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Friday Favorites {#23}

Hello and Happy FRIDAY! Week two of distance learning went a bit smoother this week which was a relief. That being said, the weather was either rainy/overcast or chilly. So, we didn’t do a great job of getting outside as much as we usually do. Hopefully, we can do that this weekend.

As with all Friday Favorites posts, I’m linking up with Narci, Erika, and Andrea. Make sure to check out their posts too!

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Pic:

We made the best of a different Easter for us which I wrote about in Wednesday’s post.

The kids did a great job of going with the flow for Easter, and I love this pic of them.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden loves Homer so much. So, when I walked in the living room Saturday morning, I said, “I can’t believe you and Homer aren’t snuggling.” Hayden said, “Homer wants some social distance.” 😂 Funny but also sad that’s a term that’s so common right now. 😢

Also, the kids shared their favorites last week, and their answers are simple, sincere, and funny.

Favorite Clothing Item:

About a month ago, I bought this Universal Thread sweatshirt at Target. I purchased the camo one and then a few weeks later, I ordered it in blush. The quality is great and it’s so comfy…Fun fact: It can be worn with pjs, sweatpants…and probably even jeans that button…but I haven’t tried that outfit look yet 😉 Bonus! It’s only $20.

Favorite Food:

We made one of our favorite meals recently and then one of our favorite desserts for Easter.

Favorite Moment:

Like I said above, it was hard to get motivated to spend lots of time outside with the dreary weather and cooler temps.

Also, about a year and a half ago, my back did me in…a trip to the doctor and he said I had sciatica. Thankfully, with some meds and some rest it went away…until recently.

My back started bothering me about a week ago and by Monday it was to where I could barely sit for long. So, I had to pause on my normal workouts but was determined to at least go for a short walk every day. I’m glad I did. Even in the cold, 37 degree weather we were having Tuesday, I was able to see so many beautiful blooming flowers. My bundled up walk felt more like February, but the beautiful flowers reminded me it is springtime in the bluegrass state!

Favorite Mom Meme:

Ain’t this the truth?! haha

I recently joked that you know it’s math time at our house when Homer puts himself in the kennel! It’s usually the last subject we do (and maybe I need to rethink that) and math isn’t necessarily a strength of mine…so the struggle tends to be real when we are trying to focus on how to use a protractor while measuring angles!

Favorite Kid Activities:

For science this week, the kids were to construct a 3-D object made out of recyclable objects that they could find around the house. Honestly, they found all the items and came up with their vision of constructing robots all on their own. We had to help a bit getting some parts to stay together, but I loved how they turned out. Hadley wanted to add hair with the leftover Easter basket grass, and Hayden did too. Of course, Hadley had to accessorize with a bow and sunglasses! Hayden added the Nike swoosh.

I know Hadley is missing her dance classes…mostly based on the number of Tik Tok performances I have to sit through on any given day. To balance out the Tik Tok (and, for the record, she doesn’t have an account), thankfully her dance studio is offering some online sessions. On Wednesday, she took over the sunroom for an hour long ballet, tap, jazz class.

Bonus: Flashback Friday

This memory popped up on Facebook, and it made me smile. I don’t remember where she got that dress, but I do remember her walking into the kitchen telling me she was going to wear this dress when she gets married. Awe. So sweet!

Well, that’s a wrap on this week! I hope you have a great weekend. See you back here on Monday.

Thanks for reading!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#23}

  1. Great memes! I love universal thread so much! I need to try on my white jeans but it won’t be pretty. I’m noticing my back and neck hurting because I don’t usually spend this much time sitting.

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    1. I seriously haven’t put on pants that button in a month. I should do that 😂 I do feel like my back issues have to be related with extra sitting at the computer, etc but I was also long overdue for new workout tennis shoes…which was the culprit last time, I believe. I miss target so much 😢

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I put some on about 2 weeks ago and it was not good. Your shoes do affect your back. I also got to thinking the other day that it’s probably not good to be barefoot all the time at home and that I should wear supportive footwear at home with clean soles of course!

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