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Weekend Top 5

Good morning, and happy Monday, y’all! Sheesh….we had a very busy weekend. I feel like we went non-stop with activities, to-do lists, and a bit of socializing. Since we were so busy, today I’m sharing a few details of our hectic but fun weekend.

Hayden and his team played in a baseball tournament this weekend. He knows most of the boys on his team, but this group hasn’t all played together until this season. Hayden got to pitch Friday night and Sunday morning, and did a great job.

His team made it to the semi-finals, but lost Sunday afternoon. We had beautiful weather all weekend which made baseball watching even better!

photo cred: Hadley

The “Mum Man” came to Trav’s work. He has the best mums and the best prices in town. So, I picked up some for my front porch…which then had me….

going to Trader Joe’s on Saturday morning to get pumpkins for my porch. I’d stopped by my regular pumpkin place on Friday, but that place looked like a pumpkin grave yard. There were hardly any of the whimsical stackable pumpkins or anything else, really.

One of my friends told me she heard there’s a pumpkin shortage which sounds like the saddest thing ever! 😉

Trader Joe’s for the win!

The kids had their first cross country meet of the season. Again, the weather was beautiful, and it was the perfect day for racing.

Both kids had a 10 top finishes, the girls and boys teams did awesome overall as well.

The best part of the day was seeing the kids cheer for and run with their teammates to encourage them to finish their races! So very sweet.

Hayden cheering while Hadley (above) runs with and encourages their teammate.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Country Boy Brewery for a few appetizers and a beer with some friends. The patio was the perfect place to sit.

I made my first pumpkin muffins of the season. When I was at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a couple of boxes of their muffin mix. The best thing about pumpkin muffins (or pumpkin bread) is that they can be eaten for breakfast, for a snack, or for dessert!

One more highlight:

Two times this weekend, we sat with neighbors on their patios. On Friday evening, the kids roasted s’mores and celebrated one of the neighbor boy’s birthday while a few of the parents chatted.

Then, Saturday night, we sat together with our neighbors on a different patio. S’mores were again involved and the kids ran around for a bit.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve needed a weekend to recover from my weekend, but that’s my current status! I’m sure we’ll have a good week…but first…coffee!

Have a great week,

7 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5

  1. So many good things! Love fire pit season! A pumpkin shortage? So sad! What color will your mums be? I got orange and then one that hadn’t bloomed. It turned out to be yellow which made me happy!

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    1. You should have seen me trying to find the perfect mums…while also pulling some for neighbors who wanted them. I think I got 18 total (Travis and my brother had to come put some in their cars) for everyone (only 4 for me!) …I always want two that match for my planters…so I got to burgundy, one yellow and I think one purple

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