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Three Things

Hello! I like to do a Three Things post every few months just diving a bit deeper into what each of us is up to. So, here’s the summer version of:

Summer brings a mix of sports, activities, and more.

  1. Of course, sports don’t stop for Hayden, even in the summer. He’s playing on a travel baseball team, playing summer league basketball which is very laid back, and playing golf whenever he can convince Travis to take him! He is spending his summer continuing with occasional hitting lessons and since he’s not doing swim team this summer, he’s had more time to attend athletic camps. He’s gone to basketball and baseball camp this summer and still has a golf camp to attend!
  2. He’s getting the hang of wearing contacts. Again, we haven’t really made it a huge priority but about a month ago, he was able to put them in with less help from us (I will spare you the details 😉) On vacation, he put them in on his own a couple of times even if it took a few minutes. Hopefully by the time school starts, he will have mastered this!
  3. Hayden flew through John Grisham’s Theodore Boone books, and he absolutely loved them. He’s also finished one of his summer reading books. It thrills me how much he loves to read!
  1. Hadley’s summer activities include swim team and dance workshops. Since she didn’t swim last summer, this summer has been a big adjustment because she’s in the the younger end of the 11-12 age group and this age group starts swimming 50’s! She’s had a couple of practices where they swam twenty 50’s! They also play games during practices, make signs for the meets, and have donut days on the Thursdays after swim meets, so it’s typically more fun than serious for summer swim. For dance, she’s been taking a pre-pointe class which she’s been so excited about as well as a turns and tricks class as well.
  2. Hadley is so excited to go to camp this summer. It’s definitely something she missed last summer, so she’s counting the days!
  3. Another thing she missed last summer was being able to hang out with friends, go to sleepovers, and other social activities. This summer, she’s definitely making up for lost time, and it’s been nice to see her have so much fun with her friends and be a bit more independent.


Homer, of course, loves having us home more again! Also, a couple of our neighbors have dogs his age and size, so he’s been able to burn some energy with them a bit lately. Even Homer is a social butterfly! Also, unfortunately, he’s been very itchy again this summer. So, he got an allergy shot in early June, and needs another one soon. The vet said it’s probably a grass allergy, and at least last summer, he only got about four shots and was fine the rest of the year.

Travis and Me:


Travis is in full on sports dad mode! He’s helping Hayden start training for the middle school cross country season, and shuttling him to all the baseball practices and games!

Also, we are celebrating him today! Happy birthday, T-rav! (We actually did cake and presents last night since tonight is a much more hectic night with activities)


As for me, I’m helping again with summer school. Session 2 started yesterday. The first session went well, and it was nice being able to work a couple days a week for a few hours and still have a huge chunk of summer to enjoy with the kids. Now that the calendar has turned to July, I’m trying to enjoy these last four to five weeks of summer as well as mix in some productivity too!

So that’s what’s been going on with us! Tomorrow, I plan on sharing the details of our Isle of Palms trip and then Friday Favorites to finish up the week on the blog!

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      1. I guess because I was slow? That is great! Tell him to look in mirror, open up eye with left hand and get the contact really close to eyeball with right pointer finger and let it attach on its own. That helped me!

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