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Fall Front Porch

Hello! How is your week going? We’ve been having a really great one. More on that later!

One of my goals last week was to get my front porch up to snuff for fall.

It all started with two mums that I purchased from the kids’ school PTSA a couple of weeks ago. I put those in the planters that sit out front year round.

A trip to Trader Joe’s was about all I needed to gather my pumpkin collection. From stackable fantasy pumpkins to mini pumpkins and squash, they have it all.

Then, I went to my favorite flower shop to pick up the cornstalks. They have the really tall ones for about $12/each. It’s kind of a mess to get them in my car, but it’s worth it. While I was there, I picked up a couple of white pumpkins as well.

Lastly, I’ve shared about the “Mum Man” who stops by Trav’s work, and has the best deal on mums. Travis picked me up one more smaller one, and I added that to the porch too.

Once we get to the orchard in October, the kids will each pick out a pumpkin to carve that will sit on the porch until we carve a few days before Halloween.

Every year, I put out the pumpkin garden flag, change out my door hanger and door mat and pillows. This year, instead of putting a few pumpkins on the little table outside, I put out a jack-o-lantern lantern that my friend gave me a couple of years ago.

I just move things around on the porch and steps until I’m pleased the final product.

Anyway, this just brings a smile to my face every time I arrive home. It’s the little things…or the $100 dollars worth of pumpkins and mums…that make the porch festive this time of the year.

I hope you are having a great week.

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Fall Home Tour

Happy Thursday and Happy September 22nd…or as my calendar says, “autumn begins…”

Well, it’s my favorite time of the year! In case you missed the memo, I love fall. Also, I love a good quote, so here are a few of my favorite fall quotes:

I finally had the chance to decorate over the weekend. Actually, I thought I would be able to decorate one day last week, but I couldn’t find my tub of fall decorations.

We found it under the basement stairs on Friday. I’d forgotten that last year I purged and went from two tubs to one by donating or tossing older fall decor.

Friday night before we went to my school’s football game, I pulled a few things out trying to remember where I usually put things….by Saturday morning when I wanted to finish up, I turned to last year’s blog post to help me out!

I’m basically Oprah for pumpkins. “You get a pumpkin and you get a pumpkin…” haha

I know I love a good home tour…especially a seasonal one, but these blog posts also help me remember where I put my decorations!

Last year’s post started with my front porch, but the only thing I have out there right now are two mums in my planters. I hope to start adding to the porch this weekend.


I put my decorations in the exact same spot on the entry table as last year. The only thing that is different is that I now have two arches here (year round) instead of our family photo.

A few faux flowers, a tea light, and some pumpkins spruce up this table.

Living room:

I love the tray on the coffee table in the living room. It’s a great spot to change out seasonal decor. I’ve had this light up pumpkin (I have two) for two years, and it’s a favorite. A pumpkin spice candle from Antique Candle Co and a small fall wreath for the base of the candle are all I needed to create some cozy.

One of my Michael’s purchases this year, was this wooden pumpkin candle lantern. It fits perfectly on the wooden stool. My other decorations I’ve had for years. I add a few fall touches to our built ins, and then change the candle in the fire place lantern. We’ve had this little jack-o-lantern (with a tealight) for years, and it’s always nostalgic to put out. The kids always loved it when they were little.

I used the same pumpkin pillows that I’ve had for a couple of years. I love how they look on our new couch.


I keep it pretty simple in the office and just swap out the chair pillows for my “Morning Pumpkin” pillows. Then, this year, I decided to put out this fave pic of the kids in the frame that always sits on that table. This was October 2010 and Hayden and Hadley’s first trip to the pumpkin patch…such a sweet memory.


I love this plaid pumpkin pillow in our sitting area. I picked up the turquoise pumpkin at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago, and added it to our island tray. It’s actually a candle, but I’ve been burning the Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin one recently. I always change out a nice hand towel each season on the oven, and put this pumpkin sign where one of my favorite cookbooks typically sits. I added the apple cider candle too.

The buffet is a fun area to decorate. I change out the flowers as well as my China plates to include these cute pumpkin ones.

Last year, I got this table runner and then I’ve had these plate for a few years. I picked them up at Target. I also add a couple of pumpkins in the tray.

The fireplace is my favorite part. Orange candles, leaves and pumpkin garland. So easy to hang up. I picked up the “Gather with a grateful heart” sign at Michael’s as well as the yellow pumpkins.

I have cute little metal stands that usually have topiaries in them, and I wanted something for fall to sit in them. I picked up these pumpkins the other day. They come in orange, yellow, and white. I chose yellow to compliment my orange candles. (By the way: Fall decorations at Michael’s were 40% off) {At this point, I feel like Michael’s should sponsor this post!)

Then, I added a string of lights behind the fall leaves for a little extra glow at night.

Sun room:

Swapping our regular pillows for these pumpkins ones as well as the burnt orange throw are a quick way to decorate out here.

I always change out the candle on the tray as well as the back door wreath to something more fall appropriate. I’ve had the plug in pumpkin for years, and actually didn’t have a spot for it in the living room like usual thanks to the mirror I bought last year. Anyway, I decided to move a lamp and plug in the pumpkin on the nights we sit in the sun room.


I keep it very simple in the bedroom with a season candle and another one of the pumpkins from Michael’s. It’s nice to read or fall asleep at night to the glow of the pumpkin and a fall scent.

Yesterday, was 90+ degrees, and today the high is 70 with some 60 degree temps in the future too. It’s like Mother Nature knew what she was doing 😉

With cooler temps finally arriving, I definitely hope to get the front porch decorated this weekend.

Happy Fall {y’all!}

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Easter Decor

Hello! Today, I have a quick post sharing my few Easter decorations.

I don’t do much at all for Easter, but I love a few touches of bunnies here and there. Unlike fall and Christmas decor, my Easter decorations take me five minutes to put out. This past Saturday, I pulled out a few of my favorite bunnies…which is apparently the only way I know how to decorate for Easter.

This post probably looks pretty similar to last year’s post, but I still thought I’d share!

The chevron bunny door hanger is my fave! Changing the garden flag is always a quick way for me to keep up with the holidays.

peep Homer in the window

Also, once it’s April, I start buying fresh flowers on the regular from Trader Joe’s. Peonies are my fave, and I saw this miniature bouquet and knew it would be perfect on the living room coffee table. The turquoise bunny is another fave that I’ve had forever. My new Antique Candle Co (Country Pear!) candle arrived just in time for spring. It smells amazing.

Two bunnies and the egg plate are in the entryway and living room. The cottontail bunny next to plant was a cute find at Landyn’s store in Nashville that I picked up last Spring Break. I’m glad I got it when I did since she closed her store last fall.

The two bunnies in the eggs were finds at Kroger (grocery store) last year. I usually have faux plants that sit on those pedestals, but I swapped them out for the bunnies.

That’s about it! I love these little touches for Easter, and it was nice to be able to decorate in a matter of minutes!

Tomorrow, I’m recapping our trip to Asheville, so I hope to see you back here!

Have a great day,

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Valentine’s Day Decor

Hello! We’re home today due to the impending ice storm. The kids have an ortho appointment and then we will be inside for the foreseeable future.

It’s a perfect time for me to share with you some of my Valentine’s Day decor. I don’t go overboard with decorations, but I love to add a few things here and there around the house.


I change my garden flag with the seasons, and the heart door hanger is one of my favorites!

I add this simple X O X O banner to the mantle every year.

It’s a cute little festive touch along with the wooden love sign.

The Hershey Kisses don’t last long in our house, but I refill the heart jar a few times. My friend made me the wooden heart sign a few years ago, and the conversation hearts are another family fave in the pink bowl.

The gold X O X O and white ceramic heart are TJ Maxx finds from a few years ago.

That’s about it for the Valentine’s Day decor.

Mix, Match, Move Things Around

Mid-September is when I put up fall decor followed by Christmas decorations. Every January I try to remember where my regular decorations go! I even take pictures, but then fail to look at them. I do kind of like moving things around until everything is “just right.”

I’ve tried to use what I have rather than purchase new when decorating. I’ve seen some decorate with a wooden tray to hold their cooking utensils. My friend gave us this personalized cutting board for our tenth wedding wedding anniversary in 2015. I use it often for charcuterie, but I thought it was the perfect touch for this corner of my kitchen.

I’ve had the “T” and “J” for years, and moved them to this little corner of our built in. Usually, I have a candle there, but decided I wanted these on display for now.

I also like changing out this frame of the kids. Usually, it includes a precious photo of them at the beach a few years ago. That being said, I will rotate seasonal photos as well to freshen up the frame.

If I buy something, even an inexpensive piece, I try to use it for a variety of seasons. I bought these these metal risers at Hobby Lobby in the fall, and have already used them to hold pumpkins and pinecones. I moved them to mantle and found these topiaries at TJ Maxx. I love the pop of green with spring right around the corner.

Lastly, I’m about to play “musical” wall art with a few pieces. I’ve had a family photo on this wall for years, but wanted something a little bigger for the space. This wooden arch has been on a wall in our office, and I’ve just propped it on our entry table for now. I actually purchased another one (on the half off week), and may hang both together somewhere. I need Travis for hanging things…otherwise, we end up with lots of holes in the wall!

I’m happy with how everything is put back together now that the big holidays are are over. I always feel better once I declutter after the first of the year, and I always feel like the house looks so much brighter once I get everything back in the right place.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites. In the meantime, I’m going to hunker down at home.

The governor declared a state of emergency, and this was Trader Joe’s last night:

No bread, no dairy, no produce, no freezer items, oh my!

Stay warm and cozy,

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Happy Holidays Home Tour

‘Tis the season for reds, green, and sparkly. Well, at least that’s what you’ll see at my house.

This is the first year I didn’t decorate until after December 1st. I typically try to have my house decorated the Sunday before Thanksgiving, but with the kids’ birthday that weekend and then holiday travel, I just didn’t get it done until the first weekend in December.

My holiday decor tends to stay the same year to year, but I tend to always pick up at least one or two new things to add to our home. These posts are a way for me to share how I’ve decorated, but they also help me remember where I put things each year.

Come on in…


For the second year in a row, I purchased two strands of garland from Trader Joe’s. I have no clue if it actually helps but I take a spray bottle of water and midst them every couple of days hoping they will stay green until December 26th 😉

I love my door hanger from a local artist, the Rudolph pillow covers are from Etsy years ago, and the light up trees fit pretty perfectly in the planters I keep out year round. I also add bows and a few pieces of leftover greenery to the planters.

Travis puts lights in the bushes which are a nice finishing touch for the front.

Front Hall:

This area pretty much stays the same year to year. Next year, I may find something to replace the light up tree…it can be glitchy.

Our elf left the bow on our new mirror, and I forgot to take it down. I kind of like the added touch.

I add a few holiday touches to our built in’s.

I love this tall Santa, and I found him the perfect spot on the living room fire place.

I’ve had the same pillows and blanket for quite a few years. Next year, I may find one to replace the “Peace” pillow because a red pillow and Homer hair aren’t a great combo.

I always love decorating the tray on the coffee table. I have quite a few trays and tend to move them around. I light this candle every morning while I have my quiet time.

I gave Travis a hard time about the size of our tree, but I really do love it. The snowflake pillow, picture of the kids under the tree at a month old, and a few packages (Amazon boxes I wrapped a few years ago) round out this corner of our home.

I added a few festive touches to the top of the cabinet in the office.

My Gma made this winter shadow box for me as one of my Christmas gifts. This week, I found a perfect spot for it on our desk.

The view from the kitchen to the office is a fave of mine. I added a few holiday pieces to this tray on the island as well.

A friend made me this sign a few years ago, and I love displaying it every year.

I shared in a previous posts that Hayden was insistent that we find a place for the village my Gma gave me years ago. I can’t believe I didn’t think of the buffet sooner. It’s perfect there.

This glass dome sits here almost year round. In the fall, I fill it with pumpkins, and for Christmas, I fill it with ornaments.

The small wreath with ribbon was a last minute addition to the tobacco basket. The wreath typically sits on my candle holder, but I wasn’t using it right now. I just tied it to the basket with a leftover piece of ribbon, and it was the perfect touch.

I always swap out my china for Christmas plates, and the angel can hold a tea light; I’ve had it for years.

Here’s the village lit up at night:

I purchased new garland for the mantle last year, and I’m still pleased with it.

Last year, one of our stocking holders broke, so this year, I decided to just use command hooks. I also moved the stockings to either side, and I like that the fireplace looks less cluttered.

I loved decorating this tray on our kitchen table. I kept it simple with this lantern, some ornaments, and these red berry boxwoods. I only purchased two new things this year. These boxwoods for $5 each at Target and a new pillow for the chair in the kitchen.

I love setting the table with my Target plates that I’ve had for a few years.

Here’s the new pillow I picked up at Michaels.

My mom gave me this cute “Merry and Bright” Plaza lights art, and I love it in our kitchen hutch. I also added a few trees and a favorite snow globe. My Gma painted the tree next to the snow globe years ago, so it’s also one of my favorite pieces to put out each year.

This is the second year I’ve decorated the sunroom. The tree and slip covers were purchased last year.

A few trees and a seasonal candle are perfect for this tray.

In our room, I have one of my cashmere pencil trees and a crock that I add a candle to at night. Both are from Michael’s.

One more peek at our living room tree. She gives off quite the glow in the morning and nighttime hours.

It’s so much work, but I’m always happy when I get everything in the right place. Also, as I wrote this post, I realized that so many of the pieces I put out each year are from (or made by) family. That makes this time of the year extra special.

Next year, I’m seriously considering decorating in early November. I love my fall decorations as well, so I tend to keep them out as long as possible. November is a hectic month for me, but I do think it would be worth it to have fall decor out in September and October, and then have more time to appreciate the Christmas touches in November and December. We’ll see!

I will say that I always love a fresh start in January, and it’s nice having everything back in its place. That being said, I will also enjoy the twinkle of the lights and the cozy decorations for as long as possible.

Happy Holidays from our house to yours!

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Fall Decorations

Hello! With September wrapping up and October right around the corner, I’m sharing the fall decorations at my house!

I think this is my favorite post of the year!

October 1st is like my Christmas morning. It’s seriously one of my favorite days of the year because it starts my favorite month! October is full of fun and no stressful holidays. We go to football games, the pumpkin patch, eat apple cider donuts, enjoy the wonderful weather and so much more.

My fall decorating style could best be described as “pumpkin, pumpkins and more pumpkins.” I’m the Oprah of pumpkins! …and if the pumpkins light up, that’s a bonus! 🤣

This year, I only purchased a few new things, but otherwise, this post is probably pretty similar to what I shared last year!

Front Porch:

My front porch is my favorite place to decorate for fall. When we purchased this home in September of 2014, I remember thinking how fun it would be to decorate with pumpkins and mums. I think I add more each year 😉

I’ve had the door hanger for years, and purchased it on Etsy. The doormat is a few years old, and I believe I got it at JC Penney. Lastly, a few pumpkins on our little porch table are so fun. The teal stand was something I picked up at Hobby Lobby last week.

I purchased these fall pillow covers (pack of 4) off Amazon after I realized how torn up my previous fall pillows were after six or seven years on our porch during the fall months.

Ta da! It was a pleasant surprise to tie the black and white checkered rug with the new pillows and W garden flag.

I usually purchase mums from the Mum Man who comes to Trav’s work, but I couldn’t resist the smaller yellow ones in the cute half peck baskets from Trader Joe’s. Then, I purchased larger mums that I put in the planters from the kids’ school. I picked up the shock top at Fresh Market.

As I previously shared, the pumpkins came from Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and my favorite garden center.

I really love how it turned out.


I keep it pretty simple on the hall entryway table. Some pumpkins, some fall faux flowers, and a tea light holder that I’ve had for years.

Living Room:

In the living room, I have one of my favorite light up (plug in) pumpkins. I also add the wooden pumpkin to where I usually have a candle.

I have the same pumpkin pillows that I purchased at Target last year.

I switch out my usual white candle for this orange one, add little pumpkins on our built in and switch out some of the decorative basket items for a few pumpkins. The orange, white, and green pumpkins came in a pack I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

This new round tray from Target is perfect for our coffee table with my favorite light up pumpkin from Michael’s that I got last year. This year, I picked up a fall berry candle wreath to put on the pedestal with a Bath and Body Works candle. This is where I sit most mornings and love the candle and glow of the pumpkin.


In our office area, I just switch out our usual pillows for the “Morning Pumpkin” pillows that one of my former students made me a few years ago. I also added a silver pumpkin to the table between the chairs.


In the kitchen, I put this cute pillow on one of our chairs. I also added my pumpkin sign to the holder that usually has a cookbook in it. Lastly, I added a few small pumpkins and gourds to my fruit stand.

This year, I put a candle from Trader Joe’s in the spoon rest on my island tray. I love lighting it while I cook dinner!

This year, I changed up the kitchen table center piece. I purchased this runner from Amazon. Then, I moved in the long tray that usually sits on our coffee table, and kept some of our essentials on it like napkins and the salt and pepper. Then, I added a few more small pedestals from Hobby Lobby and mixed in some more small pumpkins and gourds. I picked up the melamine plates at Target a few years ago.

I’ve had this buffet in this location before, but recently it’s been against another wall. I decided to move it back over to its original spot for the fall season.

I basically set up the buffet exactly like I did last year with the burlap pumpkins on the cake stand, the white light up pumpkin, my favorite little pumpkin plates in the cabinet with a few other festive decorations.

Like in the front room, I switched out my white candles for these burnt orange colored ones. I added the pumpkin garland that I think I picked up last year. This year, I did purchase new leaf garland at Michael’s. I’d been using the same garland for over ten years, and it was just time for something new. Last year, I hammered two nails into the mantle to string the pumpkins. Much to my surprise, the leaf garland was able to hook on to the nails too! Perfect!

Sun room:

I don’t think I did much in the sun room last year besides add some fall items on the tray. This year, I put the pumpkin pillows that I typically use in the basement for the sun room couch and used the other two pillow covers from the Amazon four pack for the chairs.

I added a Bath and Body candle (from last year!) to the tray with a metallic pumpkin that I picked up at Target.

Homer approves!

I think last year was the first year I hung this wreath on the back door, and it’s so pretty.

I snapped this photo on Saturday. The morning was unexpectedly dreary, and I was tired. While sipping my coffee, I looked up and smiled at the view. It’s the little things!


I only have one touch of fall in our bedroom. Like I mentioned before, I loved the living room pumpkin so much I picked another one up last year for the bedroom. I love falling asleep to the glow of this gorgeous pumpkin.

It may seem like a lot and so much to do, but it’s worth it for me. I’m a home body, and while I love a lit Christmas tree, the coziness of my fall decor is good for my soul. I feel like I can enjoy these decorations for a few months rather than a few weeks! We’ve had some unexpected extra time at home for the past week, and in the chaos of life, it’s been good for me to light a fall scented candle and enjoy the glow of a pumpkin or two!

(Bonus: all the decorations fit into one big tub and one zip up storage bag for the pillows!…that way Travis can’t grumble too much when I need help lugging them up from the basement 😉)

Do you decorate for fall??

I hope your week is off to a great start! Happy fall, (y’all) !

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Let’s Look

Hello! It’s the second Wednesday of the month, so Shay and Erika are hosting their Let’s Look link up.

  • In January, we looked at our coffee bars (I shared my favorite coffee mugs)
  • In February, we looked at our love languages.
  • In March, we looked at the perfect night in.
  • In April, the topic was: fridge and pantry.

This month’s topics is: outdoor organization.

Well, kind of like when I shared my recent spring cleaning post, I should probably just let Travis write this post. I’m not sure the method to his madness, but he does have our garage and outside area pretty organized.

Today, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share our outdoor spaces.

Warning: photo overload. I will never have to do a yard post ever again 😂

We took this photo on Mother’s Day, and I love it because my Mother’s Day gifts can be seen. The kids and I are so far away that I joked with Travis that he wanted everyone to see the planter boxes he had made for my gift! Every year, I ask for a card and two hanging ferns, but this year, I got the bonus of the beautiful planters and flowers!

Here are the kids picking out my ferns last year:

Mother’s Day 2020

Someone at Trav’s work made the planters.

We also got new cushions for the front porch chairs. The front porch is great for sitting in the afternoon and evening.

I love the button detail on the back cushion, and the accent pillow is my favorite color palette. I found them at the At Home store….and I was lucky to find these because the outdoor section looked like a patio cushion graveyard!

(Do you spy Homer?) 😉

Every spring these pretty bushes bloom, and the flowers smell so pretty. I know nothing about flowers (again, that’s Trav’s expertise), but they are such a pretty surprise each spring.

Every spring, Travis plants New Guinea impatiens in the front. Last year, Hadley helped him!


I have a feeling Travis will fuss at me for showing this area. Every year, he plants something new over here, and this area is just getting started for spring 2021.

In our backyard, we have our fire pit. When we moved in, we had a massive tree in the front yard that was dying, so we had it cut down. We used some of the wood from the trunk for seating around the fire pit.

S’mores roasting last spring…


In June/July the day lilies bloom, and they are so pretty against our fence line.


We try to use our patio as often as possible, and the lights make it feel extra cozy at night.


Travis power washed the patio last weekend. I wish I had taken a “before” photo because the difference is always amazing!

Here it is freshly power washed with flowers and new cushions.

The Japanese Maple is one of my favorite parts of the back yard. The kids climbed on it each time we looked at this house when it was for sale.

They’ve continued to play in it and climb up in through the years…


These green cushions were on our front porch chairs. They are in great condition because our front porch is covered, so we are using them out back now.

While at the At Home store, I picked up the yellow pillows and the riser on the table.

The planters on each side of the loveseat are from Pier One and were on our 2005 wedding registry. They are perfect for the patio.

**We usually put a smaller pot of flowers on the bottom rack of each planter, but last year, Homer snagged the flowers and ran around the yard with them in his mouth! So, the small ones, in the white pots on the table, are going to be a test for Homer 😉

We’ve had this table and chairs since 2004 when we moved into our first home. This set has sat on three patios in the last seventeen years. The are black, and Travis just recently spray painted them to bring them back to life. I kind of rolled my eyes when he said he was going to do that, but they look so great! I can’t believe I forgot that spray paint can fix anything! haha

The seat cushions are new from At Home as well. All of our cushions were at least 5-7 years old, so we’d penciled in replacing them as a “to do” for this spring. Also, the ones before these, were just the seat cushion, and a few had been #homered over the past two summers.

My “home” flower pot is one that I ordered from Etsy last year. I’ve shared the shop in previous posts.

The pots are hand painted and so pretty! We’ve used them as teacher and birthday gifts in the past year.

Speaking of spray paint, this little table was from my childhood backyard. I’ve had it for years, and at one point, I spray painted it green. This year, I wanted to put pots of various sizes and flowers of various colors on it.

Besides peonies, hydrangeas are my favorite flower. We had a hydrangea plant at our last house, and Travis planted another one when we moved into our current house. Also, our hostas get bigger and bigger every year!

I love pink and purple flowers in the spring!

In one week, this will be my view as I sip my morning coffee! I’m pleased with how it turned out.

Next month’s topics is: summer bucket list.

Last summer’s bucket list included: baking, tie dye, vacation, going canoeing, drawing, and golf lessons. I guess I need to get the kids thinking about what they want to do this summer.

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and reading today’s post! Make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts too!

Take care,

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Easter Decorations

I can’t believe that Easter is less than two weeks away! Today, I’m sharing the few decorations that I put out for Easter. {Read: cute bunnies scattered around my house!}

This door hanger is my favorite. I’ve had it for a few years, and a local girl paints these door hangers. Her work is amazing. I love the bright teal, the Chevron pattern, and the colorful bow.

It’s not a holiday unless I have a garden flag out! I purchased this garden flag on Etsy a couple of years ago. The polka dot carrot is so cute.

Inside, I just add this ceramic egg that I found at Home Goods a few years ago to our entryway table.

I added the little wooden bunny to the tray on my kitchen island.

This teal ceramic bunny sits on my coffee table tray in the living room.

I bought two of these cute little ceramic bunnies in eggs at Kroger. They were only about $4 each. I thought I’d put one on each end of the mantle, but decided to nestle one by the books on the mantle and add the other one…

out on the sun room table tray. I’ve shared these before, but I wanted an extra touch to the sun room tray and as a I was decorating for Easter, the beige wooden Amazon beads arrived. They are cute, great quality and under $8. I chose them because I love the tassels on each end.

I told y’all that I keep it pretty simple. I usually buy one or two new things each year. I do like that I can decorate in a matter of minutes to add just a few things for Easter.

Do you decorate for Easter/spring?

Have a great day,

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Valentine’s Day Decorations & Gifts

Hello! Today, I’m sharing with you the Valentine’s Day decorations I put up over the weekend. To be honest, I use the same few things each year, so I guess this post probably isn’t too different than what I shared last year!

I’ve mentioned before that I typically buy the kids a few things for Valentine’s Day to make the day special, so I’m sharing those today too!


I love a garden flag, and change our front yard flag pretty often! I’ve had this cute heart flag for years. My favorite decoration of all is my heart door hanger that I purchased from Etsy years ago!

Inside, Hadley helped me hang this XOXO banner on the kitchen mantle. Last year, I found this wooden love “sign” at Home Goods or TJ Maxx, and it fits perfectly on the mantle between some of my favorite pictures.

I try to keep the little pink dish on our island tray filled with Hershey Kisses, but they don’t typically last too long! We seem to have the same problem with the conversation hearts in the other pink dish on the kitchen counter. The wooden heart sign was painted by one of my friends, and it’s the perfect touch for that corner of the kitchen.

I guess we all heart the Valentine’s Day candy at our house!

The white ceramic heart fits in perfectly on our front hall table…

and the XOXO on the coffee table rounds out my Valentine’s Day decor.


Gifts for both…

For gifts this year, both kids (and Travis!) will receive a box of chocolate hearts from me. I’m also getting cookies from a local baker/cookie decorator (@1smartcookieky on Instagram) that the kids can decorate on Valentine’s Day!

Also, I love to shop small when I can, and Etsy always has the cutest items! Years ago, I got the kids each a personalized pillowcase with their names. I honestly think I bought them eight(ish) years ago when they transitioned to their “big boy/girl” beds. They’ve used those pillowcases off and on ever since, so I figured it was the perfect time to purchased them news ones.

On Etsy, I found this one for Hadley and this one for Hayden.

I love the whimsy of the one I picked out for Hadley and the simplicity of the one I picked out for Hayden. There are many varieties and options for pillowcases in these shops, but I settled on the ones pictured below.

I always purchase a book for them. When they were younger, they were always Valentine’s Day/love themed books. As they have gotten older, I just choose one I think they will enjoy reading.

For Hayden, I know he’ll love The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling as he has been loving the Harry Potter series. Hadley just finished up the first book of The Vanderbeekers series, so I got her the second one in hopes that she will keep on reading!

I also always purchase a game to add to our collection, and I’ve heard that Bananagrams is fun. Hopefully, it will provide some family fun!

Gift for Hayden…

Hayden loves golf! He plays on the golf course. He plays in the yard. And…he plays in the house! I thought this automatic putting practice hole would be perfect for him. He will love that it returns the ball right back to you…once you make it in the hole! 😉

Gift for Hadley…

I’ve been following MelandMae on Instagram, and I’ve made a few purchases from their Etsy shop! I thought these leather circle stud earrings in blush would be perfect for Hadley because Sis loves a good monogram!

You may be wondering about Travis…😂. Well, I’ve mentioned before that we try to just go out to dinner at some point before or after Valentine’s Day. We always exchange cards as well which is all I need.

Also, Homer is a big fan of the holiday 😆 He will tolerate a scarf for a few minutes…and I bet he will get an extra treat or two on February 14th!

I shared a few more thoughts about Valentine’s Day in last week’s Monthly Musings link up. Check it out if you’d like!

We still have snow on the ground here! I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Take care,

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Friday Favorites {#48}: Holiday Home Tour

Hey, hey! We made it to Friday. We’ve had a pretty good week around here, and we are counting down the days until Winter Break! It’s right around the corner, so we’ll just keep chugging right along until break arrives.

Of course, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites post.

One of my favorite things to do for the holidays is decorate. Even before my blog, I would always take photos of where I put decorations to make the process as easy as possible. The weekend after Thanksgiving is when I do most of my decorating, and it’s typically a one (wo)man job…until I can’t carry something or need Travis to hang the garland. 😉

I saw this meme recently, and, of course, it fits today’s blog topic.

While 90% of my decorations have been used through the years, I do move things around and often can’t help myself from buying a new item or two along the way. #michaelsiswhereitsat

Here’s a little tour around our home:


My kitchen buffet stayed pretty much the same, but I added fresh garland to the top for about a week.

I figured it wouldn’t last long with Homer. He did pull it down a couple of times, but thankfully, he didn’t destroy it.

I love the Christmas dishes that I display this time of the year.

In the cabinet near the buffet, I added in some trees I’ve collected over the years and a cinnamon scented candle. I actually made the burlap trees a few years ago.

Our fire place and mantle remain the same, but I did buy new garland. What I’ve had for the past few years is extra bulky, and I just wanted a more seamless look. Hadley pointed out that the red and the green of the garland match our stockings perfectly. My previous garland was pre-lit, but I had to add lights to this new garland.

I used some extra greenery on our table centerpiece.

I definitely do the love traditional red and green Christmas decor.

This view is definitely a favorite.

One of my friends painted this pallet a few years ago, and it’s one of my favorite holiday pieces.

Office Area:

In the first few years in this house, we never really knew where to put the tree. Once we made this space the office rather than the dining room, the tree fit perfectly in here. I like that you can see the glow of the tree lights from the kitchen and the living room as well as from the street when the shutters are open.

I always put out the picture of the kids under the tree for their first Christmas. They were a month old (and a few days) old on Christmas 2009.

Front Hall:

I kept the front hall the same as years past with the light up tree, Christmas card holder, snowman tea light, and Merry and Bright sign.

I love Bath and Body Works and always have a few candles to burn like the peppermint one on this entry table.

Living Room:

The tall Santa was a Home Goods find a few years ago. I kept it simple on the coffee table with the flocked tree and candle. The light up present provides the perfect glow in the morning and night. I added a lantern and Merry Christmas canvas to my regular decor on my antique chest.

I always keep my cream pillows out and add seasonal pillows for fall and Christmas.


This is the first year we’ve put garland out front. I’ve mentioned previously that I was on the hunt for some artificial garland, but never really found any I liked. Then, I saw the real garland at Trader Joe’s and thought I’d give it a try. Travis was kind enough to hang it for me. Now, I have no clue how long it will last, but after a week, it still is looking good. I’ve sprayed it with water a few times. I have no clue if that’s what I’m supposed to do, but that’s what I’ve been doing!

I’ve had the lanterns and poinsettias for years. My cute stocking door hanger was painted by a local Lexington small business. It’s perfectly festive and, again, I love the traditional red and green.

The Rudolph pillow covers are from Etsy, and I’ve had them for years. The trees in the planters light up, and the Merry Christmas garden flag is the final touch outside.

When the garland on the kitchen buffet was starting to look tired, I sprayed it with water and then put little pieces of it in the outside planters.

Sun room:

I’ve shared this room already as it was the first room I decorated for the season. Until this past spring (#thanksquarantine), we didn’t really use the sun room that often. This year, I thought I’d go ahead and decorate it since we are out here so much now. The pillow covers are new (from Amazon) and the basket wreath is a new find from TJ Maxx this year. We’ve had the tree for years as it’s the one we used for a few years before starting to get a real tree for the living room/office area.

I added a few little trees to the tray that’s always on this table, and I burn the Bath and Body Works Winter scented candle when hanging out in the sun room.

A few other faves:

Dinners this week:

It’s no secret that I use Shay’s cookbooks (especially Simmers) quite frequently for meal ideas. Well, last week, she posted about 24 Crazy Easy December Dinners, and I used it as my guide for meals this week. This week, we’ve eaten: Chicken Tortilla Soup, Beefy Mushroom Pasta, Cheesy Ranch Tacos, and King Ranch Joes. (I don’t think KRJ were listed in that post, but here’s the recipe.) This one post was a life saver for me. We eat the soup and KRJs pretty often, but the pasta and tacos were new recipes for me to make. We all loved them.

The Outsiders

A neighbor had a few books in her garage to give away. One of the books I brought home was The Outsiders which piqued Hayden’s interest. He started reading it Monday night at bedtime and then was telling me all about it Tuesday evening. I stopped him, mid-summary, because I was shocked he’d already read the entire book. Hadley then said that he was reading some during the day while listening to his teacher on Zoom. Anyway, he loved the book so much. With his summary of the stabbing and teenagers smoking and drinking, I was reminded why this is a classic middle school book! haha

He deemed this the second best book he’s ever read. Hatchet was recommended by my mom and still his fave.

I hope he always loves reading as much as he does now.

Then, Wednesday night, he begged us to watch the movie. Travis and I watched it with him. He really liked it, but said the book was better. A friend of mine shared a @historic_imagery post with me on Instagram. I never knew that Francis Ford Coppola hadn’t planned on making the movie but then did so after receiving a letter from a librarian as well as over 100 of her seventh and eighth graders in Fresno, CA. They also share that fact in the credits of the movie.

Southern Lights:

Our Southern Lights Horse Park tradition continued this week. We drove through the park on Tuesday night, and loved seeing the upgraded and updated displays. They had the usual displays, but had also added other lights and features. Also, Santa was sitting outside the North Pole waving at the cars. Usually, Santa is inside the pavilion.

Classic Kentucky lights with the horses, Wildcat basketball player, and Keeneland.

Winter Drive-Thru:

The kids’ school had a Winter Drive Thru this week where they handed out fun packs and free books (as well as supplies for the beginning of second semester).

There was a line around the school, and it was so wonderful to see the teachers outside, waving, and so excited to see their students. Teachers and staff were dressed as Elsa, Rudolph, elves, and Santa! To see the hustle and bustle at school as well as the staff and teachers literally brought tears to my eyes. I hope my kids are able to go back to school sooner rather than later.

Books, games and hot chocolate!

Trader Joe’s Snack Mix

It’s the time of the year for Trader Joe’s to have my favorite snack mix. I found out the hard way a couple years ago when I was looking for it in January that it’s seasonal.

Some people are hoarding toilet paper again, and I left TJ with six cans of this mix! Delish!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Y’all, I feel this deeply.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

Facebook memories from 2017 provided this gem. I love this picture from Trav’s work holiday party. It didn’t really dawn on me until seeing this that we are missing out on some fun during this season. There’s always the work party, a neighborhood party as well as a party with some of our friends. Hopefully, those traditions will be back in 2021. Sometimes I do miss the normal chaos that the holidays bring.

And for fun….here’s a 1980’s flashback for you…it’s a classic!

Weekly Recap:

Here are my posts for this week! We sure have been busy!

Make sure to check out the other ladies’ posts, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!