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Hello and happy March 1st!

I’m trying to remember to snap a photo of what I’m wearing whenever I can, and today I’m sharing a few things I’ve worn recently. I always get inspiration from what others are wearing, and I’ve trying to shop my own closet when I can.

Here are a few outfits I’ve worn over the past couple of weeks:

My school is pretty casual dress, but I only let myself wear jeans on Fridays. I wore my Kentucky sweatshirt with jeans and my Ugg dupes a couple of weeks ago…the last time it was actually cold enough to wear my fuzzy boots!

That night, Travis and I went out to dinner…and it was cold out. I wore one of my favorite sweaters with jeans (that I found during my June closet clean out –they are old from Old Navy) and boots.

The next day, we went to the UK basketball game. I wore the same jeans as the night before with my blue Amazon sweater and sneaks. I thought about wearing my Kentucky sweatshirt, but since we were going to brunch, I decided to look a little “nicer” with a sweater.

I also wore this tunic with leggings and my leopard flats to school one day. It’s lightweight and perfect for these warmer (but not yet hot) days. I love that it has pockets.

This week, I wore this peach top with skinny pants, one of my favorite cardigans from Stitch Fix, and ballet flats.

I also can’t quit this quilted pullover from Shop Style Your Senses. I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. This week, I paired it with a light-weight long sleeve sweater that I got at Target last year, a gray pair of (old) Old Navy skinny jeans and sneakers.

What have you been wearing? The unseasonably warm temps have kind of thrown me for a loop. I still want to wear my sweaters a few more times….and I’m too pale to wear dresses just yet!

and…I’m linking up with Kellyann and Jill for Fashion Files on Thursday…

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Fashion Files

Hello and Happy Thursday!

I’ve shared a few What I Wore Wednesday posts, but thought I’d link up with Kellyann and Jill this time for Fashion Files.

Here are a few outfits over the past couple of weeks…starting with a few school outfits.


I got this heart sweater last year, and I’ve made a point to wear it a few times over the past month. It comes in a few colorways. I usually wear it with black pants or jeans.

This blouse was in one of my Stitch Fix boxes. I never buy myself blouses…button downs, sweaters, sweatshirts, yes…blouses…very rarely…and I’m not sure why…but most of the time, I keep a blouse that’s sent in my Stitch Fix box.

In these two photos, I’m wearing different black pants, but the same leopard flats that I got at Walmart a couple of years ago. I wear them often.

I loved this outfit because I felt comfy, cute and put together. Matilda Jane ruffles are my favorite, and I’ve had this tan turtleneck for years. I think it’s from Loft. I picked up these tan ballet flats a few years ago at Kohls, and they are always so comfy on my feet.

Last week, I tried to wear pink a couple of times leading up to Valentine’s Day. My pink Aerie sweatshirt is one I wear often…at both school and at home. This time I wore it with jeggings and my tan loafers.

Then, I wore one of my favorite sweaters of the season…this pink turtleneck sweater. I paired the sweater with this pair of navy polka dot pants that I got years ago at Old Navy. I love them because they button, but they stretch! The weather has been so mild that I’ve hardly worn boots this winter…and have been able to wear my mules more than I thought I would at this point in the year.


Here are a couple of weekend looks.

I ordered this quilted pullover from Shop Style Your Senses and have zero regrets. I couldn’t love it more. I’ve worn it to school with a long sleeve black shirt, gray leopard leggings, and then on Saturday to Hadley’s volleyball tournament in a bit more casual way. Both times, I wore my Shu Shop sneaks.

On Super Bowl Sunday, I wore my Chiefs sweatshirt that I ordered from Etsy shop, Sweet Momma Blair, last year. Since the weather was so mild, and I was being lazy/comfy, I wore my favorite Amazon joggers. I ordered these in the spring of 2020. I had them in two colors, but I donated the gray version I bought when I purged my closet/clothes in June. This is the first time I’ve regretted getting rid of something. I decided to order them again in dark gray/black yesterday. I know they will get a lot of wear in the spring. I also wore my favorite New Balance tennis shoes…these are not my workout tennis shoes, but ones I wear often more casually. I also ordered them in the spring of 2020. 😂

This week:

To keep it real and to keep me humble, this has been my outfit this week:

Unfortunately, Covid ran through our house this past couple of weeks and it was my turn…my sinus issues also turned into a sinus infection. Thankfully, I’m headed back to school today. I can’t wait to put on real clothes again.

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Hello and Happy Wednesday.

We’ve continued to have pretty mild temps until Sunday, and then it’s really been feeling like January…but without the snow. *sigh*

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my outfits, so that’s what I’m doing today.

I started to track what I wore Wednesday to Wednesday. Most days, I’d remember to snap a photo with just a bit of daylight left. *sigh* not a fashion blogger!


Looking back, Wednesday was about my only “pop” of color for the week. Hello winter wardrobe, I guess.

I picked up this pink Free Assembly popover at Walmart in the fall. I paired it with my joggers and new Shu Shop sneaks. This was a very casual Wednesday because it was a testing day.


On Thursday, I wore my black and white Target flannel with skinny pants and boots that I got at Nordstrom years ago.


On Friday, I had to support the Chiefs with my Etsy sweatshirt that I got last year. I wore my favorite Loft jeans and Shu Shop shoes.


I was so tired on Saturday morning. To Hayden’s game, I just wore black leggings, an old sweatshirt, and my new Amazon boots (Ugg dupes) that my Gma got me for my birthday. I love them!

…and like a typical Saturday that is hair washing day, I wore a ball cap until after my workout.

That afternoon, I put my Chiefs sweatshirt back on for the game!


On Sunday, I wore an older Amazon dress with one of my favorite Amazon cardigans to church. I wore my brown Target booties too.

Then, it was back to leggings and sweatshirt for the rest of the cold and dreary Sunday.


I knew Monday was going to be a long day. Besides school, I knew we’d be at Hayden’s basketball game most of the evening. So, I wanted to be comfortable both at school and after school. I wore black skinny pants, a gray H&M sweater, and my favorite leopard flats (Walmart clearance). I’ve had all of these pieces for years.


Yesterday, I wore black pants that I got at Target last year with a light blue sweater that I believe was from a Stitch Fix order last year. Again, I wore my leopard flats.

This week’s worth of outfits feels a little “meh.” I kind of feel like I’m in a fashion rut, but not really wanting to buy anything new. This was probably the first Christmas that I didn’t really get any clothes and then didn’t shop for clothes after Christmas. (I guess I do enough of that year round!)

Skinny pants and sweaters are kind of my winter “go to,” but I feel like I usually wear more than gray and black! haha I guess gray really is my color.

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Hello and happy Wednesday. All day yesterday, I kept thinking it was Monday…it sure felt like a Monday. So, I’m happy that we are to the mid-point of the week already.

I’ve shared Shop Style Your Senses in previous posts, but I have a few new purchases to share with you today.

I’ve followed Mallory (@styleyoursenses) on Instagram for years. She has/had a blog and would share her home and links to clothes. About four years ago, she started her Shop Style Your Senses business working out of her house. With the business taking off, she’s added to her team and even moved into a warehouse.

They have a website and an app, and I use the app to save favorites, follow them when they do live sessions and hear them talk about the products.

Since I’ve been pleased with the products, I thought I’d go ahead and put everything in a post.

A few purchases:

I bought this lightweight sweatshirt dress in the fall, and it was perfect to wear then. Now, it’s perfect to wear with leggings or tall boots.

This dress is my FAVE purchase. The fit is perfect for me, and the material is so good. While it’s sold out in black, it also comes in a “wine” color. Recently, they had a flash sale with 50% off anything, and I snagged this dress in the wine color too. I know it will be perfect for Valentine’s Day or for Christmas parties next year. Also, I’ve worn this dress to school with tall boots and felt very put together.

Recently, I ordered this hi low sweatshirt dress, and I love it.

I wore it to school yesterday with leggings and my leopard flats. I could (and will) also wear this with athletic leggings and sneaks, I’m sure. Also, in the spring months, I know I will wear it as a dress with sandals.

I did get the size large. I probably could have done a medium but then I wasn’t sure if it would be long enough for leggings which is how I knew I’d wear it.

I purchased this purple knit top (sweater) right before Christmas. It’s lightweight and perfect to wear with jeans or leggings. Besides purple, it comes in a light pink and mint color as well.

I did order size medium because I’ve come to learn that if they say “oversized fit,” I can probably do a medium in a top.

I just ordered this muslin baby doll dress in purple and can’t wait for it to arrive. I snagged it on Sunday night when Mallory did a live try on and shared many of their new spring/summer items. It comes in a variety of colors, and I do think Mallory said she’d be able to restock most, if not all, of the colors soon.

She also said when she purchased these dresses, she thought most would wear as swimsuit coverups, but once the ladies started trying them on, they realized it makes the perfect summer dress. While I almost ordered the medium, I went with large since that’s what I typically wear in their dresses.

A few other things…

Since Mallory started this shop, she’s really listened to her customers. Like I said, the app is amazing. Also, they do a good job with sharing about sizing. I appreciate that they show their clothes on various body types.

They’ve even started designing their own lines of clothing with the SSYS label.

For now, they only ship once a week, but with that comes free shipping.

The only thing that I wish they’d think about is returns. If you return an item, you only get store credit. I’ve only returned one item due to sizing, and the refund did go directly to my account, and I could see it in the app. At least then I knew they money was there, and I wouldn’t forget about it.

I’ve never ordered pants or shorts but Mallory shared some denim shorts on Sunday’s live that look so cute. I’m just not ready for too much spring and summer just yet.

Anyway, just like Avara and Red Dress Boutique, I’ve had really good luck with purchases from these boutiques. I think it’s fun to share “smaller” shops when we find them.

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Four Festive Fits


Well, ’tis the season for holiday parties which has me thinking about possible outfits these next few weeks.

Today, I’m sharing outfit ideas from a variety of places (online boutique, Amazon, Target, DSW, Old Navy, and Walmart). Some of these pieces I own, and others are just ideas.

I would have loved to try on more outfits, but lack of time and lack of daylight caught up with me.

Outfit 1:

This is definitely a dressier option. I actually ordered this black dress from Shop Style Your Senses. I have a few pieces from this shop, and have loved them all.

The clutch is a new fave of mine and is perfect for a more semi/formal occasion.

Then, depending on the weather, your mood, or the attire details, you could wear tall boots, heels, or booties.

dress // clutch // tall boots // strappy heel // bootie

Outfit 2:

I love this new blouse I picked up from Amazon recently (I have it in two colors!) paired with black skinny jeans. For a little holiday sparkle, these silver pumps (named “the Jen” –how perfect!) do the trick. My favorite quilted crossbody purse (huge price drop!) in black is the perfect accessory.

blouse // silver pumps // black skinny jeans // quilted crossbody purse

Outfit 3:

So, I actually tried the Vegan Leather Split-Hem Flare Leggings from Abercrombie & Fitch, but they were too long on me. If you are interested, it appears that they are now on clearance.

Proof that I know our phones are tracking us, these cropped ones (less than $20) popped up in a Walmart ad.

faux leather pants // sweater // clutch // strappy heel

I saw this pic of the model when I ordered the pants which got me thinking…

…about a similar outfit I could put together with my new “rose” colored sweater and glittery heels. Again, the clutch would be a perfect match for the heels.

(FYI: I ordered the pants in both medium and large and kept the medium)

*please excuse the dusty mirror

Outfit 4:

Nothing screams holiday like a plaid shirt.

I love a plaid shirt paired with denim or a skinny black pant. Red tartan and blue plaid are definitely my fave. You could wear the glitter pumps or stick with a more classic look with black pumps. Again, the quilted crossbody would be perfect for a more put together but not as dressy look.

red tartan button down // high waisted skinny pants // blue plaid smocked wrap blouse // black pumps // quilted crossbody purse

Proof that I’ve embraced plaid through the years:

I really do try to shop my closet first, and I always buy pieces that I can mix and match. Which outfit is your favorite?

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Five Fall Fits

Happy Thursday!

“Fit check” …if you have tweens or teach high school, you know what I’m talking about #IYKYK

With the weather finally cooling off (although, we have highs near 80 this coming weekend!), I’m sharing a few outfits that I know will be in the rotation this last month of fall!


This oversized plaid flannel is a new addition to my closet. Because it’s a hi-low style, I’ve worn it with leggings, and then I wore it with skinnies and loafers to school one day.


My apologies for the dirty mirror, but I wore this outfit when we went to Keeneland a few weeks ago.

I have this shirt in crimson and gray, and I got it from Target last year. The skirt is from Loft, and I’ve had it for years. I found it when I cleaned out my closet this summer! I paired this outfit with my new Target boots.


This is my weekend “momiform.” My new Stitch Fix jeans, my fave Birks, and this cute sweatshirt from “SweetMommaBlair” Etsy shop.

I have a few sweatshirts from them, and they have so many cute options including lots of KC, Mizzou, and St. L gear!


Leopard shirt two ways! This shirt is from Stitch Fix, and I’ve had it for a couple of years. I’ve recently paired it with my distressed black jeans from Target, that I purchased last year, and my new Amazon mules. {affiliate link}

Then, I wore the same top when we went to see Heather McMahan last week. I paired it with flare jeans from the Loft (that I picked up last year) and my favorite suede wedges from Nordstrom Rack that I’ve had for years.


This mock neck Steve Madden sweater dress from Nordstrom just came in the mail. I haven’t yet worn it out and about, but I think it looks cute with the mules and then more casually with sneaks! It comes in a variety of colors. I know booties or my tall boots would look cute as well. I think I know what I’m wearing for Thanksgiving. 😉

While I can’t link much, I’m happy that I’ve been able to mostly “shop” my closet recently. That being said, I hope these outfits can provide a little “Fall Fit” inspiration! What are your favorite clothing items to wear in the fall?

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Friday Favorites {#132}

Happy Friday, y’all! How was your week? I’m definitely ready for the weekend… I can tell you that much!

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

This week’s favorites are just my favorite(s) of each day. I’m trying to take a moment to look at the little and big moments of each day.


As I shared in Monday’s post, Hayden had state cross country on Saturday. It’s hard to believe that his second middle school season is over. He’s ready to come back stronger and faster next year.


Sunday was one of my favorite days of the year…we went to the pumpkin patch!

Then, it was Hayden’s turn for the “you are special” red plate for the end of his 7th grade cross country season.


On Monday, the temps cooled off significantly, and I was ready to dress for fall! I picked up this plaid flannel at Target and love it. It’s a high/low style, so it’s long enough to wear with leggings, but I wore it with jeggings to school. It’s definitely oversized, and I settled on the medium after the large seemed too roomy (I ordered both sizes and returned one). I didn’t realize when I ordered it, but it has pockets. Win, win!


After school on Tuesday, I stopped by the library for a couple of books I had on hold. Like last year, I wanted to read at least one Christmas book in November before reading a few more in December. I decided to go ahead and request a couple and these were ready for me:

{Side note: please let me know of any holiday/Christmas book recs you have!}

Tuesday evening, Hadley joined Trav’s club season group for a run. I reminded her how cold it was outside and to dress warmly. She came out wearing sweats and said, “I look like Major!”

His “Majoriform” is definitely sweats and tennis shoes. He likes to keep it comfy 24/7.


Wednesday afternoon, we were headed out the front door, and our trees stopped me in my tracks. The sun light was hitting them just right. I always love how beautiful the leaves are, but then I feel like they don’t stay on the trees long enough.


On Monday, I saw that Antique Candle Co. was offering 25% off their Tree Farm candle, so I went ahead and snagged it! It arrived yesterday. While I’m still savoring the days of fall, I know this will be a favorite scent in colder months.


Cross country photos came in this week. Trav’s brother took the team photos, and they turned out amazing!

And…I know this guy! Travis was interviewed on TVG. So proud of him.

Favorite Mom Meme:

Y’all this is a bone of contention at my house. Nothing drives me crazier than the cup upside down in the sink (I tell Hayden he’s like the Wet Bandits…this is his signature move!), the toilet paper roll on the counter, or the backpack in the middle of the floor!

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

OMG…this pic from 2012 is one of my faves. This was before Kroger Clicklist. The kids loved riding in the car shopping cart. My first stop would always be produce to pick them up an apple to snack on (of course, I’d pay for them at check out!). This kept them busy while I shopped as quickly as possible!

Do you know how many “Bless your hearts” I got while out shopping with these two?! I sure miss those days.

Weekly Recap:

I was a busy blogger this week. Here are my posts:

What are you up to this weekend? Travis will be working quite a bit, but the rest of us don’t have as much going on. A Saturday with no sports…what is this life? The same can’t be said about Friday evening and Sunday afternoon! We’ll make the most of the weekend, I’m sure.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Fall Fashion Finds

These cooler mornings have me ready to dress for fall. That being said, our extended forecast has highs in the upper 80’s going into next week. *Sigh*

so…currently me:

Oh the irony of sharing my tidy closet yesterday and now the new items that I’ve purchased recently from Target and Walmart.

Amy had shared this dress from Target, and I saved it on the app.

Well, over Labor Day weekend, Target had a 30% off sale, so I went ahead and snagged it in green and gray. ($17 each!)

Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…I noticed the boots on the model, and figured they had to be from Target. I found them, and they were also on sale for $30. They are a western style boot, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like them, but *newsflash* I do! I got them in tan which seems to be very limited in stock, but there are other colors. The tan, cognac, and gray are a suede material whereas the other options (black and off-white) appear to be leather.

After my closet clean out this summer, I did make note that I was due for a new pair of tall boots. The pair I parted ways with were about ten years old. I also got rid of a couple of pairs of ankle boots, and decided to give these a try in tan when I saw they were also on sale for $28. They also come in gray, cognac, and olive green.

Please excuse the wrinkly dresses, but I just try things on and snap photos when I have a few extra minutes.

Army green color dress with ankle boots:

Gray dress with tall boots:

No picture, but I wore the olive colored dress to school on Tuesday with a cardigan and sneakers. It was a good put together but comfy outfit.

I usually wear a 9, but sized up in both to a 9.5 because of the narrow toe. Both fit perfectly.

Again, I’m not one to “power shop” like that, but I had a feeling the dress and the boots were going to be “hot ticket items” this fall. Plus, with the sale, I was saving money, right?!

Walmart has been upping their game the past couple of years, and when Ashley shared this Free Assembly Walmart dress and popover top, I wanted to give them a try too.

The dress comes in pink as well!

Here it is paired with my Target ankle boots:

I wore the dress yesterday with some gold sandals that I’ve had for years.

I really wanted the popover top in gray or green…

but I bought it in pink as the other two colors never seemed to be in stock.

I think it will be perfect with jeans, workout shorts or leggings with a tank.

Now if Mother Nature would take the hint, I’d love to be able to wear the boots and popover without breaking a sweat!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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WIWW: Teacher Edition

Hello! Today I have another peek at what I’ve been wearing this week. Writing these posts has helped me think through my outfits ahead of time which has been a time saver in the morning.

Here are my outfits over the past week:


Picking up where I left off last week

Last Wednesday, I wore this dark blue midi length dress from Target that I’ve had for a couple of years. I paired it with my Stitch Fix cardigan and sandals I found (but had forgotten about) when I cleaned out my closet!


Can you tell I love a cardigan? 😆 I paired my other flutter short sleeve dress from Target with a cardigan I’ve had for years! I love a long cardigan with pockets. When I’m not in my classroom, I appreciate a pocket for my phone and room keys when I’m out and about in the building. Of course, I continue to wear my Birks from Nordy.


Last Friday, was a verrrry casual Friday since we didn’t have students. Again, you just never know the room temp in our school, and we spent the morning in the cafeteria. I paired my new pink Aerie sweatshirt with black shorts and Birks.


On Monday, I wore a pair of Matilda Jane pants that I’d forgotten about until my closet clean out. I paired them my chambray button up from Target that I bought last winter and my comfy thin strap sandals from Amazon.


Then, yesterday, I wore this dress from Old Navy.

I’ve had this dress since the spring and bought it on sale. I got it right at the end of the school year, and I think I wore it once. I did take it to Mexico (doesn’t it look like something that could be worn to a fiesta?! 😆), but I didn’t wear it. With the lining, it is a pretty thick dress, and while I like it…and will wear it, I’m not sure I’m in love it. I’m not big on drawstring/tassels on dresses, so I tucked them in. I guess I could cut them off? It does have pockets, so bonus points for that. Anyway, it works as a school option, for sure!

I wore my woven Amazon sandals with the dress.

As you can see, I apparently have three favorite sandals that I rotate through. I will wear sandals for as long as possible which is usually until the beginning of October.

These past couple of weeks have been fun sharing my outfits. I’m definitely not a fashion blogger, but I love seeing what others wear to work. I find inspiration in what others wear which helps me pull outfits together.

Which outfit is your fave? I think mine is Monday’s outfit? I felt put together and comfy! Win-win! Guess which outfit I got the most compliments on at school (and home?)?! …the Old Navy fiesta dress…Olé!

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What I Wore Wednesday: Teacher Edition

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

One of the things I do love about going back to school is dressing up again…Summer is basically a rotation of pajamas, swimsuit/coverup, and workout clothes. Today, I’m sharing what I’ve worn over the past week…

The first five days of school:

First Day:

You’ve seen me in this dress quite a few times. I wanted to look cute but be comfy on the first day. I wore my fave flutter short sleeve dress from Target. It doesn’t seem to be in stock or has limited stock. I also have it in green.

I have zero regrets with my new Birkenstock sandals purchase from Nordstrom. These are on my feet 90% of the time. (There are a few color options too!)

My fellow blogger teacher friend, Amy, was my first day of school twin!


Target for the win again. I love this sleeveless knit ballet dress in light green (limited stock in taupe). This light-weight cardigan is from my latest Stitch Fix haul, and I wore my favorite woven Amazon sandals from last summer.


Me last Friday. haha

I always joke that I start strong on Mondays and am in jeans by Friday!

We can wear jeans on Fridays, and I almost always do. I usually wear a school shirt or some kind of t-shirt on Friday. I bought this shirt in a few colors last year, and they are perfect with shorts, leggings, and jeans. My jeans are old from Target, and I wore my Birks, again!


I started the week strong with this outfit! Again, I felt comfy and cute which is how I try to choose outfits.

When I purchased this Amazon dress before vacay, I knew I’d be able to pair it with a cardigan once I got back to school. I’ve shared this cardi before, and I have it in two colors. I also wore my comfy simple strap Amazon sandals. (sized up 1/2 a size) Literally, this entire outfit brought to you by Amazon!

I had many compliments on Monday, including from Hadley! #theultimateapproval


I really prefer dresses in late summer/fall. They are the comfiest for me, and I embrace my tan while I can. That being said, this tunic top is one of my favorites because it can be worn with leggings, and then I also have worn it with jeans. Yesterday, I paired it with my white denim from Old Navy (I shared this post last spring, but I don’t think these are in stock anymore) and, you guessed it…my Nordstrom sandals.

I’m always sad when it’s time to put up the sandals, but I’m never sad to see fall arrive! I can’t wait for more sweaters and pumpkins!

Which outfit is your favorite?

See you back here on Friday!

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