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Shew! I’m not sure which day is more crazy at school: Halloween or November 1st when the kids are all hyped up on candy!

Anyway, I’m excited to link up with Jennifer as she has recently taken over the Currently link up.

This month’s focus is Currently: borrowing, buying, planning, prepping, and reading.


Library books! I haven’t started one of these Christmas books, but I hope to soon!


Well, I did hold off until a couple of days before, but I have been buying Halloween candy!

Now, it’s time to start buying birthday gifts for the kids.

I also jumped on the On Cloud train. I realized I hadn’t purchased new workout shoes since Spring of 2020. Travis actually had a gift card to an local place, so we went there on Sunday. He’s picky about this tennis shoes and mostly wears Hokas, but he’s loved his new On Clouds. The pair I found were on sale which was an added bonus!


…the kids birthday party! In only a few weeks these 12 year olds…

…will be teenagers!

I think the plan is to go to Activate Games for fun, pizza for dinner, and cookie cake for dessert one day soon.


I’m trying to prep for a busy November and December.

I’m starting to make “to do” lists for their birthday party as well as making lists for birthday and Christmas gifts. I think I’ve taken care of our Christmas card, want to start changing out the fall decorations for Christmas decorations, and more. I don’t think we’ll have another free weekend (like we had this past weekend) until 2023. Honestly, sometimes that feels very overwhelming to me, but I’m just taking it day by day when needed.

We’re kicking off November with Breeder’s Cup this weekend.

Here are a few pics from the last time Breeder’s Cup was in Lexington in 2015! We can’t wait to see so many of our friends and spend the day at the races.


I just started The Things We Cannot Say, and so far, I think it’s really good.

For the first time ever, I didn’t finish a book on my Kindle before the library took it back! Ugh. I’ve placed a hold for The It Girl, and hope to pick up where I left off whenever it’s my turn again. I’m really hoping it’s not 6 weeks from now like the library predicts.

Also, I hope to read one, if not both, of the Christmas books I picked up last week.

What about you? What are you currently borrowing, buying, prepping, planning, or reading?

15 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Oh my gosh! I didn’t even think of library books when I thought about borrowing!! How exciting to have a pair of teens in the house soon. Good luck with all the planning.

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      1. I always have about a dozen books checked out.. in fact I’m headed there today to pick up another and drop off 3 that I just finished. We started bi-weekly library visits when we began homeschooling and even though I’m pretty much the only one still using the library I still end up going there at least once a week.

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  2. Have fun at Breeder’s Cup! That takes some major stamina to last all day and you will need a pj day Sunday! Yes, what a week – Halloween on a Monday, senior skip day the day after (for some) – ay!
    I am going to look into those Christmas books. Wish I could find a Thanksgiving themed book!

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  3. It sure seems like the last few months of the year fill up so quickly. I can’t imagine how much more busy it is with birthdays! Sounds like a lot of fun things going on though!

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    1. Lots of fun…but November and September and trav’s two busiest months…so I’m always run down by the end with doing all the things. Try to remind myself “blessed to be busy”


  4. I just requested the New York Christmas from my library! Two teenagers in the coming month is so fun! I bought Halloween candy early and hid it from everyone in my house. Jack just found a bag that I forgot about on Halloween. At least it is all Reese’s, my favorite!

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