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Three Things

Hey, hey! Now that we are in the swing of things with virtual school and fall activities, I thought I’d share a little family update with what everyone has been up to recently.

I interrupted his front yard golf game for this pic!
  1. Of course, the kids always have activities going on. For Hayden, this fall, he’s playing a short season of baseball with a new team. He knows most of the boys on the team, but this is the first season they’ve all played together. He’s also running cross country and playing the occasional round of golf (in the front and backyard or on an actual course) when time allows.
  2. Their learning pod is reading Indian in the Cupboard. Well, Hayden liked the book so much, that he stayed up late a couple of Saturdays ago to finish it. Then, he borrowed and has already finished the second book. I’d heard of Indian in the Cupboard but didn’t know it was a series of books.
  3. Lastly, Hayden is in a Fantasy Football league. Travis helped Hayden with the draft, and it’s funny how serious Hayden is when setting up his lineup each week. Of course, we’re over here cheering for the KC Chiefs this season, and Hayden’s FFL team, The Mahomies.
Pitcher Boo!
Sweet Sis
  1. On the fall activities front, Hadley is running cross country, taking dance, and occasionally going to volleyball clinics. This year, we’ve kicked it up a notch with dance because Hadley decided she wants to try competition team. So, she’s taking ballet/tap/jazz one night and then her competition team meets once a week.
  2. Hayden tends to be the drawer in the family, but Hadley is showing some artistic skills with her classwork. She’s enjoyed drawing for her morning work and in art class.
  3. Fifth graders can take band, and Hadley is interested in playing the flute. Sign-ups started earlier this week, and she’s hopeful she’ll get to play the flute (back up choice: clarinet!). I think it will be a great thing for her to try!
art by Hadley

Homer continues to enjoy having us home so much, and hasn’t destroyed any major property lately! His current hobby is finding cicadas and bringing them in the house. More than once, I’ve thought he caught a bird because those things are so big!

He’ll do anything for treat and is always on the hunt for food that’s dropped on the floor…or left on the counter. Ugh!

Good thing he’s cute.

I’m really enjoying the mix of working from school and home. I feel like my part time job is shuttling kids everywhere, but that’s mom life…and I love it. I’m continuing to blog when I can (obviously), keep up with school (both for my job and virtual for the kids), exercise as often as possible and read when I can as well.

Lastly, Travis is finishing up a busy month of work as well as coaching the kids’ cross country team.

So, that’s just a little of what’s been going on with us. I feel blessed that the weather has been so wonderful, we are in a good school/work routine, and the kids are able to socialize and burn off some energy with their activities. I mean, I’m forever tired, but it’s worth it.

I hope you are having a great week.

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Three Things

Hello! It’s been a minute since I’ve written a Three Things post about what we’ve individually been up to, so I thought I’d give a little update for today’s post.

  1. I’ve mentioned before that Hayden started reading the first Harry Potter book with his teacher this year during her afternoon read loud. Once they finished the first book, she moved on to the second book with anyone who was interested in continuing with the afternoon read aloud. Hayden already had the first book, but then I purchased the second and third books from Amazon for him. He finished the third book very quickly on his own and wanted me to purchase the fourth book. My mom has the entire series, and we will see her soon, so I told him to just wait for her books. I bet he will finish the series this summer at the rate he reads!

2. Baseball is back, baby! Hayden’s excited to be back on the ball field with his teammates again. They have a few games this week, and are getting back in the baseball groove. I love seeing Boo play ball!

3. I know bike sales sky rocketed during quarantine πŸ˜‰ but so did actual bike riding by Hayden! He learned to ride a bike quite a few years ago, but after a bike accident a couple summers ago, he seriously refused to ride a bike…so much so, that we sold his bike in a garage sale. Last summer, he got back into riding his bike (maybe because so many neighborhood kids ride their bikes around?). Once he got tired of borrowing Hadley’s pink bike, we got a hand-me-down bike from a friend. He and Hadley, along with other neighborhood friends, are on the bikes so often which is great!

4. Bonus: I’m not sure if there is anyone more excited about Patrick Mahomes sealing the deal to be a Chief for the next 10 years than Hayden! He’s definitely a #Mahomie

  1. Hadley is all about various hairstyles. She’s mastered the top knot, rocks a side pony tail, and now loves to put her hair up in “space buns.” I know nothing about hairstyles and even less about makeup, so she’s figuring this all out on her own. She’s quite the fashionista (with a side of tomboy!)

2. I’ve always said that Hadley needs a hobby. She doesn’t love to read like Hayden does or when they were little, she wouldn’t sit for hours and build Legos like Hayden would. Sis is always on the move! When people would ask for gift ideas, I’d always say, “I don’t know. Girlfriend still needs a hobby!” When she does find something to do, it usually involves some kind of mess.

Now that she’s old enough to gather supplies and clean up her messes, I let her do what she wants (most of the time.) In the past month, she’s tie dyed a shirt and socks with her friends, made a lava lamp (thanks to You Tube) and, my favorite, she made a lovely hand scrub (made of sugar, coconut oil, and lemon) for the guest bathroom. I am impressed with her creations…and even more impressed when I don’t have to clean up the mess!

3. Hadley has completed a few dance camps at her regular dance studio this summer. While she’s often dancing around the house, it’s been good for her to be with her instructors in person and see her dance friends.

Since sleep away camp was canceled this summer, they refunded our money, but gave the option of sending a “virtual camp box” filled with some activities, a t-shirt, water bottle, journal and more. Hadley’s working on some of the activities here and there.

4. Bonus: Hadley and I have been reading Love Does: for kids together and the kids’ church group has just gotten started meeting (via Zoom) to discuss. It’s such a great book with life lessons tied together with biblical stories and references. The chapters are so short and include pictures which keeps her attention and provides more meaning and opportunity for connection and discussion.

Camp box items
  1. Homer is still ornery and enjoys hanging out in the inflatable pool. His scratching, from his possible grass allergy, has gotten so much better and his little paws are less pink now.

2. Travis celebrated a birthday yesterday! Of course, he’s always busy with work and now baseball as he helps coach Hayden’s team.

3. As for me, I’ve enjoyed being able to blog almost daily. I also spend time keeping the kids busy. I’ve tried to plan an activity (like hiking, going to the zoo, and canoeing) at least once a week; we really are in a good summer groove. I also continue to work a bit this summer as students turn in work to me for credit recovery, so I check my email daily and spend time looking over the submitted work.

Needless to say, summer of 2020 is definitely different, but we continue to enjoy our time as a family while also seeking comfort in some sense of normalcy with baseball, eating out a bit, and seeing friends as we can while remaining socially distant.

See you back here tomorrow for my second ever Day in the Life post.

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Three Things + A Bit of My Routine

Hello and Happy Thursday! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a little bit about what we’ve all (individually) been up to, so here’s a Three Things update as well as my self-care routine that I’ve made a focus for myself lately.

Please pardon Hayden’s dirty shirt. He’d just finished a round of backyard golf.
  1. Hayden begged and begged for an Xbox for the past couple of years. Last year, I told him he’d need to save money to purchase an Xbox if he wanted one, and he did so last November. Who knew that five months later that Xbox sure would come in handy?! We still try to limit technology, but he’s been having fun playing a little bit each day as a way to “play” with his friends.
  2. Hayden has also become tech savvy with Zoom. A few days a week, some of his friends (thanks to one of the moms!) Zoom and see each other and chat for awhile. It warms my heart to hear them chatting and laughing (even if they are probably telling fart jokes!)
  3. Hayden is definitely still a voracious reader. He was assigned to read two books for school (Hoot and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and did so in a couple of days. He also likes to re-read books which I think is so awesome. Of course, he also loves watching Lego Masters and episodes of Garfield on Netflix to balance out the book to tv ratio πŸ˜‰
  4. Bonus: I’ve said it in a previous post, but Hayden has been very content at home these past couple of weeks. He’s quite the homebody and seems to be adjusting well to this new, for now, “normal.”
  1. Like Hayden, Hadley begged and begged for an Ipod Touch. She also had to save money to buy her Ipod Touch and did so last November as well. Again, we limit the time she’s on it, but thank goodness for Kids Messenger because that way my social butterfly can keep up with her friends. It’s really been a great way for them to communicate!
  2. Hadley still loves to bake and is pretty independent while doing so. We’ve baked cookies and brownies recently. Baking is definitely a fun (and delicious) way to pass the time!
  3. Hadley’s dance teachers have been posting videos of their recital routines for practicing. I’m glad that Hadley has been able to keep up with dance during the time off. That being said, she can find the beat in any tune…so lots of improv dancing going on around here.We’re still hopeful there will be a recital…just most likely at a later date.
  4. Bonus: Hadley’s done a great job adjusting to being home, but she is the extrovert who likes to socialize. I know she misses her friends fiercely, and she, more than Hayden, has realized some of the fun they are missing out on (or will miss out on) at school like an April field trip, field day, and other fun activities.
  1. Travis has always been a “doer.” So, having this forced time to slow down, while good, is definitely an adjustment for him. He still keeps busy and goes to work a couple times a week, does yard work (which he actually does enjoy–just doesn’t usually have time for in the spring and summer), and finds other odds and end projects around the house to complete. Of course, Travis finds time for a daily run as well as takes Homer for walks. They log a lot of time together. πŸ˜‚
  2. I’m continuing to try to find a groove with working from home while helping the kids with their work. Like Travis, it took me awhile to get used to this slower pace, but I’ve realized it’s not often that I have time to do so many things I love like read, catch up on a tv show, workout, and nap—sometimes all in one day! Of course, now that school has started back this week, I’m very busy during the day, but still love the downtime in the evenings.
  3. Newsflash: Homer is still a HANDFUL!! He’s a sweet as he can be, but man, he gets into everything. Just recently, he’s eaten two wireless computer mice, two kitchen dish brushes, the lid to my Swig mug (I was SO mad!), a painting brush, and some molasses cookies from Trader Joe’s! I will say I know he loves having us home…and the kids sure do love spending this extra time with him. They hug on him most of the day and fight about whose bed he should hop in while they do schoolwork!

Similar yet Different Routine

During these uncertain times, I cling to what I can control…which is some of my daily routine. Some things I’m doing for myself include:

  • I continue to wake up before the kids. I’m usually up by 7:00 to sip my coffee in silence while reading my favorite blogs , checking my phone, and watching the news (sporadically!). For school, I work 8-11 and 12-3:30. The kids both have their class Google meetings at 10:00 each day. So, I get my “me” time in and get some work accomplished before they wake up.
  • During my “me” time, I always light a Bath and Body Works candle, as well as some other candles in the living room. It sets a calm start to my day.
  • Since March 16th, I’ve made it a goal to go for a daily walk on top of my at home workouts. Usually the walks are on my own and I listen to a podcast…but sometimes it’s just Travis, Homer and me, and sometimes it’s a family walk. Once or twice a week, we’ve been going on family bike rides…I let that count as my walk. The fresh air and sunshine always does a body good.
  • I try to work out 4-5 days a week. Thankfully, I’m pretty used to working out at home…but I do miss going to the gym to use the bike and the elliptical.
  • Real talk: there are days I don’t even put makeup on…but some days I do..and notice I feel a bit better. I continue my routine of washing my face and using toner and moisturizer. As I’ve mentioned before, at least once a week I do a gel mask and another day of the week do a charcoal mask. Also, I’ve been making Facial Friday a thing and busting out my facial steamer. I’m also continuing my weekly at home manicures (just painting my nails ;)) and also change my toe polish every once in awhile. Also, sunless tanner has become my new best friend! Trying to give my legs some life πŸ˜‰
  • Also, it’s important to keep things light for my kids. I don’t want them feeling stressed or anxious during these unprecedented times. I answer their questions, but they haven’t had many…and keeping them in some kind of routine has been important. Starting online school this week has helped solidify the routine that will likely carry us into summer. Also, in addition to learning, I try to incorporate other fun activities like crafts or baking to break up the days.
  • That being said, as a family we are spending uninterrupted time together that we probably won’t get again. So we’ve been going on family bike rides, walks, watching movies together, playing puzzles, etc.

So, that’s just a little update about each of us. See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites (Kids Q&A edition!)

Take care,

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Three Things

While I tend to write about what’s going on in our family in some of my regular posts, I thought I’d write a Three Things post to dive a bit deeper into what’s been going on in our family.

Red plate tradition – great report card & completion of Science Fair project
  1. Hayden’s sport right now is basketball. I guess we are halfway through the season. While this appears to be a “growing year” for his team, I enjoy watching him play πŸ™‚ Believe it or not, baseball season is right around the corner.
  2. Hayden’s still basking in the glow of Honorable Mention on his Science Fair Project. I think he’s secretly patting himself on the back—he did enough to get the special certificate and medal, but he doesn’t have to go through the interview process again at the district level…He’ll let Hadley do that. haha
  3. Hayden loves to read. He just finished the book Hatchet, and he loved it. He finished it Monday night…and was probably up a little too late for a school night, but the kid loves to read and couldn’t wait to tell us all about the book.
Red plate tradition- for great report card, dance tryout, & completion of Science Fair project
  1. As mentioned in previous post, Hadley’s science project earned her a spot in the district’s Science Fair next month. She also just started Academic Team at her school. Hadley loves the social aspect of any team, activity, or hobby. Girlfriend loves to talk and make new friends.
  2. Hadley tried out for dance in the Gifted and Talented program at her school, and she made the cut. I’m still not sure what all it entails, but she was excited to try out, I was nervous for her (I’d never tell her that!), but, of course, we’re proud of her for pushing herself to try out!
  3. Hadley’s become quite the baker. On Monday, we were making a brownie/cookie mix from a box. She got all the ingredients out, and then said, “Mom, we are working on fractions in math. Let me see if I can do this on my own!” I gave her minimal guidance, and we all enjoyed a delicious dessert!
  1. The horse business continues to keep Travis busy. Also, he’s one of the asst. coaches on Hayden’s basketball team. I do think Hadley misses him coaching her team…maybe next year?
  2. Just when I was back in the swing of things at school, I got sick. I’m getting back in the groove again this week. Also, I’ve made it a priority to get back on track with my intermittent fasting and meal tracking… I’m taking it slow getting back to working out, but will do so next week.
  3. Homer—is a full. time. job! haha. I always say, “Thank goodness he’s cute!” He finds any muddy spot we have in the yard, continues to chew the tv remote, destroys homework, and even pulled the toilet paper roll down the hall recently!!

That’s a little recap on what we’ve been up to lately. The month of January has definitely felt slower compared to November and December. We’ve watched movies as a family, been able to sleep in a bit, and I’ve kept up with my reading. I’ll take it while it lasts!

I hope you are having a great week.

Take care,


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Three Things

One of my favorite posts that Andrea does on her Momfessionals blog is when she posts three things about each family member. It’s usually a little update on school, activities, etc. So…I thought I’d give that a try for my family.

  1. Hayden is into all things sports. He loves to play sports, he loves to watch sports, and he even loves sports stats! He’s been known to write down the entire schedule for NFL teams or keep score for the baseball games that he plays at home. Cross country wrapped up this past weekend at the state meet, he has one more weekend (I think!) of soccer, and then it will be time for basketball to start up!
  2. Hayden loves to read. It makes my heart so happy that he enjoys a good book…or five! I hope his love for reading never ends.
  3. He is quiet but so observant…doesn’t miss a thing…and is so inquisitive.

Here’s Hayden at the state meet. His time qualified him to run in the 4th grade championship race where he placed 26th out of 373 runners! I was so proud of his effort!
  1. Hadley is always on the go. I’ve always said, since she was a baby, that her feet hit the ground, she starts her day, doesn’t stop moving, and passes out at night. She doesn’t move when she sleeps…I think she’s too tired from being so busy during the day.
  2. Hadley loves to be involved and is very social–from dance, to Girl Scouts, to cross country, to chorus to basketball…and on and on and on…She’s also the best friend…she tries pretty effortlessly to be very inclusive. She’s never met a stranger, and she certainly doesn’t get that from me. I stand back in awe sometimes at her outgoing nature.
  3. She has a heart of gold. Hadley is so helpful (usually without much prompting). She’s silly, sassy, smart…and simply the best.

Here she is in the state meet last weekend. Like Hayden, her time qualified her to run in the 4th grade championship race. There were 327 runners in her race, and she placed 25th…with a smile on her face.
  1. This has been a big week for me as I’ve started a new teaching position at my school. I’ve left the classroom as an English/Language Arts teacher to now be a reading interventionist. I’ve done similar work before at my previous school, so I was excited when this opportunity presented itself. I will work with students who read below grade level as well as students who need help with study skills and closing content gaps in learning.
  2. I feel like Trav’s job keeps him forever busy, but September-November seem to be the busiest time in the horse industry. I don’t know how he does it all. There are weeks he doesn’t get a day off, and then this year he added “Cross Country Coach” to his plate. I’ve never met anyone who enjoys their job as much as Travis does (or talks on the phone more than he does ;))…and, of course, he loved coaching the kids this cross country season as well.
  3. Homer—well he’s still cute and still a handful! He’s seven months old, into everything, chews on random things, runs laps around the backyard, and is fun to snuggle with, of course!
Proud Dad alert! One more cross country pic with coach and kids (and their hardware!)

One more pic…

The kids had some of their biggest fans at the State Cross Country Championship…more family visiting to cheer them on.

Cousin Emily, Aunt Tammy, GG, Mamaw

I hope you enjoyed this first Three Things post…See you back here on Friday…for a fun Flashback Friday!

Have a great day!


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