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Mother’s Day Gifts: Enneagram Edition

Happy Wednesday! 

I was scrolling Instagram, and one of my favorite accounts popped up with Mother’s Day guides for Enneagram types. I’ve shared before, and I love when she shares gift ideas.

I always think these are fun to look at, and I’m a 5w6. Here are the gift ideas for 5’s and 6’s…

Enneagram 5:

Blue blocker glasses – I still occasionally wear a couple of the pairs that I ordered during online learning days.  

Collectors Book Set – Gimme all the books!

Comfy Sweaters –I love a sweater, but will never say no to a comfy sweatshirt – I feel like I need a “Homebody” one. 

Book Marks – I miss the days of homemade bookmarks from the kids. I’ve seen an ad for a cute felt corner bookmark that I’ve been tempted to buy. 

Add to their coffee station –You can never have too many mugs in my opinion. 

Home Thermostat – Cozy vibes! 

Reading chair – Oh I’ve always dreamed of having a reading nook with a comfy chair in our bedroom. There’s no space though…maybe someday.  

Enneagram 6:

Comfy sweaters – Same as above! 

Personalized jewelry – I’ve received some meaningful jewelry through the years, and I always love that idea. 

Cute storage – I can always appreciate storage. We have one of those cute IKEA carts, and it’s in my favorite teal color. 

Water bottle – While we don’t need any more water bottles, I am tempted to get a Stanley cup for the summer. 

New vacuum – haha – No thank you! 

Home security – I feel like this is more of a Father’s Day gift 😉 

Purse organization – How about a new purse? Haha  

A few other ideas:

I shared this post a couple of weeks ago (some Amazon options too) but if you are on a time crunch, here are some additional ideas…(forward this post to your husbands if needed😆)

Travis had these flower planters made, and then planted flowers in them. I was so surprised!

I’ve shared these cute flower pots from Etsy before, but kids could paint ones for their mom and plant some flowers. Travis had the kids paint a flower box for me when they were three or four. I loved it and uses it for a few years.

I LOVE the Birks I bought last summer from Nordstrom. They would be the perfect gift with a gift card for a pedicure.

These Amazon sandals are cute options too:

(FYI: I sized up from my regular 9 to a 10 on both)

So many boutiques (& even Amazon) have these crossbody hobo purses. I love mine that I got a couple of years ago from a local boutique. I change out the straps, and a couple of the straps are from Amazon.

Target pj’s and a gift card for a massage would be perfect too!

*some of these ideas could work for teacher gifts, birthday gifts, or even a “treat yo self” gift.

I’ve always loved just a low-key day whenever possible for Mother’s Day. We usually go to church and then brunch or a late lunch. We typically go pick out hanging ferns for the front porch, and I always appreciate a card and a day with minimal bickering from the kids. 

I know Mother’s Day is difficult for some. Mother’s Day 2013 was a painful one for me. I do think others now do a good job of remembering that Mother’s Day can be a sad day for some. 

This year, Hadley has a dance competition on Sunday, so I’m not sure what all we will do, but I’m sure I’ll feel the love 😉

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Word of the Year – Enneagram Edition


Well, yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. Thankfully, I didn’t have to be to school until 9:00, so today will be the first day of my alarm going off at 6:00 again. It was good seeing my colleagues yesterday, and it’s always great to get students back in the building. I know, even for my own family, it will be good to get back on a schedule and a routine.

Anyway, we went to a New Year’s Eve get together, and my friend had us each draw three words and we shared them as our “Word of the Year.”

I’m sure you’ve seen those graphics where they say the first three words you see are your words for the year. That’s where she got this idea.

Anyway, the words I drew were: creativity, reset, and calm.

I like those words. I’m generally pretty creative, and I’ve said that this blog is my main source of creativity. January is a perfect time to reset on all the things. I want to get back to tracking what I eat and working out. I also want to take the time to plan and get organized. My birthday is next weekend, and I’m always pretty reflective this time of the year. I think with turning another year older and the start of a new year, I was meant to have a January birthday. It’s just a natural time to hit the reset button. Lastly, I actually feel like January is a more calm month in general after the holidays, and it’s just what I need.

I will keep these three words in mind this year.

I’ve shared this account before, and am always curious to see what has to say about 5w6.

Enneagram 5:

Enneagram 6:

I also saw this on Instagram, and it stuck with me as good intentions for this year:

I hope to have a great year…both 2023 and 43. I hope the same can be said for you!

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Gift Guides (ish)

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We spent some of our weekend in Knoxville because Hayden ran in the AAU National Championship race. Then, we spent Sunday doing all the things like church, grocery pick up, shopped for Angel Tree gifts, chores around the house, and then watched the Chiefs game.

Anyway, I know that many Instagrammers and bloggers share gift guides this time of the year which can be both helpful and and sometimes overwhelming.

In my own little twist on “gift guides,” I’m sharing Enneagram gift guides because I love the ones that @ashton.creates shares on her page.

Again, I don’t live or die by Enneagrams, but I do think it’s interesting. I’m a 5w6 and here are the gift guides for both of those:

5 (Investigator)

  • Camera: Well, I haven’t owned a camera in ages thanks to my iPhone, but I do love taking pictures.
  • Candle: Yes! I love candles. I used to pretty much only buy my candles at Bath and Body Works, but this past year, I’ve ordered quite a few from Antique Candle Co., and I’ve loved them all.
  • New mug: I love coffee mugs. While I switch them up season to season, I pretty much stick with my fave most mornings.

6 (Loyalist)

  • Weighted blanket: I cannot live without my weighted blanket. I’ve had one for a couple of years, and it’s hard to sleep without it!
  • Membership: Memberships are a great idea. We always gift Netflix to my dad every year.
  • Letter board: Crafty things are so fun.
  • Slippers: I have a couple of pairs of favorites slippers, but these are my fave.

Another favorite Instagram account I follow is Her gift guides are fun too!


  • Blue light blocker glasses: When we were online for school, I snagged a few pairs of glasses; they were fun to wear.
  • Collectors book set: I always ask for a couple of books every year. Since I rarely buy books, I usually keep a list on Amazon that I share with family as gift ideas for me.
  • Comfy sweaters: Yes to a sweater! The best part about winter is sweater weather. This is my favorite Amazon sweater (I have it in three colors), and this one is a recent purchase that I love.
  • Book marks: I love a good book mark!
  • Add to their coffee station: K-cups in my stocking, please.
  • Home thermostat: This is a practical idea.
  • Reading chair: I dream of having a big enough bedroom one day to have a reading corner.


  • Comfy sweaters: See above!
  • Personalized jewelry: Etsy always has so many cute options. I’ve gifted and received so many good and thoughtful pieces through the years.
  • Cute storage: Organizing is always a great idea!
  • Water bottle: Besides a water bottle (which we don’t need ANY more!), I love personalized tumblers and skinny can coolers.
  • New vacuum: This I do not need 🙂
  • Home security: Again, practical!
  • Purse organization: see “cute storage” above

What’s on your “wish list” this year? If you know your Enneagram number, you should check out their posts!

Teens (and others!)

Now, these aren’t Earth shattering ideas, but I never shared what I got the kids for their birthday.

I try to do “want, need, wear, read” to keep it a somewhat simple shopping list.


This book caught my eye and I knew they’d love the Homer socks!


I hope they’ll let me buy them Christmas pjs until they are 18. I don’t buy the cute little kid ones anymore, but bottom line is in the winter months, they need warmer pjs…so why not buy for birthday?

Hayden prefers the jogger style for sweatpants and pajama pants, so I turned to Old Navy to get both of their pjs. Both of my kids now fit in adults sizes (what the what?!), so that’s what they got. Travis ordered this set of football cards for Hayden, and he was excited.

We also got Hayden a Nike UK hooded sweatshirt, jogger sweatpants, and basketball shorts.


I wanted to get Hadley something special for her 13th birthday, and picked out the Elisa pendant necklace at Kendra Scott. I wasn’t sure what stone she’d want, and I ended up choosing her birthstone.

Besides flannel pj bottoms (and t-shirt), I got her a Kentucky sweatshirt, leggings, and this sweater.

Honestly, I feel more behind than ever on my shopping. As the kids have gotten older, they understand that money and gift cards go a long way, but of course, I want to pick up them up other things as well. In some ways it was easier when they loved Legos and Barbies!

I’d love to hear any ideas you have for my teens! Bonus points if I can order on Amazon. haha

I hope you have a great start to your week.

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Little Miss + Enneagram


I’m not sure why or where these Little Miss sayings started, and I think people either love them or hate them. haha

I follow (Tess) on Instagram, and loved looking at her recent Enneagram types posts.

I think it’s been two years since I took the Enneagram test, and I’m a 5w6. Sometimes, I think I’m more of a 6 than a 5 when I see different references, but I think it’s fun to analyze.

Here are the Little Miss sayings that most apply to my Type 5w6 self:

Type 5
  • Little Miss “All Black Wardrobe”: While I don’t wear all black (mostly because of Homer hair haha!), my winter wardrobe is usually black, gray, and navy!
  • Little Miss “Give Me Space”: I definitely need my “me” time every day.
  • Little Miss “Doesn’t Like the Spotlight”: I definitely don’t like the spotlight. I’m happy to blend in.
  • Little Miss “Probably Overthinking”: All day, err’y day!
  • Little Miss “This Could Have Been an Email”: I like to be as efficient with my time as possible. I hate when I feel like time is being wasted…or a meeting could have been an email!

Type 6
  • Little Miss “Needs the Schedule”: How can a person live without a schedule?!?
  • Little Miss “Planner Addict”: The best thing about “back to school” is a new planner and new pens!
  • Little Miss “Online Shopping Addict”: Did you see yesterday’s post? I don’t think I’d call myself an “addict,” but I do prefer to shop online. That being said, I also think that goes with my tendency to want to be efficient…and stay home.
  • Little Miss “Little Miss Overpacked”: I wrote about my over-packing tendencies in this blog post. I’m a work in progress. I’ve also admitted that I’m a “home body,” so I think that’s why I overpack. I just want to feel “at home” wherever I go. Also, I used to overpack a large suitcase. Now, I just overpack a medium one. #babysteps
  • Little Miss “Makes Tons of Lists”: I love a list…or 12. I have lists on my phone, lists in my school planner, lists on sticky notes, grocery lists and more. I also make “to do” lists for my kids for their chores or even schoolwork if they need to stay on top of it. I’ve even added things to lists after I’ve already completed the task just so I can cross that item off. So satisfying! Am I normal? Actually, don’t answer that! 😉

What Enneagram type are you? You should check out Tess’s posts, and let me know which Little Miss you relate to the most.

I hope you are having a great week.