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Gift Ideas

Travis had a birthday last week, and we bought him a few things that I thought I’d share in case you need some ideas for any upcoming occasions.


Lewindy popped up as a Facebook advertisement, and I thought the personalized keychain would be a great Father’s Day gift for Travis. We were in Florida during that time, so I personalized it with a picture of the kids that I took on the first night of the trip.

The downside was that it did take over three weeks to come in, so it ended up being a birthday present instead of a Father’s Day gift. The quality is great and the product turned out perfectly. Also, it came in a cute bag that made for a nice presentation.

On the backside of the metal plate with the picture, I personalized it with a note from the kids.

That being said, I don’t see this product on their site right now. BUT…I did find a similar product on Etsy.

Etsy had a few shops with this type of product.

Coffee Mug

We don’t necessarily need another coffee mug in this house, but I noticed Travis taking his coffee to work using some of my random travel mugs that have mom or teacher sayings on them 😉 So, as always, Amazon saved the day.

I loved the look of the mahogany color and packaging of this Sipworks travel mug. And, of course, it arrived in two days! Win. Win!


If you’ve been following along for even a bit, you know nothing is safe at our house in regards to being #homered. Desserts and wallets seem to be his jam. Around Christmastime, Homer destroyed Trav’s wallet. Even though we don’t do Valentine’s Day gifts, I bought Travis a wallet. It lasted two days.

Since Valentine’s Day, Travis has used a rubber band to keep his cards and cash together. I thought I’d try one more time to purchase a wallet for him after seeing Christine talk about the Andar wallet in her Instagram Stories. I even used her code for a discount.

Besides the fact that he needed a new wallet, I also loved the feature she showed where you pull the tab and the card pops out…rather than when you have to dig, pinch, and pull to get your card out to pay.

There are a few wallet options, but I bought Travis “The Apollo.” Like the keychain, the packaging for the wallet was nice with a box and then a drawstring bag.

I don’t want to jinx it, but it’s already lasted longer than the Valentine’s Day wallet from Target.

Tab to pull to release card

Once he opened the gifts, I realized I clearly had a brown/tan/mahogany theme going on!

He appreciated all the gifts, of course…and the kids were excited for him to open them.

I hope you are having a great week!

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Etsy Flower Pots

Hello and Happy Wednesday! I shared an Etsy post recently about some of my favorite purchases, so I thought I’d share an update on the flower pots I ordered.

I ordered the 8 inch hand painted flower pot for end of the year teacher gifts. I had the pots personalized with each teacher’s name, and they turned out so cute. I knew I’d love them so much, that I also bought one for our back patio that was personalized with the word “home.”

We bought some flowers over the weekend and then gave the teachers their gifts on Monday.

Front side of my patio pot.

Back side of my patio pot. The detailed flowers are so cute and whimsy.

The kids with their gifts for their teachers.

and one outtake photo 😉

These are a super cute gift idea or would be a great addition to your outdoor space!

Take care,

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Of course, I always try to support small shops and local businesses, but during these times, it’s more important than ever. I recently purchased end of the year teacher gifts which got me thinking about my favorite place to buy gifts…ETSY! So…I thought I’d share a few purchases from the past few months and these shops have other items to offer as well!

(Pictures are linked)

I purchased three of these 8 inch personalized flower pots for my kids’ teachers. Once they arrive, we’ll pick out some flower to plant and find a way to safely get them to their teachers. I knew I’d love these pots so much, that I ordered one for myself and the word “home” will be painted on it.

The shop owner, RiLee, returned all of my messages quickly and helped me with ideas on how to personalize each one. I can’t wait to see these in person!

I follow Amanda Nall on Instagram and read her That Inspired Chick blog which is how I learned about her Etsy shop. At the beginning of spring, I ordered one of these personalized skinny can coolers for myself.

My personalized skinny can cooler is perfect for the Whiteclaws I like to drink in the summer.

I also follow Michelle (@ellerydesigns) on Instagram. She’s shared about her presets that she has in collaboration with LouMarksPhoto. I use the presets a lot for blog photos to help streamline how the photos look, but it’s amazing how much the different presets enhance daily photos too. It’s probably the best $9 I’ve ever spent 🙂

Once we got Homer last summer, I started following @Goldendogco on Instagram after my friend told me about them. Then, it became very clear that Homer needed to have a variety of bandanas including one for football season. I’m sure the Chiefs won the Super Bowl because Homer represented the team each week with his bandana. 😉 Needless to say, they have a variety of options and sizes for dogs big and small. Homer’s bandana collection is next level!

Go Chiefs!

Last year, I needed a new key chain for my school keys. It’s no secret that I heart the Golden Girls, but I have no clue what made me search for “golden girls key chain” on Etsy….but…look at this gem that I found! It arrived very quickly, great quality, and serves its purpose well!

Lastly, this sweet set of books is a perfect home decoration or a perfect gift. I’ve ordered neutral (non-personalized) books from them as well as the sweet little set I have in the picture below. We’ve also ordered these with the grand-kids’ names as a gift for my mom.

Ya’ll, this is my favorite piece of home decor.

I hope you find a gift idea or something for yourself. I definitely think this is the time to show these small shops and businesses some love!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

I hope you have a great day!

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

**I shared this post earlier in the week, but all of the items are my favorites and perfect for this week’s Friday Favorites. I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika, so check out their posts too!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to go ahead and share some ideas. ❤️

I saw this meme on Sunday, and thought it would be fun to put together some gift ideas for mom. Also, these could be gift ideas for yourself (I do that sometimes…like every Friday after I’ve survived another week of home schooling 😉) or ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Of course, now you are down to about 10 days!

When I saw this meme, I really did get sad for a second. I love when the kids bring home cute crafts from school for me and there’s nothing better than a homemade card! For Father’s Day, I always print one of those fill in the blank sheets “All About Dad” with Dad’s favorites, etc. The kids’ responses are always so cute.

Per tradition, the kids and Travis know all I would like for Mother’s Day is a card, two hanging ferns for our front porch, no fighting…and maybe an hour of peace and quiet. The past couple of years we’ve gone out for brunch…and I will miss that this year. Since I do most of the cooking, I do take a break on Mother’s Day, and Travis usually grills out or we get carryout from a local restaurant.

To be honest, Travis is a great gift giver. Most years, on top of the traditional gifts, he (and the kids!) usually come up with something special like a framed sign with a saying, a gift card to somewhere I’d probably never go on my own, or a sweetly completed craft project.

Pinterest always has cute craft ideas for Mother’s Day. One year, Travis painted a wooden crate, and then the kids put their names and hand prints on it. Then, they filled it with flowers. It was a perfect addition to our back porch. A framed photo is always a sweet idea as well. I think all moms really want is to feel appreciated by maybe sleeping in a bit, not doing any household chores, or getting to stay out of the kitchen.

I posted some recent favorites of mine last week, but here are a few more ideas that are extra special!


9. I have this Amazon blanket in gray. It’s warm and cozy.

10. I have two pairs of these flip flops from Nordstrom. They are my faves and would be a perfect gift with some of mom’s favorite nail polish (I love OPI Bubble Bath and Funny Bunny!) or a nail salon gift card.

11. This “mom” ring dish (can be customized) is so pretty and perfect for mom’s dresser or jewelry drawer.

12. These vases from Rustic Roots would be a wonderful surprise for mom. Just fill them with flowers!

Y’all, mom doesn’t need anything fancy; she just wants to feel the love. Of course, I’m sure she wouldn’t be mad if she received something comfy, stylish, or sparkly to go with that sweetly signed Mother’s Day card.

 I hope you find an idea or two for mom, for yourself, or for someone special.

P.S. someone may need to forward this to Travis. Just in case. 😉 

Have a great weekend!