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Funny Friday

Last Saturday, Hadley had a very loose bottom molar (actually, she had two very loose bottom molars) On Sunday morning, when she went to brush her teeth, she noticed the tooth was missing. We searched high and low for the tooth, but we didn’t find it by Sunday bedtime.

Each kid has swallowed or misplaced a tooth at least once or twice, so we pulled our normal Tooth Fairy trick, and placed a mini marshmallow under Hadley’s pillow.

Monday morning, Hadley put the $2 from the Tooth Fairy in her piggy bank…but then, while making her bed, found the tooth on her floor! She was so excited. As I put on my Facebook post, she put the tooth “under her pillow in hopes that the TF will return for a second night in a row because apparently she’s (the TF) a moron?!” Well, the verdict is in: The Tooth Fairy is a sentimental moron. $1 for the return trip.

Hayden has lost all of his teeth, so his Tooth Fairy days are over, and Hadley has a few left still to lose. Someone pass me the parenting handbook, please. haha

Ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit again.
Homer was wondering why Hadley didn’t have a guilty conscience about tricking the TF.

Just a little humor from our house where there’s never a dull moment.

I hope you have a great Friday.


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Funny Friday

Born to be a rebel!

So, having Homer in the house is basically like living with a toddler. (Newsflash Homer: I raised two toddlers at once!) Heโ€™s always on the move, begs for treats, & is constantly doing things he shouldnโ€™t be doing like licking the dishes in the dishwasher, putting his paws on the counter (as evidenced above), chewing on my coffee table, and, well, even bringing a dead bird into the house!

One morning last week, Hayden called me into the living room saying Homer had something in his mouth. As soon as he dropped it, I knew what it was. A bird…even though it looked like a chewed up hash brown. Travis was already at work, I was near tears, and Hadley, for once in her life, was speechless. Hayden bravely got the dust pan and retrieved the bird. As soon as he got a good look at it, he continued to yell, โ€œIt has a beak. IT HAS A BEAK!โ€ while running with the dust pan outside to the garbage can. I hugged him (after he washed his hands) and told him he that he was my hero! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Later, after I texted my dad, brother and Travis, all said something to the effect of, โ€œWell, I guess he is part retriever!โ€ While thatโ€™s a cute response, Iโ€™m not sure they were completely understanding the trauma I had experienced that morning. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Later that evening, I was telling Hayden about what they said and what retrievers are bred to do, so I guess it made sense that Homer was acting on his instincts.

The next day, Hayden was lying on the living room floor which is fair game for Homer thinking he wanted to play with him. While Homer licked him and nipped at him a bit while playing, Hayden was laughing and said, โ€œHomer! Quit retrieving me!โ€ I busted out laughing. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Needless to say the kids AND Homer keep us on our toes…and like when my kids were in the toddler phase, I always held on tight until nap time. They are always the cutest when they are sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you have a great weekend.


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