a few family cooking/baking pics through the years.

It’s the perfect addition to my kitchen!

Kelly Ripa:

I used some of an Amazon gift card to purchase Kelly Ripa’s new book, Live Wire. I started it over the weekend. So far, it’s ok…which is what I’ve heard about it. That being said, I wanted to see (read) for myself. haha

I think I will go from the “Queen of Daytime” to the OG Queen’s book next.

Have you received any books as gifts recently? I’ve been spoiled!

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Gift Guides (ish)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We spent some of our weekend in Knoxville because Hayden ran in the AAU National Championship race. Then, we spent Sunday doing all the things like church, grocery pick up, shopped for Angel Tree gifts, chores around the house, and then watched the Chiefs game.

Anyway, I know that many Instagrammers and bloggers share gift guides this time of the year which can be both helpful and and sometimes overwhelming.

In my own little twist on “gift guides,” I’m sharing Enneagram gift guides because I love the ones that @ashton.creates shares on her page.

Again, I don’t live or die by Enneagrams, but I do think it’s interesting. I’m a 5w6 and here are the gift guides for both of those:

5 (Investigator)

  • Camera: Well, I haven’t owned a camera in ages thanks to my iPhone, but I do love taking pictures.
  • Candle: Yes! I love candles. I used to pretty much only buy my candles at Bath and Body Works, but this past year, I’ve ordered quite a few from Antique Candle Co., and I’ve loved them all.
  • New mug: I love coffee mugs. While I switch them up season to season, I pretty much stick with my fave most mornings.

6 (Loyalist)

  • Weighted blanket: I cannot live without my weighted blanket. I’ve had one for a couple of years, and it’s hard to sleep without it!
  • Membership: Memberships are a great idea. We always gift Netflix to my dad every year.
  • Letter board: Crafty things are so fun.
  • Slippers: I have a couple of pairs of favorites slippers, but these are my fave.

Another favorite Instagram account I follow is Her gift guides are fun too!


  • Blue light blocker glasses: When we were online for school, I snagged a few pairs of glasses; they were fun to wear.
  • Collectors book set: I always ask for a couple of books every year. Since I rarely buy books, I usually keep a list on Amazon that I share with family as gift ideas for me.
  • Comfy sweaters: Yes to a sweater! The best part about winter is sweater weather. This is my favorite Amazon sweater (I have it in three colors), and this one is a recent purchase that I love.
  • Book marks: I love a good book mark!
  • Add to their coffee station: K-cups in my stocking, please.
  • Home thermostat: This is a practical idea.
  • Reading chair: I dream of having a big enough bedroom one day to have a reading corner.


  • Comfy sweaters: See above!
  • Personalized jewelry: Etsy always has so many cute options. I’ve gifted and received so many good and thoughtful pieces through the years.
  • Cute storage: Organizing is always a great idea!
  • Water bottle: Besides a water bottle (which we don’t need ANY more!), I love personalized tumblers and skinny can coolers.
  • New vacuum: This I do not need 🙂
  • Home security: Again, practical!
  • Purse organization: see “cute storage” above

What’s on your “wish list” this year? If you know your Enneagram number, you should check out their posts!

Teens (and others!)

Now, these aren’t Earth shattering ideas, but I never shared what I got the kids for their birthday.

I try to do “want, need, wear, read” to keep it a somewhat simple shopping list.


This book caught my eye and I knew they’d love the Homer socks!


I hope they’ll let me buy them Christmas pjs until they are 18. I don’t buy the cute little kid ones anymore, but bottom line is in the winter months, they need warmer pjs…so why not buy for birthday?

Hayden prefers the jogger style for sweatpants and pajama pants, so I turned to Old Navy to get both of their pjs. Both of my kids now fit in adults sizes (what the what?!), so that’s what they got. Travis ordered this set of football cards for Hayden, and he was excited.

We also got Hayden a Nike UK hooded sweatshirt, jogger sweatpants, and basketball shorts.


I wanted to get Hadley something special for her 13th birthday, and picked out the Elisa pendant necklace at Kendra Scott. I wasn’t sure what stone she’d want, and I ended up choosing her birthstone.

Besides flannel pj bottoms (and t-shirt), I got her a Kentucky sweatshirt, leggings, and this sweater.

Honestly, I feel more behind than ever on my shopping. As the kids have gotten older, they understand that money and gift cards go a long way, but of course, I want to pick up them up other things as well. In some ways it was easier when they loved Legos and Barbies!

I’d love to hear any ideas you have for my teens! Bonus points if I can order on Amazon. haha

I hope you have a great start to your week.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

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Not Just a Mom

Hello and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We had a busy one, of course! My mom and Gma were visiting, we celebrated the kids’ birthday with their friends, and the kids ran a race and had other activities as well. I hope you had a great one.

It’s the second Monday of the month, so I’m co-hosting our monthly link up with some of my favorite bloggers:

So far this year we’ve discussed:

This month’s topic is: the internet made me buy it.

For this post, I’m sharing a few of my more random purchases from various sites. Now, just because they are “random,” doesn’t mean that I regret buying them! I also thought this would be a good way to share some possible gift ideas from sites besides Amazon.


…but first…Amazon! 😆

When I started this post, I thought I’d look back at some purchases, and as I was scrolling, I remembered that I bought this facial exfoliator a few months ago. I’ve previously shared that I go for monthly facials, and one of my favorite treatments is dermaplane. Honestly, once a month with my esthetician does the trick, but I do like doing a touch up myself in the middle of the month. This has come in so handy.

{affiliate link 20,000 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️reviews}


I love to shop Etsy for gifts, and I get on the app occasionally and scroll and “favorite” ideas. Well, look at what I found for the kids! I can’t wait for them to open these socks on their birthday. I just wanted something small for them, and they love Homer. Fun socks to keep their feet warm at night will make them laugh, I’m sure!

Daily Gold Bracelets

My sister-in-law told me about Daily Gold bracelets and then I saw them on Instagram. I felt that was a sign to order two 😉 I’ve shared about them previously and I have one Ashley and one Randy bracelet. Let me just say that since they arrived in September, I haven’t taken them off once. I’ve slept, showered, sweated, and swam (in the ocean!), and they’ve stayed perfect. I plan on sharing this as a gift idea to Travis and the kids, because I’d for sure love one or two more to add to my stack.


This site was also in my Instagram feed, and I ordered this “throwback” Chiefs shirt. It’s perfect…cute, soft, and great quality.

Personalization Mall

I’ve shopped from Personalization Mall for years. It’s a great site to find coffee mugs, flags, tote bags, blankets, and more. This summer, I purchased a garden flag for my Gma with the grand kids and great grand kids’ names.

Next month’s topic is…loving lately.

I can’t believe it will be our last topic of 2022!

If you have a blog, we sure hope you’ll link up with us today and next month!

Make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts too! I hope you have a great Monday.

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Teacher Gift Ideas

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

With the end of the school year approaching, I’m sharing a few favorite teacher gift ideas that we’ve given to the kids’ teachers. That being said, the kids are in middle school and I teach high school, so I know how it goes as kids get older. Middle and high school students have 6-7 teachers, so I can’t say enough how great a note is from time to time from both parents and students. Teachers really appreciate that more than you know.

This is basically another Etsy post because that’s where I turn most often for gifts especially personalized ones.

Gift Ideas:

Hadley gave this jute bag to her teacher last year, and it’s so cute. I’ve seen it shared on Instagram as a great beach bag or bridesmaid gift.

We gifted this door hanger to our sitter last year as she was graduating college and had secured her first teaching position.

This bag was the perfect gift for Hayden’s teacher last year. We filled it with colorful pens and sticky notes. (This shop has so many cute bag options!)

I’ve shared these flower pots on multiple occasions. After ordering them for my kids’ teachers, I purchased a couple for our back patio. (This shop also has so many cute door hangers!)

The kids helped me plant the flowers to give to their 4th grade teachers. This was spring of 2020, so we wanted to do something extra special for their teachers.

I just recently shared how I gave this door hanger to my mom for her birthday this year. It’s super cute and interchangeable, so I know it would look perfect on a classroom door.

Other Gift Ideas:

While I haven’t purchased these items, they are cute and have good reviews.

  • Beaded wristlet key ring: We’ve given a similar key ring to our sitter last year.
  • Personalized tub: We gave a similar one to the kids’ first grade teachers and filled them with school supplies. It would also be perfect to hold books in the classroom.
  • Love to teach sign: I’ve had this saved on Etsy for quite some time. It would be perfect for a classroom.
  • Personalized travel pouch: Obviously this is good for travel, but it would be a cute cosmetic bag or pencil pouch.
  • Tumbler: These would be perfect for the summer and sipping water by the pool!
  • Personalized note pads: We’ve given similar to the kids’ teachers as Christmas gifts.

What I love about Etsy is you can continue to search for similar items if what you find isn’t in stock or has longer shipping than expected. Depending on when your school gets out, most of these items seem to arrive pretty quickly.

Teachers also love:

  • gift cards (We’ve given gift cards to Trader Joe’s, Amazon, and a local book store)
  • school supplies
  • candles
  • and…wine!

If you are a teacher, what has been your favorite gift that you’ve received?

Happy gifting!

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Not Just a Mom: Gift Ideas

Hello and Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had a really good one. We started with going to the Oaks on Friday (more on that tomorrow)…

….lots of down time on Saturday while watching all the Derby day races…

…and then yesterday was Mother’s Day which of course is a favorite.

Today, I’m co-hosting our Not Just a Mom link up with some of my favorite bloggers:

So far this year, we’ve discussed:

This month, we are sharing about go to gift ideas.

When I think of gifts, I usually think of Etsy for some reason. I often shop there for gift ideas for family and friends.


From sweatshirts to picture frames to jewelry and more, you can find most everything on Etsy. I like to support small shops when I can, and Etsy is easy to search to find what you are looking for.

Here are some of my Etsy posts:

Go to ideas:

My “go to” gift ideas usually include:

  • candles
  • books
  • scarf
  • flowers
  • gift card

Recent gifts:

Last year, for Mother’s Day, my brother and I purchased Storyworth for my mom. It’s been fun getting her weekly responses. I guess it’s time to order the book now, and it will be a fun keepsake to have for years to come.

This year, I sent her a candle from Antique Candle Co. for Mother’s Day.

When I got on their site to pick a candle, I saw they had this gift set option:

My mom’s birthday is soon, and her gift arrived a bit early. She went ahead and opened it. I purchased this seasonal door hanger for her. It’s cute, shipped quickly, and she loves it.

lots of options like this on Etsy

(Shout out to mom for taking these photos of her gifts, so I could share) 😊

What are some of your “go to” gift ideas? I always love a card and a candle or fresh flowers. I honestly really appreciate a gift card to use whenever I have time.

Please join us next month when the topic is: dream travel locations. Ahh…just in time for summer! If you’re a blogger, we certainly hope you’ll join us.

I hope your week starts off right! Only three more Mondays in the school year for us, including today. Summer can’t get here soon enough.

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Easter Basket Ideas

Hello! I can’t believe it, but Easter will be here before we know it!

Today, I’m sharing a few…

For the kids’ Easter baskets, the bunny always leaves candy, and then I fill them with a few “wants” and “needs.” Easter baskets are perfect for flip flops, swimsuits, goggles and anything else the kids will need for summer. Through the years, I’ve also included baseball cards, nail polish, stickers, band aids, and more!

Honestly, I haven’t bought a single thing for the kids yet, but today I’m sharing some ideas for both boys and girls. Basically, I looked through my Amazon purchases from the past year, and these are some of the best purchases that my kids have enjoyed (and I’m sharing a couple of other ideas that will probably end up in their baskets this year!)


  • Water bottle: We just had to buy a couple of new water bottles for track season. I’m not sure why water bottles are so hard to keep up with, but it’s a struggle around here!
  • Adidas slides: Since these Adidas slides have 114,000+ 4.5 ⭐️ reviews, I thought they’d be a good gift suggestion. My mom gave these to Hayden has a birthday gift. Hadley sometimes snags them for herself!
  • Glow in the dark net: This glow in the dark net was perfect for a stocking stuffer, so I’m sure it would be perfect for an Easter basket too!
  • Golf balls: These golf balls are great for any sports lover!
  • Theodore Boone books: Hayden LOVES this series. After I picked up the first book for him, he immediately wanted to read the second book. He checked the rest of the series out from the library.


  • American Girl Doll “Smart Girl” books: Have you heard of these books? They are perfect for tween girls. We picked up The Care and Keeping of You book a couple of years ago. Then, Hadley has read the Middle School one along with Friendship Troubles and Babysitting.
  • Slides: These slides are SO good. They have 46,000+ four star ⭐️ ratings, and Hadley and I both have them. We wear them all summer long.
  • Bracelet stack: I’m thinking of getting this bracelet stack for Hadley. She loves bracelets!
  • Nail polish holder: How cute is this nail polish holder? It has 19,000 , 4.5 ⭐️ ratings and would be perfect in an Easter basket with some new nail polish.
  • Straws: Another surprising thing tween girls love? Straws! I ordered these and have been using them myself. Hadley has been using them too. (over 14,000, 5 ⭐️reviews)


  • Racko: I always like to give the kids a game as a “joint” gift. Then, of course, we can play as a family. I’ve seen this game shared a few times, and I thought it would be fun to play with the kids.
  • Bike wheel lights: I saved these bike wheel lights to my Amazon “kids” list for Christmas. I never ordered them, but they have 18,000, 4.5 ⭐️reviews. I think Hadley would think these lights are fun.
  • Bananagrams: I gave this game to the kids for Valentine’s Day last year. It’s so much fun to play as a family, and it’s easy to pack in my purse or when we travel on vacations. (17,000, 5 ⭐️ ratings)
  • Goggles: I’ve purchased this same two pack for each kid for two years, and will do the same this year. They are great quality. My kids end up losing goggles throughout the summer, so I always get the two pack.
  • Wireless ear buds: My mother-in-law got these ear buds for the kids for Christmas. Travis suggested them to her, and the are great quality. (44,000, 4.5 ⭐️reviews)

Here are the ideas I shared last year!

What are some Easter basket ideas you have? I definitely need to get a game plan and order a few things. That’s on my “to do” list next week over Spring Break.

See you back here on Friday!

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Valentines Day Ideas

Well, with Valentine’s Day less than a week away, today I’m sharing with you a few Valentine’s Day ideas.

I’ve shared before that Travis and I typically make a point to go out to dinner around Valentine’s Day, and then we exchange cards. We don’t go over the top, but it’s nice to set aside some time of the two of us. We were able to go out to dinner on Friday while the kids had plans with friends.

Once we had kids, I started doing a bit more for them. When they were little, we’d do crafts or color pictures, they would have Valentine’s Day parties at school, and I’d get them a box of candy as a sweet treat. Through the years, I started buying cookies from local cookie decorators and pick up a few gifts as well.

I shared my Valentine’s Day decor post last week, but here are a few food, dessert, and gift ideas.


For breakfast, heart shaped pancakes are always fun. I’ve also made cinnamon rolls and then added pink and red sprinkles. At the grocery store on Sunday, they were out of cinnamon rolls. I was trying to plan ahead for breakfast this weekend. I guess I will have to check back later in the week.


This was the first year that I did a Valentine’s Day lunch. I loved Andrea’s lunch idea, and I planned ahead a bit knowing that we may not have school at the end of the week last week. So, when I went to the store to pick up some items we might need during the ice storm, I had a few lunch ideas in mind.

Since Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year, and Mondays tend to be our busiest evenings, I thought we could have some family time a bit early (even Travis was home on Friday), and I put out a platter with lunch bites and candy.

We had:

  • PB & J heart shaped sandwiches
  • Chomps
  • Apples
  • Pretzels (and hummus)
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots (and Ranch dressing)
  • Pretzels with peanut butter
  • Turkey sliders

For sweet treats, I included:

  • Conversation hearts
  • Gummy X’s and O’s from Trader Joe’s
  • Birthday Cake Granola

I kept the table simple with a few decor items I already had out and put out cute paper plates and napkins for everyone to serve themselves.

The last few years when Valentine’s Day was on a the weekend, I made a point to make a special dinner.

We’ve also done “Dinner of Favorites” which included bacon cheeseburgers, tacos, and mac and cheese.

One year, I also attempted a heart shaped pizza!

Sweet Treats:

Trader Joe’s always has a great selection for every holiday season.

I picked up the gummy X’s and O’s as well as some jelly bean hearts the last time I was there. Also, I found the Safe + Fair brand and Kroger and the Birthday Cake granola is a family favorite.

Over the weekend, I made Shay’s Valentine’s Chex Treats.

They were a big hit with the family.


I keep things pretty simple and buy a few items I know the kids will enjoy, but maybe something that they also “need” (like a book! 😆)

For Hadley:

  • I remember loving Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I hope that Hadley will too.
  • I saw this bracelet in a Nordstrom ad, and thought it would be perfect for Hadley.

For Hayden:

  • I thought this book looked perfect for Hayden. He’s my reader, and I know he loves basketball. This book of letters looks to have great advice, and may be perfect for Hayden.
  • Travis ordered this reusable tournament bracket for Christmas. He thought it was clipboard size, but really it’s poster sized! haha I think Hayden can hang it in the basement by his basketball hoop and keep up with the bracket during March Madness.

I also picked up a sweatshirt, candy, and some cookies for both of them.

Valentine’s Day Card:

Every year, I get a card printed from Shutterfly to send to our immediate family. So many family members send the kids cards, so I want to send them something as well. I usually get ten cards for about $15.


Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? Let me know!

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Friday Favorites {#92}

Hello! How was your week? We had a good one, but the first couple of days just seemed so difficult getting back into the swing of things.

Today, I’m linking up Erika and Andrea for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some of my recent favorites:

I ordered this sweater from Walmart, and I love it. It’s soft, cozy, and a great price. I ordered it in “Winter White.” I wore it to school this week with black pants and flats, but I’ve also worn it with leggings and sneakers!

One of my favorite comedians is coming to town, and I’m so excited. A few girlfriends and I snagged some tickets. She was in Cincinnati last month, and I was bummed I didn’t go. Then, she released more tickets! I’m so excited.

I finished watching Maid on Netflix, and it was so good. I read the book last year, and actually put it on my Top 5 Reads for 2020 list. Just like the book, I teared up. The acting was fantastic. Andie MacDowell and Margaret Qualley were out of this world amazing. (Did you know Margaret is Andie’s daughter?) I highly recommend the book and the series.

Homer snuggles are another favorite. I think he missed us while we were gone over Thanksgiving. He snuggled right up to Travis when we got home on Saturday.

I have a couple of new ornaments for the tree, and they are both my favorites.

My friend brought me this Betty White ornament along with a can of Trader Joe’s Step Up to the Bar mix. My fave!

My mom cross stitched this ornament, and I love it.

School photos came in and I can’t get over how much older my kids look! They missed the first photo day when they were home with Covid. Thankfully, they made it to the make up picture day.

I can’t believe what a difference (a little over) six months can make.

These 5th grade pics were taken in late March.

Also, our favorite gift to give arrived yesterday. I feel ok sharing this because I think by now my family knows they will receive this calendar 😉 Every year, I order this stand up desk calendar for my parents, my Gma, and my aunt. Then, I order a couple of extra for my desk at school and one for my brother’s family. The calendar used to just be filled with my kids’ photos, but now it’s a mix of my kids and my brother’s kids. We also include a few group photos of them every year like at Halloween and at Christmas.

Vistaprint has so many cute design options for the calendars and the discount code is amazing. Also, I ordered these on Monday, and they arrived yesterday. No shipping delay!

I just thought I’d share in case you are in need of a small personalized gift or stocking stuffer.

Favorite Mom Meme:

This. On repeat. I swear no matter how hard I try, I’m always running late!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

This sweet little basketball memory popped up from 2018. Travis was Hadley’s basketball coach, and it was such a fun season. The Fire went on to win the championship game in the tournament!

Weekly Recap:

I was busy with posts this week!

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope we can finally get a tree for the living room, and we have a Christmas party to attend…oh! and basketball. There’s always some kind of game to attend!

See you back here Monday!

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Gift Ideas

…for tweens?

Since the kids just had their birthday, I thought I’d share my purchases for them.

For the kids’ birthday, I try to stick with a plan. I typically buy a book for them to read, Christmas pjs, something to wear/need and couple of “wants” as well.

These are the gifts I bought for their 12th birthday.


I thought these golf balls were so fun. He won’t be playing golf until the spring, but since he loves all the sports, I figured these would be perfect for him.

Of course, Hayden loves baseball and reading, so I thought this book would be perfect for him.

This Xbox game was literally the only thing Hayden asked for as a birthday gift. I got it on sale at Target for $30. That’s not the current price, so I definitely got lucky and saved a few bucks.

I didn’t want to give up my Christmas PJ tradition just because the kids are getting older. I figured Hayden wouldn’t want a matching set, so I ordered these fleece pajama joggers for curbside pick up at Old Navy. There are lots of pattern options, and you can’t beat the price.

My kids, Hayden more than Hadley, love a Vineyard Vines t-shirt. I only buy VV when there is a sale. I snagged this t-shirt for Hayden at the end of the summer. While he will wear them to get my money’s worth, I still hate paying full price for an expensive t-shirt, so I keep my eye out for the sales.


Hadley is always pretty easy to buy for because she likes just about anything, but can be a bit picky about clothes.

Hadley loooovvvees popcorn. So, when Tina (to_mimishousewego) shared this popcorn popper, I knew Hadley would love it. Hadley had a friend spend the night on Saturday, and they used it to pop some popcorn before they watched a movie.

It was so easy to use, and I’m glad I got the bigger size because it popped enough for them to share with Travis 😉

The American Girl series has come in handy with great reference books through the years. Since Hadley is fresh off of passing her babysitting class, I thought this book would be perfect for her.

I picked up this nightgown for Hadley as her Christmas PJs. Even though the packaging said xs, when she tried it on, she realized the tag said xl! So, we returned it. While there, Hadley said she preferred the matching PJ set, so we went with that. I have last year’s version of this nightgown and love it.

(Looks like all of these plaid options are on sale through today!)

Pajama Nightgown
Pj set

Fun fact: I always pick myself up a pair of new Christmas pajamas, so I snagged this set on our trip to Target too.

PJ set

Hadley wears sweatshirts and leggings on repeat. There’s nothing wrong with that, but around the holidays, I do try to buy a couple of items that she could wear to church, family gatherings, or even to school. This sweater was cute, but on the shorter side, so we did return it.

The sweater is on sale for $10 right now.

She went with me to make the returns, and found this sweater that she loved:


It’s on sale for ($17.50), and will be perfect with leggings and booties for Thanksgiving.

Guess what?! I have it in the coral color!

I can’t believe we are to the point where we like some of the same clothes. I warned her that I had the same sweater, and she still wanted it in the gray color.

Last but not least, I saw this candle shared on a few different gift guides. The delivery date was for December, so I went ahead and ordered it for Hadley for a Christmas gift. Well, it arrived pretty quickly, but I’m still saving it for a Christmas gift. I went ahead and opened it, and it’s so cute and smells so good! I think she will enjoy it when she opens it on Christmas day.

I know so many bloggers/influencers share gift guides, and sometimes I feel like there are so many that it can be overwhelming. These are just a few ideas of gifts my kids seemed to enjoy when opening them up on their birthday! A few of the ideas could work for adults too!

I’m going to take the rest of the week off from blogging to spend time with family! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. I definitely am thankful for this community.

Take care,

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