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Hello! Well, all good things must come to an end…like this three day weekend. It’s back to school we go.

In December, I try to watch as many Christmas movies as possible. Now that it’s January, and I have a bit more time, I’m trying to get caught up on some of my favorite shows. So, here’s what I’m Currently watching…

On Hulu:

I love Abbott Elementary and am usually pretty caught up on it. Travis chuckles at it if I have it on when he’s around. Last week, a few of the actors were on a special edition of Wheel of Fortune (another fave!) which was extra fun to watch.

Abbott Elementary hits close to home with this public school educator! haha

I love The Rookie. Sometimes, Hayden watches it with me too. I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan…loved Castle when he was on it. Anyway, it’s another good one, but I’m usually a couple of episodes behind.

As a family, we still love The Goldbergs. This season is different with Murray off the show (and the death of Pops), but I love Beverly Goldberg and the rest of the cast. It’s a good one!

This is the second season of NCIS Hawai’i, and I really enjoy this show. Like with The Rookie, I get behind on the hour long shows, and try to get caught up in January and February. Also like The Rookie, I really like this entire cast!

And…I’m always have one (or more!) of the Real Housewives franchises to binge when I have time. I’m behind on Salt Lake City (and they aren’t really my fave anyway), but stay pretty up to date on Potomac.

On Netflix:

We don’t binge much, but Travis and I binged all of the Harry and Meghan docuseries. It was interesting…but I’m still “team Will and Kate.” At this point, I’m wondering if there’s an interview Harry won’t do. That being said, you know I’ll buy his book. haha

Have you seen this meme? I sent it to my *younger* brother. lol

If you want something quick and light-hearted, I always enjoy the season of Dream Home Makeover. There isn’t a single design of Shea’s that I haven’t loved.

I’m still chipping away at The Crown. The new cast has taken some getting used to, but I’m loving this season with Diana.

I’ve watched a few episodes of Wednesday, and really love it. Hadley and friends have seen all the episodes.

I also really like Buying Beverly Hills with Mauricio and Farrah from Real Housewives Beverly Hills franchise. Honestly, I just like looking at the houses more than anything.

Ready to Watch:

Dead to Me is back for the final season, and I definitely want to watch it.

I heard Kaleidoscope is good, so I’ve saved it and Break Point, a docuseries about professional tennis players, to my Netflix list.

As you can see, I have quite a few shows that I’ve started but haven’t finished yet. If I know I have a bit more time to watch over a few months (like right now and in the summer), I make a list and go from there. For example, I don’t think I will start the above three titles until I finish ones I’ve started like The Crown and Wednesday. Sometimes, I end up jumping around with what I watch, and I’d like to finish some series before starting others.

That being said, what should I add to my list ? haha!

15 thoughts on “Currently…Watching

  1. I have been surprised that my kids wanted to watch Abbott with me and they think it’s hilarious. I do, too. But, watching it with them is the best. We used to watch The Goldbergs with our kids and really enjoyed the 80s nostalgia. I have a bit of Beverly in me. I once asked my kids which tv mom I was most like and I can’t remember what they said. Ha! I like to have some alone shows, some shows with Tom, and some shows we watch as a family when kids are home. It’s a major bonus if I get to watch another show with just me and the kids. We stay up a bit later than Tom usually and it’s the best.

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    1. Now that you say it, I guess I do have shows that are just for me and then ones with Travis and each kid. Hadley’s are usually girly shows on Netflix 😂but I enjoy them too.


  2. We are working our way through the latest season of The Crown as well- the Queen in the first two seasons was my absolute fave as was her husband- it is tough trying to get used to new casts- not sure I like that. I am with you on “Team Will and Kate” and that meme is too funny!

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  3. Oh yes we just love Abbott! I was so thrilled to see them all on Celebrity Wheel too (I’m also enjoying celebrity Jeopardy since I know most of the answers for once!). We too watch The Rookie and while I’m still watching The Goldbergs I’m not liking it much at all this season. How does no one in the family have to work? LOL We only made it through a season of the Crown and then switched over to Homeland and got sucked into that show though I have plans to get “caught up” on The Crown! Wednesday was really fun and I’m so glad to hear it’s already being picked up for season 2.

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  4. I feel like I need to pin this somewhere in Pinterest! These are great recs- thank you! I started Abbott Elementary and forgot about it, but several others you mentioned sound really good to me. I’m off to find them now!

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  5. I recommend Pressure Cooker on Netflix. It’s like a mashup of bravo top chef and big brother because they all live together. I am not a big brother fan but this is good because it really focuses on the cooking. We tried to watch kaleidoscope and didn’t even make it through half of the first episode. Maybe we should try again.

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  6. I’m team W&K and H&M, I don’t think they need to be mutually exclusive.
    We are watching White Lotus right now. And will start Wednesday I think next (the show, not the day). I’m always torn between getting a show all finished at once vs having some variety.


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