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Mother’s Day Gifts: Enneagram Edition

Happy Wednesday! 

I was scrolling Instagram, and one of my favorite accounts popped up with Mother’s Day guides for Enneagram types. I’ve shared before, and I love when she shares gift ideas.

I always think these are fun to look at, and I’m a 5w6. Here are the gift ideas for 5’s and 6’s…

Enneagram 5:

Blue blocker glasses – I still occasionally wear a couple of the pairs that I ordered during online learning days.  

Collectors Book Set – Gimme all the books!

Comfy Sweaters –I love a sweater, but will never say no to a comfy sweatshirt – I feel like I need a “Homebody” one. 

Book Marks – I miss the days of homemade bookmarks from the kids. I’ve seen an ad for a cute felt corner bookmark that I’ve been tempted to buy. 

Add to their coffee station –You can never have too many mugs in my opinion. 

Home Thermostat – Cozy vibes! 

Reading chair – Oh I’ve always dreamed of having a reading nook with a comfy chair in our bedroom. There’s no space though…maybe someday.  

Enneagram 6:

Comfy sweaters – Same as above! 

Personalized jewelry – I’ve received some meaningful jewelry through the years, and I always love that idea. 

Cute storage – I can always appreciate storage. We have one of those cute IKEA carts, and it’s in my favorite teal color. 

Water bottle – While we don’t need any more water bottles, I am tempted to get a Stanley cup for the summer. 

New vacuum – haha – No thank you! 

Home security – I feel like this is more of a Father’s Day gift 😉 

Purse organization – How about a new purse? Haha  

A few other ideas:

I shared this post a couple of weeks ago (some Amazon options too) but if you are on a time crunch, here are some additional ideas…(forward this post to your husbands if needed😆)

Travis had these flower planters made, and then planted flowers in them. I was so surprised!

I’ve shared these cute flower pots from Etsy before, but kids could paint ones for their mom and plant some flowers. Travis had the kids paint a flower box for me when they were three or four. I loved it and uses it for a few years.

I LOVE the Birks I bought last summer from Nordstrom. They would be the perfect gift with a gift card for a pedicure.

These Amazon sandals are cute options too:

(FYI: I sized up from my regular 9 to a 10 on both)

So many boutiques (& even Amazon) have these crossbody hobo purses. I love mine that I got a couple of years ago from a local boutique. I change out the straps, and a couple of the straps are from Amazon.

Target pj’s and a gift card for a massage would be perfect too!

*some of these ideas could work for teacher gifts, birthday gifts, or even a “treat yo self” gift.

I’ve always loved just a low-key day whenever possible for Mother’s Day. We usually go to church and then brunch or a late lunch. We typically go pick out hanging ferns for the front porch, and I always appreciate a card and a day with minimal bickering from the kids. 

I know Mother’s Day is difficult for some. Mother’s Day 2013 was a painful one for me. I do think others now do a good job of remembering that Mother’s Day can be a sad day for some. 

This year, Hadley has a dance competition on Sunday, so I’m not sure what all we will do, but I’m sure I’ll feel the love 😉

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