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Hello! Well, it’s been a minute since I’ve shared a Currently post. I just thought this would be a fun way to share are few things I’ve been doing…

I’m currently…


I’ve mostly been reading on my Kindle lately, and am about 70% finished with The Younger Wife. I really enjoy Sally Hepworth’s books, and wanted to read this one when it came out. It wasn’t on Kindle yet, and just a couple of weeks ago, I decided to look again on the Libby app…and there it was.

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed it so far!


I’m hoping to decorate for fall later this week or over the weekend, but on Monday night, I decided to pull out my favorite light up pumpkin. I have one for the bedroom, and then one for the living room. I love the glow of the pumpkin during the dark hours of the morning while I sip my coffee.

{Peep my Pumpkin Spice candle from Antique Candle Co!)


It’s Homecoming week this week which has made getting dressed for school easier than usual! We actually started last Friday with pj day, and I’ve never been to school so early. haha

Yesterday was “Tropical Tuesday.” We still have Wear Pink Wednesday, favorite sports team on Thursday, and then class color/school color day on Friday.


a new Dime product…I still consistently use Dime products daily.

Since Dime Beauty was having a 25% off sale to celebrate their anniversary, I decided to order this new (to me) product: the cleansing balm.

OMG…it’s like having silk on your face. This product melts away the make up you have on, and hydrates your skin. I’ve been using this most nights right before I get in the shower, and then I gently wash my face with warm water. I haven’t yet tried it as an overnight mask, but I definitely plan on doing so!


Well, I finally finished all four seasons of Drive to Survive, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve even caught the last two actual F1 races on tv the past two Sundays. #whoamIeven?! It’s all still really interesting to me, and I’m even more invested now that I know all the drivers.

With the new seasons of Goldbergs and NCIS Hawai’i starting later this month, I’m trying to get caught up on last year’s seasons.


I’m anticipating the arrival of our new couch. We’re either really dumb or …well, we’re probably dumb…but we are getting a new couch due to all of Homer’s dog hair on our fabric couch. Thankfully, he’s a white dog, so the hair blended in, but we just can’t keep up with it.

Also, with our previous couch, we definitely “got what we paid for…” and it just didn’t hold up to the wear and tear of our family. After only a few months, one back cushion ripped by the zipper, and then I HATE when cloth furniture gets those little fuzz balls, and our couch had lots of those.

You’d think we’d train Homer to stay off the couch…haha…and honestly, we try. Now he’s “responsible” enough to stay out during the day, so of course, there’s no one home to shoo him off the couch.

We took advantage of a Labor Day sale, and our new couch is getting delivered today. I had fully expected to not have a couch delivered until 2023! (If you are local, Burke Furniture was amazing!)

Also, I put our other couch on Facebook Marketplace for free, and it “sold” in a matter of minutes with multiple messages!

I can’t wait to get home this afternoon, and see how it looks!

What are you currently up to? Besides the above, I feel like I’m currently just trying to survive this week!

Have a great day!

16 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. We have a leather couch and love it. Ernie has never tried to get on it. He gets in the big fabric chair and a half and it’s really funny, but he hasn’t hurt it. Wow for fast delivery! You will love it and it looks nice with your seasonal pillows, too. Love those light up pumpkins. I have one big orange one, but I decided to wait a bit. I really want to go to Hobby Lobby!
    Love Spirit Weeks! So fun!

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  2. I loved that SH book! I just love her in general. She’s a fun follow on Instagram. I also love that light up pumpkin! I feel like I need something light up and fall-ish in my house. I keep waiting to go back to Hobby Lobby…I may have to do that Friday. You will love a leather couch! We have dogs and I’m not as nervous with them on the leather as I would be with them on a fabric couch. We use swiffer dusters to gather their hair off them before people come over. I also put blankets over the cushions a lot so their nails won’t make scratches.

    I just noticed something funny- you have twins, Amy has twins, and I have twins. Mine and Amy’s sons are the same age…I just thought that was interesting. I can count on one hand how many friends IRL who have twins. Thanks for linking up with me today!


    1. She is a fun follow on IG. She’s so funny. I definitely plan on putting a blanket down because now I am worried about scratches haha. If only he’d just behave 😂 I didn’t realize you have twins. Mine are about to be 13! Time is flying by.


  3. We used to keep the dog off the furniture, but I guess we’re getting lenient with age. Now he lounges wherever he wants to. We have two different leather couches and love them. So easy to keep clean! What an exciting change for your living room!

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