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Three Things Thursday

Hello! Shew! What a week. I swear we went from 0 to 100 which has left with less time to blog. It’s been a while since I’ve shared a little update on each of us, so today, I’m sharing Three Things.

on the field after the big UK vs Florida victory!
  1. The middle school cross country season is wrapping up, and Hayden has had a great season, especially considering the adjustment to running with 7th and 8th graders! His team celebrated their successes yesterday with a party after school. They still have the state meet left and then Hayden will also run a bit competitively this fall. He’s also started basketball which is another love of his!
  2. Hayden finished reading the Hunger Games book and immediately started the second one, Catching Fire. I always love when my kids find books (or a series!) they love to read.
  3. Hayden’s had a successful start to middle school. As the first quarter is wrapping up, he said his favorite class is art (and he’s not mad to have PE this semester as well!).
  1. Hadley has doubled down on dance with dancing for her school and in the studio. In the studio, she’s taking ballet, tap, and jazz as well as competition team. Middle school dance was paused for a bit with some many out due to quarantine, but Hadley’s happy to be back with that crew and looking forward to cheering and dancing at an upcoming school basketball game.
  2. Over the weekend, Hadley and a friend took a babysitting class at the YMCA and passed! Hadley is so good with younger kids, and now has the credentials to prove it 😉
  3. Hadley is also loving middle school. Besides dance, she’s signed up for Student Council, and says her favorite class is Life Essentials. She’s extra excited because first quarter was all about kitchen safety, and second quarter they get to bake!

**I think it’s interesting both kids chose their electives as their favorite classes. Middle school perks!

  1. Travis is glad to be back to work. Also, he’s officially recovered from his knee surgery and happy to get back to working out and running. He’s been helping Hayden with cross country when Hayden missed school. After the state meet, Travis will keep training Hayden for other races.
  2. I’m happy to be back to school as well now that everyone is healthy and resumed their normal activities. This is the first “normal” year of my academic intervention job, and I’m really loving it. I feel pretty good about our school routine, and I’ve been able to get a workout routine going. I still love the Beachbody app, and have started a new program: Morning Meltdown.
  3. Homer sure loved having us home so much over the past few weeks. While he’s still ornery, I really do think he’s maturing. It dawned on us recently that he hasn’t destroyed much lately! He still likes to dig holes in the backyard, but that’s better than chewing the remote or shoelaces!

So that’s bit of what’s going on with each of us. These feel like seasonal posts to me! I’m sure the next update will be in the winter!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

6 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Ohh I’d love to know more about your academic intervention job. Have you written a post about it?

    Happy to hear everything is getting a little easier after such a rough week last week!


    1. I started it in Nov 2019. I help struggling students with study skills, reading strategies, and more. Mostly, if a student is failing a class, they come see me and we work on the skills they need to remediate as well as complete work. This year, we’ve added to my team and I have a specialist for math/science and an academic counselor which means I can now focus on students who need help in English and social studies mostly. I also run our after school tutoring program 🙂


  2. Interesting! I love that middle school has Life Skills! My kids didn’t get that and I think it’s needed. We also need your position. We have some kids who are struggling after the last year and a half and we seem to be focusing on other initiatives and it’s starting to make me mad. This year should be about building community and getting kids back on track! I only teach advanced but you’d be surprised or maybe not by some of the struggles.

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