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Easter Baskets


**I set this post to publish before hearing about the tragic news in Nashville.

The unthinkable happened yet again yesterday. While I know this stopped everyone in their tracks, as a mom and as a teacher, I know it hits me particularly hard every time a tragedy like this one is happens. Why is this becoming the norm?

It’s not my story to share, so I haven’t, but Trav comes from an exceptional family who have first hand experience with losing a loved one this way. While no one takes these events lightly, they certainly hit our family in a different way.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with the Covenant community. We need more than prayers to stop another tragic event like this from happening again.

Today’s post:

Well, I’m feeling better, but I’m still needing my voice to return to normal. It’s getting there.

It’s been funny because as I try to talk at home and use motions, the kids reply back the same way. I’m like…”You can talk!” haha

Anyway, I did take a moment to get my Easter ducks in a row and figure out what I’m going to get the kids. So, today, I’m sharing those ideas.

As I started this post, I did get to thinking…when I was a kid, we didn’t get all of these things. That being said, we always got candy and usually a stuffed animal or a few other odds and ends.

I guess it’s another thing (like birthdays) that I go “over the top” about, but I really do try to buy things they will use/wear in the spring and summer months and that I probably would be purchasing at some point anyway. So, most of their Easter basket items have always been new spring pjs, a pool toy, goggles, flip flops, etc.

Now that they are older and seem to have more expensive taste, I do try to keep that in mind and buy less.

Of course, they will get Easter candy in their baskets, but I like to buy a few other things too.


  • Hayden has a few polos, and recently he tried them on and most don’t fit. He just needs to go up a size in whichever brands he wants. He has a couple Vineyard Vines, but he loves his Under Armour polos that he’s had a for a couple of years. We donated the ones he’s outgrown to our neighbor. So, I’m going to get Hayden one or two more UA ones that I know he’ll wear them this spring and summer anytime I tell him to “look nice!”
  • I’d say the thing Hayden is the pickiest about is his swim trunks. Now, I’m not saying he has to have Vineyard Vines, but he won’t wear Target Cat and Jack anymore. 😆Since, even with a growth spurt, he tends to get at least two years out of swim trunks, I’ve started buying him a good brand, like Vineyard Vines, that I know will last and he will like them. That being said, that’s about the only VV he will wear now.
  • When I was at Walmart the other day, I picked the kids up each a new “cabana” style towel. I just saw them when I went to Walmart for some other things, and figured they’d be a good addition to their Easter baskets. Will they be excited about these? No. Do we need more towels? Yes.
  • This massage roller ball is something I know Hayden will use after a run. He’s good about taking care of himself with stretching and using the massage gun after his workouts.
  • These skip balls look like a fun addition to the pool bag!


  • This heatless curling set looks like something Hadley would love. She has the prettiest, thickest hair…I’m so jealous. She likes to straighten it sometimes and curl it other times too.
  • I bought Hadley her white Cushionaire Birk dupes in the summer of 2020. She still wears them all the time even though they are now at least a size too small. I decided to go ahead and get her another pair.
  • Hadley loves pjs as much as I do. She’s not really into matching sets anymore, but I thought these pj shorts look cute.
  • I got her the pink striped version of the Walmart cabana towel.
  • Then, I think I am just going to get her a Target gift card to go towards a new swimsuit or sunglasses. She’s to the age where she’s a bit more picky, and it’s probably just easier if I let her choose!

Easter will be here before we know it, and I’m glad it’s finally feeling like spring.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Baskets

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your first thoughts. There are no words.
    I think you did really well on EB stuff and you are way ahead of the game, too. I hope you get your voice back!

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