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Hello Monday

Hey there! How was your weekend?

I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday to share…

…a recap of our weekend.

Here’s what we were up to this weekend…

I had a few errands to run after school on Friday. Hadley had an after school activity, so after I picked Hayden up, I dropped him off at home and went to Ulta. All I needed was shampoo, so that was a quick stop.

Then, I headed to Trader Joe’s for a few things like flowers, bagels, chips and more.

When I got home, I unpacked and then trimmed my tulips and put them in the vases.

I checked in with Hayden and had a few minutes for an after school snack. I sat on the front porch before going to get Hadley.

Both kids wanted to go to two different sporting events to cheer on their friends. Real talk: I wanted to stay home…haha

That being said, the weather was lovely, and I figured we should take advantage of a free Friday night. Travis and Hayden went to the lacrosse game while Hadley and I went to softball and baseball. These middle schoolers are “playing up” for the high school teams which is my school. So, it was fun for me to see some kids I know as well as the kids’ friends. We watched the varsity softball game followed by the 9th grade baseball game.

Fun fact about me: if a corn dog is on the menu, I’m getting it!

We left the ball fields around 8:30, and Hadley wanted Fazolis for dinner. We were home around 9:00, and Travis and I watched a bit of American Idol. We were a few episodes behind. Around 10:30, we all went to bed, but I read for a few minutes before dozing off.

Saturday morning, I was up around 7:30. I enjoyed my coffee while watching more Idol. I also finished up my grocery list.

After that, I made the bed, washed my face, and headed to the basement for a leg day workout!

Travis and Hadley went to the track to get a workout in. Hayden is currently nursing an injury from the track meet the other day. He hurt himself on the long jump. Ugh. He had to sit out of Wednesday’s meet. Hopefully, he will be back in action soon.

One of my favorite Bodi (Beach body) programs is 21 Day Fix, so I did the lower body workout.

Then, I freshened up a bit to take Hayden for haircut.

Pardon the dusty mirror, but I ordered this quilted top from Shop Style Your Senses over spring break, and this is the third time I’ve worn it. It’s perfect to wear with leggings and especially right after a workout.

After Hayden’s haircut (no pic–y’all know –teenage boys!), we came home, and I changed out my door hanger. In April and May, this jockey silk is my fave to put on the door for Keeneland and then Oaks/Derby.

I made my favorite lunch: avocado toast with egg.

Then, I talked to my mom on the phone, showered, and then talked to my dad on the phone before getting ready for Keeneland.

Teenagers are the best at taking photos…I love this one of Travis and me ready for the races. (thanks to Hadley!)

We had club house tickets, but we walked around a bit and ended up sitting in a box with one of Trav’s friends. It was a HOT day at the track. I’m not complaining…I enjoyed the sunshine for sure.

For the last race, we walked back to the clubhouse area and stood at the rail, so we could make a quick exit to beat traffic. It was a nice “day date” with T-rav.

Once we got home, the kids were hungry, so we went to a fave Mexican restaurant for dinner.

We got home around 8:00, I showered and did a few things around the house. Then, I watched a couple of episodes of King of Queens before bed. It was a great Saturday.

I slept solidly from 10:30-8 (yay!)

I got my coffee and finished reading this book. It was so good, and I highly recommend it!

Then, Travis and I watched more American Idol. Can you tell we were very behind? 😆We wanted to get caught up before Sunday’s live performances.

Then, it was time for my Kroger pick up. I went in Kroger for a gift card and a couple of other things. After we unpacked the groceries, I started some laundry.

Travis and the kids went to the gym. While they were gone, I took a few minutes to pull out a few things from my closet that I didn’t wear this winter, so that I could donate them. Then, I put up my Easter decorations…

….and changed out my cute little ceramic house for my cute little ceramic jockey silk.

Then, I sat on the front porch, and called my Gma. The weather was overcast and so much cooler, but the fresh air was nice.

During that time, Hayden got picked up for a birthday party, and I ate some leftovers for lunch and worked on this blog post.

Before picking up Hayden and his friends, I made a quick stop at Target. Hadley and Travis went out to Keeneland to watch a few races.

Once I got home, I thought about taking a nap, but decided to watch Part 1 (of 2) of Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. I only have one word for part one: whoa

Usually on Sundays I don’t workout, but this week will be busy, so I figured I’d at least go for a walk. My friend had asked to borrow my book, so I walked it over to her house.

I walked for about 30 minutes. Then, when I got home, it was time for dinner.

Trav grilled out burgers and hotdogs. During dinner, I told the kids that thirteen years ago on April 16, I found out I was pregnant with them. I didn’t know it was twins yet though. (haha!)

Then, it was time to get ready for the week ahead, shower, and finish up this post. We ended the evening with….American Idol. Glad we got caught up in time to start voting!

Shew! That was quite the weekend for sure, but it was a good one!

Happy Monday!

11 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. Aww you found out on this day 13 years ago! You had a gorgeous day for Keeneland! I love that dress! The frozen turkey corn dogs from Trader Joe’s are really good. I almost went there this weekend but I was lazy and saved up my energy for prom. The tulips are gorgeous. I also put Easter away and Derby out, but I realized I have very little for Derby. I need to put the outdoor Derby stuff out, too.
    I am not sure I can handle two 5 day weeks before the week of Derby. Happy Monday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’d remember the day, but it’s also my aunt’s bday, so I remember that way too. I’ve gotten those turkey dogs from TJ, but had forgotten about them. Keeneland was great. I’m glad we made the plans to go. All we have left are five day weeks 😵‍💫


      1. We have off for Oaks, Primary Election Day, and Memorial Day. Yup, we go until June 1 now and teachers go ‘til June 2. I have personal days I haven’t used so will probably take one!


      2. Oh yeah…we have Election Day off! I’d forgotten about that. They just announced our last day is May 26. I have two personal days too. Will use one for Oaks if we go.


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