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Friday Favorites {#25}

Hello and Happy Friday! We’ve had a pretty good week around here, but I can’t get over the weather. Mother Nature needs to get her act together! We have freeze warnings the next couple of mornings. Anyway, we’ve continued in our distance learning and work from home groove, but we are always ready for the weekend!

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea for Friday Favorites, so check out their posts too!


Last week, Hadley had my phone for a bit. Later, I found this pic plus a few more. She’s so funny…and why does she look 16 in this photo?!?


Hayden was petting Homer and said, “Mom, Homer is like the grown up that lives with his parents but doesn’t pay any rent?!” It was just such a random comment. I don’t even know what he meant by it but it made me laugh.


While the kids have probably been on technology too much or played too many hours of Xbox, I feel like this week they spent some more time outdoors again. Recently, Hadley built a fort in the basement and spent some time hanging out in it. Then, this week, both kids started building an outside fort in the space between our house and the neighbor’s fence. It’s been fun to see their creativity, and it’s always nice when they get along!


We’ve still had cooler weather which I love because I’m a big fan of sweatshirts! So, lots of shorts or leggings with sweatshirts as my momiform.

I wear this Target sweatshirt on repeat; I have it in both blush and camo.

I am also still loving these Hanes sweatshirts from Amazon. They are comfy, and you can’t beat the price. I have it in light pink, black, and this blue color.

Recently, I’ve purchased this style of Amazon Essentials lounge shirt and shorts to use as spring/summer pjs. They are comfy and cute.


This week, I made two recipes that I haven’t made in awhile…Pizza Pork Chops over Orzo and Shay’s Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken & Mushrooms over Rice. Everyone loved them; I need to bring them back into the rotation.

Pizza Pork Chops over orzo


I mentioned in a recent post that while we updated our sunroom a few years ago when we moved in with a fresh coat of paint and new flooring, we still don’t use it much.

This week, we went ahead and made some moves on making this space more functional for our family. I’m talking we went from 0 to 100 in a day! I had my eye on this set after seeing it recommended by Jen Reed as she has it in her outdoor space. It was out of stock at our Walmart, but Travis stopped by on Monday, and they had one! Then, I put our sectional for sale on Facebook Market Place and had multiple offers over asking price within minutes! Another person even asked to buy the rug I had which I wasn’t necessarily planning on selling. Both the couch and the rug were gone by Monday evening! So, Travis put the new furniture together on Tuesday, and we’ve been enjoying it ever since.

It’s still not 100% finished, but the new furniture and new rug certainly have made this our Updated Sunroom 2.0!

As you can see, I’ve been playing with the room arrangement. We are planning on putting a tv in here, so I think the arrangement below may work best even though I prefer the chairs on either side of the rug.

I received a fun surprise on Tuesday. My mom asked my brother to pick up some flowers for me for Teacher Appreciation Week as well as flowers for my sister-in-law as it’s also Nurses Appreciation Week too.

I added them to the sunroom table.


I have always been strict about bedtime (lights out by (9pm) and wake up time (don’t leave your bedroom before 8am) with my kids…but I feel like we are regressing. I remember when they were three and would egg each other on and have lots of energy at bedtime. That’s how it’s been lately. I guess maybe they aren’t burning as much energy during the day to be completely exhausted at bedtime.

Bonus: Flashback Friday:

I remember taking this pic Derby Day 2011. The twins on horsies coming down the hall.

Also, I took a trip down memory lane recapping our best family vacay to date. After finishing the post, I realized, I think it was my favorite post to write on the blog so far.

I hope you have a great weekend! Also, Happy Mother’s Day weekend which is obviously a time to celebrate moms, but through the years, I’ve also realized this day is a tough day for some. Prayers for those who have recently lost a mother and for those who are struggling to start a family. The time will come, continue to be brave, and know the journey is worth it in the end. And for new moms—cherish this time…the years sure do fly by!

Thanks so much for reading,

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#25}

  1. I love your new furniture even though I like the sectional! You guys move fast! I cannot find furniture for my new deck. The set I like on Wayfair is out of stock until June 10 and I don’t want to wait! I bought orzo on a whim so I may look for a recipe like that!


  2. I feel like my kids have spent way too much time on electronics too. But this time is what it is and that is the truest meme about bedtime! Love love love the sunroom. I hope you can sneak away and enjoy some me time this weekend in honor of Mother’s Day. Happy Weekend!

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  3. Our kids all aged out of bedtimes these past few years and now they’re putting me to bed much more often than I am them! I think it’s really funny that my youngest comes in not just to say goodnight but he also tends to fuss with my covers. Both of your meals sound so tasty!

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