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Day in the Life

Hello and Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? We had a really good one. Did you catch my Bloganuary posts this weekend?

I wrote about books that have changed my life on Saturday and memorable gifts on Sunday.

I’ve been wanting to do a Day in the Life post since January is a “slower” month, and decided to do a weekend post…and Saturday so happened to be my birthday.

So today’s post is: Day in the Life: Weekend and Birthday Edition

Ahhh…I “slept in” a bit, not waking up until after 8:00.

I woke up to all kinds of Facebook birthday love including this sweet pic from my niece and nephew:

I scrolled social media for a couple of minutes, and then poured myself a cup of coffee.

I’ve been on a Will & Grace (original) kick lately, and settled in for a couple of episodes before…

…writing my Saturday Bloganuary post.

By that time, we woke the kids because they had running practice (with Travis) at 10:30. **Travis was Super Dad on Saturday –he was Hayden’s personal chauffeur, running him to all the things (running practice, home, basketball practice, home, Transy (local university) basketball game with his team and then a few errands with Hadley…and then home)

Anyway, once they left to run, I read on my Kindle and had some one on one time with Homer.

Then, I washed my face, brushed my teeth, and made the bed. I got ready to …

…head to the gym. Honestly, I almost skipped my Saturday workout, but I also know that I feel better after a workout and there was pasta and cake in my future.

Then, I did grocery pick up and arrived home just as Travis and the kids returned from running.

Hadley helped me unpack the groceries since Hayden had to get ready for basketball practice.

Then, I made lunch. I’d made chicken on Thursday night and added it to some to arugula, parm, EVOO and lemon juice. Easy and delish lunch.

I watched some of the Mizzou game while Homer watched me eat my lunch. I swear…he’s the biggest beggar.

Then, Hadley and I ended up running a couple of “fun” errands. I decided to go to Kendra Scott for my 50% off item, and then Hadley went into a couple of stores as well.

Once we got home, I decided to read a bit more and take a nap. I love an Saturday afternoon nap. Nothing better. Kentucky basketball was on tv too.

**Yes –pencil trees are still up in my bedroom and living room. I always keep them up until my birthday…and sometimes even longer if we have a chance of snow. That being said, they’ll probably come down next weekend.

Then, it was time to get ready for dinner. We timed dinner just right. We picked Hayden up at 6:00 from the Transy game, and then headed to Frank and Dino‘s for dinner. We were a bit early for our 6:30 reservation, but we were able to be seated.

We had calamari, and I ordered the Fagottini Sinatra which is my favorite (pasta filled with mascarpone and parm cheeses and pears and tossed in a Gorgonzola sauce…so good!)

**Bonus – we all had leftovers to take home, so I didn’t have to cook last night!

We were home around 8:00, and I opened my gifts, and we had…

…cookie cake (per tradition). We usually get cookie cakes from Great American Cookie, but Travis got this one from Insomnia Cookies. Besides being delish, I like that it’s a smaller cookie cake…less leftover since I have zero will power! (Hadley put the candles on…no rhyme or reason for six handles…haha)

After cake, we watched some football, and then I went to bed around 9:45. I read my book (I was really wanting to finish my book (The It Girl) this weekend, and I did yesterday. It was really good. Anyway, I read for a bit, before falling asleep before 10:30.

While Hayden was super busy on Saturday, it was still nice to not have too much going on. The past couple of months have been non-stop, seven days a week.

Anyway, it was a great Saturday and a wonderful birthday…and now we have one more day off!

I hope you have a great week.

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13 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. Love your day! And, you went to the gym and had a healthy lunch! I haven’t heard of that type of pasta. It feels so decadent to get restaurant pasta for some reason. I haven’t tried Insomnia cookies yet. I am so obsessed with Penny and Pearl’s which is locally owned. Tell your Lou fam they have to try P and P’s across from Trinity HS.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Insomnia cookies are so good. I didn’t realize they had a cookie cake. We’ll have to try P&P next time we are in Louisville for a bit (which is still so rare. We need to make more time to hang in Lou)


  2. Happy belated birthday! Your birthday sounded perfect. I am with you on an afternoon nap! I love a Sunday afternoon nap so much. The pasta you had Saturday night looks amazing! That’s an interesting combination and is probably something I would love as well. I’m glad you had such a great weekend! Enjoy your day off today.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That sounds like a really lovely birthday and you should definitely give yourself a pat on the back for making it to the gym. That pasta looks and sounds amazing!


  4. Happy Birthday!! I need that pasta!!! Yum! What great flavor combinations.

    If it’s not too personal, could you share what that jar is? Looks like you pull out a little piece of paper every day and they have something fun or relaxing that you are supposed to do that day? Can’t quite make out the full instructions. lol Reminds me of those coupon books we used to find in novelty stores. I remember my sister created her own set of coupons for me and one was that I could ask her to make her delicious fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits on demand.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. We had our first Insomnia cookies in NYC. Delish. My daughters always preferred a cookie cake to a regular cake so for years that’s what we did. Sounds like you had a very nice birthday. Both your salad lunch and pasta dinner look tasty. And an afternoon nap on any day of the week is a treat. Happy birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

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