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Let’s Look


It felt weird not posting yesterday, but today I’m linking up with Shay and Erika for Let’s Look.

In January, we looked at scheduling/organizing a busy family.

This month’s topic is: what’s in your medicine cabinet…

Well, we don’t have one! I got to thinking…we’ve lived in three houses, and our first one had a medicine cabinet in the bathroom Travis used, but I didn’t have one in the bathroom I used. Then, our second house didn’t have one. (It was “newer,” so maybe that’s why?) Our current house did have one in the primary bathroom, but when we redid the bathroom a few years ago, we tore it out…and there’s just a mirror there now.

This closet has always been in the bathroom, and it’s where we store all the things…

Given the crazy busy stage of life right now, I guess it’s not in too bad of shape…

  • Top shelf: That white tub holds travel sized things like small bags we use when we travel, and a few other odds and ends.
  • Second to top shelf: Sheets for our bed. The kids have their spare pairs in their bedroom closets.
  • Next: Towels. Since the kids don’t have a closet in their bathroom, this closet holds the towels for them and for me.
  • Then…I have a tub for small items like lotion, mouthwash, etc. We have another small tub for dental hygiene…mostly the toothbrush heads for our toothbrushes. Then, I have nail polish and a few beauty products.
  • Bottom shelf: I have a bucket with a few hair things, then my Invisalign trays, and over the counter medicines and Band aids.
  • Very bottom: My facial steamer, heating pad, old scale (I guess I should throw this away), and a “beauty bag” that I’ve had forever and just keep random things in it like small trash bags, sunless tanner, hand sanitizer and more.

It’s a pretty small bathroom, and it could probably be better organized, but I’d say we at least can see everything and know where to find things. The kids only have a couple of drawers and under the sink storage in their bathroom. Travis uses the basement bathroom, and keeps up with his own towels, medicines, products, etc.

I store my skincare products, daily medicine, curling iron, and more under the sink and in the couple drawers I have in the bathroom vanity.

Do I wish I had a bigger bathroom? Sure do! I honestly wish it more for the kids. They share the world’s smallest hall bathroom. I guess it keeps them humble. haha…”first world” problems for sure.

Next month we look at all time favorite Amazon finds…I better start planning that post now. Y’all know I love Amazon!

I hope you are having a great week.

6 thoughts on “Let’s Look

  1. That is exactly what our hall bath linen closet looked like. Yours is way more organized than mine was and I think I needed more baskets and tubs. I think 60s ranch houses have this kind of closet.
    About keeping the kids humble, yes! I was talking to a girl about college and she has a full ride to U of L. I asked her about living on campus and she was like – only if I can have my own bathroom. I said, “girl, have you not watched Pitch Perfect”? That is part of college. She would rather stay at home? No, no, no! You have a communal bathroom and take your shower caddy. It’s so much fun! They are so isolated in the dorms at UK for example. Everyone has their own room in the suites. Too bougie! I could go on and on.
    We don’t have a medicine cabinet either. I keep our medicines in the kitchen. I really need to go through my bathroom stuff soon – how does it accumulate so fast?

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    1. Mine only looks tidy (ish) because I did that over break…& threw out lots of medicines that have expired. Yes! Communal bathroom, shower caddy, flip flops, etc …rite of passage! Yes, 60s ranch …very predictable 😂 we do have lots of closets – two hall, one in kitchen and then the one in my bathroom. So at least there is storage.


  2. We have a different closet for sheets and towels and I’m glad I didn’t need to share that one, it needs a clear out for sure! You’re doing a good job with managing a small bathroom.

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