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Not Just a Mom – Pet Peeves

Hello and happy Monday.

How was your weekend? We had a really good one. Travis and I had an amazing day at Oaks on Friday, Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing, and yesterday we watched Hadley dance all day at her dance competition.

We’re ready to get the ball rolling on the week.

I’m linking up with my favorite ladies for our Not Just a Mom post.

So far this year, we’ve discussed:

Also, guess what…I wrote this post last month and was just about to link up for Let’s Look and realized the topic sounded really familiar. PIVOT!…Instead of posting, I saved it and updated a few things for today’s link up.

This month’s topic is our pet peeves

Oh, don’t even get me started 😆

That being said, because I try to stay positive, I’m going to limit myself to only a few pet peeves for this post!

  • Well, I’d like to say loud chewing, but really just hearing other people chew is a pet peeve. I swear I must have a touch of misophonia because sometimes at dinner, I have to give my family the side eye because I hear every slurp and bite they take.
  • Speaking of “side eye,” people who talk during movies get a look from me!
  • Empty boxes/containers in the pantry…and dishes in the sink.
  • People who litter…hello! Let’s save the world, please.
  • My #1 pet peeve is those who don’t put away their shopping cart. Seeing a wayward cart in the parking lot just runs right through me!

I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect. I’m sure I do things that get on other peoples’ nerves, but I try to at least not do the things above.

What are some of your pet peeves?

We’d love for you to join us next month when we talk about…how we became a mom.

After today, we only have two more Mondays in the school year! I can’t believe it.

I hope you have a great start to your week.

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18 thoughts on “Not Just a Mom – Pet Peeves

  1. The shopping cart thing tells me everything I need to know about a person. They are selfish and don’t think of others. They think they are too busy/busier than everyone else. I once had a hilarious experience watching a woman who didn’t put her cart away and then she couldn’t back out because of where she had left the cart. Karma!
    I also hate when I let a person out in front of me while driving and they don’t give me the courtesy wave. Seriously? I didn’t have to let you out!

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    1. My kids are older and I can’t say we have more help and less attitude 😆 mine don’t leave dishes on the table but I sometimes find them in their room. Gross


  2. I was so afraid to start typing my list (and it IS quite long… but I thought of a good number more today!! LOL). The ONLY time I don’t return a cart is if it’s a really snowy day and the store didn’t plow/shovel and I literally had to use my body weight to get the cart to my car… it’s rare but it has happened… otherwise I’m returning mine and any others I see along the way! It’s not that hard to do.

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  3. Good list! I can see that a mom with little ones might have a logistically difficult time getting the shopping cart to a corral, but that’s the only possible mitigating circumstance. And when that was me, I strategically parked close to a corral and/or figured out a way to return the cart, so I think others could do the same. Oh, that reminds me of one that’s kind of related – the people that park diagonally across parking spots, presumably so their car won’t get scratched. Nothing tempts me to key a car more. I never would, but I’m tempted!

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  4. I could list 100 things easily which annoy me and I am nodding along with yours.
    I hate hearing people eat too. My girls laugh at me when I get annoyed with them and always say they’re just eating.

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