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Hello! Well, all good things must come to an end…like this three day weekend. It’s back to school we go.

In December, I try to watch as many Christmas movies as possible. Now that it’s January, and I have a bit more time, I’m trying to get caught up on some of my favorite shows. So, here’s what I’m Currently watching…

On Hulu:

I love Abbott Elementary and am usually pretty caught up on it. Travis chuckles at it if I have it on when he’s around. Last week, a few of the actors were on a special edition of Wheel of Fortune (another fave!) which was extra fun to watch.

Abbott Elementary hits close to home with this public school educator! haha

I love The Rookie. Sometimes, Hayden watches it with me too. I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan…loved Castle when he was on it. Anyway, it’s another good one, but I’m usually a couple of episodes behind.

As a family, we still love The Goldbergs. This season is different with Murray off the show (and the death of Pops), but I love Beverly Goldberg and the rest of the cast. It’s a good one!

This is the second season of NCIS Hawai’i, and I really enjoy this show. Like with The Rookie, I get behind on the hour long shows, and try to get caught up in January and February. Also like The Rookie, I really like this entire cast!

And…I’m always have one (or more!) of the Real Housewives franchises to binge when I have time. I’m behind on Salt Lake City (and they aren’t really my fave anyway), but stay pretty up to date on Potomac.

On Netflix:

We don’t binge much, but Travis and I binged all of the Harry and Meghan docuseries. It was interesting…but I’m still “team Will and Kate.” At this point, I’m wondering if there’s an interview Harry won’t do. That being said, you know I’ll buy his book. haha

Have you seen this meme? I sent it to my *younger* brother. lol

If you want something quick and light-hearted, I always enjoy the season of Dream Home Makeover. There isn’t a single design of Shea’s that I haven’t loved.

I’m still chipping away at The Crown. The new cast has taken some getting used to, but I’m loving this season with Diana.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Wednesday, and really love it. Hadley and friends have seen all the episodes.

I also really like Buying Beverly Hills with Mauricio and Farrah from Real Housewives Beverly Hills franchise. Honestly, I just like looking at the houses more than anything.

Ready to Watch:

Dead to Me is back for the final season, and I definitely want to watch it.

I heard Kaleidoscope is good, so I’ve saved it and Break Point, a docuseries about professional tennis players, to my Netflix list.

As you can see, I have quite a few shows that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. If I know I have a bit more time to watch over a few months (like right now and in the summer), I make a list and go from there. For example, I don’t think I will start the above three titles until I finish ones I’ve started like The Crown and Wednesday. Sometimes, I end up jumping around with what I watch, and I’d like to finish some series before starting others.

That being said, what should I add to my list ? haha!

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Not Just a Mom

Hello and happy Monday!

I can’t believe it, but it’s our last Not Just a Mom link up of 2022!

This year we covered …

This month’s topic is: loving lately

For this post, I’m sharing the first 5 things that popped in my mind that I’m loving.

You can’t beat Antique Candle Co candles, and during this season, I’m loving the ones I bought on Black Friday.

  • Spiced Cranberry
  • Winter Woods
  • Christmas Day
  • I also have Tree Farm that I bought during a previous sale.

I think Christmas Day is my fave.

I often have the Food Network channel on but especially during the Christmas season. I love Christmas Cookie Challenge. A Lexington cookie decorator was on last night, and I can’t wait to watch that episode.

You know I love the Royal family, so of course I’m watching the Harry and Meghan special on Netflix. I’ve always loved Will and Kate, but I like Harry too! Travis even wanted to watch this with me, and we watched two episodes this weekend. We just need to watch the third one soon.

I have two new social media influencers that I follow on Instagram, and they both make me laugh out loud.

@educator_Andrea and @hayderz have some of my favorite stories to watch. Andrea is a high school English teacher in California, and she is so funny. She makes a lot of reels talking about the differences between teachers/students in elementary, middle, and high. So much of what she shares and creates is spot on with education in America.

Hayden has some hilarious reels too, and many of them are satirical and sarcastic. He always says, “Good night” or “Good morning to…” and it’s always something/someone funny.

Anyway, they are both bright spots on the ‘gram.

I’ve been loving the glow of the Christmas tree in the morning, evening, and dreary days we’ve been having lately. The sun finally came out yesterday afternoon, and I think that was the first time in a week I’ve seen the sun. I love the coziness of the Christmas lights…especially in the morning when the house is quiet, and I’m enjoying my coffee.

My dress arrived from Shop Style Your Senses, and I love it. I wore it to Trav’s work Christmas party on Saturday night with my favorite dressy wedges. (I got them years ago from Nordstrom Rack.) I believe that it’s sold out in black, but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t order it in the wine color. I got it in size large, and it fits just right.

I wore it to church yesterday with my leopard flats.

So those are a few things that I’m currently loving. What about you? What’s on your currently loving list?

One more things to love! I love that I’ll be back each month in 2023 with these ladies again.

If you have blog, we’d love for you to join us on the second Monday of each month starting with January’s topic: an introduction of yourself and your blog. I usually start the year off saying “hi” and getting reacquainted with reader, and I love (and appreciate) that I have new readers throughout the year.

Please save our graphics and join us!

Well, we have five days this week, and then it will officially be break! Can’t wait.

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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Shew! I’m not sure which day is more crazy at school: Halloween or November 1st when the kids are all hyped up on candy!

Anyway, I’m excited to link up with Jennifer as she has recently taken over the Currently link up.

This month’s focus is Currently: borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading.


Library books! I haven’t started one of these Christmas books, but I hope to soon!


Well, I did hold off until a couple of days before, but I have been buying Halloween candy!

Now, it’s time to start buying birthday gifts for the kids.

I also jumped on the On Cloud train. I realized I hadn’t purchased new workout shoes since Spring of 2020. Travis actually had a gift card to an local place, so we went there on Sunday. He’s picky about this tennis shoes and mostly wears Hokas, but he’s loved his new On Clouds. The pair I found were on sale which was an added bonus!


…the kids birthday party! In only a few weeks these 12 year olds…

…will be teenagers!

I think the plan is to go to Activate Games for fun, pizza for dinner, and cookie cake for dessert one day soon.


I’m trying to prep for a busy November and December.

I’m starting to make “to do” lists for their birthday party as well as making lists for birthday and Christmas gifts. I think I’ve taken care of our Christmas card, want to start changing out the fall decorations for Christmas decorations, and more. I don’t think we’ll have another free weekend (like we had this past weekend) until 2023. Honestly, sometimes that feels very overwhelming to me, but I’m just taking it day by day when needed.

We’re kicking off November with Breeder’s Cup this weekend.

Here are a few pics from the last time Breeder’s Cup was in Lexington in 2015! We can’t wait to see so many of our friends and spend the day at the races.


I just started The Things We Cannot Say, and so far, I think it’s really good.

For the first time ever, I didn’t finish a book on my Kindle before the library took it back! Ugh. I’ve placed a hold for The It Girl, and hope to pick up where I left off whenever it’s my turn again. I’m really hoping it’s not 6 weeks from now like the library predicts.

Also, I hope to read one, if not both, of the Christmas books I picked up last week.

What about you? What are you currently borrowing, buying, prepping, planning, or reading?

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Hello! Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve shared a Currently post. I just thought this would be a fun way to share are few things I’ve been doing…

I’m currently…


I’ve mostly been reading on my Kindle lately, and am about 70% finished with The Younger Wife. I really enjoy Sally Hepworth’s books, and wanted to read this one when it came out. It wasn’t on Kindle yet, and just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to look again on the Libby app…and there it was.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed it so far!


I’m hoping to decorate for fall later this week or over the weekend, but on Monday night, I decided to pull out my favorite light up pumpkin. I have one for the bedroom, and then one for the living room. I love the glow of the pumpkin during the dark hours of the morning while I sip my coffee.

{Peep my Pumpkin Spice candle from Antique Candle Co!)


It’s Homecoming week this week which has made getting dressed for school easier than usual! We actually started last Friday with pj day, and I’ve never been to school so early. haha

Yesterday was “Tropical Tuesday.” We still have Wear Pink Wednesday, favorite sports team on Thursday, and then class color/school color day on Friday.


a new Dime product…I still consistently use Dime products daily.

Since Dime Beauty was having a 25% off sale to celebrate their anniversary, I decided to order this new (to me) product: the cleansing balm.

OMG…it’s like having silk on your face. This product melts away the make up you have on, and hydrates your skin. I’ve been using this most nights right before I get in the shower, and then I gently wash my face with warm water. I haven’t yet tried it as an overnight mask, but I definitely plan on doing so!


Well, I finally finished all four seasons of Drive to Survive, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve even caught the last two actual F1 races on tv the past two Sundays. #whoamIeven?! It’s all still really interesting to me, and I’m even more invested now that I know all the drivers.

With the new seasons of Goldbergs and NCIS Hawai’i starting later this month, I’m trying to get caught up on last year’s seasons.


I’m anticipating the arrival of our new couch. We’re either really dumb or …well, we’re probably dumb…but we are getting a new couch due to all of Homer’s dog hair on our fabric couch. Thankfully, he’s a white dog, so the hair blended in, but we just can’t keep up with it.

Also, with our previous couch, we definitely “got what we paid for…” and it just didn’t hold up to the wear and tear of our family. After only a few months, one back cushion ripped by the zipper, and then I HATE when cloth furniture gets those little fuzz balls, and our couch had lots of those.

You’d think we’d train Homer to stay off the couch…haha…and honestly, we try. Now he’s “responsible” enough to stay out during the day, so of course, there’s no one home to shoo him off the couch.

We took advantage of a Labor Day sale, and our new couch is getting delivered today. I had fully expected to not have a couch delivered until 2023! (If you are local, Burke Furniture was amazing!)

Also, I put our other couch on Facebook Marketplace for free, and it “sold” in a matter of minutes with multiple messages!

I can’t wait to get home this afternoon, and see how it looks!

What are you currently up to? Besides the above, I feel like I’m currently just trying to survive this week!

Have a great day!

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Currently Loving

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Currently” post, today I’m sharing a few things that I’m currently loving.


Peonies are the flower of the summer. I probably spend too much on these, but when Trader Joe’s has them…usually only in June, it’s hard for me to resist!

Food / Drink:

I’ve seen a few people share this salad, and I recently tried it…and couldn’t love it more.

I usually eat half the salad one day and the other half the next day. Often times, I will add some chicken to it to get in some extra protein. It’s so good.

The Truly Margarita pack has been my favorite drinks of the summer.

Strawberry and Classic Lime are my favorite. The Mango Chili really does have a bit of a kick to it.

Products and Polish:

I’m still loving the Dime Beauty products. The best thing about summer is wearing limited makeup, and often times I just have these products on my face day and night.

For my latest pedicure, I chose a new (to me) color: Mexico City Move-mint. Hadley gave me her approval, so it must be “on trend!”

Clothing Item:

This cover up is one of my favorite latest Amazon purchases. It comes in many colors and patterns as well and short sleeve and sleeveless options. I love the style of it, and it’s perfect for the pool or beach.

Affiliate link


I was so excited to read Emily Giffin’s new book Meant to Be. It’s lived up to the “hype” in my opinion; I read it in two days!

What are some things you are loving this summer? I’d love to know.

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Hello! Well, we survived the first day back to school in 2022. Once I got over the shock of my alarm going off in the 6’s, it was good to get up and back into a routine.

I feel like I haven’t written a Currently post in forever, so today I’m linking up with Anne for her monthly post.

I’m currently…


The first thing that came to mind was just anticipating a fresh start to the new year. January always provides a much needed reset for all the things: mind, body, spirit, schedule, diet, bank account and more.



My life. The house. and More 😂 Just getting back into a routine, getting appointments and activities written on the calendar, planning meals and just organizing life is something that takes some time once we start the new year.

I’ve mentioned before that I decorated for Christmas kind of late…which apparently means that I take down the decorations later! haha My house was kind of a mess leading up to the end of break, but I think most everything is now put away. That being said, I haven’t put all my regular decor back out because I feel like the house needs a minute to breathe.


I finished Katie Couric’s book on Monday. It’s pretty long but with tons of short chapters which made it a quick read. I found it to be really interesting.

I started The Royals Next Door on my Kindle over the weekend, and I think I’m going to like it. It has a very Meghan/Harry come to America vibe.


to clean(er) eating, drinking more water, and working out at least four days a week. While I don’t feel like the wheels totally fell off the bus between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, it’s time to get focused again.

Here are my January goals:

**January 14th is my birthday, so I assume I may consume a piece of cake that day! Just trying to be realistic 😉


all the things. Appointments, practices, grocery pick up, workouts, to do lists and more.

  • I need to schedule an eye exam for myself and Hadley, and the kids have ortho and dental cleaning appointments on the books already.
  • Hayden has a new basketball schedule and Hadley’s school dance practices have shifted, so I just need to get used to those times.
  • I want to start picking up groceries on Saturday instead of Sunday to make weekly meal prep easier.
  • When I’m in a good groove, I don’t need to do it, but I’m even scheduling my day to include workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • Lastly, some weeks are so hectic, I need to schedule in errands and other things I need to do.

What about you? What are you anticipating, organizing, reading, resolving, and scheduling?

See you back here later this week for the first Friday Favorites of 2022.

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Hello! Today, I’m linking up with Anne to share this month’s Currently post. I love Currently posts because they are a fun way to share a little bit of what I’m doing (or thinking) at the moment.


May was definitely the month of celebration with baptism, 5th grade graduation, and some family birthdays, but now we are celebrating summer. We are in summer mode right now and savoring an empty daytime agenda before we get busier next week with some sports camps, and I’m teaching summer school a couple days a week.


I’m collecting {organizing} Hadley’s dance stuff. She has recital practice the next few nights and three recitals this weekend. So, I need to get her five costumes organized along with dance shoes, bobby pins, and more!


We just gifted a few teacher gifts at the end of the school year. Our sitter just accepted her first teaching job, so I purchased this door hanger off Etsy.

We also gave Hadley’s teacher this cute bag from an Etsy shop.


I’m just thinking about my to do lists before next week’s busy schedule begins. Prepping for a new sitter, evening activities for this week, and daytime activities next week just have my mind in overdrive.


I’m trying a new workout with the Beach Body program. I’m still loving that app, and have done a pretty good job working out at home! I started Off the Wall last week, and there are three phases with workouts five days a week. I’m on week two, and always enjoy Autumn’s workouts…and I love her modifier, Kat! They all have such great attitudes.

So, that’s just a little bit of what I’m currently thinking and doing. What have you been celebrating, collecting, gifting, thinking, and trying?

See you back here tomorrow for Sentence a Day: May.

Have a great day!

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Hello! I love Currently posts, and decided to join Anne’s Currently link up today!


All my Trader Joe’s faves. Tomorrow’s post is all about my latest TJ haul, but my family loves:

the molasses cookies

and the Everything but the Bagel chips are a new fave of mine.


Gatlinburg! I shared in Monday’s post the details of my weekend there with Hadley for her last dance competition of the season.


Ready for summer. The countdown to summer is on. We have less than two weeks left of school, so the summer plans have begun. Plan #1: not setting an alarm 😉 Honestly, sometimes the summer is just as hectic with dance recital, swim team, baseball, and other activities, but at least we have more downtime and time for fun like going to the swimming pool and going on vacation.


to enjoy the month of May.

As a teacher and as a mom, the month of May is a marathon. Mar-a-thon. While I don’t have papers to grade and final exams to give like I used to, it’s still a busy time of the year for me helping students who are struggling academically. May is literally the end of the finish line for students to raise their grades to earn credits.

As a mom, spring is busy with activities anyway, and now we add in school activities and “to do’s” like field day, end of the year fun, teacher gifts, 5th grade promotion and more. When I think about last May and how sad my kids were not to be able to do the usual end of the school year activities, I continue to be thankful that they are ending their school year in person, with their teachers and classmates, and are able to finish out their elementary years in a building they’ve known for six years. I’m going to try to not be stressed and enjoy these last few weeks of them in elementary school.


my kids grow up right before my very eyes. Let’s just say my May posts may have a theme of nostalgia. With less than two weeks left of elementary school, I can’t believe how quickly these years flew by. What a ride. I’ve seen them grow as learners, make friendships, and blossom into pretty neat little people. I pray for the same journey for them in middle school.

first day of K- I remember taking this photo. It feels like yesterday.

What have you currently been up to? I hope you are having a great week!

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Hello! Well, I feel like we’ve either had nothing going on or too much! Of course, we are back to school, we’ve had family visiting, and winter activities are overlapping with spring activities.

I thought I’d just share a bit about what we’re currently up to!

I’m currently…


I’m continuing to adjust to the early alarm clock since we are all back to school.

In previous years, I could wake up around 6:00 to get 45 minutes of “me time” before the hustle and bustle of the day began. This year, the kids’ school starts 10 minutes earlier, and we are out of practice with the early morning routine. I can’t bring myself to get up in the 5’s just yet, so I’m only getting about 25 minutes of quiet time in the morning.

When I’m in a really great routine, I try to get up early (5:15-5:30) to get a workout in a couple days a week. At the moment, that sounds like an unreasonable ask of myself 😂 Maybe next week, I will phase in that plan!


I’m so appreciative of the fact that Hayden and Hadley have embraced going back to school. They are so excited to be the “big kids” of the school, see their teachers and play with their friends. So far, it’s been a pretty smooth transition (once we are up and out the door!)

I will say that I hate that they have to sit behind plastic dividers and wear masks, but Hadley is thriving being able to socialize more with her teacher and her classmates. Hayden is more focused now and is doing a great job as well adjusting to in person learning.

I also appreciate my teacher friend sending me this photo of Hayden. It’s always so fun to get a glimpse of them during the day. This is another thing I will miss about our elementary years being about over.

waiting in line for music class


I’m wanting (needing!) Homer to realize that we don’t have time for his nonsense in the morning. I joked that I didn’t know how he’d react to us going back to school, but for the past week, he often refuses to come inside the house and hesitates to go in his kennel!

I took this photo yesterday morning of him. It got to the point where when we tried to coax him in, he’d run off. Eventually, he let Travis put the leash on him. The photo I should have gotten was the tug-of-war that ensued between Homer and Travis…to the point where Travis had to pick Homer up to get him inside! haha


I watched the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah. Did you see it? What did you think? I was pretty shocked at all that was shared. The Royals have always intrigued me.

I wonder if they regret anything they shared?!

photo c/o NY Times


I just started reading Layla and I’m also reading The Giver of the Stars. I usually don’t read two hardback books at once, but I’d started Giver when Layla became available at the library from my requested books list.


I’m starting to plan Easter basket ideas. For Easter, I usually get the kids each a swimsuit, pajamas, flip flops, and a book. Sometimes, I find a game and a few other odds and ends to include in their baskets. The Easter Bunny brings candy and hides the eggs.

Easter 2020


Back to school = quick dinners! As much as I enjoy my Instant Pot and Air Fryer, my slow cooker is my fave for guaranteed delicious meals!

This week we’re having:


I’m reflecting on that fact that it’s been a year since the pandemic shut everything down, and our lives came to a screeching halt! With the vaccine and now (finally) having my kids and students back in the school buildings, this week has just definitely been one of reflection.

Assuming I have time to finish it, I will have a more reflective pandemic post tomorrow 🙂

What have you been up to lately?! I hope you are having a great week!

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T-minus two days until Winter break! Per usual for this time of the year, I feel like we’re hanging on by a thread over here! I always say…”Tis the season…for mom to lose her mind!” 😆

The weather went from beautiful to soggy and dreary in a matter of a day! I think that’s making us all feel extra tired and just ready for a break!

Today, I thought I’d share a quick Currently post about what’s been going on around here!

I’m currrently…


Travis! He gave Hadley and me this Mary Kay 12 Days of Christmas gift set. I have two friends who sell MK, so he purchased one for Hadley and me as well as one for each of his sisters (and their daughters). Travis has always been a great gift giver! Also, Hadley has already opened all 12 days! 😂


Teacher gifts! We gave the pod teacher a gift card to one of her favorite local stores. Then, the kids dropped off gifts for their teachers yesterday at school (front office). I’d had these zip pouches saved on my Etsy app as an idea for teacher gifts. They turned out so cute, and I put some sticky notes and felt tip markers in each one. The kids each wrote a card to their teachers, and those notes are always sweet and fun to read. I was happy to support small businesses during this holiday season.


The generosity of others! This time of the year tends to bring out the best in people, but I feel like people have been extra generous in 2020.

From food drop off for God’s Pantry, clothing donations, Angel Tree gifts, and dinners for families in need at school, I love seeing the community come together to spread joy and happiness in such a trying time for so many.


Baking shows! Like last month, I just love to watch these holiday baking shows on the Food Network. I enjoy them like some people enjoy Hallmark movies!


Two books…I’m currently reading Holidaze on my Kindle and 25 Days ’til Christmas from the library. I usually have one Kindle book and one paperback book I’m reading. I’m enjoying both of these books, and they are certainly sweet Christmas books to read in December.


UPS workers! Travis did the shopping, and Hadley helped me put this basket together for our mailman and the other workers dropping off packages. I printed the sign from Etsy! (only 99 cents!)


About the kids looking out window in 2011. I love when this picture pops up in my Facebook memories, and I loved those pjs with their names on their bottoms.


The final touches of Christmas for our elf. He moves every night, leaves little sayings on our sign, gives little gifts, or just does something silly. He likes to have a plan for his visits!

He always leaves a bag of Reindeer Food: oats, glitter, and this cute poem for the kids to find the morning of December 24th.


Like Homer…so tired 😂


At this meme…

I know the postal service is overworked. I saw someone share a photo of a process room at a post office, and it was slammed.

My Christmas cards that I ordered on November 30th finally arrived yesterday. According to tracking, they’d been in Kentucky since December 9th, so I tried not to lose hope that they’d arrive on my doorstep! I was afraid I’d have mark out, “Merry Christmas” and write “Happy New Year!”

I guess it still might be a good idea because who knows when I will get them out or when others will receive them!

So, there’s a little glimpse of what’s been going on around here. See you back here tomorrow for my last Friday Favorites post of 2020!

Take care,