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Three Things

Hey, hey! Now that we are in the swing of things with virtual school and fall activities, I thought I’d share a little family update with what everyone has been up to recently.

I interrupted his front yard golf game for this pic!
  1. Of course, the kids always have activities going on. For Hayden, this fall, he’s playing a short season of baseball with a new team. He knows most of the boys on the team, but this is the first season they’ve all played together. He’s also running cross country and playing the occasional round of golf (in the front and backyard or on an actual course) when time allows.
  2. Their learning pod is reading Indian in the Cupboard. Well, Hayden liked the book so much, that he stayed up late a couple of Saturdays ago to finish it. Then, he borrowed and has already finished the second book. I’d heard of Indian in the Cupboard but didn’t know it was a series of books.
  3. Lastly, Hayden is in a Fantasy Football league. Travis helped Hayden with the draft, and it’s funny how serious Hayden is when setting up his lineup each week. Of course, we’re over here cheering for the KC Chiefs this season, and Hayden’s FFL team, The Mahomies.
Pitcher Boo!
Sweet Sis
  1. On the fall activities front, Hadley is running cross country, taking dance, and occasionally going to volleyball clinics. This year, we’ve kicked it up a notch with dance because Hadley decided she wants to try competition team. So, she’s taking ballet/tap/jazz one night and then her competition team meets once a week.
  2. Hayden tends to be the drawer in the family, but Hadley is showing some artistic skills with her classwork. She’s enjoyed drawing for her morning work and in art class.
  3. Fifth graders can take band, and Hadley is interested in playing the flute. Sign-ups started earlier this week, and she’s hopeful she’ll get to play the flute (back up choice: clarinet!). I think it will be a great thing for her to try!
art by Hadley

Homer continues to enjoy having us home so much, and hasn’t destroyed any major property lately! His current hobby is finding cicadas and bringing them in the house. More than once, I’ve thought he caught a bird because those things are so big!

He’ll do anything for treat and is always on the hunt for food that’s dropped on the floor…or left on the counter. Ugh!

Good thing he’s cute.

I’m really enjoying the mix of working from school and home. I feel like my part time job is shuttling kids everywhere, but that’s mom life…and I love it. I’m continuing to blog when I can (obviously), keep up with school (both for my job and virtual for the kids), exercise as often as possible and read when I can as well.

Lastly, Travis is finishing up a busy month of work as well as coaching the kids’ cross country team.

So, that’s just a little of what’s been going on with us. I feel blessed that the weather has been so wonderful, we are in a good school/work routine, and the kids are able to socialize and burn off some energy with their activities. I mean, I’m forever tired, but it’s worth it.

I hope you are having a great week.

9 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. You all are finding a groove! So glad that they have allowed activities for the kids! We are awaiting an announcement about school. It is supposed to come next Tuesday as our 6 weeks is up October 6. What do you think FC will do?

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    1. There’s a school board meeting Monday to determine the next six weeks. I know they are working on a hybrid plan and I’ve heard details about a possible elementary plan …but not much about high school. I’m wondering if they may phase in elementary then middle and high? That being said, fayette co is currently “orange” in the mode of metrics which I think means “consider remote learning only” ?? So I have no clue 😂I would like my own kids to try hybrid as soon as possible

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      1. Same here! I actually think starting with elementary might be smart. My sisters say it is going really well in their elementary schools in IN and OH. We are orange, too. I can’t wrap my head around the bussing part of it.

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      2. Yes – I had heard they were going to try to keep groups of hs kids together but I think that would be close to impossible. Virtual is actually going really well. I had perfect attendance in all classes Monday and yesterday only had 2 absent all day?
        Today is support session /work day with no live classes.

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  2. It sounds like you guys are really hitting your stride with virtual learning. I agree that I like working from home and school. It’s nice to be here and see/hear what the kids are learning and “meet” Jack’s middle school teachers. We find out tonight when we are going hybrid. I think it will be soon. I love these two or three things posts. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

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    1. We find out next week about the next six weeks. It’s been the best of both worlds as a working mom. I wouldn’t usually get this day to day time with them. We’ll always remember it


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