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Hello and happy Wednesday. All day yesterday, I kept thinking it was Monday…it sure felt like a Monday. So, I’m happy that we are to the mid-point of the week already.

I’ve shared Shop Style Your Senses in previous posts, but I have a few new purchases to share with you today.

I’ve followed Mallory (@styleyoursenses) on Instagram for years. She has/had a blog and would share her home and links to clothes. About four years ago, she started her Shop Style Your Senses business working out of her house. With the business taking off, she’s added to her team and even moved into a warehouse.

They have a website and an app, and I use the app to save favorites, follow them when they do live sessions and hear them talk about the products.

Since I’ve been pleased with the products, I thought I’d go ahead and put everything in a post.

A few purchases:

I bought this lightweight sweatshirt dress in the fall, and it was perfect to wear then. Now, it’s perfect to wear with leggings or tall boots.

This dress is my FAVE purchase. The fit is perfect for me, and the material is so good. While it’s sold out in black, it also comes in a “wine” color. Recently, they had a flash sale with 50% off anything, and I snagged this dress in the wine color too. I know it will be perfect for Valentine’s Day or for Christmas parties next year. Also, I’ve worn this dress to school with tall boots and felt very put together.

Recently, I ordered this hi low sweatshirt dress, and I love it.

I wore it to school yesterday with leggings and my leopard flats. I could (and will) also wear this with athletic leggings and sneaks, I’m sure. Also, in the spring months, I know I will wear it as a dress with sandals.

I did get the size large. I probably could have done a medium but then I wasn’t sure if it would be long enough for leggings which is how I knew I’d wear it.

I purchased this purple knit top (sweater) right before Christmas. It’s lightweight and perfect to wear with jeans or leggings. Besides purple, it comes in a light pink and mint color as well.

I did order size medium because I’ve come to learn that if they say “oversized fit,” I can probably do a medium in a top.

I just ordered this muslin baby doll dress in purple and can’t wait for it to arrive. I snagged it on Sunday night when Mallory did a live try on and shared many of their new spring/summer items. It comes in a variety of colors, and I do think Mallory said she’d be able to restock most, if not all, of the colors soon.

She also said when she purchased these dresses, she thought most would wear as swimsuit coverups, but once the ladies started trying them on, they realized it makes the perfect summer dress. While I almost ordered the medium, I went with large since that’s what I typically wear in their dresses.

A few other things…

Since Mallory started this shop, she’s really listened to her customers. Like I said, the app is amazing. Also, they do a good job with sharing about sizing. I appreciate that they show their clothes on various body types.

They’ve even started designing their own lines of clothing with the SSYS label.

For now, they only ship once a week, but with that comes free shipping.

The only thing that I wish they’d think about is returns. If you return an item, you only get store credit. I’ve only returned one item due to sizing, and the refund did go directly to my account, and I could see it in the app. At least then I knew they money was there, and I wouldn’t forget about it.

I’ve never ordered pants or shorts but Mallory shared some denim shorts on Sunday’s live that look so cute. I’m just not ready for too much spring and summer just yet.

Anyway, just like Avara and Red Dress Boutique, I’ve had really good luck with purchases from these boutiques. I think it’s fun to share “smaller” shops when we find them.

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  1. I love these little online boutiques, but the sizing is often hard for me. I don’t want to have to deal with returns and exchanges which is why I almost exclusively order from places where I can return to the store in person. I feel like these purchases are going to be great workhorses for you and I also love the deep purple sweater. That last dress is too cute for just a coverup. I like to sometimes wear a dress over my suit if we will be sitting down to eat somewhere, though, before swimming or boating.
    Love all of these drippy ‘fits on you!

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    1. I know what you mean. My bust is always the issue making sizing difficult 🤪 I don’t branch out much…but can appreciate when I finally figure out the sizing somewhere. I agree about the purple dress. Can’t wait to see it in person even though i probably won’t wear for a while haha


  2. I love the recent purchases you’ve made! She has cute clothes. I love being able to wear something in all of the seasons, which is how much of my clothing is…I’m kind of a minimalist in that way, I suppose, even if my closet looks like there are a lot of items (and there are), but most can be worn all year, by adding a piece to wear over something. Thanks for sharing! I love the outfit on the day with the leopard flats. Those are so adorable! I wrote a very similar type post on my blog today…on how I found my personal style, with tips and tricks that I’ve learned.


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