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Three Things

Hello! I like to do a Three Things post every few months, and dive a little deeper into what each of us is up to! (Spoiler alert: I’m a professional chauffeur!)

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  1. The spring baseball season is in full swing, and Hayden is having fun. Bonus: He looks so cute in his uniform(s)!
  2. Hayden has been working with his church mentor on a service project. They baked cookies and brownies and delivered them to home bound church members.
  3. Let me tell you who tunes in weekly to American Idol and also uses the app to vote each week…Hayden! He’s very invested in contestants and the competition!

Bonus: Hayden’s still wearing his contacts some days. Travis still helps him put them in (we just haven’t allocated a lot of time for Hayden to practice…maybe this summer), but he can take them out. He usually wears contacts on game days, so he wears them all day and then at the game. I will say he’s sometimes hard to spot on the field without his sports goggles!

  1. It’s dance competition season, and Hadley is having so much fun. She enjoys dance so much and has a sweet group of girls on her dance team. Recital time is around the corner too!
  2. Hadley continues to attend the girl’s reading group at church, has been meeting with her mentor, and has helped with the same service project as Hayden. I always love hearing about the sessions with her group and her mentor.
  3. Hadley is loving every minute of in person learning. She loves her teachers, her classmates, and her school. She’s soaking up these last few weeks of elementary school and enjoying the “perks” of being in 5th grade like reading the school morning announcements! (She also continues to email me at least once a day which still cracks me up!)

Bonus: We’ve got Hadley signed up for summer swim team after a year off! She’s excited to get back in the pool!


Homer is taking his job as the “neighborhood watch” very seriously! If you are jogging by or walking your dog anywhere in the vicinity of our house, he will say “hi!” He is enjoying the spring time weather, and can be found basking in the sunshine for hours on end.

I don’t want to give him too much credit, but he’s matured quite a bit…by that, I mean he hasn’t destroyed a TV remote or computer mouse in a few months! #IhopeIdidntjinxit

I do think he’s finally adjusted to us going back to school. At least now, he’s gone back to being a “good boy” and getting in his kennel for a treat when we are about to leave!

Travis and Me:

Travis: It’s the time of the year when Travis is working hard in the yard. Travis takes pride in his yard, and has spent the last couple of weeks pulling weeds and spreading mulch. The grass is so green, so the yard is looking nice. Of course, we got a bit snow yesterday, so he’s wise enough to know it’s too early to plant anything!

He’s also gearing up for one of his busiest times of the year…Derby time! Derby Week is his favorite week of the year!

Me: I’ve loved being back to school. It’s great to see students and colleagues, and get back to “normal.” Thankfully, our district and our schools have done a great job following protocols and guidelines keeping everyone safe!

As a mom and as a teacher, the end of the school year/spring sports hustle is real! I’m hanging in there, keeping busy at school, having fun watching the kids do dance and baseball, and am prepping for major milestones for Hayden and Hadley in May.

The spring/end of the school year schedule is so crazy! By the end of May, I’m definitely ready for summer and a more relaxed schedule. So, that’s what we’ve been up to!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!

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