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Hello Monday

Hello {Monday}!

How was your weekend? We had another pretty slow paced one which was just what I needed. Just when I thought I was tired after the first week of school, by the end of the second week, I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks.

It was nice to have a couple of slower paced days over the weekend.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about the weekend for Hello Monday.

Here’s a peek at our weekend:

Well, Friday started off with no school for the kids and a work day for me. Since I didn’t have to be at school until 8:30, I decided to get up at my regular time, have my coffee/me time, and then got in a quick workout.

We had meetings from 8:30-11:30, and then I worked in my room.

Friday afternoon, I got a pedicure. I tried a new color…Can’t find my Czechbook, and I like it! I wanted something a little darker, but still a summery color.

Then, it was time to head to the cross country run-a-thon. This was the fundraiser for the cross country team. They asked for donations per lap or flat donations to go towards team shirts and meet entry fees. Travis picked up Popsicles and Gatorade for after the run. Hadley and her friend kept track of laps.

This was a great, quick way to raise money for their team, and the weather wasn’t too hot!

After the run-a-thon, we went to dinner at Josie’s. Once we got home, Hadley and friends went to the pool for movie night. I, on the other hand, was in my pjs by 7:00. I just watched some tv and read before heading to bed. The week felt so long!

Saturday, we all slept in a bit (Hadley ended up at an overnight with her friend), and just eased into the morning. When Travis and Hayden headed to cross country practice, I left to work out and then ran some errands.

Travis was able to pick up my Kroger order after practice. This is two weeks in a row of grocery pick up on Saturday, and it’s been so nice!

Well, the email about $2.95 soaps at Bath and Body Works lured me there. Before I made any purchases, I did check my at home stock of fall scents. I stuck to my list of getting a few soaps and only two candles (2/$22). I can’t wait for fall.

I also ran to Target and Walgreens for a few things and then came home for lunch.

The sun was shining, and I had planned on going to the pool for a bit. I started reading and dozed off…and woke up to lots of rain!

So we all just stayed home. I finished reading The Chain and started reading This Time Tomorrow.

Everyone was kind of doing their own thing, and we decided to go to dinner. That being said, everyone except Travis was kind of grumpy. I’m not going to lie…I was the grumpiest. #justkeepingitreal

A Facebook memory popped up at us at a local restaurant the Friday after the first week of school when the kids were in Kindergarten. Hadley had her head down on the table and both kids were a mess. That was me on Saturday night. I saved everyone from having to deal with me. 🤣

Trav and Hadley went out for a bite to eat while I stayed home and Hayden played outside.

Once Travis and Hadley got home, it started to downpour. After a few minutes, I looked outside, and saw the neighborhood kids, including my own, out playing in the rain. Oh to be young again.

It was kind of a chill evening with everyone in bed pretty early. Clearly, we needed it.

Sunday morning, Travis and I woke up to both of our phones not working for a couple of hours. Travis read that maybe there was a software update with that glitch. It took him some time, but the resolution was to click the volume up button at the same time as some other button to get it to restart. So random that both of our phones had that issue.

While Travis was playing “tech support,” I drank my coffee and read for a bit. The kids slept in.

Trav and Hayden went to meet family for brunch while Hadley and I hung out at home.

She made her own breakfast:

…while I prepped dinner and then ran a couple of errands. Then, it was time to pick up two of Hadley’s friends and take them all to volleyball.

I picked up some lunch for myself, and then I worked on setting up this week’s activities on the Cozi app. I thought I would give that a try this year keeping us all up to date on what’s going on.

I worked on some school work and watched a bit of TV before doing laundry and some other things around the house.

We all had dinner together and just wrapped up the weekend getting ready for the week ahead.

My apologies…this kind of felt like a the most boring weekend recap. That being said, for the foreseeable future, I don’t think we have a free Saturday which will then make Sundays hectic with church, weekend chores, and errands. I was happy to have a bit more free time this weekend.

I had a couple of readers ask me to share meals when I can, so here’s what we are eating this week:

Here’s what we are eating this week:

  • Sunday: Shay’s Slow Cooker Chili Mac (I knew Sunday was supposed to be cooler and kind of rainy, so I thought I’d take advantage of the weather and make something that seemed to fit the cooler temps)
  • Monday: Travis bought steaks to grill, and we’ll have fruit, and Hadley requested asparagus fries. A family fave…
  • Tuesday: leftovers from Sunday/Monday
  • Wednesday: Creamy Crockpot Crack Chicken Sandwiches and green beans.
  • Thursday: I saw this Meatball Sub Bake on Instagram stories and thought I’d give it a try. I will serve it with bagged Caesar salad.

Meatball sub bake:

That being said, if we have enough chicken leftover from Wednesday, then we’ll have leftovers and save the meatballs for Sunday. I love when I end up making more food than I think we need and then I already have one meal planned for the next week.

This week is our first full five day school week…and Hayden has a cross country meet and Hadley has dance three nights this year. Here we go!

I hope you have a great week.

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Hello Monday

Hello {Monday!}

Ahh…Mondays in the summer are the best, and I’m afraid to count how many we have left. No many.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about our weekend.

Here’s a peek at the weekend:

Well, Friday was the first day I left the house since Monday. I kind of unintentionally stayed home all day Tuesday just to tackle things around the house, and I had an online PD most of the day. Then…

We seriously can’t catch a break around here. From earlier in the summer when I had Covid and then before our vacation Hadley had strep (again) and the stomach issues…well, on Wednesday, I woke up having what felt like a pretty mild stomach bug along with being really tired. I made it through Wednesday, but hardly slept Wednesday night because then I felt like I had the flu. I never did have a fever, but I was achy, chilled, tired with a headache. I’ve taken a couple of Covid tests and they were negative, so I guess I caught some kind of bug. Thankfully, no one else in my family got it.

Flash forward to Friday, and I needed to (continue to) get caught up on life. Hayden and I stopped by the library for books for everyone….While I’ve done a great job reading this summer, my kids need to hit the 7th grade summer reading list!

Then, Hayden and I headed to the mall because I had an Aerie return. We stopped in a couple of places for him and then got lunch at the food court. Hayden and I had quite a bit of time together this week because Hadley was at camp.

When we got home, I headed to the pool by myself for two hours. I was panicking because I felt my tan fading! 😂

Y’all, I couldn’t resist and bought this Amazon cover up again…I now have it in blue and navy. I wore the blue one so much on vacation, that I knew I’d want it in another color too.

Amazon affiliate link

This stage with my kids is both great and bittersweet. They hang with their friends quite a bit in the summer which is wonderful…and then that means that I have time to run errands or read by the pool for a bit. With Hadley gone and Travis at work, Hayden hung out with friends, and I went to the pool solo for a bit.

Then, I came home, showered and headed to Hayden’s basketball game. It was his best game of the season!

Then, we went to a favorite restaurant for dinner with friends.

Then, Travis and I sat on our back patio for a bit before going to bed.

I guess I still needed the rest because I slept until 9:00!

Hadley caught a ride home from camp and headed straight to volleyball camp that was from 9-5.

So, last Saturday, we got home at 10:30 pm from our vacation, and then Sunday morning Travis headed straight to the horse sale. So, I got Hadley ready for camp and drove to and from. I was running on fumes by Sunday evening!

Here she is in her cabin at drop off.

Needless to say, she didn’t miss us one bit. She had the best time. The camp posts photos late every night, so every morning, I searched for photos with her smiling face. We missed her, but I’m happy knowing she’s happy.

When I finally saw her Saturday night after volleyball camp, I asked her if camp was for two weeks would she have stayed, and she said, “yes!”

Next year’s age group is boys and girls combined. I think I need to convince Hayden to go at the same time!

Anyway, while she was at volleyball camp, I did my workout, when to dance team meeting and then had a nail appointment. I usually do gel nails when I get them done, but this is my second round of SNS. I do love that they last longer, but I just hate having to get them soaked off.

When I got home, Trav’s brother was over with his boys, so they were all busy. I was able to read for a few minutes, but Homer was trying to convince me to take a nap! I resisted the urge.

We picked up Hadley up from volleyball camp and headed straight to meet the cousin crew for pizza dinner.

It hit the spot.

Once we got home, I had to tackle all the camp stuff. There’s always lots of laundry and then re-organization of supplies to be ready to roll for next year.

Everyone showered (Hadley went first!), and then I hit the hay early.

Sunday morning, I slept in a bit again. Travis and I had our coffee and watched some shows while the kids slept in. Hadley slept until 10:00, and we had to wake Hayden at 10:30.

We spent most of the day in Louisville with family celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday.

What were you up to this weekend? Summer seems to be flying by!

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Weekend Recap

Hey! Hey! Well, we had such a busy weekend that I couldn’t get this post finished in time, and I had to share my memes yesterday anyway!

Here’s a recap of our very busy, but great summer weekend!

Friday, was our 17th wedding anniversary, and I received the sweetest card and flowers. Travis has the tradition of writing my name in bubble letters. Not sure why, but he’s just done that during all our years together.

Friday evening, we had dinner reservations at Coles 735. We had the yellowtail sashimi for an appetizer, and then I had the salmon for dinner.

After dinner, we headed to Native Café for a drink outside. The weather was gorgeous.

My dinner outfit included a favorite leopard blouse that I was reunited with during my closet clean out! (haha) I wore old jeans from Target, but did wear my new favorite summer sandals. I also used my new(ish) crossbody purse.

Just thought I’d a favorite summer outfit:

// blouse //

// sandals //

// purse //

We were up early on Saturday to head to Lake Cumberland with friends. Hadley actually went to the lake on Friday afternoon, and we met them down there.

These girls are like sisters to Hayden, so he eventually got over being the only boy! We were out on the boat for a bit, and then went to a cove for the kids to jump off the cliffs, and we all swam a bit.

Then, the kids took turns tubing before we headed in for dinner.

We were about thirty minutes out from the marina when in poured down rain on us. We were all sopping wet by the time we got back to the dock. We were going to have dinner at a restaurant on the lake, but headed back to our friend’s house and had pizza.

Despite the rain, everyone had a great time.

We got home from the lake around 11:00, and had a pretty lazy day at home. By lazy, I mean unpacking all the things, doing laundry, picking up, and getting ready for the week.

Then, it was time for me to get ready for dinner and a concert with friends.

We had an early reservation at Frank and Dino’s. I hadn’t been there yet, and I will be back. The food was so good.

We split a bottle of wine and three different entrees: lobster ravioli, fagottini Sinatra, and gnocchi al pesto. They were all delish.

Then it was time for the New Kids on the Block concert. It was the Mixtape Tour that also featured En Vogue, Salt N Pepa, and Rick Astley.

Just some 80’s kids ready to hang tough!

It was a “Block Party,” so the performers took turns singing throughout the evening.

NKOTB opened up with a few songs, both old and new.

Then, Rick Astley, En Vogue and Salt N Pepa all performed with NKOTB coming out for songs in between each act as well.

En Vogue and Salt N Pepa performed a couple of songs together too.

For the finale, everyone sang before one more NKOTB performance. I loved the format of the show, and we all had a great time singing along.

A few show notes:

  • It was funny to me that I sported my Lululemon belt bag that most definitely would have been called a fanny pack in 1989.
  • Those Salt N Pepa ladies still have the moves!
  • One of the poor En Vogue ladies had to sit for most of their performances because she had on a boot!
  • Donny loved showing us his abs…
  • Once the concert started, the line was longer for the bathroom than the drink line #tellmeyouare40withouttellingmeyouare40
  • As Jordan was singing “I’ll Be Loving You,” a couple behind us got engaged!
  • I do think I’m still a Joey girl, but Jordan is a close 2nd!
  • The concert was worth the $53 ticket price, but I was happy that I didn’t pay more 😉

It was one of the best summer weekends I’ve had in quite some time! I’m still recovering from all the fun.

I shared this meme yesterday, and after three days/nights of fun, I need a slower week!

I hope your week is off to a great start! Thanks so much for reading.

{this post contains Amazon affiliate links…}

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Hello Monday

Hello (Monday!)

I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly to share about the weekend.

Well….let me start with Thursday. 🥴

Week before last, I mentioned that I wasn’t feeling well but was negative for Covid. Well, that changed on Thursday.

Since Monday, June 6 (my first day of summer after running credit recovery summer school), I’ve felt run down, tired, occasionally achy and had some congestion. Before my mom came to visit, I took an at home test and was negative. I continued feeling off and took afternoon naps, and actually felt pretty normal over the weekend she visited. Then, last Monday, I started having ups and downs. That being said, it isn’t uncommon for me to be sick at the end of the school year. The entire spring is busy at school and with my kids’ activities, and I struggle with seasonal allergies so combined with the negative test, I just thought that was it.

Last week, I even turned to Google and briefly thought I had mono symptoms 😅 On Thursday morning, I sat down to drink my coffee and told Trav I thought I’d go ahead and call the doctor. Then, I decided to take one more test before being the patient that goes into the doctor’s appointment saying, “I don’t have Covid.” Well, that test lit up quickly…it’s been a long time since I’ve seen two lines on a stick…and I wasn’t pleased this time.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to do considering the protocol now is five days of quarantine once symptoms present, and I was at 10 days since symptoms started! I’ve been quarantining in the bedroom with Homer just to be on the safe side. I wanted to keep my distance from Trav and the kids for five days in hopes that even if I was still contagious, I wouldn’t pass it to them. Once Travis saw my bucket of skincare products, he figured it would be easier if I just stayed in our room where all my things are instead of sending me to the basement .

My lack of physical affection and continued distancing from most has hopefully worked in others’ favor. Since the end of school, I’ve actually been wearing a mask for indoor errands most of the time because I didn’t want to get sick before vacation.

I guess this is what I get for trying…and I blame summer school! 😂

I’m thankful that I just feel like I have bad allergies/cold with a side of being tired.

Friday was action packed with lots of naps, reading, tv, and some patio time with Homer.

That evening, Trav and kids went to family night at the pool while I continued to binge Schitt’s Creek.

This weekend’s weather was gorgeous, and I spent lots of time outside.

Most of Saturday was spent at Hayden’s track meet.

Travis and kids went out for a patio pizza dinner with Trav’s brother and his boys while I ate Chipolte dinner in bed while watching tv.

On Father’s Day, we all slept in. Travis and I slept until 9:00, and Hadley got up a bit before 10:00. Then, they woke Hayden.

Hadley went and picked up the cookie cake we ordered (our neighbor makes them)

Then, Travis opened his gifts from the kids.

I got the traditional Father’s Day photo before they left for lunch.

I got this outtake …

…which reminded me of my favorite Father’s Day photo from 2011.

They went to lunch and ran some errands. Bless Travis — he tackled Target on Father’s Day with two 12-year-olds! Somehow, Hadley came home with three swimsuits…Hayden had lots to say about that. 😂

They brought me home a Sonic cherry limeade which made me happy.

Homer and I continued to have lots of quality time together.

Homer is literally my spirit animal.

Travis grilled his own Father’s Day dinner, and the kids helped with clean up. That’s probably how it would have been anyway. The cookie cake was a great way to end the day.

Honestly, I had high hopes of doing my summer closet purge while being confined to my room the past four days, but I’ve continued to choose reading, naps, and Netflix above all else.

Again, I feel thankful to really not feel that bad. That being said, I’d been “pushing through” the symptoms, and now that I know what’s been dragging me down, I’ve given myself permission to relax and rest more.

I hope you have a great Monday.

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Hello Monday

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a really great one.

I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday...

…to share my Weekend Top 5…

Of course our weekend was filled with sports. Hayden ran in the end of the season district meet on Friday night. He wasn’t feeling 100%, but he pushed through.

Then, on Saturday the kids and I went to their school’s lacrosse game. They were playing in the lower division championship game. It was my first ever lacrosse game, and it was very exciting. I had so many questions but enjoyed it!

Then, we saw the end of cousin Wyatt’s baseball game. His team won!

It’s officially patio season. After the track meet, Hadley went to a sleep over and I chatted with some of my mom friends for a bit before going home.

I took the time to get a pedicure on Saturday afternoon, and I chose my traditional summer color: OPI Strawberry Margarita (which so happened to match my cardigan!)

The weather was gorgeous all weekend. Travis worked hard in the yard all weekend. He mulched the back and front yard and then planted the front porch flowers. They yard looks so pretty. We’re ready for summer!

We finished the weekend celebrating a big family birthday with a lemon bundt cake.

It was a great weekend.

We have a four day week (no school tomorrow!) and a three day week next week. I hope to keep posting pretty regularly, but will just see where the week takes me.

I hope you have a great Monday.

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Hello Monday

Hello {Monday!} How was your weekend? I’m telling you…it was either 0 or 100 around here these past few days.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to recap my weekend for Hello Monday!

Let me take you back to Friday…

When I tell you that Friday was crazy busy, it was so busy that it was basically planned hour by hour (sometimes by the minutes!)

Months ago, a friend let us know about a surprise party she was planning for her husband with an afternoon at Keeneland, dinner, and then drinks at a favorite bar. Well, I knew Hayden would probably have track meet in the evening and that Hadley had a dance competition that weekend, but I figured we’d at least be good for the afternoon at Keeneland, but the dance competition threw a wrench in those plans. (more on that in a minute)

I will say that I can’t complain because Friday started with a day off for me.

Once the kids were at school, Travis and I tried out a new place in town for brunch. Biscuit Belly was so good!

Dance competitions start on Fridays, but Hadley has always danced on Saturday or Sunday. Well, her small group was scheduled to dance at 5:25 on Friday…in Louisville!

I almost skipped Keeneland, but we had friends coming in from out of town who we rarely see. So, I decided to go to Keeneland for a bit before getting Hadley from school.

The weather was great, and I got about an hour and a half at the track, and was able to see a few friends from near and far.

Then, I picked up Hadley from school, came home to change and get her dance stuff. We stopped at Chick-fil-A because I wasn’t sure when she would get to eat! We hustled as fast as we could out of town and arrived about 40 minutes before her first group performance. I was a little stressed until we were on the highway, and I knew traffic would be ok.

Meanwhile, back at Keeneland… Travis was on a Zoom call from a kindergarten class in California! I told you…he never stops working 😉 One of his client’s kids had to do a presentation about Kentucky, and Travis reported live from the track, and let them watch the 6th race. How fun is that?

Hadley’s small group jazz performance did an awesome job. Then, there was about two hours in between the two dances, so the moms and I walked to a local bar/restaurant for a bite to eat.

We made it back in time to see the large musical theater routine, and the entire group knocked it out of the park.

The awards weren’t until later, so I headed back to Lexington to catch up with Travis and our friends while Hadley got a ride home later. {Travis had been with Hayden at his track meet, and I arrived back to Lexington around 10:00 which was when Travis and Hayden were finished with track. (No photos, but Hayden ran six seconds faster in the mile this week. He was really pleased with his performance.)}

Hadley was texting me telling me about the awards they’d won. They scored platinum and platinum plus in their two routines and won other awards like best choreography, a golden ticket, and the large musical theater performance earned first place overall.

She was soooo happy. This competition season has had its ups and downs, and they really did finish strong. I was so happy for her!

12:30 am and still smiling

I was bummed to miss out on the awards ceremony, but it was great to hang with our friends for a couple of hours before I picked Hadley up at 12:15. It was 1:00 before we were all in bed. Shew! What a day!

I slept until 8:30, and had a very slow morning. Hayden slept until 10, and I woke Hadley at 11. I know we all needed the extra rest, but Hadley woke up not feeling well (again). I’m assuming the very busy Friday caught up with her and strep really did knock her out earlier in the week.

Around lunchtime, I ran some errands and then went to the gym for a workout. I usually do my workouts at home, but I do love the elliptical, so I’ve tried to make that my Saturday workout when I can.

I came home and had some lunch. Then, I tidied up the house a bit and took a quick nap. Hadley still wasn’t feeling well and napped off and on all day. Honestly, you know Hadley isn’t 100% if she naps! She’s been that way since she was little…hardly slows down, so when she does, you know she must need some rest.

I actually drove to Richmond (about 30 minutes away) to check out a boutique. They handed me a watermelon mimosa upon arrival, and I wasn’t mad about it! I was looking for a dress for Oaks, but didn’t find anything I loved.

Once I got back to Lexington, I made a grocery list while Hadley napped again. Then, I had time to read for a bit and then shower.

Hadley woke up, and I made her a grilled cheese. It was the first thing she’d eaten all day. We got carryout dinner for the rest of us from Drakes.

I ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Rice bowl, and it hit the spot.

Then, we all watched our “April family movie” #forcedfamilyfun

We chose (the newer) Adventures in Babysitting, and it was cute.

Everyone was in bed around 10!

Travis was up at 4:00 to head to Churchill Downs to watch Epicenter run. (He’s running in the Derby and is connected to Trav’s farm). Thankfully, I didn’t hear Travis get up that early, and I slept until 8. Then, I placed our Kroger Clicklist order, drank coffee and caught up on some of my blog reading.

Then, I caught up on some of my shows for a bit. Travis got home around 10:30, and I woke the kids up a 11! My kids have always been great sleepers, but I know they were extra tired and needed the rest.

We started laundry and then, I had lunch. This is the second Sunday I’ve made myself a “one eyed sailor” (What do you call it? I know there are other names) and had some apples.

Then, I went to Trader Joe’s to pick up produce items, flowers, and a few other things.

I came home and put the clean sheets on the bed, read my book for a bit with the Royals game on in the background. Well, again, I was tired…I only read a few pages before dozing off.

If you can’t tell, I love naps.

Then, I did all the things for dinner including meal prepping a few lunches and cutting up veggies for the week.

We had dinner outside which was so nice.

After dinner, Hadley iced the Trader Joe’s lemon cake that I made.

Then, it was time for the kids to study for their vocab test, I took a shower, and we ended the weekend watching American Idol.

It was such a great weekend.

{Before I go…a random note to my blogger friends…I read most of my blogs on my phone. For some reason, right now, I can’t comment using my Google account…even when I’ve logged off and back on. Then, if I try to comment using my URL, it says “invalid.” That only leaves me with commenting “anonymously,” and I don’t want to do that. So, I’m still reading so many of my favorite blogs…I’m just unable to comment unless I’m on my home computer which is rare. (If you have a Word Press blog, I read and comment on that app no problem) Anyway, I just know how much it means when people comment, so I wanted to let y’all know that I’m still reading them.}

Mondays can be hard, but we only have three left in the school year after today! Happy May!

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Hello Monday + {Easter Recap}

Hello and Happy Monday. How was your weekend? We had such an amazing one! Both Saturday and Sunday were super busy but in the best way!

I’m linking up with Sarah and Holly for Hello Monday.

Here’s what we were up to this weekend:

Friday, right after school I took the kids to their annual checkups! Hayden has caught up to Hadley on height, but was still disappointed that she’s officially half an inch taller than him still. haha I keep telling him he will pass her one day!

After their appointment, we got ice cream, per tradition! Then, we picked one of Hadley’s friends who came over before I took both girls to a sleepover.

Then, I went to Target, Ulta and Oldy Navy while Hayden and Trav went to my school’s Varsity baseball game. After my errands, I picked up Jason’s Deli for dinner and watched an episode of Real Housewives OC. I enjoyed a little “me time” before they got home and then it was time for bed.

I actually slept in a bit on Saturday. Hadley was picked up pretty early from the sleepover (after getting only a few hours of sleep!) and then went to church to help with the pancake breakfast and Easter egg hunt for the younger kids. With the lack of sleep, I will give her credit for following through with her commitment to helping out.

After enjoying my coffee, I went to the gym to work out while Hayden had baseball practice.

Then, Travis and I went to Keeneland with some friends.

More on that tomorrow, but it ended up being a beautiful day, and we had the best time.

After the track, we came home and ordered carryout dinner. While Travis went to pick it up, I got everything set up for the kids to dye Easter eggs. I told them I will carry on this tradition until they are 18. Hadley said, “Well, what happens while we’re 19?!” I told her I’d be happy to have her dye eggs then too!

They did a great job, but always seem to end up fighting about who has dyed more eggs. You’d think it would be six each, but somehow one of them tends to end up dyeing one more! I’d make more eggs to dye, but I’m the only one who eats hardboiled eggs. 😉

They turned out so pretty.

Then, we watched some TV before bed. Guess who was the first in bed by 9:00….hint: the one who had two hours of sleep the night before!

Sunday, was, of course, Easter.

I woke up around 7:30, and then woke the kids around 9:00. I knew they needed to sleep in, but I also wanted to get in our Easter family time in the morning.

When they woke up, they found their Easter gifts and candy.

They each received clothes and a book. Hayden got another Gatorade bottle, and Hadley received some bracelets. Both seemed to love everything.

Then, it was time to find the eggs that were hidden (by the Easter Bunny?!)…which took two minutes!

Then, I made breakfast. I was going to make the cinnamon roll bunnies that I’d seen so many make, but that was a fail. Every time I tried to unroll the cinnamon roll, it fell apart. So, I pieced everything back together and just baked them in a pie plate like usual. I also scrambled some eggs and cut up some fruit.

Then it was time for church.

We enjoyed the lovely service, and then snapped a few photos. They looked so grown!

I always appreciate a family photo when we can get one.

Then, we went home to quickly change our clothes before heading to Elizabethtown to celebrate Easter with Trav’s extended family. It was good catching up with everyone, some of whom we hadn’t seen since Easter 2019.

We got back to Lexington around 6:00, and it was time to make a grocery list (because, again, I didn’t get my Clicklist order in for earlier in the weekend), do laundry and finish up this blog post. We had leftovers from Saturday night and wrapped up the weekend watching American Idol.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter. See you back here tomorrow.

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Hello Monday

Hello! {Monday} How was your weekend? We had a nice three day weekend. All day Saturday I kept thinking it was Sunday. I was so happy to have that extra day. We had a mix of down time, family time, errands, athletics, and more.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about the weekend.

With no school, we all slept in a bit. My dad arrived for a visit on Wednesday, so it was nice to have this day off. Per his request, we had breakfast at his favorite spot.

Then, we came home for a bit until it was time for me to take Hadley for a trim. She loves having longer hair and puts off getting a trim. I took advantage of being able to snag a daytime appointment with a recommended stylist. Hadley was pleased with the trim and styling! She looks so much older with straight hair.

We came home, watched basketball, and my brother came over for a few hours.

I actually got an afternoon nap before getting ready for Hayden’s basketball game.

It was the end of the season tournament this weekend, so Friday night was the All Star game.

After his game, we had pizza and watched more basketball and then it was bedtime.

Saturday morning we all slept in a bit. My first task was getting the corned beef in the slow cooker. I actually borrow my sister-in-law’s slow cooker each year to make double the food to feed us all.

I served the kids “Lucky Pancakes” on Thursday, but forgot to share on Friday.

Then, I watched some tv, cleaned up the kitchen, and my brother and nephew came over. Early afternoon, I worked out, and then went to Trader Joe’s.

When I got home, I had a quick lunch, and then went to Hayden’s basketball game. They won and moved on in the tournament.

After his game, we had to take the traditional front porch photo with the Major. #thisishishappyface 😉

I made two Irish soda breads, and they turned out sooo good. I need to make the bread more than once a year. We all love it. The corned beef turned out great as well.

For the kids, dessert was lime sherbet with some ginger ale. I could only find rainbow sherbet, and it was a hit too.

We all hung out and watched basketball. I was so tired, and in bed by 10. Travis and Hayden stayed up later watching all the games.

I heard my dad around 6:30, so I got up because the Major leaves early. He left around 7:00, and I took that extra quiet time to start laundry and do my Kroger pick up order.

The kids slept until almost 10:00. When Hadley got up, she wanted to make waffles. We all benefited from that!

Then, we went Hayden’s basketball game. Unfortunately, his team lost, but he had a great game. At least he was able to end the season on a high note. Now it’s time to juggle middle school track and spring baseball.

I went to Target to return a couple of things, and then I picked up my Kroger Clicklist order. Actually, as I was walking into Target, I got the substitutions text from Kroger. Thankfully, I was able to find what I needed at Target including almond milk, an onion, yogurt, and my liquid foundation.

Everyone helped me unpack, and then the kids headed to Countdown Games with youth group. They “saved the princess” with two seconds to spare!

Once they got home, I did some lunch prep for the week, and then made dinner. I made Andrea’s Creamy Beef Casserole which is a family favorite.

Then, it was time to get organized for the week. Travis helped the kids with math (#nothankyou) while I finished up this post.

It’s Spirit Week this week which has Hadley written all over it! My kids do have testing this week too. I know we will all be happy to see Friday afternoon!

My posts may be a bit more sporadic over the next couple of weeks. This is the week before Spring Break which always proves to be hectic at school. Then, we have next week off, so I will probably just see where the days take me!

Thanks so much for reading,

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Hello Monday

Hello (Monday!) How was your weekend? We had a really good one. Our mornings were slow paced followed by busy afternoons, but it was a great weekend. Also, even though the temps are still cool, the sun was shining all weekend which made me want to be productive and cross some things off my “to do” list(s).

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah to share about the weekend.

Here’s my…

After school, I came home and took a quick nap because I couldn’t shake the headache I’d had all day. Both of the kids had after school activities, I so I had some time to close my eyes for a bit. Then, I went to Walmart for a few things for school (and a couple other purchases…you’ll see below!)

Then, I picked up the kids, and we stopped at home quickly for everyone to get ready for Hayden’s basketball game.

We picked up Hadley’s friend and decided to stop by a favorite restaurant and have pizza before his game. Then, the the girls decided we should have the Nutella pizza for dessert. Travis and I thought it sounded delish…and it was.

Hayden’s team won by ONE point to advance in the end of the season tournament. It was an exciting game to watch!

Once we got home, the kids did their own thing, and Travis and I started Inventing Anna. We watched one episode. We loved Ozark, and I can’t believe Anna is Ruth from Ozark. Once the episode was over, it was 11:00, so I was very ready for bed!

I slept until almost 9:00, and the kids slept past 11:00. I don’t know the last time we had a Saturday morning without anywhere we needed to be. The slow start to Saturday meant coffee, Wordle, watching the last episode of season 2 of The Morning Show, I and had plenty of time to lounge in some comfies that I scored at Walmart. The past couple of years, I’ve had great luck finding lounge wear, athletic wear, and even summer dresses at Walmart.

I have a few pieces of the Secret Treasures brand of pajamas. I got this top in “teal dust print” and “teal dust” and bought the pj pants in “teal dust” as well. The pants are true to size for me, but the top can definitely be sized down (or not if you want it over-sized). Run, don’t walk…you won’t regret picking up these mix and match sets!

Hadley and Travis went for a run, and then Hadley told me she’d run some errands with me. She mentioned that she wanted to try the acai bowl at The Press, so we stopped there. While she enjoyed her snack, I got a smoothie as well.

Then, we headed to Save-a-Lot to purchase snacks for my after school program.

I really didn’t want to, but when I got home, I did my 30 minutes Beach Body workout before heading to Hayden’s basketball game. Of course, I’m glad it “pushed play,” and it was fun to watch Hayden play.

On the way home from his game, Travis suggested we pick up dinner from The Pasta Garage, so we did just that. We enjoyed a drink while waiting for our “to go” order. We hadn’t been there in a while, but the food was perfect for Saturday night dinner.

After dinner, I placed our Kroger Clicklist order, showered, and read my book while Travis and Hadley watched a movie. Then, it was time for bed.

Sunday morning, I slept until about 7:45. Travis picked up Parlor Donuts for the kids. I had a couple bites of a couple of them, drank my coffee, and watched an episode of The Rookie. Then, we woke the kids and got them moving.

While the kids got ready for church, I ran to Trader Joe’s for my produce items (and a couple of things that Kroger said they didn’t have in stock). Then, we headed to church.

After church, I stopped in TJ Maxx before picking up my Kroger order.

Then, I cut up peppers and cucumbers for the week, ate lunch, and took down the Christmas tree in Hadley’s room. While Hayden was at basketball practice, and Hadley was at youth group, I worked on this post, and then put dinner in the slow cooker.

I had some time to read my book (I hope to share my February books later this week) before Hayden’s basketball game. (He still has school ball and rec league ball going on.)

After Hayden’s game, we enjoyed dinner. I made Narci’s Crockpost Beef and Broccoli.

Then, it was time to get everyone organized and ready for the week.

We ended the weekend watching American Idol. I cried no less than two times. Season 20 will be a good one!

So, that’s a wrap on our weekend. I will be back tomorrow to share Prime Purchases!

I hope you have a great week!

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Hello Monday

Hello! Well, we’ve finally thawed out here in Kentucky, and I do think that most of this week looks like we should have some normal temps and weather. We really need a regular week…I feel like the whole month of January we were out of sorts.

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday….

…to share my Weekend Wrap Up.

Well, Friday was an actual, old-fashioned snow day. Since we knew in advance that we had the day off, I was able to sleep in a bit. I woke up at 8:00!

Thankfully, we didn’t get as much as ice as they predicted, but we sure got enough to make everything messy. We also got a bit of snow on top of the ice.

I started watching The Woman in the House… and I think it’s pretty good!

I worked out and then took advantage of the fact that everyone was home (even Trav) and made a Valentine’s Day themed lunch.

I had to get caught up on a few hours of schoolwork…and then I took a two hour nap! I started to read my book and could barely keep my eyes open. I’m telling you…last week and my late work days caught up with me.

I’ve shared before that Travis and I usually try to go out to dinner around Valentine’s Day, and we did so on Friday night. I had made a reservation at Bella Cafe a couple of weeks ago, and then the kids both had plans, so our date night worked out.

On Saturday morning, Hayden two early basketball games.

After his game, I ran a few errands. I had a Target pick up and then I stopped in my favorite bookstore, Joseph Beth, for a few things.

Then, I picked up a couple of books that were on hold at the library and went to the UPS store for an Amazon return.

When I got home, I was so excited because my first ever Antique Candle Co order had arrived. I took advantage of their 40% off sale and ordered four candles. I immediately lit the Vanilla Bean, and it’s so good.

I watched a bit of the Olympics while the kids worked on their book projects. They had three choices for their project, and I swear they chose the most difficult one!

Then, it was time to shower and head out to dinner. Travis had some clients in town, and we met them (and a few of his co-workers) out at Honeywood for dinner.

Dinner out two nights in a row…who am I?!

Once we got home, I watched more Olympics and headed to bed pretty early for a Saturday night!

I slept in a bit again. I drank my coffee and watched an episode of the The Rookie ( love that show!) Then, the rest of the day was “go, go, go!” We went to church, and I came home for a quick lunch before going to my hair appointment.

I came home and had just enough time to make Shay‘s Valentine’s Chex Treats. They were quick to make, no bake, and delish.

While I was at my hair appointment, Hadley went to youth group and Hayden had basketball practice. I met Travis and Hayden at his basketball game.

I decided not to do grocery pick up this week because I’d heard (and seen on the news) how picked over everything was due to the ice storm. So, I took my list with what we needed for dinners this week and a few other things, and headed to Kroger. Things were definitely more in stock than they were at the end of the week!

I came home, and we all had different leftovers for dinner. The kids finished up their projects and vocab assignment while I worked on this post. I love watching the Olympics, so I’m ending the evening watching skiing, skating and whatever else is on!

I hope you had a great weekend. Thanks so much for reading.