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Weekend Top 5

Hello and Happy Monday! Well, I sure feel like the weekend flew by! Today, I’m recapping the highlights of our weekend!

Friday was a hard day. Very hard. I was counting the minutes until I could get home and put on my pajamas and just relax. We got carry out pizza, and I watched a movie and two episodes of Maid on Netflix. The movie I watched was Love Hard with my favorite comedian Heather McMahan. She was actually in Cincinnati on Friday night, and since I couldn’t be at the show, I decided to watch her new movie. She’s only in it a bit, but it was a cute movie, and she was so funny in the scenes she was in. I was happy to be in bed by 10!

On Saturday, I did a quick Trader Joe’s run, and picked up some of these cookies. They are so good!

Saturday evening my kids ran in a track meet at Bellarmine in Louisville. My nephew hosted the inaugural Lloyd White Memorial Distance Festival in honor of Trav’s dad (Jacob and my kids’ grandpa) who died tragically when Travis was in high school. There were so many awesome runners. The weather was cold (37 degrees at race time), but I loved seeing my kids run in honor of their grandfather. Hadley hadn’t laced up her spikes since last February, but she finished with a great time. Hayden crushed his run.

It was great seeing family, and we were all proud of every runner and Jacob’s team for hosting the event.


Hayden had a basketball training session on Saturday morning. I know this may sound silly, but just sitting there watching him play while reading a book was a highlight of the weekend. Honestly, I usually schedule every second of the week and weekend. I typically would have run an errand during that time, but was glad to just hang out and watch.

Last night, Hayden had a game which was an exciting one to watch. His team won by two points, so it was an action packed game!

Hadley helped me make our first (only?) pumpkin pie of the season.

This one can definitely be filed under “tastes better than it looks.” My oven was acting up, so I was lucky to even get it baked! It tasted delish with a dollop of Cool Whip on top!

So, that’s how we spent our weekend! Travis has been really busy with work, so I’ve been extra busy on kid duty. Thankfully, we have just this week before getting a week off for Thanksgiving. Our superintendent changed our calendar about a month ago to give us a week at Thanksgiving. I’ll take it!

I hope you have a great start to your week.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We had a super busy one, but it was great. I have so much to share, so here are the details in the Weekend Wrap Up.

I had a few errands after school on Friday before my friends came to town from St. Louis. My friend from college, her husband and another couple were coming to Lexington after making a few stops at distilleries on the Bourbon Trail.

They came over for a bit before we headed out to dinner at one of our favorite Lexington restaurants: OBC Kitchen. Hot off the Bourbon Trail, we took them to Old Bourbon Country Kitchen. 😆 . The bar is quite impressive!

The girls and I split a salad and ordered sushi! Afterwards, we got drinks at Drakes and had a great time catching up!

Saturday morning, my kids joined us and we met them at one of our favorite breakfast spots: Winchells.

Travis gave them a crash course in handicapping at breakfast. Then, we all freshened up and headed to …


My friend, Leslie, had been with me to Keeneland a couple of times through the years, but her husband and friends had never been to the horse races. Well, we came out of the gate hot ….one of Trav’s clients had a horse in the first race who won! So, we ended up in the winner’s circle after only a few minutes at the track.

Unfortunately, our Saturday was pretty booked because Hayden had state cross country. Travis left after the second race. I hung with our friends a bit longer and showed them around Keeneland. I left after the fourth race to get to Hayden’s meet. Our friends stayed a few more hours and enjoyed their time at the track. The weather was beautiful, and they got the hang of betting! 😉

We had so much rain on Friday that we didn’t know how the course conditions for the cross country meet would be, but they were pretty good. Hayden ran a great race, and he was happy with his finish.

This is my favorite photo of the cross country season. Travis has been Hayden’s #1 supporter these past few years as his elementary coach, and continuing to work with him this year during his first middle school season. There are some mornings when Travis helps Hayden with workouts before school, and he certainly coached him during our couple weeks of quarantine.

We are always proud of his effort, but I know Hayden had to dig a bit deeper and push a bit harder while still feeling the lingering effects of Covid. Now, Hayden will continue to train with a running club the next few months.

Saturday night, we had our friends over for pizza and to watch football. It had been a long day, and, well, we aren’t 22 anymore! 😂

On Sunday morning, our friends stopped by with donuts, and then we headed to Trav’s farm, so he could give him a tour.

They saw some stallions,

some mares in foal, and some yearlings.

It was a beautiful morning, and Kentucky was showing off.

We’ve been friends for over 20 years!

They headed back to St. Louis, Travis stayed a work a bit longer, and I headed home.

Once I got everyone settled, I watched some Netflix. I read the book Maid last summer, and it it a book I will never forget. I was excited to start the series, and ended up binge watching three episodes throughout the day.

Then, I headed to Hayden’s basketball game. He’s had a handful of games so far this season, and this is the first one I’ve been able to attend. Shew–we’ve moved up to big boy basketball! It was fun watching them play, and Hayden did great.

Then, it was time to head home, have dinner, and help the kids finish up some school work! Now, we’re ready for the week.

I feel like I need a weekend to recover from the weekend! That being said, the weather was beautiful, and the company was even better!

Have a great week!

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Weekend Top 5

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was a good one. I swear I always underestimate how much we have going on. If you talked to me on Friday, I would have said, “On Saturday, we only have a cross country meet and then not much on Sunday.” Well, I didn’t sit down all of Saturday. It was a just a “go, go, go” kind of day, and then Sunday I was really productive around the house and getting things in order for the week.

I’m not sure when I will catch a break, but I feel like I need one. Here’s a recap of our weekend with The Weekend Top 5.

When I say a highlight of my weekend was getting pumpkins, you’ll see how crazy I am this time of the year. I forgot my lunch Friday, so I stopped in Kroger to pick up a salad. As I walked into the grocery store, I saw they had the stackable “fantasy” pumpkins that I buy every year from my favorite garden center. These were really reasonably priced, so I went ahead and picked up a few.

I had always planned to go to my favorite spot after school, and still went there to pick up a couple of smaller pumpkins. The kids joined me since I had picked them up from school. Last year, there was apparently a pumpkin shortage, so my favorite place was pretty sparse. They were back in action this year!

I was happy to see that they had quite the variety of fantasy pumpkins, gourds, mini pumpkins, squash and more!

Then after I got everything put out on the porch Saturday afternoon, I went to Trader Joe’s for a few things for lunches and then bought a few extra mini pumpkins and mums at Trader Joe’s. I usually get mums from Trav’s work, but couldn’t pass up the mums in the cute baskets.

It’s sort of embarrassing how pumpkin obsessed I am but a mid-September Saturday is my black Friday 🤣 I’m not 100% finished with my front porch, but how about this cute moment on my front porch table?! I found this little stand and Hobby Lobby. It’s perfect for holding a cute little white pumpkin for the next couple of months!

Another highlight from the weekend was Hayden’s cross country meet. One of the kids’ friends came to cheer him on.

I won’t sugarcoat it…it was a difficult course on a hot day. He put forth his best effort. He was a little down after the race, but everyone ran a little slower and and rose to the challenge.

Hopefully, the temps will finally cool off and these runners can catch a break this week.

After the race, Hayden went and played in a golf match…and loved every second of that.

Hayden picked up dinner with a friend after golf, and Travis worked all day and wanted to stay in on Saturday night and have leftovers. Honestly, I wanted to as well, but Hadley wanted to go out on the town. She and I grabbed a quick dinner at one of our local spots. She caught me up on all the details of middle school, and then we all hung out the rest of the night with a decent bedtime. I swear that dinner on Saturday night was the first time I sat down!

I was up pretty early on Sunday morning, and decided to light my fall candle and finish my book. I didn’t get very far with my indoor fall decor, but the candle had me in the fall spirit!

I finished Yoga Pant Nation which was the third book in the Class Mom series. I still think the first book was my fave, but this one was great too and provided a lot of laughs.

A couple more Sunday highlights included church and Sunday Night football.

post church Sunday smiles

Per tradition, Homer let me dress him in the appropriate Chiefs attire. He’s become such a good boy! (besides the fact he’s not supposed to be up on that couch!)

He could be the official mascout of the Chiefs…Homer (AKA: MaHomer!)

For fun, here he is in September 2019 and September 2020.

I finished this before knowing the outcome of the game! I hope the Chiefs didn’t disappoint me. (*update: just woke up to the score 😩…thankfully, Homer still looks cute in his scarf)

So, there’s a peek at our weekend. I hope you have a great week. The temps are finally going to cool off a bit, and I’m here for it! See you back here tomorrow for Tuesday Talk.

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Weekend Top 5

Hello! How was your weekend? We had a good one! It started with me falling asleep on the couch twice on Friday night! The kids went to a birthday party, so I read, watched the Chiefs game, and apparently dozed off a time or two.

Here’s what what we were up to the rest of the weekend!

On Friday night, I finished Four Winds. I really enjoyed this book, but shew…the ending got me. I will share more about my thoughts tomorrow when I share the books I read in August.

On Saturday morning, Hadley and I were headed to Hayden’s cross country meet, but I wanted a bit more coffee, and she hadn’t had breakfast yet. I was late to the Chick-fil-A and even later to the Starbucks app. Now, that I’ve finally downloaded it (and have a responsible daughter who can go in and pick up our order ;), we got our drinks and breakfast in no time!

I used to love Pumpkin Spice lattes, but for the past couple of years, I’ve used Shay’s trick of just ordering a Pike Place coffee and then add in a pump of pumpkin and splash of cream. It still gets the pumpkin job done, and it’s way less calories. It was my first pumpkin coffee of the season.

Another highlight of the weekend was Hayden’s cross country meet. Like Tuesday, the feels like temp was 98 degrees! This race was longer than Tuesday’s course, and it was just as hot. Again, he’s running with the big boys and definitely holding his own! I’m very proud of his effort, and it’s showing in how he finishes. He’s earning points for team which is an amazing thing to do as a 6th grader!

(His uniform still isn’t in, so he likes to rep the Oregon Ducks 😉

Hayden missed baseball for Saturday’s cross country meet, but he was back in action on the field Sunday. Hayden has been playing baseball non-stop since March, first with his spring team, and then with his summer team since May. They are a great group of boys and fun to watch.

We had a hot afternoon and evening at the ball park, but the boys rallied to win the first game.

Then, they won again to make it to the championship game which they also won! We didn’t get home until 11:00 last night. We’re tired, but it was worth it.

I tried two new recipes this weekend thanks to Amy. I made both her cake and egg breakfast casserole! I’m hoping the cake will last us a few days, and I hope to enjoy the casserole for breakfast throughout the week.

How was your weekend? We’re ready to tackle the week! …at least I think so. What choice do we have? 😂

Take care,

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello! How was your weekend? I’m going to tell you all about ours while linking up with Heather at My Glittery Heart for Hello Monday! and…

my Weekend Wrap Up.

This weekend basically centered around dance, but we started Friday off with a day at the pool. It was a hot one. We went from cold, to rainy days, to finally lots of sunshine and heat on Friday. We spent about four hours at the pool after Hadley’s swim team practice, and I was able to start a new book and chat with my mom friends!

After the pool, Hadley was able to hang out with one of her friends (who used to be our neighbor), and she was so excited to reunited with her sweet friend for a couple of hours.

Friday evening, Hadley had recital practice while Hayden had a baseball game.

They lost is a close 6-7 semifinal game in the tournament for their spring season. His team grew so much this season. They went from losing the first three (maybe four?) games to winning seven straight and becoming a very competitive team for the rest of the season. They ended up second place in their division and played tough in the loss on Friday.

Summer ball continues this week.

After the game, we went out to dinner before an early bedtime. Hadley had recital practice Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening, so she was tired and needed to rest for her big day on Saturday.

Saturday was spent at Hadley’s three dance recitals. (Well, Travis and Hayden hit up the pool for a bit, but Hadley and I were at the recital auditorium for most of the day.)

She was in all three of her studio’s recitals. At the 10:00 recital, she was in the opening number and performed in her two competition dances. After the 10:00 recital, she and I went to the mall to tackle a couple of errands and eat lunch before returning for the 2:00 show. She was only in the opening number for the 2:00 performance. We stayed to watch a few dances because our neighbor was in that recital, but we were home by 3:00 for some rest.

We headed back for the 6:00 recital where Hadley was in six dances: the opening number, her two competition dances, and then ballet, tap, and jazz. We had everything all organized, but there were a couple of very quick changes that I helped her with before rushing back to my seat. I’ve seen the competition routines quite a few times, but I loved see the ballet, tap, and jazz performances as I hadn’t seen those yet. Her ballet performance brought tears to my eyes. I’m always so amazed by her grace and rhythm….and she certainly didn’t get those two things from me!

We had lots of family at the 6:00 performance. We took up all of row H. haha

She’s had an amazing year with amazing teachers, and she has really formed a tight bond with a wonderful group of girls! It’s been a blessed dancing season for sure.

One of her friends was in the 6:00 show, and I loved watching her perform too!

{Hadley with her friend and our sweet neighbor earlier in the day!}

Lots of flowers after the show for these lovely dancers…

Dad made a pit stop at our favorite flower place…Trader Joe’s before her last recital.

We were so proud of her. A few days of practices + 10 dances, makes for a busy few days.

Hayden loved every second of being there and really wanted me to take a family photo 😉

After the recital, Hadley went to a sleepover with a few of her dance friends while Travis and I joined some friends on their patio for a couple of drinks.

Sunday was the ultimate lazy day. The weather was dreary for most of the day. Travis and I watched two episodes of our new show we are watching: Mare of Easttown.

Then, I ran to the store while Hayden and Travis went to watch the championship game for Hayden’s baseball league. Then, Travis and I watched another! episode of M of E before dinner. The kids played outside after dinner, and then it was an early bedtime for all.

Swim practice picks up again this week for Hadley, Hayden is going to basketball camp, and I have three days of summer school.

So that’s what we were up to this weekend. What about you?

I hope to post again on Thursday and Friday this week, and I’m trying to share a few photos on Instagram this week as well.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a great weekend!

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Hello Monday/Weekend Wrap Up

Hello! How was your weekend? As predicted, mine kind of got away from me, but I’m going to do a quick Weekend Wrap Up!

Hadley and I left Saturday to head to Gatlinburg, TN for her final dance competition of the season.

We had a great time, but it was a jam-packed couple of days. We arrived Saturday afternoon, checked into our hotel, and met up with some of Hadley’s dance friends (and their moms!) We rode the skylift to the top of the mountain, and then walked across the Skylift Bridge. It was definitely a memorable experience. My favorite part was the ride down as the views of the Smoky Mountains were really pretty.

Then, Saturday night, we headed out to dinner at the Cherokee Grill and then went to the Gatlinburg Space Needle and checked out the views of Gatlinburg, at night, from the top. Then the girls got some ice cream, and we headed back to the hotel and to bed after a busy day of travel and sightseeing.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to set an early alarm on Sunday because her dance studio had a reasonable call time! We met up with the other mom/daughter combos for breakfast before heading to the convention center. The girls performed their tap and jazz routines, watched the other dancers’ performances, and then wrapped up their block of time with awards.

Hadley and I headed back home right after the awards. Travis and Hayden fared well without us 😉

Here are a few favorite photos from the weekend…

The creek by our hotel.

The view after we exited the skylift.

The Sky bridge…(the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in North America) …

…with glass floor panels at the mid-way point.

Don’t be fooled…they had us take this pic before getting on the lift 😉

On the way down after walking on the Skybridge…

After dinner, we went up on the Gatlinburg Space Needle.

skylift and space needle pics

The girls can always find ice cream!

Sunday’s competition was a really great experience for the girls. We were the only team during out block of time making it a very safe experience, the call time was perfect, and their team had their best performances yet earning “high gold” for both dances.

So that’s a quick wrap up of our weekend. I hope to be back this week for:

Prime Purchases on Tuesday,

Currently on Wednesday,

My latest Trader Joe’s haul on Thursday,

and then I will wrap up the week on Friday with some of my favorites.

Shew, we’ll see if I can make all those posts happen, but I sure hope so! I’m just a girl dreaming of a few more minutes in the day 😉

I hope your week is off to a great start. See you back here tomorrow.

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Hello Monday

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? Today, I’m linking up with Tanya (and others!) to share about my weekend!

We weekend started off with an action-packed Friday evening, followed by a somewhat busy Saturday and a slower Sunday.

Here’s my:

I mentioned in my Friday post that last week was Read Across America week, so the kids had dress up days at school. They didn’t participate too much, but there was hat day, wear stripes, wear favorite color, be kind, and…

Friday was Career Day. I was fussing at them at 9:32 PM on Thursday when they were brainstorming what they could wear. I was like, “Hey y’all (who are supposed to be in bed!), you didn’t participate on the ‘easy’ days, but you want to put together a career outfit?!” 😆

Hayden waffles between wanting to be a pro baseball player (but felt ‘weird’ wearing baseball pants to school 😂 ) and a professional runner (Don’t worry…his backup plan is “something with numbers and sports”…fingers crossed he’s not a bookie)…Anyway, Hadley is pretty consistent with her desire to be an elementary school teacher.

Hadley said, “Well, I know I can wear my hair in a bun and glasses, but what else can I wear?” I suggested a cardigan and name badge. She really wanted to borrow my school badge and couldn’t comprehend why I needed my badge at school. Besides identification purposes, it’s what gets me in the building! She was so proud of herself for putting together her own Ms. White ID badge.

Hayden got dressed and added his race number from last week’s track meet.

Hadley’s teacher sent me a few photos, and they were so sweet. She said the kids called her “Ms. White” all day, but one classmate told her she spelled “Ms.” wrong. Her teacher told me that Hadley responded, and said, “No, it’s not wrong. I looked it up, and I did it right because I’m not married.” Sis has an answer for everything!

Friday night, Hayden’s basketball team played in the league championship…and WON! They were so excited. Hayden had an amazing game! I always say it’s fun watching him play, but what’s even better is seeing the boys support each other throughout the season and watching Travis coach him. Memories for a lifetime!

After the big win, the team (and their families) had pizza dinner together at a local restaurant. We had the whole upstairs area for the families, so it was nice to socialize and celebrate. Most of these boys have played together for years, and we’ve been seeing these families pretty consistently since early November, so it was fun to celebrate all together.

Afterwards, Travis made a pit stop at Insomnia cookies for dessert at home. These cookies are SO good. Insomnia will also deliver them right to your front door, hot and fresh out of the oven!

We had a slow start to our Saturday, and I know Hadley’s favorite part of the weekend was hanging out with one of her dearest friends. These two are five days apart, went to the same sitter growing up, and text/Facetime often! They always pick right up where they’ve left off.

Hadley and I made an afternoon pit stop at Orange Leaf. We hadn’t had OL in forever, so it was the perfect afternoon treat.

Let’s just say that OL probably loses money on the flat rate fee for Hadley’s order. 😬

I put out a few Easter decorations this weekend. I don’t put much out, but I love a cute bunny…or five! I bought two of these ceramic egg/bunnies at Kroger of all places. They were only $4 each. I will share my Easter decor some time soon. A sweet little touch to my sun room tray are these wooden farm house style beads that I found on Amazon. They arrived on Saturday just as I was putting out my bunnies.


Sunday had a few highlights as well. The past couple of years, I’ve made green pancakes and sprinkled Lucky Charm marshmallows on them for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. When I say the morning struggle is very real now that we are back to school, I’m not kidding! I went ahead and made these pancakes yesterday morning rather than waiting until Wednesday. I made a few extras, so we can reheat them on Wednesday morning.

The kids looked so cute after church, and they let me snap their photo. (Real talk: I had to convince Hayden to stand still for the photo, and five seconds before this, they were trying to slap each other #sigh!)

Hadley’s dress is new from Matilda Jane, and Hayden looks so handsome in his hand-me-down Vineyard Vines button up!

The rest of Sunday was pretty chill. My brother brought his kids over, so they could play with Hayden and Hadley for a bit. In the afternoon, I ran to Target, did laundry, and got organized for the week.

The weather was overcast and chilly which was perfect for a new recipe I tried for dinner: Taco Pie, and it was easy and delish.

The rest of the evening, we just relaxed and got to bed at a decent time…Daylight Savings time worked in my favor with the clock saying 9:00 bedtime even if it only “felt” like 8:00! I will take what I can get with the help at bedtime!

This meme was appropriate for the time change:

digital mom blog

This week, I hope to post: Tuesday Talk, Let’s Look, and Friday Favorites.

As always, thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great week.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Hello and Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one. I’m sharing the details of what we were up to from basketball games, to my second vaccine, and Valentine’s Day in today’s Weekend Wrap Up.


I got my second vaccine on Friday morning. The line was much longer than when I got my first dose. I think this was due to the fact that they had canceled vaccines due to weather on Thursday. So, there were scheduled and make up appointments on Friday. Also, now some people are getting their first dose while others are receiving their second dose. I still was there and home within in hour which was a win!

In the afternoon, I noticed our basketball goal…Brrrr!!!

Hadley went ice sledding on our street with one of her friends. I think the ice sledding on our street may have been a first! Sledding with snow has for sure happened in previous years, but I don’t know about sledding on ice.

They had lots of fun.

Later that evening, our power went out for 2 hours. We had friends and family who lost power the day before for 12-24 hours, so two hours was manageable although it took a minute for Hayden to realize all the things that need electricity to run….like his Xbox!

Later that evening, the vaccine caught up with me, and I went to bed.


Saturday I was very sick all day. All day. I felt like I had the flu. I had aches, chills, and a low grade fever. I also had very little appetite. Of course, I’ve heard this could happen, but I also know many who had little to no reaction with the first or second vaccine. I was definitely down for the count all day.

Hayden had two basketball games that I missed, and Hadley played with a friend for most of the day, so I was able to rest and get Homer snuggles.


Thankfully, I woke up yesterday feeling so much better. I’ve heard that too..that once you hit 36-48 hours post-vaccine, you are back to feeling normal. I was still tired most of yesterday, but I felt pretty good and was able to carry on with a pretty normal day (and an afternoon nap!)

Sunday morning, we went to church, and then Travis began his quest to find salt for our driveway and sidewalk. We have more inclement weather on the way this week.

After a couple of tries, we got lucky and got two of the last few bags of ice at a Kroger on our way home. ,

Just call me “basic” while shopping at Kroger: ice, bread, milk, and eggs…(and a few other items thanks to the kids!)

When we got home, some of the neighbors helped each other out shoveling driveways as many still were ice covered from last week’s Wednesday-Thursday storm. And, now we are preparing for this:

After lunch, and before baseball and dance, we gave the kids their Valentine’s Day gifts and candy.

Then, I prepped the table for our Valentine’s Day dinner.

The plates, napkins, straws, paper hearts, and name tags were all in my Valentine’s Day tub, so I had the table set in a matter of minutes.

Then, Hadley had dance and Hayden went to baseball. While Hadley was at dance, I treated myself to a pedicure before picking her up.

The kids decorated cookies for dessert, and we enjoyed homemade pizza for dinner. Cutting heart shaped pepperonis was way easier than making a heart shaped pizza. It still tastes good though…

Since we went to early church on Sunday, I wasn’t able to make a special Valentine’s Day breakfast. Since we have no school today, I’m going to make Bev’s Cinnamon Biscuit Bake for them this morning.

To end on a funny note, I saw this meme over the weekend and couldn’t help but laugh!

I’m definitely the “It’s already 10pm” person while Travis tends to be more “It’s only 10 pm” haha

I actually had to count on my fingers, but this was my 20th Valentine’s Day with Travis. I’m very blessed if I do say so myself!

Linking up with Tanya and others.

I hope you have a great week. Stay safe and warm!

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Weekend Top 5

Hello and happy Monday! Tuesday! I took yesterday off from blogging because I was swamped from our action packed weekend! So, I’m recapping that for you today…just on on Tuesday rather than a Monday!

Here’s our Weekend Top 5:


Hadley requested Chick-fil-A for lunch on Friday (what’s new?!), so I picked up a peppermint milkshake for myself! (Also, I’m late to the party using the Chick-fil-A app–I’ve been using it now for a couple months, and it’s life changing. Even better is usually Hadley rides along with me to pick up our order and runs inside to get it!)


Cookies, cookies and more cookies.

My mom came to visit, and we baked lots of Christmas cookies over the weekend. Hadley helped her bake gingerbread cookies on Friday. On Saturday, most of us helped make Spritz cookies and Pfeffernuse. Then, Hayden helped her make more gingerbread men because he missed out on that fun on Friday. Saturday night, Hadley helped GG make fudge, and then on Sunday, Hadley (and others) helped dip the Lebkuchen in the icing.

Ta da!!! the finished Pfeffernuse…

Pfeffernuse, Spritz, and Lebkuchen cookies. Often times, GG bakes ahead of time or when we are in KC for Thanksgiving and sends us home with the goodies. Some years she mails the the cookies to us. This was the first year we all baked together (or took turns baking because…too many cooks in the kitchen…) 😂

A few weeks ago, I ordered cookies to decorate from a local small business baker/decorator (One Smart Cookie). The kids decorated those on Sunday after dinner, and those cookies were our dessert.

We always save a decorated cookie + a few of the family cookies for Santa. I just put them in a baggie and freeze them until Christmas Eve.


I always put a few front porch decorations out, and Travis always puts the lights out on the porch and/or bushes. This year, I wanted to add garland to the porch. I couldn’t really find any I liked until…I made a stop at Trader Joe’s for a few goodies and saw their beautiful (and inexpensive!) garland.

I bought two swags of it…and Travis worked his magic in hanging it! I love it so much.

This may be what I do every year since I only need it a few weeks, it’s inexpensive, looks beautiful, and we won’t have to store it.


Well, it happened! I know I mentioned last week that our favorite Santa spot wasn’t hosting Santa. This year, our club organized a drive thru Santa visit, so we decided to go for it. I’m assuming this will be our last year to visit Santa, so I wanted to take advantage of this offer. We waited in the car line and pulled right up when it was our turn. The kids got to chat with him outside for a few minutes, we hopped back in the car, and headed home.

It was a really sweet experience even if we didn’t get to enjoy all the usual festivities that the club typically offers.

Chatting with Santa, hand “Santa”-tizer, and waiting for their turn to see Santa while wearing their masks.


Holiday lights! We usually drive by these festive lights at some point in December, and we decided to go ahead and swing by while we were out after visiting Santa. We ooh and ahh at them every year!


My mom brought Hayden the rest of her Harry Potter books. Hayden’s read the first few, and she gifted him the rest, so he can continue reading them through the years.

Shew! I told you we were busy! I was even able to wrap a few gifts while watching the Chiefs game on Sunday night! That made for a late bedtime, but it was worth it to cross one more thing off my list!

I hope you’ve had a great start to your week. See you back here tomorrow for Let’s Look.

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Weekend Top 5

Good morning, and happy Monday, y’all! Sheesh….we had a very busy weekend. I feel like we went non-stop with activities, to-do lists, and a bit of socializing. Since we were so busy, today I’m sharing a few details of our hectic but fun weekend.

Hayden and his team played in a baseball tournament this weekend. He knows most of the boys on his team, but this group hasn’t all played together until this season. Hayden got to pitch Friday night and Sunday morning, and did a great job.

His team made it to the semi-finals, but lost Sunday afternoon. We had beautiful weather all weekend which made baseball watching even better!

photo cred: Hadley

The “Mum Man” came to Trav’s work. He has the best mums and the best prices in town. So, I picked up some for my front porch…which then had me….

going to Trader Joe’s on Saturday morning to get pumpkins for my porch. I’d stopped by my regular pumpkin place on Friday, but that place looked like a pumpkin grave yard. There were hardly any of the whimsical stackable pumpkins or anything else, really.

One of my friends told me she heard there’s a pumpkin shortage which sounds like the saddest thing ever! 😉

Trader Joe’s for the win!

The kids had their first cross country meet of the season. Again, the weather was beautiful, and it was the perfect day for racing.

Both kids had a 10 top finishes, the girls and boys teams did awesome overall as well.

The best part of the day was seeing the kids cheer for and run with their teammates to encourage them to finish their races! So very sweet.

Hayden cheering while Hadley (above) runs with and encourages their teammate.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Country Boy Brewery for a few appetizers and a beer with some friends. The patio was the perfect place to sit.

I made my first pumpkin muffins of the season. When I was at Trader Joe’s, I picked up a couple of boxes of their muffin mix. The best thing about pumpkin muffins (or pumpkin bread) is that they can be eaten for breakfast, for a snack, or for dessert!

One more highlight:

Two times this weekend, we sat with neighbors on their patios. On Friday evening, the kids roasted s’mores and celebrated one of the neighbor boy’s birthday while a few of the parents chatted.

Then, Saturday night, we sat together with our neighbors on a different patio. S’mores were again involved and the kids ran around for a bit.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I’ve needed a weekend to recover from my weekend, but that’s my current status! I’m sure we’ll have a good week…but first…coffee!

Have a great week,