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Shaker Village Hike

Last Friday, Travis and I took the kids to Shaker Village to hike. I’ve been to Shaker Village a few times to explore the property, learn about the Shaker community, and visit the Historic Centre. That being said, I didn’t know they had hiking trails until a friend posted her family’s photos near a beautiful waterfall.

With Friday being my last official day of summer, Travis took the day off, and we headed to Shaker Village which is about a 30 minute drive from Lexington.

There are various trails, but we knew the Shawnee Run trail would take us to the waterfall. That particular trail is label “strenuous” and says it’s a 6 mile loop. We saw signs sending us to a different connector so after seeing the waterfall, we hooked up with the Chinquapin trail to finish our hike. All in all, we hiked about four miles in about an hour and 45 minutes. So, we didn’t do the complete loop of that trail, and the trail was very doable for all of us.

We hardly saw anyone on our trek, so it was definitely a socially distant activity with beautiful scenery.

I’m a sucker for a run down red barn. We parked right by this beaut, so of course I had to snap a pic.

and…make the kids stand in front of the chippy red barn!

The grounds of Shaker Village are so beautiful. Stone fencing like this always stops me in my tracks.

Off we go…

We probably only hiked about a mile to find the beautiful waterfall. We hung out in the water and by the falls for 20-25 minutes.

Hiker Boo:

Hiker Sis:

Such a pretty place to explore with the falls, the mossy rocks, and the cool water.

Parent pic:

After the falls, we continued on for the rest of our hike stopping every once in a while to let the kids splash in the water.

After the hike, these guys were waiting for us by the chippy red barn.

The horses have a great view!

Now that I know these trails exist, I certainly hope we make it back again soon. The kids are at a great age for hikes like this because they can keep up, and even sometimes lead the way!

I hope you have a great day!

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Family Fun: Games

We were really on a roll playing games as a family in March and April. Then, I guess we kind of got burned out. Recently, we’ve added a few more games to the mix, and I took all of these to KC with us because I knew we’d have the downtime to play.

Presidents Game

Hayden has had this game for some time, but we’d never played it. There are lots of Professor Noggin’s learning games.

It’s definitely a quick game and great for learning.

A little info: It says this game is for ages 7+ and 2+ players are needed for the game.

There are 30 illustrated cards with “easy” and “hard” questions.

Before you begin, you decide which level you will play and then roll the die. The person who rolled the die asks the player on their right that number question. If the person answers correctly, they keep the card. If they don’t answer it correctly, the answer is shared and the card goes to the bottom of the stack.

Then, the person who just answered, rolls the die, asks the player on their right the question and so on.

Once all the cards are gone, everyone counts the number of cards they have. Whoever has the most cards wins!

It’s as easy as that.


I think everyone knows how to play Uno 🙂 It’s the game that I usually throw in my purse if I know we’ll have time to kill.

Uno is for ages 7+ and 2-10 players can participate.

We do love this game as a family because it takes some time to play but not too much time. Also, just when someone yells “Uno,” they usually have to draw more cards. haha


Andrea shared about this game in the spring. I purchased it, and we played it a few times. Then…it got #Homered. I ordered another set, and it’s one we all enjoy.

It’s a “fast family dice game” for ages 8+ and you need 2-5 players.

This game does have strategy involved and can take a few rounds to fully understand. The object of the game is to score the most points by crossing out as many numbers in the four color rows as possible without getting penalty points.

One of the main rules is that numbers have to be crossed off left to right in each of the color rows. If you skip a number, it can’t be crossed out later.

You can also lock a row by crossing out five numbers in that row. Then, that color die is removed from the game.

When the game is over, players add up their score to determine the winner.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal has definitely become a family favorite. Andrea shared it recently as well, and I purchased it before the KC trip to add to our game collection.

The game says, “Play in 15 minutes,” but we were never that quick! That being said, each game we played took about 30 minutes which is much quicker than the board game.

It’s a game for ages 8+ and you need 2-5 players.

When I bought it, I thought the kids could play it in the car…but that’s not the case. You want to have as many cards laid out on the table, so you can play them. You can’t play cards from your hand…only the ones you’ve put on the table.

There are three kinds of cards: money cards, property cards, and action cards.

Each player gets 5 cards. When it’s their turn, they draw two cards from the middle pile and can then play up to 3 cards. So, you could lay down a money card in case you need to pay someone, lay down a property card to start building on, and tell the other players an action like swap a property, pay you because it’s your birthday, etc.

Another rule is that players can never have more than seven cards in their hand.

The first player to collect 3 full property sets of different colors wins.

The instructions actually say, “Start playing and all will become clear.” That proved to be true 😉 We figured it out as we played, and it’s definitely a favorite game now.

What are some of your favorite games to play? I even love Solitaire (with cards! No my phone!) when no one wants to play a game with me!

I hope you are having a great week.

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Weekend Top 5

Happy Monday! How was your 4th of July weekend? We were busy. I’m so tired! Thankfully, this week we don’t have much going on besides a couple of ball games.

I thought I’d do a little Top 5 recap of our busy weekend.


We are adventurous, y’all. We started our holiday weekend on Friday canoeing. Kayak/canoeing was one of the activities we had on our Summer 2020 Fun list!

We went with a few friends and got our canoes from Canoe Kentucky in Frankfort. While I was excited, I was a little hesitant because I didn’t know what to expect. Long story short, about four years ago we had a tense and sometimes scary creek tubing experience in North Carolina. I figured a canoe is more substantial and the kids are older, so the canoe trip should be fine…and it was! It’s a great outdoor and socially distant activity. Win win.

We all met to get our life jackets, instructions, and canoes and then we rode on the bus (while wearing masks) to the entry point on Elkhorn Creek. Then, we canoed back which was about 6 miles and took us about 3 hours. We did stop 3 times to let the kids swim and to kind of regroup. Altogether, we had 11 people in 5 canoes and 1 kayak….and we all stayed together! Of course, it was a hot day, but on the water, it was fine. There was shade and the water was cool.

When the instructor dropped us off he said we may see turtles, a bald eagle, deer, and more. We did see the bald eagle, deer, and even a little water snake.

There were a few rapid points that we could easily navigate and there were even times I wished the water would move more! 😂

The adults sat in the back of the canoes to steer while the kids paddled (adults paddled too)—but definitely needed to be in the back to steer.

We really had a great time, and I definitely hope to go again (or make this a summer tradition!)

Hadley was my co-pilot
The littles
They enjoyed swimming more than paddling 😉
Travis and Hayden
Our crew

After we canoed, we headed to one of our favorite spots for dinner…Wallace Station. It’s the perfect spot with picnic tables and shade…and easy to social distance from other diners.

I got the shrimp wrap with orzo side and it was so good!

Festive Food:

I ordered some red, white, and blue cookies from a local baker, L’oven Cookies, and picked those up on Friday. We enjoyed them throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, we had our traditional red, white and blue waffles. This year, Hadley made the waffles using a mix and our mini waffle iron. (I usually just use frozen waffles and the toaster ;). She’s become a big help in the kitchen. I put the toppings on!

4th of July:

We actually did have a relaxing day with not much on our plate on Saturday. We lounged around, watched tv, the kids biked with friends, I hung out and read in our pool and that was about it…until it was time for dinner.

The kids did oblige with a red, white, and blue outfit pic with Homer and his new scarf.

He’s good at posing for pics if he knows he’ll get a treat.


Then we grilled out with another family in our neighborhood. The kids see each other pretty often these days to ride bikes and know they can play but to keep some space, and we keep up with the hand washing, of course.

After dinner, we set off a few fireworks before heading home to go to our favorite fireworks viewing location.

Sparklers are my fave.

The 30 minute fireworks display from a local country club did not disappoint.

Then, we came home, set off a few more fireworks (I had just bought a few things at Kroger) and then we headed to bed.


Friday night after we returned home from canoeing, I was exhausted. By 8:00, I was showered and in bed. I turned on Netflix, and The Babysitters Club popped up. I had forgotten that they were doing a series on the books. I swear, as a kid, I read every single one. I remember going to the book store to buy the books one at a time as they were released.

Hadley’s only read a few of them, and enjoys them. I knew she’d love the show and was excited to watch a couple of episodes, so we did. Then, we watched a couple more episodes throughout the weekend.

The show is an updated version that touches on modern topics while also including plot elements from the books.


Sunday was a lazy day mixed with a bit of productivity. We changed all the bedsheets and I made my grocery order for the week.

Hadley and I watched a couple more episodes of the BSC. I snuggled with Homer while the kids played outside.

Then, we met some of Trav’s family at The Stave for an early dinner.

Sunday ended with showers and early bedtimes for everyone. I’ve tried to make Sunday nights a good time to reset for the kids (& myself!)

Tomorrow is Trav’s birthday, so we have more celebrating to do tomorrow.

I hope you have a great week.