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Thursday Thoughts: It’s the little things

Hello and Happy Thursday!

It’s time for some…

Recently, Amy shared her “best of 2023” post…and it got me thinking… 

…I should try to do a better job appreciating the “little things.”  

When the kids were little, we’d always ask them about the best part of their day. Unfortunately, I feel like that has fallen to the wayside. Instead, I feel like I’m always asking about grades and schoolwork. I need to be more intentional with asking them about the highs and lows of their day. 

Anyway, I try to take a moment in the morning to think about the day and set good intentions. I fail a lot at this, but I remind myself that I’m trying. 

It goes without saying that I’m grateful for the health of my family and friends, a lovely home, a rewarding job and more. It’s easy to think about the bigger things for which to be grateful, but there are some other “little things” that do help make life a bit easier. 


Cozi app.

I’ve shared about this app a few times, but it’s been a great way to keep all of my family members organized. If my kids are old enough to have phones, then they are old enough to take responsibility for due dates, test dates, and knowing their sports/dance schedules. The Cozi app has been perfect for keeping all of our family members “in the know” and on the same page. 


Grocery pick up.

Kroger Clicklist continues to be a life saver for me. Groceries are still an effort, right? I have to make a list (or add to the Kroger app throughout the week), check our inventory, meal plan, place the order, pick up the order, and unpack the groceries. Thankfully, I usually get help unpacking the groceries, and at least I’m not spending an hour or more in the store every week too. Honestly, because I do grocery pick up (and have since 2015 at least!), I really don’t mind running in the store mid-week for a few things if needed. 


My Kindle.

Kindle – what’s better than reading a good book? I do love to hold a book in my hands, but I also love the convenience of my Kindle. (The library’s Libby app makes it easy to check out books, and the Good Reads app makes it easy for me to track what I’ve read.)


Quiet time in the morning. This is must for me and a good way to start my day. 


The scent of a good candle. It’s simply the best. I have a shelf in the hall closet with my candles, and there are quite a few that I rotate. That being said, if we are home, I’m probably burning at least one fave.

As I put up my Christmas decorations, I realized I was missing the glow of the Christmas lights. So, I ordered a set of LED flameless candles from Amazon, and they are perfect for a cozy vibe. 


Picking my kids up from school. I always wished that I was able to pick them up in elementary school, but when I did, it was always more special, I guess. With our schedules now, middle school starts after the high schools start. So, that means they get out after I do. Most days, I pick the kids up from school when they don’t have sports or other activities going on. I like being the first one they see after school if I can help it. 


Sleep….and all the things that help me get a good night’s rest – I’ve loved my weighted blanket for years. Then, about a year ago, we bought mattress topper that gives the bed some extra fluff. I don’t travel without my sound machine, so of course that means I use it every night. Bonus – OLLY Sleep melatonin when needed. One gummy…that’s all I need. It’s legit.


A cup of coffee in the morning. A few months ago, we got a Keurig and Starbucks Toasted Graham is my favorite. I look forward to that first cup of coffee every morning. 


An impromptu night with my friends. Last Friday night, I was already in my pjs, but got a text from a friend asking if a few of us wanted to come over to hang out. We all love a charcuterie tray, wine, and some good laughs, and it was a nice evening. Sometimes I feel like every hour of our lives is scheduled, so it’s nice when a night with friends comes together on a whim. 


Slippers. I am a slippers girl. I officially have three faves and these are my newest ones. They are soft, and I love that my feet don’t get hot in them. 

*Some of these are modern conveniences thanks to an app. YAY 2023!

Honestly, as I got to #10, I realized I could go on an on a bit longer…goes to show that I should pay attention to “the little things” a little more often. 

What’s a “little thing” in your life that you appreciate?

14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: It’s the little things

  1. So fun to list all the little things! I often think of starting a post like this but they really can go on and on… while I am relieved to have my 2 hours back from commuting Alec back and forth to school I do miss our talks the whole car ride home. I still come down every day when he walks in the door and most days he’s ready to chat and we spent the next hour talking. I LOVE it!

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  2. I have been considering that type of slipper! I am not happy with my current ones. I love yours!
    Thank you for the shout out and I love posts like this. I feel exactly the same way about grocery pick up. I will never not be amazed and thrilled by it. It makes running in for a few things a treat and no big deal.
    I so agree about the picking your kids up. It’s a gift. As a working mom, I often felt I “missed out” and that fact that our schedules aligned or allowed me to do certain things was wonderful.
    I had times when I felt that all I did was nag about work and grades. It made me feel bad and them feel bad. I don’t know what the solution is.
    I couldn’t agree more on the candles, the coffee, the quiet time, and the sleep.
    I would also add that getting outside each day even if it is windy or chilly has really helped. I do want a big snow before winter is over but I am enjoying the milder weather, too.
    Why do short weeks feel so long. It’s.only.Thursday!

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    1. This has felt like the longest week for sure! I loved the look on my kids’ faces when I’d randomly pick up from school. So sweet. Even now, I know they like when I pick up when I can. I agree about getting outside. All last week and then Monday / Tuesday this week, I’ve gone for a short walk after my workout to get some steps in. Tuesday, I decided to walk for 40 min instead of my basement workout because I figured I should / could walk while I can. I hope we get a big snow too.


  3. Tell me about those slippers- they look so comfy! Where did you snag them? Loved this post because it is so true- looking at the little things helps to practice gratitude and not take things for granted- I find it even more helpful over the cold winter months. I am grateful for our snuggly bed, our warm home, On Demand, Yankee Candles, our Keurig, catching up with the girls before and after school and our dog Remi of course 🙂 Oh and insulated bottles that keep my drinks cold and insulated cups that keep my coffee hot 🙂

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  4. I love so many of these things too! It’s nice to be reminded often how wonderful our lives really are just from these small little things that bring us joy.

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  5. This is the reason why I write a thankful Thursday post each week. Sometimes I write about one thing, others I write about more. It’s been proven that when we focus on things we’re thankful for, that our mindset/attitude improves. I’ve looked at several studies that have said this… it’s fascinating to me how the brain works.

    I love what you listed! Something I shared on that post today is that I am thankful for encouraging words. I’m starting a new job soon and as the principal of the school and I were talking, she told me some things people had said about me, and it made me thankful for people that I know and love who encourage me with their kind words. I always want to be that kind of friend!

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  6. I like to do a little things appreciation post every once in awhile. For me this week it was a haircut, almond cookies at the Italian shop, and hearing my kids randomly sing the songs I like (As It Was and Simply The Best).

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