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Day in the Life

Hello and happy Thursday.

I love “Day in the Life” posts and a few of my favorite bloggers have shared them recently. Coincidentally, I have one too!

Today, I’m sharing about last Thursday, May 4. It was a typical day in most ways, but Travis was in Louisville that day/evening, so I was in charge of all things after school. Also, Hayden was under the weather, so he stayed home that day.

Anyway, here’s a peek at a pretty typical May day for me.

Well, I forgot to screenshot my phone when my alarm went off, but I woke up at 6:00, per usual.

I always turn on my candle and light a couple more while my coffee brews.

Then, I watch the news, drink my coffee, and read a few blogs. It’s about 45 minutes of quiet time that I need to start my day.

Around 6:50, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and made the bed.

Then, I went and packed my lunch for the day.

The kids slept in a bit because Travis could take them to school. Since Hayden wasn’t feeling well, Travis was going to take him to the dr. when they opened up.

I got dressed around 7:45.

Then, I told Hadley and Travis goodbye since Hayden was still sleeping.

I got to school around 8:00. I always go to my classroom, unpack my lunch, open my planner, and then write on my white board the classes/agendas for the students I’m helping that day.

I’m still doing intervention classes this year which means I work with students who need additional help in their English classes. This year, I’ve been helping quite a few social studies students as well, especially with writing. Because I’ve been doing this job for a few years now, teachers are more proactive with sending me students when they need help…and not after they’ve failed. It makes this an all around better experience for everyone 😉

1st hour– These English 1 students had finished reading Night, and had a motif assignment.

2nd hour – I helped a group of English 2 students analyze two poems by Emily Dickinson. Another student read the poem 5pm Tuesday and I helped her answer the questions.

3rd hour – I checked my mailbox and made a couple of copies. The last half hour of 3rd, I helped some English 3 students with a mini essay for Long Way Down.

While they worked, I checked Canvas to see what the afternoon classes had planned.

Advisory -I don’t have an advisory class, but pretty often student come work in my room during these 25 minutes of study hall. I helped some students look at IXL which is an online program we use for grammar…Commas with compound and complex sentences…so much fun.

Then, it was lunchtime. Sometimes I eat lunch with other teachers, but often times, I eat at my desk before students arrive who need help that hour.

4th & 5th hours -same assignment as 1st hour

6th hour – I had a group of English 1 students who I meet with every Wednesday and Thursday during 6th hour. They had a Romeo and Juliet close read assignment that we worked on.

After school, I had lots to do, so I left ASAP. Hayden was still at home, so I went and checked on him. Then, I stopped by Peacocks and Pearls to pick up an online order…one more dress for Oaks that I thought might work.

When I got home, I had a few dresses that had finally arrived and were waiting on my front porch. I tried them all on. I do like to snap a pic (not just for the blog) to see what the outfit looks like with my shoe options.

Honestly, I really liked them all. I’d ordered the top left one a couple of weeks prior, and thought I’d wear it if I didn’t find a shorter one I liked. I love midi style dresses, but it almost felt too fancy.

The pink in the middle is what I ended up wearing to Oaks. The second I put it on, I loved it.

Some of the other dresses — top right, bottom middle, and bottom right all came from Avara. Honestly, I loved them all, but top right and bottom middle had thicker fabric with lining…and I wondered if I would get hot. I loved the bottom right one so much that I kept it too!

The bottom left dress is what I picked up from Peacocks and Pearls. I really liked it, but wondered if I’d be too hot in the sleeves. Also, it has one button on the chest, and it gaped a little.

{I linked the dresses for y’all because I really did love them all. Some are sold out, but maybe they will come back in stock!)

Once I decided on the pink dress, I second guessed the fascinator I had and sent a couple of photos to my friends to see if they had one I could borrow. My friend Krista saved the day!

Then, I headed to the basement for my 30 minute workout.

After I worked out, I had about 45 minutes before I needed to pick up Hadley from track. I wanted to visit Sun Tan City again for a spray tan. It was going to be a wait for the booth I used last time, but I could use the Xpressions booth which is the older version of the Versa. Anyway, it all worked out, and I was in and out in twenty minutes.

I picked Hadley up from track, and we decided to quickly pick up dinner before I had to take her to dance.

We called Hayden to confirm his order, and then went to Jason’s Deli. We were home about thirty minutes before I had to take Hadley to dance.

On the way to dance, we stopped at my friend’s house to pick up the fascinator. Hadley immediately put it on. 😆

After I dropped Hadley off a dance, I had to go pick up the tickets for Oaks from one of Trav’s co-workers.

Once I got home, I talked to my dad on the phone for a few minutes and sat outside to finish my Jason’s Deli chicken panini.

Then, I came inside to finish the blog post for Friday.

I unloaded dishwasher and had a bit of downtime before I had to pick up Hadley. I read for a few minutes and watched some Beat Bobby Flay.

After I picked Hadley up, I had a glass of wine and watched an episode of The Diplomat.

As the kids got ready for bed, I did too. I skipped my PM skincare routine because of my spray tan.

Around 10:00, I got into bed and watched an episode of King of Queens. (I love that show!)

I was pretty tired, so I was asleep around 10:30.

Overall, it was a good but pretty busy day…especially solo parenting in the evening!

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

7 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. I love all the dresses on you, but I think you picked the best one! And, I love Krista’s fascinator. Tom loves Jason’s Deli and his old company built the ones in Louisville – I think? Can you give me a white wine rec? I am trying to embrace more white wines in my life.
    I will be on your school schedule next year – probably arriving around 8:00 with an 8:40 start time. I am kind of excited to have slower mornings but not excited about losing the after school time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I was glad that I liked them all but then I had to remind myself to return what I didn’t need haha
      I often get Stella Pinot Grigio at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes at target, I get the Kim Crawford brand.
      My old school was 8:50-3:50 (8:30-4:10 teachers) which I liked because I drove 30 minutes but once I had the kids (& especially once they were in school), I wanted to be in their district…& going from that time to 8-3:30 was so nice. When I taught in Missouri, school was 7:30-2:30 and I loved it…but obviously didn’t have kids then and had way more time in general 😆 my current schedule has been the best for my life right now.


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