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Three Things: End of the School Year


Well, it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a Three Things post. With the end of the school year wrapping up, now seems like a good time to recap the year before we move into summer.

1. School-Overall, I’d say Hayden had a good year. The transition from 6th grade to 7th grade is a big one, and Hayden (and Hadley) had to make some adjustments. He chose Spanish for foreign language, made Honor Roll and earned all his AR reading points every quarter.

2. Sports– Hayden was busy all year with cross country, basketball and track. He survived (and I think enjoyed) having his dad as his cross country coach. He had fun with his basketball teammates. During track, he broke 5 minutes in the mile, setting the school record. For state, he’s qualified in the 800m, 1600,3200m, and 4×800 relay.

3. Also – I swear he’s grown a few inches since the start of the school year. This spring, he’s started mowing our yard and helped out by mowing a few neighbors’ yards when needed. At youth Sunday at church this past weekend, he was an usher and passed out the bulletins.

Overall, I’d say he had a pretty good 7th grade year, and I know he’ll continue to work on his weaknesses and utilize his strengths!

1. School – Let me tell you what Hadley loves most about school: clubs, sports, and socializing! This year, she was on Student Council and involved in Wyldlife. That being said, she did make the Honor Roll every quarter, chose French as her foreign language, and was a big help to her teachers.

2. Sports –Hadley LOVED playing volleyball for her school. Her team was so fun to watch and so many of her friends played as well. In the off season, she trained a bit for track, and has a really great outdoor season for her school. For state, she’s qualified for the 400m as well as three relays: 4×800, 4×200, and 4×400. She’s also continued with competition dance for her studio, and I’m always amazed by those performances as well.

3. Also – Hadley has a very nurturing spirit and a kind soul. She had so much fun during volleyball with her friends, like her, some of whom hadn’t played much volleyball. During track season, she’s taken some sweet 6th grade girls under her wing. She calls them her “soccer girls” because besides track, they play soccer. It’s been fun watching her help them and cheer them on. Also, she’s been babysitting more and more this year. It’s been good for her to have that responsibility. On Sunday, during the youth service, Hadley helped with the offering. We are really proud of the person she’s becoming!

1. Travis – As always, Travis is busy at work. With a couple of weeks between the last regular season track meet and state, he’s been helping the kids prepare for the state meet. He will have one more year as the cross country coach at the kids’ school. Since that’s in place, he’s excited to spread the word about cross country to the elementary feeder schools and train kids this summer.

2. I am wrapping up my 21st school year. How is that possible? I’m looking forward to summer, but I am running two weeks of summer school. Since I have quite a bit of help, my role isn’t too time consuming, and I’m appreciative of that! Next year, I will continue in my interventionist role, and I’m excited about that too.

3. Homer is now four years old. His “gotcha” day is June 8th, so I see a scoop of vanilla ice cream in his future. My mom visited recently and mentioned how during the day, Homer mostly slept. He really is a good dog and doesn’t cause too much trouble these days!

Three more days of school left! I think I can, I think I can…

9 thoughts on “Three Things: End of the School Year

  1. Love this! Hayden and Hadley seem so grown up. Congrats on the running stuff for Hayden! Hadley seems like a nice leader and not a mean girl to take those younger girls under her wing. That is so important!
    Homer – your blog readers have also watched him grow up! Ha!

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    1. I really am proud of hadley. Of course, she can be sassy 😆but she leads with kindness and it’s fun seeing her with younger kids. Homer is officially my best behaved


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