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Three Things

Hello! It’s almost the weekend. I can tell you that I feel like I’m barely hanging on this week.


I try to do a “Three Things” post each “season,” but it looks like I skipped summer…my last Three Things post was in May!

Here’s what’s going on with each of us lately:

  1. Sports: Now that school cross country is finished, Hayden has started club season which will go into early December. This was such a fun season to watch Hayden improve with each race. He hasn’t had the best luck at the state meet the past two years (last year, he was still getting over Covid, and this year, he’d hurt his leg). I know next year he’s hoping to have a solid season as an 8th grader. I can’t believe that next year will be the last year of middle school running. He’s also playing rec basketball to prep for middle school basketball in December as well.
  2. Cooking: I have to give Hayden credit…he’s mastered making grilled cheese and quesadilla. He figured those two dishes out over the summer. This semester he has Life Essentials, so maybe he’ll add to his cooking rotation.
  3. School: In 7th grade, students choose a foreign language, and Hayden chose Spanish. I think he’s enjoying it so far. Last Friday was “Heritage Day” at school, and the students in Spanish class had presentations, there was food to eat, and guest speakers in the gym. Hayden and his group earned 100%, so they were happy about that. Muy bueno!
  1. Sports/Activities: Like last year, Hadley’s doing all the things. She’s still taking studio dance as well as competition. This year, one of her classes is lyrical, and she’s loving it. This has been Hadley’s first week of volleyball practice, and she’s excited for this season. She’s also on Student Council this year, and they are busy planning the Haunted House that’s coming up soon.
  2. Life update: Hadley’s loving not having her braces. She does have to wear clear (like Invisalign) retainers for now, and she’s kept up with them so far. She said she’s most excited to bite into an apple now that she doesn’t have braces which I thought was a funny rite of passage.
  3. School: Hadley chose French as her foreign language this year, and is enjoying it. She dreams of going to see the Eiffel Tower one day which is why she chose French over Spanish. haha
  1. Travis is finished coaching the middle school cross country, but now he’s the Lexington area coach for club season. He’s got a good group of runners. I don’t know how he does it all, but he enjoys it. He’s also very busy with work because the Breeder’s Cup is in Lexington this year, and he’s also preparing for a sale next week as well as the November sales.
  2. I just finished phase 1 of my Invisalign. Of course, I didn’t know what to expect, but so far so good. After my first 30 weeks, they took off my attachments and rescanned me. I have an appointment next month to get my new set of trays. So, right now, it’s weird to actually not have the trays in my mouth 24/7. I just sleep in my week 30 trays at night. How many more phases will I have? I’m not sure, but all along, my treatment plan was 18-24 months. And…this week has been extra busy because I’ve been giving the ACT at school the past couple of days. I feel like I haven’t really been in a regular routine at school, but I’m happy to help however is needed at school.
  3. Homer – Nothing really to report with Homer besides the fact I do think he’s continuing to mature. It’s nice to leave him out in the house when we are gone…He’s living his best life taking naps and guarding the house. We love him a lot.

So…that’s just a bit about what we are up to. We are entering our most hectic time of the year as Travis is busy with work, the kids have their birthday soon, and of course, we have the holidays coming up too! Now, we’ve added volleyball and club running to our plates.

I hope you are having a great week. See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

10 thoughts on “Three Things

  1. I love this! I hate being out of the normal school routine for testing. I’ve been happy to be back in a normal 5 day week schedule this week and for the next two weeks. We have a long weekend for election day for the kids and that will throw us off again. You all are busy next month! I hope it’s also a good month for you!

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  2. I picked French for that same reason and went with my high school class on a trip! As much as I loved seeing the Eiffel tower in person my favorite part of the trip was actually getting to see a bunch of the old castles in the Loire Valley. Hopefully, Hadley will make it there one day!

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  3. I always love these types of posts to look back on, don’t you? It’s good to hear about your family! It sounds like both of your kids enjoy school, which I think can be such a rare thing at that age. It also sounds like they have a great set of friends. Re-entry after a week off is always so hard! I know you’re glad to have made it to Thursday!

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    1. They do like school and have been blessed with great friendships. I mean…they are almost teens so I have to fuss with them about homework , etc …but overall, I’ve been pleased with their first year + in middle school. 🙂


    1. SO many of my kids have Invisalign instead of traditional braces. That being said, I guess if my kids were just getting braces, I’d be open to it for them…but they got their last set when they were in 5th. That being said, Invisalign takes a lot of responsibility…& I’ve even almost thrown mine away haha

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