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Bloganuary 1.15.23

Hello! I hope you had a great Saturday. I sure did. It was a pretty lowkey regular Saturday with some birthday fun last night. More on that later this week.

Yesterday, I wrote about books that have changed my life

One of this week’s Bloganuary prompts asked about memorable gifts.

Here are a few:

First of all, I’m spoiled because Travis is a great gift giver. I give him gloves and handwarmers for when he works outside. He gets me photos of the kids. *sigh*

The first thing that popped into my mind was for our first Christmas as a married couple, I opened a little blue box from Tiffanys —he’d gotten me silver heart earrings. I still wear them and love them.

While I was pregnant with the kids, I remember feeling miserable and sitting in the chair with my feet propped up on the ottoman. He came in with a gift bag. I opened it, and it was a David Yurman bracelet. I swear I’m not fussy about jewelry, but I appreciate that he’s given me things that are timeless and I wear often.

The first Christmas we lived in this house, he gave me this sign that now hangs by our front door. It has our last name (obviously) and our address with Est. 20014 because that’s when we moved in.

When the kids were in 3rd grade, I opened up the sweetest pic of them (and a few others). This one sits on our mantel. I had no clue that he’d has these photos taken.

We are lucky because Trav’s brother is an exceptional photographer! I cried when I saw these. (And then laughed as Hadley recounted Travis taking them to Target for shirts —which I had seen in their closets and thought was odd…haha and keeping the photos a secret.)

Before Homer, we had two Boxers, Shiloh and Scout. Shiloh was older by about a year and a half. When Scout was 10, he passed away unexpectedly, and then we still had Shiloh. For Christmas, I opened up a box with this sweet bracelet. It has our anniversary, the kids’ names, and Shiloh and Scout engraved. I cried.

This Christmas was no different. He had this photo made/framed from Smallwoods.

While these were for the kids, I had no idea he was getting them. When they opened them and I saw them, I cried. #cryingisaChristmastheme

I love them so much.

This Christmas, I asked for perfume because I was running low. I’m not really picky about perfume, so I suggested Travis choose one that he liked (and still told him a couple of suggestions as ideas). Anyway, on Christmas, I opened up not one, but three perfumes. I love them all, but what makes them more special is that he took Hadley with them, and she helped him pick them out.

I got: Juliette has a Gun, Daisy Dream, and Perfect by Marc Jacobs. I love them all and just rotate day to day.

Last night, after dinner, the kids and Travis gave me their gifts. I wasn’t expecting it, but Travis gave me some new earrings while the kids gave me this jar with slips of paper to use throughout the year. Hadley led this charge, I’m sure, but I appreciate that they all gave ideas like “cup of coffee, watch a tv show as a family, and my choice of takeout.” Both gifts were so thoughtful…and unexpected.

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve received?

Have a great Sunday,

6 thoughts on “Bloganuary 1.15.23

  1. Wow – Travis is such a good gift giver! Where did he get his skills? What sweet gifts this year, too. I love Juliette Got a Gun and got it as part of a discovery set a couple of years ago. I love my fall perfume (L by Soft Surroundings) but need a winter and a summer signature scent. Is that weird that I think of them as seasonal? I love going to smell scents.

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    1. That’s a good thought about seasonal scents. I’ve never thought of it that way. That being said, I rarely use perfume in the summer. It’s just a part of my Monday through Friday routine haha (& evening out)


  2. He IS an amazing gift giver! I got choked up at the pictures he gave you this year too- so so beautiful and great way to capture their passions. One Christmas my stepkids had pictures taken of all 5 kids and did a framed collage for me- it is hanging in my office- I cherish it 🙂

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  3. I would love to know where he ordered those bracelets! I have been looking at doing something similar lately, but I love the heart that links them together. That’s awesome. My most memorable gifts are always the ones I didn’t expect. One year the boys all picked something out for me for Christmas, and I still have them and use them. Jonah bought me a coffee mug one year, and Noah bought a necklace for me- both of them purchased them in our church bookstore with their own money! This would have been when they were around eight. Graham had his friend weld me a cross year…it hangs in my living room. And Drew made me a cross for my birthday- in my favorite color, with my favorite verse and with his name engraved on it. These are all priceless to me!


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