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Gift Guides (ish)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We spent some of our weekend in Knoxville because Hayden ran in the AAU National Championship race. Then, we spent Sunday doing all the things like church, grocery pick up, shopped for Angel Tree gifts, chores around the house, and then watched the Chiefs game.

Anyway, I know that many Instagrammers and bloggers share gift guides this time of the year which can be both helpful and and sometimes overwhelming.

In my own little twist on “gift guides,” I’m sharing Enneagram gift guides because I love the ones that @ashton.creates shares on her page.

Again, I don’t live or die by Enneagrams, but I do think it’s interesting. I’m a 5w6 and here are the gift guides for both of those:

5 (Investigator)

  • Camera: Well, I haven’t owned a camera in ages thanks to my iPhone, but I do love taking pictures.
  • Candle: Yes! I love candles. I used to pretty much only buy my candles at Bath and Body Works, but this past year, I’ve ordered quite a few from Antique Candle Co., and I’ve loved them all.
  • New mug: I love coffee mugs. While I switch them up season to season, I pretty much stick with my fave most mornings.

6 (Loyalist)

  • Weighted blanket: I cannot live without my weighted blanket. I’ve had one for a couple of years, and it’s hard to sleep without it!
  • Membership: Memberships are a great idea. We always gift Netflix to my dad every year.
  • Letter board: Crafty things are so fun.
  • Slippers: I have a couple of pairs of favorites slippers, but these are my fave.

Another favorite Instagram account I follow is Her gift guides are fun too!


  • Blue light blocker glasses: When we were online for school, I snagged a few pairs of glasses; they were fun to wear.
  • Collectors book set: I always ask for a couple of books every year. Since I rarely buy books, I usually keep a list on Amazon that I share with family as gift ideas for me.
  • Comfy sweaters: Yes to a sweater! The best part about winter is sweater weather. This is my favorite Amazon sweater (I have it in three colors), and this one is a recent purchase that I love.
  • Book marks: I love a good book mark!
  • Add to their coffee station: K-cups in my stocking, please.
  • Home thermostat: This is a practical idea.
  • Reading chair: I dream of having a big enough bedroom one day to have a reading corner.


  • Comfy sweaters: See above!
  • Personalized jewelry: Etsy always has so many cute options. I’ve gifted and received so many good and thoughtful pieces through the years.
  • Cute storage: Organizing is always a great idea!
  • Water bottle: Besides a water bottle (which we don’t need ANY more!), I love personalized tumblers and skinny can coolers.
  • New vacuum: This I do not need 🙂
  • Home security: Again, practical!
  • Purse organization: see “cute storage” above

What’s on your “wish list” this year? If you know your Enneagram number, you should check out their posts!

Teens (and others!)

Now, these aren’t Earth shattering ideas, but I never shared what I got the kids for their birthday.

I try to do “want, need, wear, read” to keep it a somewhat simple shopping list.


This book caught my eye and I knew they’d love the Homer socks!


I hope they’ll let me buy them Christmas pjs until they are 18. I don’t buy the cute little kid ones anymore, but bottom line is in the winter months, they need warmer pjs…so why not buy for birthday?

Hayden prefers the jogger style for sweatpants and pajama pants, so I turned to Old Navy to get both of their pjs. Both of my kids now fit in adults sizes (what the what?!), so that’s what they got. Travis ordered this set of football cards for Hayden, and he was excited.

We also got Hayden a Nike UK hooded sweatshirt, jogger sweatpants, and basketball shorts.


I wanted to get Hadley something special for her 13th birthday, and picked out the Elisa pendant necklace at Kendra Scott. I wasn’t sure what stone she’d want, and I ended up choosing her birthstone.

Besides flannel pj bottoms (and t-shirt), I got her a Kentucky sweatshirt, leggings, and this sweater.

Honestly, I feel more behind than ever on my shopping. As the kids have gotten older, they understand that money and gift cards go a long way, but of course, I want to pick up them up other things as well. In some ways it was easier when they loved Legos and Barbies!

I’d love to hear any ideas you have for my teens! Bonus points if I can order on Amazon. haha

I hope you have a great start to your week.

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Prime Purchases: November 2022

Happy November 1st!

Wow, I feel like October went by in a blink. November is a busy month in our house, so I’m sure I will have the same sentiments about November.

I’m linking up with Tanya to share my Amazon purchases this month.

Here are my purchases this month:


I have this same light weight sweatshirt in black, and I also purchased it in light green. I wear both colors pretty often both with denim, skinny pants, or leggings.

I shared these mules in my Friday Favorites post last week. I think they are my favorite most recent find! I’ve worn them a few times to school and have gotten compliments each time I’ve worn them. The suede material is perfect, and I love the gray neutral color.

Fun fact: I only wear black no show socks when working out. I’ve had the same six or so pairs for years, and well, I’m not sure where they’ve all gone. Even though I don’t mix up our clothes when washing them, so many of my pairs have disappeared.

I purchased this ten pack of Hanes socks, and they are just what I needed to replace my missing pairs!

almost 18,000 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 star reviews


I swear my hair isn’t as thick as it used to be. It’s not obvious, but it is to me. I’m not sure if it’s a post-Covid thing or what. My hair stylist suggested mixing a few drops of rosemary into my shampoo when I was my hair, and that has helped some of her clients. I’ve been doing that for the past month or so. The only “issue” is that I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week, so I’m not sure that it’s helping much. I do love the scent of rosemary, so I’m definitely going to continue doing this.

That being said…

…She also suggested a scoop of collagen. I’ve seen many people suggest this brand, so I thought I’d give it a try. I know loss of collagen is definitely something that happens with age, so I’m hoping that putting a scoop in my coffee in the morning will help all the things.

Over 195,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 star reviews

Lastly, I’ve started incorporating a new Beachbody program into my workout routine. 4 Weeks for Everybody with one of my favorite trainers, Autumn, is a great low impact program. I do one or two of those workouts a week, and needed a stability ball.

Almost 9,500 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 star reviews

This was another relatively light month of purchases for me which is probably needed considering how many things I will probably buy in November and December.

What have you purchases lately? Happy Priming!

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Prime Purchases: October 2022

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start.

Since it’s the first Tuesday of the month, Tanya is hosting her monthly Prime Purchases link up, and I always love joining in on the fun.

Y’all you may need to check my pulse…I had a pretty light shopping month.

Here are my purchases this month:

I ordered a few new photos after our family pics this summer. I wanted to put a couple of them in similar frames, and our family room bookshelves are pretty small. These gold ones came in a 4 pack, and have worked out for me!

When I shared my Fall Home Tour post, I talked about the string of lights I put behind the garland on the mantle for a little extra glow. It’s actually a two pack of lights with two remotes, but I only used one for the mantle. These have been easy and perfect to use.

I have the plug in version at school with remote that I put around my white board. I love a cozy vibe even at school.

I had saved this belt bag on one of my Amazon lists quite a while ago. I used my Lululemon one quite a bit in the summer and for things like UK games and cross country meets.

This summer, my friend mentioned that she wanted a belt bag, and I told her about this quilted one that I’d saved. She ended up getting it, and it is so cute…and it’s is a little “nicer” option. I bought it this month and have already used it quite a bit.

Ready for some Saturday errands:

With some Fall Break vacation plans with warmer but not super hot summer temps, I thought this cover up would be cute to try…and could double as a dress for going out to lunch or running errands on vacation.

The length and lightweight material are perfect.

I shared this sweatshirt in last week’s Friday Favorites post, and it’s so good. It’s light weight, and I love the split hem. To me, it’s the type of sweatshirt that I can wear with leggings or with pants (or joggers) to school.

Sorry for the dirty mirror! Wanted to show you a close up the side slit.

What have you been Priming lately? Soon enough, I will be buying birthday and Christmas gifts, I’m sure!

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Amazon Fall Faves

With a dreary weekend and then cool mornings this week, it’s definitely feeling more like fall. In honor of my favorite season of the year (and the easiest way to shop!), I’m sharing some of my previous favorite fall Amazon purchases.

What to Wear:

Cardigans are my “go to” all school year because classroom (and outside) temps fluctuate so much.

This waffle knit batwing kimono style cardigan is one of my favorites in the fall (and the spring) as it’s not too heavy. It’s perfect to wear with a dress or tank and jeans.

This chunky knit cardigan is one I wear more when the weather is cooler, and I love it because it’s so soft…and because of the pockets! It comes in a variety of colors too!

26,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I ordered this pumpkin sweatshirt for Hadley last year, and she loves it! She can’t wait to start wearing it again this fall season.

I picked up these waterproof boots for Hadley last year, and she wore them on rainy and snowy days. They are comfy and cute!


I do find most of my fall decor at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Target, and other local places, but Amazon has cute decor too.

Last fall, I picked up this checkered table runner….

…and these pillow covers were the perfect touch for our sunroom and the front porch.


I use my bucket bag/cross body purse for most of the summer, but then I transition to a bigger bag for the fall and winter months. I purchased this hobo style purse last fall, and used it through March. It has so many pockets and has a crossbody strap as well.

Almost 10k ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 reviews

Keep Cozy:

This blanket was actually a Christmas gift to a few of my family members last year. It’s thick and warm with Sherpa fleece on one side. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

68k ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 reviews

These are just a few faves to kickstart this fall season!

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

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Prime Purchases: September 2022

Hello! How was your Labor Day weekend? We had a good one. As I expected, we went 100 mph all day long on Saturday, but the rest of the weekend provided more downtime. I honestly didn’t get out of my pjs on Sunday…and then Monday was a mix of relaxing and productivity.

Well, it’s the first Tuesday of the month, so I’m linking up with Tanya to share this month’s Prime Purchases.

I had a pretty “light” Amazon shopping month, but here’s what I bought:

So, I’ve shared before about my monthly facials. One of the treatments that I love the most is dermaplaning. Landyn has preached, “Girl shave your face” for years. While the monthly dermaplane seems to be all that I need, I also know some women do this once a week or twice a month. So, I purchased this “lighted dermaplane facial exfoliator.”

I’ve been using it every other week since July (wanted to use it a few times before sharing!), and I love it. I just use my face wash to get my face sudsy and go from there. Of course, be careful! (And I stay away from my eyebrows! haha)

This one lights up, and I find that I get the best results (I’m still new at doing this…) with natural light and then use the light on this, and I can see the best what I’m doing. Anyway, I guess like shaving your legs….you get quicker and better with time.

When you have a clean face, your beauty products (whether they are drug store or more expensive), can absorb better and makeup looks cleaner.

I know people who also use the Bic or Schick dermaplane razors, but so far this has worked well for me.

Almost 20,000 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️reviews

If you need a lounging/nighttime bra, this one is so comfy. I originally bought it in black, and just ordered it in nude as well.

These joggers are so cute. There are many color options and patterns…

11,000+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️reviews

I wore them with a tank and cardigan to school, but I know I will also pair them with a sweatshirt and tennis shoes when it gets colder outside.

I’m forever trying to drink more water. This water bottle is perfect because it’s lightweight and has the times on the side. I have a tumbler that I take to school because the water stays cold, but then I’ve been drinking at least one full water bottle when I get home from school. There are many color options too.

We were in desperate need of new pillows…especially Travis. He needed a replacement pillow. I ordered these, and they are such great quality. It’s a two pack…and they are very fluffy. When they arrived, they were rolled up flat, and a few hours later they transformed into big soft, but firm pillows.


Tell me you’re in middle school without telling me you are in middle school…Hayden has succumbed to the middle school “fashion” that is Crocs.

After he looked at the mall and couldn’t find his size, we ordered Crocs from Amazon, and they were cheaper than what we were finding in the stores.

Did you know that “Sports mode” means when the strap is on in the back… 😂 I hadn’t heard that and laughed when the kids mentioned it. Hadley has had a white pair since the spring. Crocs are tempting for Homer to snag, so I’ve told them to keep up with their pairs of Crocs!

360,000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews

What have you purchased lately? I’m trying to not overdo it with my Amazon purchases the next couple of months as November and December are bigger spending months with birthdays and Christmas.

I will probably have a post for tomorrow, but come back on Thursday for some of my fall favorites from Amazon.

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Prime Purchases: August 2022

Hello! I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of August. The summer flew by!

I love this link up with Tanya when we share our Prime Purchases for the month.

I’m sure you’ve seen all the “Little Miss” sayings going around, and I feel like I can relate to so many of them, but this one takes the cake:


When I started to organize this post, I did a double take.

Y’all, I swear I went at least two weeks without buying anything from Amazon, but it sure doesn’t seem like it. A few items were bought in June before our Mexico trip, a few after, and then, of course, we’re on a Back to School time crunch, so I made a few purchases over the weekend.

Here are my purchases:

Summer Staples:

  • Y’all know I love a beach hat. I have a tried and true beach hat that I’ve had a for a few years, but I wanted one that I wouldn’t mind if it got wet and that’s easy to pack. This one fit the bill, and it perfect!
  • Before vacation, I got a pedicure, and chose Mexico City Move-Mint as the color. I decided to order it in case I needed a touch up, and it’s officially my summer color!
  • I’ve shared my love for this cover up last month, and I wore it in blue so much, that I decided to snag it in navy. This cover up is the best.

My lake outfit is brought to you by Amazon. 😂 I’m even wearing my favorite swimsuit from last year under the cover up. Even my sunglasses are from Amazon back in the spring!


I wanted a few clothing options before Mexico and picked up this dress and sleeveless top.

  • This dress is perfection. It’s perfect to wear and then also easy to wear as a base with a cardigan or sweatshirt. I wore it on vacation a couple of times. Then, I wore it home on the plane with a sweatshirt on top. I know I will wear it to school with a cardigan for sure!
  • This sleeveless top is great with jeans, white denim or shorts! It has a sheer lining, but I added a tan cami under it to be on the safe side. It ties in the back which is cute.
  • Hadley needed a “super hero” shirt for camp, and chose this one (women’s sizing), and it was perfect.
Paired this outfit with my fave summer sandals.


Let’s just say that I was definitely influenced with my accessory purchases this month. Landyn shared this watch band, and Amy shared these headbands.

  • I never have been one to change my watch bands, so it was time for a new one. I love that this one allows for the watch to just slip on your wrist, and there are many color options.
  • These headbands are just what I needed, especially for day 3 hair! 😂 I decided to get the three pack, and I love them all. I’ve worn them all day a few times without any issues.

Am I a headband person now or what?! 😆

Few more faves:

  • Ok, I’ve shared before that my only Homer “regret” is not reading the fine print on his fur length. He’s a shedding machine. We’ve had him now for three years, and through the years, I’ve bought a hand held vacuum and a super heavy duty tape roller to try to control the hair situation, especially on our couch and blankets. Jenn shared this on stories, and it’s the best answer I’ve had so far to collecting hair. Better yet, you just empty the roll after each use…no sticky tape or batteries required. I’ve been using it for a month, and it’s helped so much. I now see why it was has over 116,000 reviews!
  • Travis wanted a smaller tumbler for water (beer) before Mexico. My Gma needed a birthday gift idea for him, and he suggested this 20oz tumbler as an idea. He’s used it so much, and took it to both Mexico (to keep his cervezas cold) and KC this summer (to beat the heat and drink water). It comes in a variety of colors.
  • We’ve belonged to our pool for five years, and I’ve never purchased chair clips to secure our towels. Before vacation, Travis suggested getting some to take in our pool bag. I saw these straps, and they were perfect (& easy to pack!)

Back to school

I’m prepping for our Back to School Brinner. While I tend to use the same supplies, I wanted to add a few more decorations to the kitchen and the table.

  • This banner is perfect for the mantle.
  • I picked up these table decorations too. I just thought they’d be a fun edition.

Every year, I buy the kids books that usually have the upcoming grade in the title. That’s been a little more difficult in middle school but I found a couple books I think both kids will like. Also, they both appear to be books in a series, so if they like them, I can buy other books in the series later.

Lastly, Hadley needed a new back pack. My kids seem to be on an every 2-3 year back pack rotation (Hayden got a new one last year). She chose this one, and I told her it should last her until college!

Shew! So many things, but Amazon sure is the place to go for vacay, back to school and all the things in between.

What have you been Priming lately?

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Prime Purchases: July 2022

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. We sure did.

I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s Prime Purchases. I love this link up because it’s so fun to see what others have purchased.

This month I bought:

The best purchase I made during my closet purge were these acrylic shelf dividers. These bad boys will help my clothes stay organized, and I’m able to see what I have on my shelves a lot easier now! I purchased two six packs and used them all!

During my re-organization, I decided to use all the same hangers. I have now purchased this pack of hangers four times throughout the year. Of course, it would be nice to splurge on the velvet hangers for my closet, but these gray ones at least streamline the look of my closet now. (The kids use them in their closets too!)

I purchased another set of these packing cubes for our July travels. I now have them in blue, gray, and teal.

Travis asked for these wireless earbuds for Father’s Day. He likes the kind that go behind your ears, so he knows they will stay on when he jogs. So far, he loves them.

I purchased these cosmetic bags to divvy up in the family for travel. Hadley can use one for her face products, we will use one for sunscreen, another for phone/watch/Kindle chargers, and more! They are TSA approved too!

This tank is light weight and perfect for summer. It comes in a variety of colors!

When I saw this dress, I had high hopes it would be great for vacay. When it arrived, I was so pleased with the quality, comfort, hemline, and more!

I don’t purchase books very often, but I really wanted to read Emily Giffin’s new book, and didn’t want to wait for library availability. I’ve started it and am enjoying it!

Nothing says summer and Amazon like tank tops, dresses, travel necessities, and a book! What have you Primed lately?

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Prime Purchases: June 2022

Hello! Well, I didn’t mean to take Monday off from blogging, but a couple hours at the pool on Sunday turned into staying until 7:00, a lazy dinner, and an episode of Ozark with Travis…which I guess is how summer should be.

It’s the first Tuesday of the month (I actually had to check my calendar!), so I’m linking up with Tanya for this month’s

This month I bought…

I have quite the assortment of purchases this month…


Well let me start off with a random situation. These thin strap sandals are SO comfy (and so cute) I’ve worn them to school all day long, and my feet love them. That being said, they make an airy sound when I walk. I checked with Amy, and hers do it too! Let’s just say I won’t wear them on testing days at school! So random.

These block heeled sandals were perfect for Hadley to pair with the dress she wore to friend’s bat mitzvah.

She danced the night away in them, and loves them.

Pool Season

It’s pool season which means I’m looking for all my beach towels. Honestly, I haven’t bought any new towels in a couple of years.

I wanted to try these Turkish towels because I like how light and long they are.

They are officially my “go to” pool towel.

I also picked up these thicker cabana striped beach towels, and they are great quality and super soft.

Is it even summer if I don’t buy a new swim cover up?

I love this cover up so much that I will probably get it in one more color before the summer is over.

This & That:

Right as the school year was wrapping up, my favorite pens were starting to run out. I decided to go ahead and buy a new pack to finish out the year.

We logged a lot of time bleacher sitting between baseball and track this spring. I have a nice cushy stadium seat that Travis got for me, but I went ahead and picked up this two pack of Coleman stadium seats to keep in the back of the car. I purchased them right before my dad visited because I knew he’d need a seat at the track meet.

Confession: I love a tennis skirt…and I don’t play tennis! I actually have a couple that I love that I got at TJ Maxx a couple of summers ago. (Pro tip: TJ Maxx has some great workout wear options!), but I wanted a new one, and this one is perfect!

Summer uniform (just can’t wait to have tanner legs!)

What are some of your summer Amazon purchases? See you back here tomorrow for Let’s Look.

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Summer Amazon Faves

Hello and Happy Friday Eve. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite Amazon finds from last summer!

With the warmer temps, I’m already wearing some of these faves, so I thought I’d go ahead and share.


I’ve previously raved about these woven sandals that I bought last summer. Unfortunately, they aren’t available anymore, but…

…but these are very similar, come in a variety of colors, and have over 3,000 four star reviews.

I purchased these “comfort slides” in white two summers ago, and then again in pink last summer. They are perfect for the pool, and I often wore them to baseball games during those hot summer days last year. After I initially purchased them, I returned my regular 9 and sized up to 10 for the perfect fit.

I wear these faux Birks on the regular. I got them for Hadley two summers ago in white, and she still wears them. I purchased them in rose gold last summer and couldn’t love them more. (Because I sized up in the comfort slides, I knew to do the same in these. Size 10, instead of a 9, works perfectly for me.)


This dress was one of my favorites last summer. It comes in a few colors and is perfect to wear with slides, wedges or heels. It’s easy to dress up or down.

I wore it to Hadley’s dance recital last year as well as throughout the summer and back to school.

This dress was such a favorite that I purchased it in blue and then in gray.

The material is so soft, I love the high/low style of it.

This dress was another favorite of mine from last summer. I also wore it to school with a cardigan and out to dinner with friends with a denim jacket.

Fun in the Sun:

While I didn’t need another pair of sunglasses, I purchased these recently, and I love them.

I got this visor last summer, and it’s perfect for the pool. It’s also perfect for travel because it rolls up and fastens together for easy packing.

This swimsuit was my swimsuit of the summer last year. I purchased it in “big leopard” and “leopard.” There are so many cute options, and it is super comfortable.

big leopard

This swim cover up was one of my favorites! I purchased it in navy, but there are so many awesome colors and patterns. I love that it buttons all the way up to give more styling options.

Hat and sunglasses are from Nordstrom, but here I am ready for the pool in swimsuit and cover up.

Other Summer Faves:

Hadley ended up getting these shorts in three colors for back to school.

She got the women’s XS, and they are super cute to wear with a t-shirt, tank, or even sweatshirt/sweater when the temps cool off.

I lived in this tank last summer. I bought it more than one color! It can easily be dressed up or down. I wanted it for the hot days at the ballpark, but here it is styled with white jeans…

With Hadley doing swim team and all our time spent at the pool, we tried to be proactive with hair care and the chlorine. This combo saved Hadley’s hair in the summer months.

The kids loved these goggles, and I always have an extra pair or two in the swim bag.

I’ve never been one to wear jewelry when I know I’m going to sweat! That being said, these gold glitter jelly bangles were too cute to pass up!

I wore them to the beach and to the pool often last summer.

What are some of your summer “must haves?”

I can’t wait for summer. It’s almost here!

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Prime Purchases: May 2022

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start. It’s the first Tuesday of the month, so I’m joining Tanya for her Prime Purchases link up.

This month I purchased:

I don’t think I’ve shared this yet, but I started Invisalign a couple of months ago. I forever feel like I have something in my teeth when I don’t have my aligners in. I’m not sure I’ve ever owned a compact, but I needed one for my purse to check my teeth after eating! This one has an LED light and is perfect to throw in my bag.

I’ve shared before that OPI Funny Bunny is my favorite nail polish. Honestly, Ulta is so hit or miss that I typically order it from Amazon when I’m about to run out.

I ordered more lunch box notes to finish up the school year. I usually order these:

…but thought I’d give these a try (again?…I’m pretty sure I used these same ones at some point for the kids during elementary school.)

My kids still have quite a few smaller hangers, and we are continuing to make the transition to bigger hangers for their bigger clothes. This is my second time ordering this 50 pack of hangers.

I got some new sunnies, and I love them! I have a couple of pairs I wear on repeat, and these are perfect to add into the rotation.

I’ve already shared that I ordered this cardigan in another color. I now have it in “cadet gray” and “violet red”…

…and I love it. This dark pink is the perfect color for spring!

Y’all, I’ve had my eye on this purse for a bit, and bought it this month. It arrived, and I couldn’t love it more.

Mine is a cream color which doesn’t currently seem to be available. There are so many color options, and the price is less than when I purchased mine. I wore it with my dress on Friday to Keeneland. It’s the perfect size for phone, compact, etc. and has an inside pocket where I put cards and cash rather than bring my larger wallet.

I hit up a local boutique on Saturday, and saw this very similar purse (tassel and all!) for $65! I definitely love my Amazon “dupe.”

What about you? What have you “Primed” lately? I’m betting my May purchases include lots of fun things for summer.

See you back here Thursday when I’ll share the books I read in April.

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