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Friday Favorites {#142}

Hello and Happy Friday! YaY for the weekend! 

As always, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for this week’s Friday Favorites. 

Like last week, we had a pretty slow week with not much in the evenings. That’s all about to change starting next week, but it was good while it lasted.

Anyway, here are some favorites from the week. 

I stumbled upon Chris Harrison’s new podcast: The Most Dramatic Podcast, and I’ve really enjoyed the first few episodes. I used to love the Bachelor and Bachelorette and watched it pretty faithfully through the years. I haven’t watched it in a few years even before Chris left.  I follow him and his fiancée on Instagram, and they seem like such a fun couple.

Anyway, the first couple of episodes were pretty serious talking about why he left the Bachelor franchise and what he’s been up to (and thinking, feeling, doing) during that time. Episode two, he brings his fiancée Lauren on, and she shares her thoughts and what they’ve been up to. Then, the third episode was mostly filled with fans calling in with questions which I really enjoyed too. It’s been a good new podcast to fill the time on my walks. 

Santa put Scrabble Slam in Hayden’s stocking, and Hadley and I played it the other night. I love games that are quick and only need a couple of people. That way, we can try to play when we have a few moments. Travis joined us for a couple of rounds too. To start, you think of a four letter word and put those cards on the table. Then, you split the remaining cards amongst the other players. After everyone gets their cards, you say, “Ready, set, slam!” and start putting down cards to make other four letter words until you run out of cards. At one point, I told Hadley I felt sorry for her because she’d never beat me. Then, she beat both Travis and me the round that he played. haha 

I got a new lunch idea this week, and I’m obsessed. With this meal prep, a little goes a long way, and I had enough for three lunches…and only a four day week! It’s Banza rice, romaine/arugula, chopped cucumbers, grilled chicken, edamame, and then some Asian dressing. I picked the Panera brand from Kroger. For lunch, I heated up the chicken, rice, and edamame and added it to my bowl of lettuce and cucumbers. Then, I drizzled it with the dressing. Easy, delish, and healthy. 

How cute is this bag that my friend got me for my birthday? We share a love of the Golden Girls. I’m using it as pencil bag (with sticky notes, highlighter, etc) for my school bag. 

I always have dry skin in January. Then, I always remember to do a better job moisturizing and feel better by February. Haha

Anyway, Amy shared this Jergens Weightless Wet Skin moisturizer a few weeks ago, and I found it at Target. You apply it before toweling off. I’ve been using it, and it’s helped my skin so much. 

Favorite Kid Quote:

Remember the jar with slips of paper my kids gave me for my birthday? Everyone knows I’m not a big hugger. Of course, I hug my kids and Travis (and others!)…it’s just not my natural inclination to hug all the people. Anyway, at bed the other night, Hadley gave me a big hug and then whispered in my ear, “There are lots of these in the jar I made.” and I literally LOL’d. 😂

Favorite Mom Meme:

Why is this always the case? Lol

Bonus Fave: Flashback Friday


Besides Hadley’s Hello Kitty necklace and the little sticker on Hayden’s hand, I remember the kids coming home from the sitter and them thinking they were a princess and prince in their little crowns. Too cute. 

Weekly Recap:

I’ve even been blogging on the weekends! I’ve enjoyed some of the Bloganuary topics along with my regular content. 

What are your weekend plans? On Saturday, we’ll be cheering for Hayden at his first basketball scrimmage of the season, and then we’ll be cheering for the Chiefs on Saturday afternoon as well. Otherwise, I have a few errands and a bit more of the house to put back together post-Christmas. Sigh — I’m still working on getting things back to “normal.”

I will probably post on Saturday and Sunday too!

As always, thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {#142}

  1. I love that little pencil pouch! So cute! Great lunch! I have been making Mel Larson’s homemade pancakes and I really can’t go back to mixes. It’s perfect! My kids love chocolate chips pancakes every now and then when they are home and I spoiled them by making them quite a bit over the break.
    I am glad you had another down week. That Scrabble sounds fun and I like that you could take it easily on a trip or somewhere where you need to pass the time.
    I am glad you like the Wet Skin! It is almost time for another bottle for me. I am doing great now with my winter skin and it makes a big difference!
    Happy, happy Friday!

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    1. I’m having it again for lunch today. I hate meal prepping but if I just make one lunch for the week, I’m good with that. Then, I move on to something different for the next week.


  2. Was always a huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fan until they kicked Chris to the curb. Hope he is happy and successful in his future endeavors. I have listened to a few podcasts but always seem to have an audiobook to finish and use my time in the car and on walks. Might have to take a break from ‘reading’ and check out his podcast.

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