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Fall Decorations, Y’all!

Happy (official) first day of fall!

It’s no secret that fall is my favorite time of the year. Give me all the pumpkins, cooler temperatures, and sweaters, and my heart is happy. While I like decorating for Christmas, I love decorating for fall. I usually try to have my inside decorations up by mid-September and then my front porch finished the next week. I guess I might love fall decorations more because I get to enjoy them a little longer!

I usually take pics of where I put things which makes decorating a pretty quick process. I swap some regular decor with the fall stuff, and put the regular decor in the fall decoration tub until I need to swap it out again.

So, today I’m giving you a peek at what fall looks like in my house.

Inside Decorations:

I swap a cookbook in the stand for this pumpkin sign. Then, I added some mini pumpkins from Trader Joe’s to the tray in my kitchen.

I previously shared about my new light up pumpkin from Michael’s. It’s perfect on my coffee table with the apple scented candle from Bath and Body Works. The pumpkin was the only new purchase this season, and I mentioned I should have purchased two of them. Well…

I did! I went back over the weekend, and picked up another one. I never decorate in the bedrooms, but I have a lantern that typically sits on my dresser. I swapped the lantern for the light up pumpkin, and I love having that little touch in our bedroom.

I only put a couple of fall items in our sunroom. I have a candle out there with the little wooden pumpkin in the tray.

I changed out the traditional wreath on our outside sunroom door for this fall one that I had forgotten I even had!

In the kitchen, I kept the buffet pretty much like last year except I added the white ceramic stack of three pumpkins (that lights up!) and added one more pumpkin in the cabinet that wasn’t there last year.

Close up of the buffet decorations:

My entry way table looks a little different than last year, but I still used what I had.

I usually put away the cloche that typically sits on the kitchen buffet, but I instead added mini pumpkins and gourds to it and moved it to the entry table. I also included a candle, a pumpkin, and added some faux orange sprays of flowers from a bouquet I had used in previous years.

Close up of entry way table decor:

I’ve had the light up pumpkin from Kirklands for years. I love it. Then, I just added a cute little wooden pumpkin that I’ve also had for quite some time to the antique trunk.

My kitchen mantle looks exactly the same as last year.

Then, sprinkled all throughout the house, I have fall pillows that I’ve acquired through the years.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Weekend Top 5 post, I picked up some pumpkins at Trader Joe’s, and I’m almost finished with my front porch decorations. Hopefully, I can get that finished this week.

These decorations always help make the inside of our house more cozy and festive for the fall season.

They say, “Home is where the heart is.” Well, I think my heart is wherever the pumpkins are…😂

Thanks so much for reading!

5 thoughts on “Fall Decorations, Y’all!

  1. It looks so good! Do your kids like the decor? I like the pumpkin stuff that can take us through Thanksgiving. I have less and less Halloween specific stuff each year but I do love Halloween stuff, too.

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    1. I used to do a few Halloween things but don’t anymore. Hadley put a cute black cat out that I’ve had for years. Closer to Halloween, the kids like to put spider webs and spiders on the front bushes. Hadley helped me decorate which was fun this year

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      1. I just don’t have many Halloween things I like anymore! That’s great that Hadley helped! I love seeing yard decor and we have one street famous for it! It’s fun to walk down it and see all the detail!

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