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Blog Challenge Part 9

Hello and happy Wednesday.

Today, I’m picking up where I left off in my blog writing challenge

…and talking about topic 18.

18. What am I afraid of?

Well, I’m not a huge fan of spiders or things that slither! Also, I can’t say that I love heights. I wasn’t always afraid of heights; that’s something that’s developed as I’ve gotten older.

That being said, when I saw this prompt, my first thought was losing someone I love unexpectedly or something happening to my kids.

This prompt is timely given the tragic event in Louisville on Monday. This sad news hits so close to home for us. I honestly don’t know how to really process the anxiety I’ve felt the past couple of weeks. First, the Covenant School and now this. As a mom, it’s been hard for me to let my kids out of my sight. As a teacher, I’ve felt on “high alert” the past couple of weeks. Just a year ago, we ended the school year reeling from the aftermath of Uvalde. It’s really hard to believe this is the world we live in.

Trav’s family knows what it’s like to unexpectedly and tragically lose his dad, and I pray events like these will never happen again. We need more than prayers though. We need voices to be heard, and we need change.

While we’ve had beautiful weather this week and the sun has been shining, the world feels pretty dark right now.

I know this post is serious, and while I hope my little corner of the internet is a happy place, I never want my blog posts to feel out of touch with reality.

13 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Part 9

  1. You put it really well. I was telling a colleague that I feel emotionally exhausted from dealing with my emotions and feeling like I am on the front lines of managing teenagers emotions. I had to start class yesterday by acknowledging what happened and asking if anyone needed support. I think educators are just so weary of everything we have been through with the pandemic and the fear of school shootings. If you have a chance, watch the reel I put on IG of the U of L hospital chief surgeon – I think he is.
    I am so sorry about Trav’s Dad. With my Dad it felt sudden but it was he was a healthy 76 year old running 4-5 miles a day and 7 weeks later he was gone. It wasn’t sudden when you put it that way, but all of a sudden he was no longer able to do anything but lie in a hospital bed.
    I worry about my kids non-stop, so I get your feelings in regards to yours.
    It’s just so hard. And, it has been hard to enjoy the beautiful weather, but I have made myself get outside after school.

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    1. I agree…I feel exhausted because it’s the end of the year, managing teens, managing my own teens, worry, etc. I sat on my front porch for a bit yesterday and enjoyed the weather. I saw the IG U of L surgeon. He spoke so eloquently and matter of fact. It’s so sad


      1. For sure! We we super busy Monday night but didn’t have anything last night. It gave my mind time to wander but I also took the time on my front porch to read, etc which was nice


  2. I am fully supportive of a blog post that addresses some difficult issues! It’s too easy for those not directly affected to just turn away with the excuse of “I just like to be happy”. If it isn’t spoken about, then how can anything be changed? Regardless of how much more needs to be done, I am still sending prayers to students and teachers/school staff as you finish up your year.

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