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Transformation Tuesday: The Sunroom

Hello! Well, I only have a few more rooms to share on my home renovation tour and while I’m afraid each reveal is less dramatic, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint and a few accessories can do for a room.

So far, I’ve shared about the basement bathroom, the living room/office, the kitchen, the basement, and the master bathroom. I’m linking them up again in case you are interested or missed a post.

I think you can see through my little home tour that I’m committed to a color palette (gray/beige/pops of teal) and a theme (“If Joanna Gaines stopped by, she’d be proud of me but I don’t want to live in the middle of Texas!”) which honestly helps in the decision making process…

So on to the sunroom…

After only living here a few months, Travis painted the paneling in the the sunroom. After about a year, the parquet flooring was not holding up with two active kids and two dogs. The sunroom has two doors which is how we get to our backyard, so there’s lots of coming and going activity. When we were ready, our neighbor put down the waterproof flooring.

After the paint and flooring, the sunroom has kind of just remained as is. It’s an area that I wish we used more, but we don’t. Our old house had a screened in porch, and I know we would use this room more if it was a screened in porch. I miss the screened in porch! That being said, I realize most may prefer a sunroom…it’s added square footage with a heat/cooling unit, so it can be used mostly year round.

We’ve had this neutral sectional couch for almost ten years. It was in our basement in our previous house and didn’t fit quite right in our current basement due to the structural pole that I’m guessing holds up the house 😉 So, the neutral sectional takes up most of the sunroom, but it’s still a good spot to take a nap, read a book, or the kids’ have used this space to work on school work recently.

This is a pic of the emptied out sunroom with the new flooring—I believe we did that in spring of 2016, and it’s held up so nicely.

That rug is long gone—because of kids and dogs 😉


*Side note–I’m looking at this before (house listing) pic–and see blinds. I don’t remember those being there or taking them down. Travis may remember differently 😉








We removed the heavy sliding glass doors and replaced them with French doors.

The doors are great to open on a nice day or if we have people over.

After I took all of these pics (above) right before Easter, the kids requested that we dye Easter eggs outside. Well, it was a bit windy, so I moved our coffee table that goes with our back porch furniture inside for them to do that activity. Well, the table combined with good weather and lots of at home time, has now provided a place for us to circle up and eat dinner or play a game. We’ve done that quite a few times in the past couple of weeks.

So, we’ve been using the space a bit more which makes me happy. If only I could get Homer to quit running in from the outside and taking a lap on the couch! 😂

Our future plans…

I don’t know if it’s the quarantine talking or not, but we have started brainstorming how to furnish this area to provide a space that we could use more. I knew all along the sectional was limiting, but we’ve worked with what we have for more than five years. I guess step one will be to sell the sectional. Then, thanks to a few recommendations, I’ve had my eye on this set . We need to measure and check to see if everything will fit. We may just get a couch and smaller chairs. A few friends have a swing in their sunrooms/screened in porches, so we may look into one of those.

After we figure out the furniture, we hope to make room and move the tv stand I painted and tv. That has been a hold up as well. The only wall space (we’d thought about mounting a tv) we have is where the back doors open up…so inevitably, the door will bang into the tv. Also, the French doors take up most of that wall anyway.

I just know for us to hang out there, we have to be able to split up to sit, have a place to eat, play game, put our feet up, and then possibly watch tv too.

So, that’s how we updated the sunroom. Definitely one of our cheaper projects just costing us paint and reasonable priced flooring.

See you back here tomorrow for this month’s What’s Up Wednesday with Sheaffer and Shay.

Thanks for reading,

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