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Bloganuary 1.21.23

Happy Saturday! I’m keeping up with the Bloganuary prompts…

One of the Bloganuary prompts this week was …what’s a color that fits your personality and why? 

Y’all, the first thing that popped in my mind was gray.  😂

I didn’t think of gray because I’m moody…well, not moody all the time. Haha  

That being said, my personality isn’t outgoing/bubbly like I think yellow would be. I’m just more mindful, cautious, conscientious. You know, gray.

I just try to blend in. I guess I could have been khaki as much as gray. I don’t need to stand out or be “loud” like bright pink or red, for example. Gray is more subtle, and I think I am too. 

I’ve always just kind of hung out on the peripheral until I’m comfortable in a situation whether it’s at work or in a friend group. Once I’m comfortable, I reach out or speak up.  

I feel like gray goes with everything. Gray can go with navy or khaki but it also matches bright colors too. So, I think that kind of goes with my personality. I’m adaptable and can fit in wherever…but on my own terms, I guess. 

I feel like there’s a lot to “unpack” here. 😂

What about you? I think this is so interesting. What color fits your personality and why?  

I hope your weekend is off to a great start. 

4 thoughts on “Bloganuary 1.21.23

  1. I love gray/grey. I usually spell it grey I think?
    I would love to think I’m yellow because I love it and it makes me happy, but I don’t think I am a super sunny disposition. Maybe I’m more orange? I don’t know. I wouldn’t say I am bubbly, but I am outgoing and extroverted and can usually talk to anyone. What a hard question! My sisters make fun of me that I am outgoing and extroverted until I’m done. They say a switch goes off and they can tell I am ready to be alone again. I guess that would be the true definition of an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert.
    This blogging challenge is fun!

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    1. You seem like a bright color to me. 🙂 that’s an interesting observation by your sisters. It takes a lot of energy to be extroverted. I’d say I’m similar but really have to gear up to be outgoing


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