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Three Things

Hello! I hope your week is off to a great start. The weather was mild here yesterday, so the kids were able to play outside a bit on their day off. I was able to get caught up on laundry, place my Kroger order, run to Trader Joe’s, go for a walk and more.

Today, I’m sharing a Three Things post with just a little update on all of us.

{Three Things on a TWOsday. 2•22•22!}

  1. Basketball season has spanned about six months for Hayden, and he’s been loving it. For middle school in our school district, the girls play mid-October until mid-December. Then, the boys have try-outs in December and play games in January, February, and maybe a bit of March. So, Hayden started playing in a rec league in September, then he continued playing with another team that he’s played with for a few years while also playing on his middle school team. So, there’s been some overlap of teams which has meant quite a bit of basketball for Hayden, but he’s really enjoyed it.
  2. When Hayden started his “Phase 2” braces at the end of July 2020, his treatment plan was for 2 1/2 years. That being said, at his last appointment, they indicated that he hopefully only has 4-5 more months which would put him a bit before two years. We don’t want to jinx it, but hopefully we can close the chapter on braces soon.
  3. Hayden enjoyed learning the game of Cribbage when my mom visited a couple of weeks ago. He just has quite the competitive spirit whether it’s on the court or on the cribbage board.
  1. Hadley is all signed up for camp this summer, and she’s really excited. With middle school, she’s found that there are girls who went to the same camp that she recognizes and has become friends with in middle school. I think she will have extra fun this summer.
  2. This is the first year since 1st grade that we haven’t been up to our eyeballs in Girl Scout cookie deliveries. That being said, Hadley has filled her time being active in school activities like Student Council, dance team, and chorus as well as attending youth group activities at church. Recently, the combined youth groups went to a local women’s shelter to help organize donated food and supplies.
  3. Competition season started this past weekend, and it’s always fun to see Hadley up on stage. She’s in a large group musical theater number as well as a small group who performs a jazz routine. The small group routine begins with Hadley’s triple turn. She was nervous, but she landed that triple turn like a boss!
  1. Travis is busy with work as usual. It’s foaling season, so he has lots of clients to keep up to date on how mama and baby are doing. The other night the laptop was open to live camera footage of the stall of a very important mama horse waiting to have her baby. Travis seriously works 24/7. I know why his co-workers and clients think so highly of him; he’s very committed to all he does. He’s also excited that it’s almost track season for Hayden and Hadley! You know he loves to see them run! (…and he was a really great basketball coach and “dance dad” this past weekend)
  2. I’m really busy this time of the year with ESS (Extended School Services). We have tutoring three days a week that I organize, but I’m busy because we also offer credit recovery session from first semester. I run reports, send letters home, schedule students, buy snacks, meet with teachers, turn in payroll and more. I’ve really enjoyed this added responsibility this year, but it can be time consuming since I’m learning as a I go.
  3. Homer is still Homer. He’s about 80% dependable now but when he’s the other 20%, it still means he’s destroying a remote control or taking a shoe out to the backyard. Poor Homer also still struggles with allergies. Allergy shots seem to help, but a few months ago we even had to change his food. Thankfully, they seem to be under control now.

So, that’s a bit of what we’ve been up to. I feel like I share the Three Things posts seasonally, so that’s our winter update…just in time to transition into spring activities and end of the year milestones! We’ll blink, and it will be summer.

I’m not sure if I will have a post for tomorrow, but I should be back Thursday and Friday.

Thanks for reading,

2 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. We did braces from 8th grade to what was supposed to be 10th grade and it lingered a bit longer. Then, it was time for wisdom teeth removal! Ah, the teeth years! Your kids look so cute in braces.
    Hadley looks so grown up in the dance and the pic with Travis.
    That is so cool about his job – the Derby excitement is already in the air and I’ve seen dresses and hats already out.
    ESS is a big job and it involves after school time so that is stressful. We have more failures than ever with the transition back to in person I think.
    Have a good short week – they can fool ya and end up feeling longer, as you know!


    1. It is weird to think they should be finished with braces by 7th grade. Times have changed. She always looks older on dance days. It’s the stage make up 🤣 there’s no way I would organize ESS if I was doing a regular classroom job, but it’s been nice doing something different. Wake up this morning was difficult 🥴


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