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Bookstore Love

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Speaking of “happy,” besides a library, a bookstore is one of my “happy places.” We are so lucky to have an awesome bookstore in town…Joseph Beth. Besides Lexington, there is a location in Cincinnati as well.

At Joseph Beth, you can get coffee, sit in a cozy chair and read, and enjoy the food at Bronte Bistro. Of course, they have books, but you can also find various things like clothes, purses, seasonal items (like Derby decorations), bath/body items, candles, sweets, and more.

My mom’s birthday is coming up. Since she was visiting, we had a birthday dinner and dessert over the weekend. We decided to get her a gift card to Joseph Beth for her birthday, and she could use it before she left town.

Whenever I go, I love to walk around and see what they have on display.

Here’s a peek at a few of the favorite things I saw:

  • Banned book puzzle
  • The Bookstore Lover’s Birthday Book -This seems to be a “diary” of sorts where you can write each day, but also make note of what you’ve read.
  • Wristlet purse – super cute!!
  • Bogg bags -perfect for the pool
  • Book bag
  • Tea mug (and various teas): I actually got my mom this mug to put the gift card in. She likes tea, and I thought this mug was cute because it has a little holder on the side for the tea bag.
  • CUTE! colander and shaker
  • Recipe box and cards
  • Sweets!
  • Volcano candle -so good!
  • Journals
  • Herb garden markers: I thought these were super cute!

My mom ended up picking up some books on Ireland because she’s going there with friends later this year.

While she probably would have liked any of the above, I did want her to choose something she would really want and use.

Do you love a bookstore as much as I do?

7 thoughts on “Bookstore Love

  1. I remember how good this store was! What a great idea to treat your mom to a gift card. Book stores and libraries have always been so calming to me. It has always been one of our special things to do with our kids.

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  2. I love to visit Joseph Beth, so I love my gift card. I looked for tea for my new mug, but there was only loose tea; no bags. I almost bought one of those green journals for my trip but decided to hold off. Thank you all for my gift card. Love, Mom

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