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Friday Favorites {#128}

Hello and Happy Friday!

I kind of feel like I’m limping into Friday. It was a good week, but filled with later days at school and hectic evenings. Then, Hadley ended up with strep (again!) to round out the week.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Favorite Moment:

The weather deciding to feel like fall! Yesterday, was bliss! The ten day looks amazing as well.

Favorite Clothing Item:

I’m loving my new dress from Shop Style You Senses. I follow Mallory and crew on Instagram, and picked out this purple dress that’s perfect for the transition from summer to fall. I wore it this week and had lots of compliments.

Favorite Accessory:

I ordered two new bracelets recently from Daily Gold Co. I got the Ashley bracelet in silver and the Randy bracelet in rose gold. They can apparently be worn 24/7, and that’s what I’ve done over the past few weeks. Additional bracelets will probably be a gift idea for anyone who asks in the future.

Favorite Show:

My mom told me about Abbott Elementary, and it’s so good. I’m watching season 1, and season 2 started this week. I will get to it soon.

Favorite Kid Quote:

On Sunday, Travis was working, so I prepped dinner before taking Hayden to basketball. I asked Hadley to bake the chicken while we were gone and heat up the Bob Evans mashed potatoes. When we got home, she had dinner ready and said, “Uh…being a mom is hard work. I had to set so many timers. Also, I hope I marry a husband who cooks.” lol 😂

Favorite Mom Meme:

While this is true of my kids, I also get sucked into watching bakers ice cookies, so I guess I can’t really get too torn up about it.

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

Fun fact: Hadley was a very serious baby and toddler. She mastered the RBF early. Thankfully, she lightened up a bit, and has been pretty “happy go lucky” ever since.

Here she is in 2011…and really couldn’t be bothered 😉

Weekly Recap:

I had a few posts this week! I recapped the weekend, shared some of my fall purchases at Trader Joe’s as well as my fall decorations.

What are your weekend plans? Actually, we don’t have much on tap. Hayden doesn’t have a cross country meet, so that frees up our Saturday. We’ll probably go to the UK game (or…at least Hayden and Travis probably will), and see where the rest of the weekend takes us.

I hope you have a good one!

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Fall Home Tour

Happy Thursday and Happy September 22nd…or as my calendar says, “autumn begins…”

Well, it’s my favorite time of the year! In case you missed the memo, I love fall. Also, I love a good quote, so here are a few of my favorite fall quotes:

I finally had the chance to decorate over the weekend. Actually, I thought I would be able to decorate one day last week, but I couldn’t find my tub of fall decorations.

We found it under the basement stairs on Friday. I’d forgotten that last year I purged and went from two tubs to one by donating or tossing older fall decor.

Friday night before we went to my school’s football game, I pulled a few things out trying to remember where I usually put things….by Saturday morning when I wanted to finish up, I turned to last year’s blog post to help me out!

I’m basically Oprah for pumpkins. “You get a pumpkin and you get a pumpkin…” haha

I know I love a good home tour…especially a seasonal one, but these blog posts also help me remember where I put my decorations!

Last year’s post started with my front porch, but the only thing I have out there right now are two mums in my planters. I hope to start adding to the porch this weekend.


I put my decorations in the exact same spot on the entry table as last year. The only thing that is different is that I now have two arches here (year round) instead of our family photo.

A few faux flowers, a tea light, and some pumpkins spruce up this table.

Living room:

I love the tray on the coffee table in the living room. It’s a great spot to change out seasonal decor. I’ve had this light up pumpkin (I have two) for two years, and it’s a favorite. A pumpkin spice candle from Antique Candle Co and a small fall wreath for the base of the candle are all I needed to create some cozy.

One of my Michael’s purchases this year, was this wooden pumpkin candle lantern. It fits perfectly on the wooden stool. My other decorations I’ve had for years. I add a few fall touches to our built ins, and then change the candle in the fire place lantern. We’ve had this little jack-o-lantern (with a tealight) for years, and it’s always nostalgic to put out. The kids always loved it when they were little.

I used the same pumpkin pillows that I’ve had for a couple of years. I love how they look on our new couch.


I keep it pretty simple in the office and just swap out the chair pillows for my “Morning Pumpkin” pillows. Then, this year, I decided to put out this fave pic of the kids in the frame that always sits on that table. This was October 2010 and Hayden and Hadley’s first trip to the pumpkin patch…such a sweet memory.


I love this plaid pumpkin pillow in our sitting area. I picked up the turquoise pumpkin at Home Goods a couple of weeks ago, and added it to our island tray. It’s actually a candle, but I’ve been burning the Trader Joe’s Vanilla Pumpkin one recently. I always change out a nice hand towel each season on the oven, and put this pumpkin sign where one of my favorite cookbooks typically sits. I added the apple cider candle too.

The buffet is a fun area to decorate. I change out the flowers as well as my China plates to include these cute pumpkin ones.

Last year, I got this table runner and then I’ve had these plate for a few years. I picked them up at Target. I also add a couple of pumpkins in the tray.

The fireplace is my favorite part. Orange candles, leaves and pumpkin garland. So easy to hang up. I picked up the “Gather with a grateful heart” sign at Michael’s as well as the yellow pumpkins.

I have cute little metal stands that usually have topiaries in them, and I wanted something for fall to sit in them. I picked up these pumpkins the other day. They come in orange, yellow, and white. I chose yellow to compliment my orange candles. (By the way: Fall decorations at Michael’s were 40% off) {At this point, I feel like Michael’s should sponsor this post!)

Then, I added a string of lights behind the fall leaves for a little extra glow at night.

Sun room:

Swapping our regular pillows for these pumpkins ones as well as the burnt orange throw are a quick way to decorate out here.

I always change out the candle on the tray as well as the back door wreath to something more fall appropriate. I’ve had the plug in pumpkin for years, and actually didn’t have a spot for it in the living room like usual thanks to the mirror I bought last year. Anyway, I decided to move a lamp and plug in the pumpkin on the nights we sit in the sun room.


I keep it very simple in the bedroom with a season candle and another one of the pumpkins from Michael’s. It’s nice to read or fall asleep at night to the glow of the pumpkin and a fall scent.

Yesterday, was 90+ degrees, and today the high is 70 with some 60 degree temps in the future too. It’s like Mother Nature knew what she was doing 😉

With cooler temps finally arriving, I definitely hope to get the front porch decorated this weekend.

Happy Fall {y’all!}

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links…Thank you for supporting my blog!}

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Fall at Trader Joe’s


Last week, Hadley mentioned the pumpkin bagels at Trader Joe’s. I usually go there about once a week, but I realized I probably hadn’t been in three weeks or so.

She remembered last year that the pumpkin bagels weren’t in stock past September, so I decided to head there after school on Friday.

This meme feels relateable:

Here’s what I picked up on Friday:

Well, actually, I’m starting with something I didn’t buy: pumpkins. I showed great restraint when I arrived and didn’t add about seven on these to my cart. Maybe this weekend?

Because I didn’t want to disappoint Hadley, my first pick up was for the bagels and cream cheese. I actually picked up two packs of bagels and three tubs of cream cheese. Again, Hadley was so disappointed last year when she couldn’t snack on her two faves much past September.

I always pick up a couple of boxes of pumpkin muffin mix. I’ve used it to make muffins and/or a loaf of pumpkin bread.

These maple leaf cookies are so good. They are actually a pretty big bite, and you can smell the maple as soon as you open the box.

My kids love waffles. Hayden eats them plain. I thought these pumpkin ones would be good to try!

These chips are my fave. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty.

Of course, I couldn’t resist the seasonal candles. Last year, I know I picked up the apple one, but I don’t remember them having the vanilla pumpkin scent. I’d also forgotten about the apple hand soap. It’s so good!

I didn’t buy this face mask or body butter, but I’m intrigued. I may give them a try next time.

While at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a few other things like produce, Havarti cheese, Chili & Lime rolled tortilla chips (Hadley loves them…she says they are better than Takis), mac & cheese and more. It was a good grocery haul of both seasonal items and a few other things we needed.

What did I miss? What other seasonal items do I need to try at Trader Joe’s?

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Weekend Top 5

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was a good one! Friday and Saturday were pretty busy (what’s new?) and then Sunday provided a bit more time to do a few things and prep for the week.

I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday…

to tell you about my:

We had a great weekend; here are the details:

After school, I picked the kids up, and we got Hayden a haircut. Then, I went to Trader Joe’s. Earlier in the week, I realized that I hadn’t really been in a few weeks and immediately had FOMO on what I may be missing out on with all things fall at TJ.

I did my best to resist:

I’m going to hold off on decorating the front porch until hopefully this weekend. I wanted to get my inside of the house in order before tackling the porch. And…I’m hoping for cooler temps some time soon.

Anyway, I picked up quite a few fall things like pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese. I will share my haul tomorrow.

Friday night, Hadley and I went to my school’s football game with friends. It was a beautiful evening for football.

Hayden had a cross country meet on Saturday. Travis has been working non-stop, so he met us there just in time to coach his boys.

It was a hot day on a tough course and the first 4k (2.4 miles) of the season. Hayden came in second and the team placed 1st!

We were all so proud of the boys…especially once we found out why Hayden’s watch said he ran 2.7 miles…The high schoolers run before middle school, and when our boys were out there running, I thought it was taking longer it should. Apparently, they didn’t rope off a part of the course to make it shorter for the middle school runners…hence why it took longer and Hayden’s watch said 2.7 miles.

Thankfully, they figured out the course situation before the girls ran.

After the race, Travis headed back to work. Hayden and I hit the road home with a stop at Culvers. I’m not sure how he ran in that heat and still wanted a bacon cheeseburger and milkshake, but that was his request!

While we were at the race, Hadley was with her friends living her best life at the UK game. She had lots of fun.

Saturday evening, we all laid low, had carry out for dinner, and were in bed around 10.

I did get my fall decorations up over the weekend, and I love the coziness of the fall decor. I can’t wait for the temps to get cooler and really feel like fall.

I hope to share a little fall decor home tour later this week. I don’t change much year to year, but I did make a stop at Michael’s on Saturday and picked up a couple of new items.

Yesterday, Hadley and I spent the afternoon cheering on the volleyball CATS. They were playing Nebraska. We try to get to a UK volleyball game or two each season. They are so fun to watch.

After the game, we went and picked up new dance shoes for Hadley. Since Travis was still at work, I had to take Hayden to his basketball evaluations. Then, we had a late dinner and headed to bed.

Sunday morning, I finished a really good book: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. This had been on my list for quite a while, and it was so good.

This week will be a doozy…Travis is still really busy with work, the kids have their regular activities, and I’m running our fall credit recovery session this week after school. We only have a couple of more weeks until Fall Break, and the count down is officially on!

What was the highlight of your weekend? I hope you have a great week.

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Friday Favorites {#127}

Hello! What a week! How was yours?

Our was good, but it never fails that I always hit the point of being back to school where I’m tired and feel like I’m fighting getting run down and sick. I feel ok, but I just felt like I couldn’t get to bed fast enough most nights this week.

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Favorite Photo:

Homer was ready for the Chiefs game on Sunday. It’s our tradition to take his pic with his Chiefs scarf and football. Hadley helped me get this one of him:

He was good luck for a win on Sunday (& last night too!) #MaHomer

Favorite Fall Thing:

My mom was visiting this past week, and she gave me a new mug. It sums me up in five words:

Favorite Foods:

She also brought Hayden some Kelce’s Crunch. Hayden also has the box of Mahomes Magic Crunch from a couple years ago. He’s all about those Chieefffssss!

I bought the ingredients a couple of weeks ago, but we finally had time to make Shay’s S’mores cookies. Hadley made them on Sunday with minimal help from me. They turned out delish. We may even make them again this weekend.

On Monday night, I made another one of Shay’s recipes. Her Minestrone Skillet hit the spot. Y’all, it made so much we were still having it to eat last night! That being said, Travis wasn’t home much for dinner, and everyone kind of just had whatever they wanted most nights, but it sure does feed a crowd!

Favorite Moments:

With my mom visiting, we hung out with the cousins a bit more than we would on a regular week.

Hayden helped Layla with her sight words…

…and Hadley cheered on Wyatt at his fall ball game.

Coach White’s runners brought home their first trophy of the season last Saturday. Hayden had another PR too!

Favorite Clothing Item:

Did you see my post yesterday? This popover sweatshirt from Walmart is definitely a new fave for me. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off, so I can wear it more often.

Favorite Kid Quote:

Hayden said, “Mom, did you know that10% of people in the world are left handed?” Then, without missing a beat he said, “See…I am rare!” 😂

I’ve probably shared this fact before, but in my family, my Gma, my mom, and my aunt are all left handed….followed by me and now both of my kids are left handed as well. Travis actually does a few thing left handed too.

Favorite Mom Meme:

We barely eat dinner together let alone breakfast…

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday:

This picture popped up in my Facebook memories. It was 2017, and Hayden and I went to a mother/son dinner and dance. It was so fun. What a sweet memory.

Weekly Recap:

This week, I had posts on quite a few things…exercising, day in the life, closet organization, and a few favorite fall clothing items:

What are your weekend plans? I sure hope to get my house decorated for fall. That’s my #1 goal this weekend. I think that will improve my mood…at least I hope so! 😉

Thanks so much for reading,

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Fall Fashion Finds

These cooler mornings have me ready to dress for fall. That being said, our extended forecast has highs in the upper 80’s going into next week. *Sigh*

so…currently me:

Oh the irony of sharing my tidy closet yesterday and now the new items that I’ve purchased recently from Target and Walmart.

Amy had shared this dress from Target, and I saved it on the app.

Well, over Labor Day weekend, Target had a 30% off sale, so I went ahead and snagged it in green and gray. ($17 each!)

Well, if you give a mouse a cookie…I noticed the boots on the model, and figured they had to be from Target. I found them, and they were also on sale for $30. They are a western style boot, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like them, but *newsflash* I do! I got them in tan which seems to be very limited in stock, but there are other colors. The tan, cognac, and gray are a suede material whereas the other options (black and off-white) appear to be leather.

After my closet clean out this summer, I did make note that I was due for a new pair of tall boots. The pair I parted ways with were about ten years old. I also got rid of a couple of pairs of ankle boots, and decided to give these a try in tan when I saw they were also on sale for $28. They also come in gray, cognac, and olive green.

Please excuse the wrinkly dresses, but I just try things on and snap photos when I have a few extra minutes.

Army green color dress with ankle boots:

Gray dress with tall boots:

No picture, but I wore the olive colored dress to school on Tuesday with a cardigan and sneakers. It was a good put together but comfy outfit.

I usually wear a 9, but sized up in both to a 9.5 because of the narrow toe. Both fit perfectly.

Again, I’m not one to “power shop” like that, but I had a feeling the dress and the boots were going to be “hot ticket items” this fall. Plus, with the sale, I was saving money, right?!

Walmart has been upping their game the past couple of years, and when Ashley shared this Free Assembly Walmart dress and popover top, I wanted to give them a try too.

The dress comes in pink as well!

Here it is paired with my Target ankle boots:

I wore the dress yesterday with some gold sandals that I’ve had for years.

I really wanted the popover top in gray or green…

but I bought it in pink as the other two colors never seemed to be in stock.

I think it will be perfect with jeans, workout shorts or leggings with a tank.

Now if Mother Nature would take the hint, I’d love to be able to wear the boots and popover without breaking a sweat!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Let’s Look

Hello! I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday…and the second Wednesday of the month at that!

I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for Let’s Look.

So far this year, we’ve looked at:

  • How you organize for the new year in January.
  • What you eat in a week in February.
  • Your faves from high school/college in March. (I didn’t have a post that month.)
  • How you plan/do date nights in April.
  • Your hometown in May.
  • Go-to summer lunches in June.
  • How you keep healthy in July.
  • How you do ‘every day’ cleaning in August. (I didn’t have a post last month)

This month’s topic is: organize your closet

I almost didn’t write a post because I did such a lengthy one back in July , but I also thought this post would be a good way to hold myself accountable…

Three months later, and my closet is still pretty neat and tidy:

You can’t see it in the photos, but the entire floor space is empty too. I still use that space for new purchases or Amazon packages until I try things on or return, but I can actually step into my closet to put away clothes, choose an outfit, or grab a different purse.

Also, outside of my closet I have a small antique chair that my grandma passed down to me, and it used to always be the holding spot for outfits or sweatshirts. Now, I’ve even made sure to fold or hang up clothes to keep it an uncluttered space as well.

When I did my closet reorganization, I purchased these acrylic dividers, and they were definitely the best purchase.

affiliate link: dividers

I told myself to go through my closet and drawers at the end of each season. Well, here we are transitioning from summer to fall, and I need to do that. I just haven’t had the time. That being said, with such a big purge in June, I shouldn’t have too much that I need to donate. I am trying to follow “one in, one out” rule as much as possible.

First world problems, but I dream of having a bigger closet at some point in my life. While I know that would be more to maintain, it would be nice to feel like I have a little extra space and to be able to easily see my clothes, shoes, purses, and more.

Speaking of clothes…tomorrow, I’m going to share a few new wardrobe purchases for fall from Target and Walmart. Come back tomorrow!

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Day in the Life

Hello! I hope your week is off to a good start. It dawned on me that I hadn’t documented a “Day in the Life” in quite some time, so that’s what today’s post is all about!

This day in the life is from last Friday (September 9th)…I don’t think I’ve ever chosen to share a Friday, so here’s a little peek at my day:

I was up a little earlier than normal because I’m trying to get up early on Fridays to get my workout complete.

I got up, changed my clothes and headed to the basement to complete a Job One (20 minute) workout.

This workout was so good. I love using bands (loops) and weights together.

Then, I headed upstairs for coffee and the morning news.

Last week, my heel felt bruised at times, so I used a bag of frozen corn throughout the week to ice it! It’s much better now.

Around 6:45, I quickly rinsed off, brushed my teeth, and made the bed.

I came back out to the kitchen to pack my lunch and I caught a few minutes of The Today Show where the focus was on Queen Elizabeth’s passing. I never watch tv past 6:45, but I wanted to see a few minutes of the broadcasts from England.

Around 7:15, I woke the kids and did my morning skincare routine.

I got the kids up and started their breakfasts before heading back to my bathroom to start getting ready for the day.

I’m still loving my Seint makeup.

Then, I got dressed (school shirt and jeans on Friday!) and made sure the kids were eating and had what they needed to have a good day at school before leaving.

I was at school by 8:00 and ready to start the school day.

I looked at my student appointment calendar and prepped for my day. I reviewed materials for students I’m was working with that day, sent emails, and updated my Google sheets.

I am the ESS (Extended School Services) coordinator, so I organize the after school tutoring schedule, manage the budget, submit stipends, and monitor student progress. After working with students 1st hour, I went and made copies and turned in stipend forms for teachers who stay after school for tutoring the past two weeks.

I worked with a few more students, and then met with a group during Advisory.

I had lunch with some of my colleagues/friends before working with students in the afternoon.

What I love about my current job is that every day is similar but different. I help students all day long, but what I help them with varies depending on the student or teacher requests. Some days are very structured and other days students drop in or teachers call me before sending students.

Throughout the day on Friday, I:

  • Finished reading The Most Dangerous Game with a group of English 1 students and helped them write a theme paragraph
  • Modified Chapter 1 notes for a group of students in a Government class
  • Watched a video and helped students answer questions for a World History class
  • Helped English 2 students with questions and a response after reading the short story Goldfish
  • Provided a framework for Government students to complete their DBQ (data based question) paragraphs and helped those students write
  • Read lessons 2 and 3 in the Government textbook to students and helped them answer questions using a jigsaw strategy

It was a really great day! I have lots of “regulars” who I meet with often and others that I’m just getting to know.

Once school was out, I spent about 15 minutes entering data for students who stayed for tutoring last week.

I also took a few minutes to quickly plan meals for next week, so I could finalize grocery list when I got home.

Crazy enough, I didn’t have to pick the kids up after school. Hadley stayed for a club meeting and Hayden rode the bus home. He actually likes riding the bus home, so when I don’t have to pick up Hadley, he often does that.

After school, I had to get gas…

…and then I went to Home Goods to look for a lamp…no luck, but I did leave with this cute pumpkin candle!

I stopped by Target for a pick up…

…and headed home.

Hayden had gone to a birthday party, and Hadley had gone to Oktoberfest. Travis and I had planned to go there as well, but not until later.

So…I decided to lay low for about thirty minutes and start a new book…

…and I did watch King Charles’s tribute to the Queen…

…before Travis and I grabbed a quick bite to eat before Oktoberfest.

I’m glad we did because look how busy Oktoberfest was:

People must have really missed this event the past couple of years due to Covid.

We found Hadley who was living her best middle school life with her friends…and Travis and I found our friends at the Bingo tent. Beer and Bingo…a raging Friday night!

We stayed for a couple of hours before getting Hadley and heading home.

Then, it was pretty much time for bed. We caught up with Hayden, fussed at the kids to go to bed, I did my skincare routine, and then…

lights out a little after 10:30. We are a wild bunch, aren’t we?!?

Thanks so much for following along. I will say that this is the first Friday I went out since the school year started…which is a sign we must all be adjusting to the back to school schedule.

Thanks so much for reading.

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Not Just a Mom: Workout Places


How was your weekend? Ours was a good one. From Oktoberfest to cross country to a big Kentucky win to some family time, it was action packed.

Saturday sure felt like summer, and Sunday sure felt like fall. I guess we are in that time of the year.

Today, I’m co-hosting our monthly link up with these fabulous bloggers:

So far this year, we’ve discussed:

  • Favorite bloggers in January
  • Day in the life in February
  • Reading habits in March
  • What’s for lunch in April
  • Go to gift ideas in May
  • Dream travel locations in June
  • Family food traditions in July
  • Binge watching shows in August

This month’s topic is: favorite workout places

My initial answer is short and sweet: my basement.

My longer response…

Years ago (five, maybe?), when I started doing Faster Way to Fat Loss and then the Lean program, I realized how convenient it is to workout at home. Both of those programs provide gym and at home workouts, and home became my preference.

Back to Beachbody…Years ago, I ordered the 21 Day Fix DVDs and still used them off and on through the years.

I’ve shared before, but for about a year and a half, I’ve gotten back on the Beachbody On Demand workout train. I have the app on the tv in the basement, and that’s where my yoga mat, weights, and bands are.

Over the past year, I’ve completed:

  • 21 Day Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Real Time
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme
  • Muscle Burns Fat
  • Muscle Burns Fat Advanced
  • 9 Week Control Freak Off the Wall
  • Morning Meltdown 100

I’m currently doing Job One and LIIFT 4. Job One has 20 minute workouts, and I typically do those Monday evening and Friday mornings. My goal right now is to not miss a Friday morning. I’m trying to go into the weekend on the right foot and a workout helps with that. So far, I’m 5/5 on Fridays this school year. I can wake up at 5:35 and be finished with the workout by 6:05 and sipping my coffee like a typical morning. Also, most school years I take the month of August off because back to school can take it’s toll. This year, I didn’t do that. Again, I told myself that I should be able to at least do a 20 minute workout in my basement three days a week to get through the first hectic weeks back.

I’ve been doing LIIFT 4, which are longer workouts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On Thursdays, I’ve been going to the gym to do the elliptical. If I can’t make it to the gym, I take a rest day or walk or do one of the 20 minute workouts.

I usually complete an entire program before starting a new one, but mixing Job One and LIIFT 4 has really been working well for me right now. After I complete a program, I usually take a week or two and just choose random workouts to go back to just to mix things up a bit.

Lastly, the app is so convenient. I don’t use it often, but it has come in handy when we are out of town. For example, I took my bands to KC this summer, and chose Beachbody workouts that didn’t use weights and did those. I was easily able to do HIIT or cardio in my dad’s basement while streaming the workout on my phone.

We do live in a big neighborhood, and I like to walk around it or in parks just when I want a different view than the basement tv.

Like I mentioned above, I try to go to the gym once a week and use the elliptical. The fee we pay our club for the pool includes gym access. My walks or elliptical workouts are when I listen to podcasts, so I do like changing things up from time to time.

I’ve taken workout classes, boot camps, and circuit training in other fitness centers, but it’s usually too hard for me to commit. It’s hard for me join those places because they typically cost so much, and I can’t make the time commitment. Even a 6am sixty minute class that might be ten minutes away from home, doesn’t easily work. I still can’t cool off, get showered and be ready to leave by 7:45 (absolute latest) for school. Evening classes are challenging for me because of all the things the kids have going on after school.

The basement and Beachbody work for me right now because it’s hard for me to tell myself I can’t do a 30 minute work out five days a week if I just have to go to my basement. For example, some evenings, I put dinner in the oven, and then do my workout during that time. I also love that Beachbody introduces new workout programs pretty regularly.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’ve lost focus many times and just had to take a break from working out, but I do know that I feel better after a workout or even just going for a walk. I also work better when I have a plan, so that’s why I try to structure my workouts and follow a plan. I’ve been very consistent since April, and I’m proud of myself for sticking with my plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail…” #iykyk

I didn’t intend for this to be such a Beachbody heavy post, but it really has been working for me especially lately…and you can’t beat $120 a year for all the programs you can use so easily.

What about you? Where do you like to workout? Do you have a consistent routine?

I hope your week is off to a good start.

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Friday Favorites {#126}

Hello and Happy Friday. Why do the shorter weeks feel so long? We had a good week full of school and activities, but most of my favorites happened last weekend.

Today, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites.

Here are some favorites from the week:

Last Friday, we went to the local drive in movie theater with some friends. It was the perfect way to end the week. There was a chance of rain that never happened, and it was nice to let the kids run around before the movie started, have some dinner, chat with friends, and watch Grease.

Saturday was SUCH a busy day! We were on the go the entire day.

Hayden had a cross country race, and again, there was a big chance of rain that never happened. Instead, it was muggy and hot. There were close to 200 runners, and Hayden placed 7th! The course was unlike any course I’d seen before with tight turns in some parts. The whole team did great and almost placed 3rd. They earned 4th out of 21 teams by only a few points.

While we were at the cross country race, Hadley headed to the temple ceremony of a bat mitzvah for one of her friends. She was home when we got home, and then got ready for the party part of the bat mitzvah.

She looked so grown up and ready to have lots of fun with her friends.

After she left, Travis and I went to the UK game along with Hayden and some of his friends. I ended up sitting with one of my friends on the other side of the stadium while Travis “took one for the team” and sat with the boys in our regular seats.

It was such a beautiful night. I left around halftime to make my way back home, have some dinner and then go pick up Hadley and her friend.

Then, on Sunday, I didn’t get out of my pjs which was definitely a favorite.

On Monday, I did laundry, meal prepped, and did a few things around the house.

Then, Travis and I went couch shopping, and our new couch arrived on Wednesday. I think it’s just what we need for our family and Homer. It definitely needs broken in a bit, but…

…Homer approves 🤪

Favorite Mom Meme:

So relatable 😂

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday

With the Chiefs back in action this weekend, I love this memory of Homer as a puppy in his Chiefs scarf. I will have to recreate that this year too.

2019 Homer

Weekly Recap:

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Before I go, it’s definitely not a favorite, but I was certainly sad to hear about the passing of Queen Elizabeth. What an amazing life she lived and her legacy will carry on forever.

What are your weekend plans? We have a little of this and that. Hayden’s going to a birthday party, we may hit up a fall festival, Hayden has a cross country meet, and more!

See you back here on Monday for Not Just a Mom. I hope you have a great weekend.