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Memory Lane…

When we were in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago, my Gma was cleaning out her pics and had given some to my mom to sort through and keep what she wanted. Then, it was my turn to choose some pics to keep. I brought home about 25 pics, but thought I’d share a few faves.

On my Shutterfly app, I have various albums, and one of them is for old pics. I chose a couple of those to sprinkle in as well.

My kids get the biggest kick out of seeing these older pics. I do what I can to entertain them πŸ˜‰


I shared these two pics last week in my Friday Favorites post. I think the banana one is a fave pic of me for my Gma.

I’m assuming this is a pic of me around Christmastime. My love for Madeline ran deep. I carried that doll everywhere.

Listen. If you didn’t have your 5th birthday party at Show Biz Pizza, were you even a kid of the 80’s?

I clearly remember this Esprit shirt, how much I loved it, and how cool I felt in it. Also, let’s talk about the 80’s edition camcorder my mom is holding.

Brother & Sister:

There’s a three and a half year age difference between my brother and me. I used to pick on him, hit him, and pull his hair. I hated in the summer when he’d get a buzz cut to keep cool, and I could no longer get a good grip on his hair.

My parents always used to warn me that one day he’d be bigger than me…but I couldn’t really comprehend that as I figured I’d always be older than him. That being said, thankfully we started getting along once he did grow taller, bigger, and stronger than me!

My grandparents had a houseboat on the Lake of the Ozarks for most of my childhood. I have lots of great memories from the lake.

Pic on the left: we caught a fish!; Top right: I’m sure someone told us our face would freeze like that…and we were up for the challenge; Bottom right: tummy time..for the both of us, apparently.

Pic on the left: I’m guessing this is an Olan Mills photo from around 1984; Top right: tricycle fun at my grandparents’ house (and my brother with his binky!); Bottom right: Trip to DC in 2004. My mom had just retired and cashed in her sick days. She wanted to take a trip with my brother and me. I voted for the beach. I was outvoted, and we met up in DC.

Grandparents: ❀️

I had really wonderful grandparents. I’m blessed to still have my Gma, and it’s been an ever greater blessing that Hayden and Hadley have great memories with her too!

We spent lots of time on the swing set at my grandparents’ house.

My grandpa was lots of fun! and yes-I’m sporting a perm.

I spent lots of time at my dad’s parents’ house too. Most mornings they’d drop me off there, and my grandma (Lulu) would take me to school. They had a fun backyard with swings, a garden, and in the summer, a little pool for us to splash around in. We’d often have Sunday family dinners there too with aunts, uncles, and cousins. Also, my grandpa worked for Pepsi, and they had a Pepsi pop machine out in their breezeway which was a dream come true for the grand kids. Lulu passed away when I was in the third grade, and my grandpa passed away when I was in the seventh grade. I’m very thankful to have great memories of them.

I would often spend sick days at my Gma’s house. My mom’s school was close to their house, and my mom would drop me off there if I needed to stay home. I remember watching I Love Lucy while eating cinnamon sugar toast and scrambled eggs on the couch during those sick days.

My grandpa was very funny. He’d always tell jokes and tickle us. We’d go to their country club and swim or hit golf balls. He always said, “I always knew I’d marry the right woman. I just didn’t know her first name would be always.” haha. He had tons of jokes like that. He passed away in 2004 right after I got engaged and right before my move to Kentucky. I’m very thankful he was able to meet Travis! Of course, I wish my three grandparents could have met Hayden and Hadley…what a gift that would have been.

Pic on left: Swinging with Lulu; Top right: Gma driving a boat at the lake; Bottom right: Grandpa was a Tigers fan…really, he was a fan of anything we did.

Other Faves:

Lake time with mom, my brother, and my Gma.

The house I grew up in had a huge front yard hill that was perfect for those Midwest winters. We’d sled down the hill, across the street, and into the neighbor’s yard.

Top pic: Sledding with my mom, brother, and dog Maggie.

Bottom pic: Classic leaving the hospital pic….my mom carrying my brother, my dad with his bell bottoms and pipe (probably telling me to get in the car!), and me with my boy haircut and Madeline doll.

This is probably Christmas 2002 or 2003. Whatever year it was, I think it was Trav’s first Christmas with my family. We always do Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family and Christmas evening with my mom’s side of the family. This pic is at my Gma’s house.

So, that’s a little trip down memory lane. I guess I get my love for taking pics honestly which is obviously easier to do in 2020 with an iPhone in my hand all of the time.

Time sure does fly by!

I hope you have a great day! See you back here tomorrow for this month’s What’s Up Wednesday post. (Also, how is July almost over?!?)

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Monthly Musings and 20 Questions

Well, today is a two blog posts in one kind of day. I wanted to link up with Holly for her Monthly Musings post last week, but I already had my Lake Tahoe post planned.

Then, over the weekend, I saw Trista post about her 20 Questions link up, and just thought I’d put both ideas together for one post.

Monthly Musings: Summer Kick Off

Lake or Beach?

I’m definitely a beach person, but I certainly love the lake too. I grew up going to The Lake of the Ozarks, and we sometimes are able to live the lake life in Kentucky every once in a while.

That being said, there’s nothing like an ocean view or a beach sunset. So, if I had to choose, I’d say I’m a beach person.

Ice Tea or Lemonade?

I don’t drink either very often, so it’s probably a tie. Both beverages are very refreshing.

Favorite Summer Vacation Memory:

Well, I just love a vacation with my family. Thankfully, as the years have gone on, going on a vacation with the kids actually now feels like a vacation πŸ˜‰ Anyway, the first thing that popped into my mind was last year’s vacation to Siesta Key because Hadley and I went the first few days just the two of us. Hayden had baseball games, so he and Travis arrived a few days later. Of course, we were happy when the guys arrived, but it was just a nice couple of days with Hadley that I hadn’t planned on when we planned the trip.

Favorite Summer Destination:

Siesta Key, Florida is typically our “go to” spot.

But….we also love South Carolina. Last time we went was fall break 2018, but we usually get to SC every couple of years.

Go To Favorite Summer Fashion Item:

Honestly, if I’m at home, I’m in comfy clothes. That being said, I do like easy, flowy dresses in the summer. I love these two Target dresses…

and I have three different colors of this Amazon dress

Have You Ever Been Water Skiing or Jet Skiing?

I have done both, but it’s been a long time!

Favorite Summer Movie:

Dirty Dancing and Parent Trap were the first movies to pop in my mind! The Parent Trap is my favorite movie of all time. Also, a few years ago, we went to Lake Lure in NC and saw where some of Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Goonies, Grease and Sandlot also remind me of summer.

Song That Makes You Think of Summer:

I’m the worst at knowing songs and who sings what but…School’s Out for the Summer is always played on the last day of school πŸ˜‰ and then Summertime (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince) always reminds me of middle school and high school.

Lately, on Instagram Stories, Sunshine and Summertime (Faith Hill), Summertime (Kenny Chesney) pop up as good summer song choices.

Best 4th of July Story:

I don’t have a specific story, but…

I’ve always loved the 4th of July. I remember as a kid spending time with extended family, grilling out, and watching fireworks.

I always wanted to get engaged or get married on the 4th. I thought it would be fun to have sparklers and a few fireworks at the reception. I don’t think I ever told Travis this plan…as we got engaged in May 2004. πŸ˜‰


We are definitely fireworks on the 4th type of people. I love a good fireworks display and we have a great tradition of where we watch fireworks in Lexington.

20 Questions…

with The Classy Chaos

  • 1. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert …for sure…
  • 2. Favorite movie? The Parent Trap (1961)
  • 3. Arrive early or late? Arrive a few minutes late…but not too late
  • 4. Last book you read? The Simple Wild
  • 5. Favorite holiday? Thanksgiving (followed by the 4th of July)
  • 6. Pet peeve? Slurping
  • 7. Food you refuse to eat? Mayo!!!!!
  • 8. Favorite fast food chain? Chick-fil-A
  • 9. How do you keep fit? Well—“keep fit” is misleading πŸ˜‰ I’m forever a work in progress but I like going for walks, Pilates, full body weight workouts, and HIIT workouts
  • 10. Morning person or night owl? Well, I’d say morning person…but I’m a morning person in the sense that I like 45 minutes of silence and not talking to anyone while I sip my coffee.
  • 11. Favorite drink? Coffee (wine and diet coke are close runner ups)
  • 12. Irrational fear? Falling (I hate heights)
  • 13. Go to snack? Cheezits
  • 14. Strongest sense? Hearing. My students (and my kids) are always amazed at what I can hear from across the room.
  • 15. Fictional place you’d like to visit? This one stumped me…I’m not sure.
  • 16. Kindle or actual book? Actual book (but Kindle sure does come in handy!)
  • 17. Last movie you went to see? I honestly think it was Frozen II with Hadley back in December?
  • 18. Favorite season? Autumn!!
  • 19. Beach or mountains? I really want to say a tie! Beach in the summer, mountains in fall.
  • 20. Favorite cereal? Lucky Charms

Whoa! If you made it to the end of this post, you learned a lot about me πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much for reading!

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Not Just a Mom – Fun Facts

Hello! It’s the second Monday of the month, so I’m linking up with Lauren, Ashley, and others for their Not Just a Mom series. This month’s focus is on Fun Facts.

When I started my blog last summer, I wrote this post introducing myself and then another post a few weeks later with some random facts about me. So, I will expand on those posts with a few more random/fun facts.

Facts about Me:

  • I make my bed every morning (or my husband does). I can’t sleep if the bed hasn’t been made.
  • My kids make their bed every morning too because #momsaysso
  • I have a shamrock tattoo on my left foot.
  • I love the Golden Girls and have seen every episode more times than I can count.
  • The original Parent Trap is my favorite movie.
  • I love to read.
  • I’m a dog person. #catsmakemesneeze
  • I’m an introvert. I don’t think I’ve always been this way, but certainly as I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely become more introverted.
  • I always thought it would be fun to be a backup singer. I don’t want the spotlight πŸ˜‰ (I can’t sing!)
  • Mayonnaise is my least favorite food of all time. I will not eat it!
  • I like ringing up my groceries at the self-checkout.
  • Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

So those are just a few facts about me! July’s topic is Girl Time. I’m hoping by July, I can say that I’ve seen my friends in person rather than via Zoom!

I hope you have a great week! I’m going to take some time this week to slow down a bit!

Thanks so much for reading.

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Tuesday Talk- Why I started a blog

Hello! Happy Tuesday. Y’all, I’m linking up with Erika and Ashley for my first ever Tuesday Talk. I’ve been reading Erika’s blog for years, and the third Tuesday of the month she links up with Ashley for a Tuesday Talk about whatever topic they want to talk about it. So, I now read Ashley’s blog too! And…she’s fun to follow on Instagram.

Since I’ve been able to post a bit more lately, I thought for my first Tuesday Talk I would just focus on why I started a blog and link some previous posts about myself. So…here we go…

I had been wanting to start a blog for quite some time. Like…I remember in spring of 2010 when I was sad about leaving the kids and going back to school, a couple of people mentioned blogging and how some actually make money doing so. I said, “What’s a blog?” πŸ˜‚ Anyway, back to school (and to the sitter for the kids) I went…which was best for all of us! πŸ˜‰ About five years later, I started reading Bev Weidner’s blog as well as Shay Shull’s blog and just loved the recipes, the humor, the family stories, the pictures, etc. As time went one, I found other blogs I loved to read and do so every morning.

Honestly, these blogs bring me joy. They’ve offered insight to topics I wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. I’ve read posts and laughed. I’ve read posts and cried. Because of them, I’ve read books that have inspired me. I’ve cooked meals for my family that everyone enjoyed. I’ve started new traditions that are important to me. The list goes on and on.

Through the years, I’ve had people continue to tell me I should start a blog after seeing some pictures I’ve posted or a funny story I’ve told on Facebook. I just kept putting it off because I didn’t know how and wasn’t sure if I’d have the time to commit to it.

Last summer, I made it a priority. Another thing to do before I turned the big 4-0. I love that a blog is a way to share about my family (especially because lots of my family lives in Missouri), share books I’ve been reading, post funny memes, and tell my Homer stories! Also, I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a creative person, but this is creative outlet for me. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m actually pretty introverted and somewhat quiet. The blog is a way for me to share my voice, in some respect.

I hope that people find me relatable, honest, funny, encouraging and more. That’s how I feel about the ladies’ blogs I read daily. I feel like I keep it pretty light and fluffy around here, but I do feel vulnerable at times with some posts. You just never know how someone may interpret what you’ve written or have an opinion about something you’ve shared. I definitely want my corner of the internet to be a place people want to visit for a book idea, a recipe, or to chuckle at the insanity that typically ensues at my house.

Thanks to all those who have followed my Facebook or Instagram pages. Thank you for those who subscribe to blog emails or for the readers who click the β€œfollow” button on the blog. Thanks to those who read an occasional post or write a comment or even just “like” the post. It’s truly encouraging and uplifting to me. After only about 9 months of blogging, I’ve “met” some new (to me) bloggers through link ups, and continued to broaden the topics I try to write about. Also, I’m not in it for the money πŸ˜‰ I still don’t even know how that works! This has just become a fun hobby for me…and certainly one I wish I had started sooner.

Again, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for encouragement along the way!

Here are a few previous post about me and some of the favorite blogs I love to read.

Some additions to my favorite blogs since I did that post at the end of the summer (I think I reposted it yesterday by accident. Whoops! #Imstillanoviceblogger): Grace and Love, Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa, That Inspired Chick, , and Fancy Ashley. Some ladies post daily, others a few times a week, and some just once a week or so. I always love hearing what they have to say!

Definitely check out Ashley and Erika’s posts today too!

As always, thanks so much for reading.

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Three Things + A Bit of My Routine

Hello and Happy Thursday! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared a little bit about what we’ve all (individually) been up to, so here’s a Three Things update as well as my self-care routine that I’ve made a focus for myself lately.

Please pardon Hayden’s dirty shirt. He’d just finished a round of backyard golf.
  1. Hayden begged and begged for an Xbox for the past couple of years. Last year, I told him he’d need to save money to purchase an Xbox if he wanted one, and he did so last November. Who knew that five months later that Xbox sure would come in handy?! We still try to limit technology, but he’s been having fun playing a little bit each day as a way to “play” with his friends.
  2. Hayden has also become tech savvy with Zoom. A few days a week, some of his friends (thanks to one of the moms!) Zoom and see each other and chat for awhile. It warms my heart to hear them chatting and laughing (even if they are probably telling fart jokes!)
  3. Hayden is definitely still a voracious reader. He was assigned to read two books for school (Hoot and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and did so in a couple of days. He also likes to re-read books which I think is so awesome. Of course, he also loves watching Lego Masters and episodes of Garfield on Netflix to balance out the book to tv ratio πŸ˜‰
  4. Bonus: I’ve said it in a previous post, but Hayden has been very content at home these past couple of weeks. He’s quite the homebody and seems to be adjusting well to this new, for now, “normal.”
  1. Like Hayden, Hadley begged and begged for an Ipod Touch. She also had to save money to buy her Ipod Touch and did so last November as well. Again, we limit the time she’s on it, but thank goodness for Kids Messenger because that way my social butterfly can keep up with her friends. It’s really been a great way for them to communicate!
  2. Hadley still loves to bake and is pretty independent while doing so. We’ve baked cookies and brownies recently. Baking is definitely a fun (and delicious) way to pass the time!
  3. Hadley’s dance teachers have been posting videos of their recital routines for practicing. I’m glad that Hadley has been able to keep up with dance during the time off. That being said, she can find the beat in any tune…so lots of improv dancing going on around here.We’re still hopeful there will be a recital…just most likely at a later date.
  4. Bonus: Hadley’s done a great job adjusting to being home, but she is the extrovert who likes to socialize. I know she misses her friends fiercely, and she, more than Hayden, has realized some of the fun they are missing out on (or will miss out on) at school like an April field trip, field day, and other fun activities.
  1. Travis has always been a “doer.” So, having this forced time to slow down, while good, is definitely an adjustment for him. He still keeps busy and goes to work a couple times a week, does yard work (which he actually does enjoy–just doesn’t usually have time for in the spring and summer), and finds other odds and end projects around the house to complete. Of course, Travis finds time for a daily run as well as takes Homer for walks. They log a lot of time together. πŸ˜‚
  2. I’m continuing to try to find a groove with working from home while helping the kids with their work. Like Travis, it took me awhile to get used to this slower pace, but I’ve realized it’s not often that I have time to do so many things I love like read, catch up on a tv show, workout, and nap—sometimes all in one day! Of course, now that school has started back this week, I’m very busy during the day, but still love the downtime in the evenings.
  3. Newsflash: Homer is still a HANDFUL!! He’s a sweet as he can be, but man, he gets into everything. Just recently, he’s eaten two wireless computer mice, two kitchen dish brushes, the lid to my Swig mug (I was SO mad!), a painting brush, and some molasses cookies from Trader Joe’s! I will say I know he loves having us home…and the kids sure do love spending this extra time with him. They hug on him most of the day and fight about whose bed he should hop in while they do schoolwork!

Similar yet Different Routine

During these uncertain times, I cling to what I can control…which is some of my daily routine. Some things I’m doing for myself include:

  • I continue to wake up before the kids. I’m usually up by 7:00 to sip my coffee in silence while reading my favorite blogs , checking my phone, and watching the news (sporadically!). For school, I work 8-11 and 12-3:30. The kids both have their class Google meetings at 10:00 each day. So, I get my “me” time in and get some work accomplished before they wake up.
  • During my “me” time, I always light a Bath and Body Works candle, as well as some other candles in the living room. It sets a calm start to my day.
  • Since March 16th, I’ve made it a goal to go for a daily walk on top of my at home workouts. Usually the walks are on my own and I listen to a podcast…but sometimes it’s just Travis, Homer and me, and sometimes it’s a family walk. Once or twice a week, we’ve been going on family bike rides…I let that count as my walk. The fresh air and sunshine always does a body good.
  • I try to work out 4-5 days a week. Thankfully, I’m pretty used to working out at home…but I do miss going to the gym to use the bike and the elliptical.
  • Real talk: there are days I don’t even put makeup on…but some days I do..and notice I feel a bit better. I continue my routine of washing my face and using toner and moisturizer. As I’ve mentioned before, at least once a week I do a gel mask and another day of the week do a charcoal mask. Also, I’ve been making Facial Friday a thing and busting out my facial steamer. I’m also continuing my weekly at home manicures (just painting my nails ;)) and also change my toe polish every once in awhile. Also, sunless tanner has become my new best friend! Trying to give my legs some life πŸ˜‰
  • Also, it’s important to keep things light for my kids. I don’t want them feeling stressed or anxious during these unprecedented times. I answer their questions, but they haven’t had many…and keeping them in some kind of routine has been important. Starting online school this week has helped solidify the routine that will likely carry us into summer. Also, in addition to learning, I try to incorporate other fun activities like crafts or baking to break up the days.
  • That being said, as a family we are spending uninterrupted time together that we probably won’t get again. So we’ve been going on family bike rides, walks, watching movies together, playing puzzles, etc.

So, that’s just a little update about each of us. See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites (Kids Q&A edition!)

Take care,

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Not Just A Mom: Self Care

Happy Monday! I survived (and had fun!) at a Girl Scout overnight at COSI in Columbus, OH. More about that later in the week…I’m still recovering from staying up until midnight and sleeping on the floor! (plus losing an hour with Daylight Savings Time!)

In other exciting news…Y’all, believe it or not, this is my 100th blog post. I can’t believe it! I’ve really enjoyed blogging so far. It’s fun to share about family, school, what I’m reading, what I’m cooking, etc. AND…I love reading other people’s blogs too.

Linking up with other bloggers led me to reading Lauren’s All About that Mommy Life blog. Last month, I read her Not Just a Mom post for February, and I thought I’d link up with her (and the others) for this month’s post.

This month’s focus is on self care. I’d say that self care is something most moms struggle with. When you are in the midst of laundry, carpool, grocery shopping, homework, working, etc…it’s difficult to find time for yourself. About three years ago, I made self care a goal of mine. It started with focusing on whole food nutrition and getting a workout plan that works for me which is when I started doing the Lean program. Once I made fitness and whole food nutrition a priority, I started to find other ways to take care of myself.

(Also, real talk–I’m not perfect–I fall off the eating healthy wagon, but once the calendar turns to March, I really try to tighten up on what I eat and make sure to get some workouts in each week.)

Workouts/Whole Food Nutrition

I try to workout 4-5 days a week. The LEAN program I follow incorporates intermittent fasting with carb cycling and tracking macros + workouts. I’m a person who does feel better after a good work out, so I do try to make time for that even with having two very busy kids. Progress not perfection is my focus thanks to this program.

Also, I love me some McDonald’s French fries and a Diet Coke. Currently, I can’t quit Peanut Butter Patties #girlscoutcookietime and, for me, it’s all about balance. πŸ˜ƒ

Skin Care

For quite awhile I’ve tried to make skin care a priority. While I don’t buy all the fancy products, I do splurge on a few like my daily moisturizer and night time face cream.

Also, I can’t believe I’m admitting this…but I was probably in my early thirties before I made it a priority to take my makeup off at bedtime! I realized, “Girl, wash your face!” before it was a thing…or a book! πŸ˜‰ So, just finally doing that was a step in the right direction and through the years I’ve added other products into my skincare routine.

Three years ago, I started going to a local med spa once a month. My membership package includes one of the following each month: a facial, a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or (my favorite!) dermaplane (basically–the esthetician shaves your face!)

Is my skin perfect? Heck no. Am I in an uphill battle against aging ? Yes! That being said, I feel like I’m being proactive with taking the time to wash my face, use a toner and moisturizers as well as taking care of skin with the facials. Plus, it’s just a treat for me once a month to decompress!


Before kids, when I had more time and money!, I used to get monthly pedicures and a manicure every two weeks. Now, I save monthly pedicures for April-September, and then get gel manicures 6-8 times a year. I love gel manicures because they last longer (and I always have my nails painted), but, again, I usually get them before spring break, summer vacation, Christmas, etc. Just another form of self care!


A few years ago, we joined a pool in the summer. My kids are older now, so they run around with their friends and are able to swim (so I don’t have to stress about that!) when we are at the pool. So, while they did that, I got back into reading. I’ve always been a reader, but there were years when I was in grad school, raising two babies while working full time that reading for pleasure was put on the back burner.

Now, I read quite regularly. Last year, I purchased my Kindle which has provided me more opportunities for reading. I keep it in my purse and read while my kids have a practice or any other spare minutes I may have in the day. I am glad that I’ve made reading a part of my daily routine.

Quiet Time

I’ve always been someone who needs to ease into the day, and once I had kids that became even more important for me. So, I get up about 30-45 minutes before the rest of my family on the weekdays. On the rare occasion that Travis gets up early and is hanging around the living room, he gets major side eye from me….like “why are you interrupting my ‘me’ time?” πŸ˜‚I spend those precious quiet minutes sipping my coffee, scrolling through my phone, watching the news, and reading my favorite blogs.

I need that time to myself to get my mind right for the day. That being said, I need a bit of quiet time in the evening too. I mean, Travis doesn’t get side eye from me at night if he is also in the living room watching a show! It’s just the morning time that I need the time to myself. BUT…it’s also why I’ve tried to be pretty strict about bedtime for my kids (of course, they need sleep too), but I also just need that hour to relax between their bedtime and my bedtime!


Last, but not least, blogging has turned into a form of self care for me. I enjoy this creative outlet and carving out a few minutes for me to write as a way to express myself each day. I’ve said it before, but I’m pretty introverted and quiet, so this blog is also a way to share my voice, I guess. It’s fun for me to think of content, link up with other bloggers, and continue to grow in this space. I definitely hope it’s something I can keep doing at least three times a week!

Next month’s Not Just a Mom topic is cleaning routine. Travis may have to write that blog post for me! He’s a cleaning machine! We balance each other out—I like to tidy up while he likes to bust out the broom and the mop!

I love that my 100th blog post synced up with a post about self care since blogging has become an important part of my life. Thanks so much for your support on my blogging journey so far! I really appreciate it.

I hope you have a great week.

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Things Introverts Love

I saw this meme awhile ago, and it caught my attention…because, well, I’m an introvert. I think I’ve always been pretty reserved, and I’ve always liked to ease myself into a new situation or even when meeting new people. I’d also say that I’m pretty guarded with my feelings and my emotions. But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I would actually describe myself as an introvert. What I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older (maybe once I became a parent to two very different kids with very different personality types who even go about the same daily activities in very different ways) that it’s important to know and respect the attributes of those around you and those you love. For example, there are times I come home from school and the last thing I want to do is talk on the phone. I used to feel bad if all I could manage to squeak out was a text message, but now that I have allowed myself to acknowledge that boundaries are ok, I realize that the text message has to be enough—for myself and for the recipient. Just a small example from the mind of an introvert.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a former principal who once said about himself, “I’m an introvert who thrives on a routine and dislikes conflict.” That. Is. Me….Also, I could not have chosen a profession that pushes these limits….daily (hourly!) if I tried. So, no wonder I’m exhausted at the end of every day.

Rainy Days

Truth. I love watching the news in the morning…and when they show the extended weather forecast, I always look to see if we have any upcoming rainy days. I love a cloudy day with a book, a blanket, and not much to do. I joke that rainy days are “permission to be lazy” because what can you actually accomplish on a rainy day? haha

Cancelled Plans

For being an introvert, I do get FOMO rather easily. I do like to hang out and go out with my friends, but I’m also not mad about some cancelled plans. Cancelled plans mean I get to hang out at home which is my favorite place to be!

Solo Activities

I do need some time to unwind. Thankfully, I’m usually home around 4:00, so I get some time to decompress, read, check my phone, etc before starting dinner and evening activities. I also do enjoy having some time to myself to go to the grocery store, run to Target, or get a coffee at Starbucks. I don’t mind doing some activities alone, but I also know that’s only because I know that once I go home there’s the hustle and bustle of it all. Some day my house will be too quiet and I won’t need the time for solo activities which will make me sad, I’m sure!


So… I’m not much for a daydreamer…but I am a planner. I feel so much better if my week is laid out in front of me, activities are written on the calendar, and dinners are planned. I feel less stressed when everything is in order.

Deep Conversations

Ok, I will say…I’m not one that craves deep conversations. So, this part of the graphic doesn’t necessarily apply to me. I think that because I’m “on” all day at school and get very little peace and quiet, the last thing I want to do is have a lengthy conversation. That being said, of course, I love catching up with an old friend, chatting with my mom friends about what’s going on, or getting the details of my kids’ day at school. I like to chat…but just maybe not super deep conversations. I think I often feel like my brain and voice need a break πŸ˜‚

Text Messages

Thank goodness for text messages. As I stated above, they are a great way to keep up with friends and family near and far. Plus, texts have come a long way! Now you can insert emojis and GIFs. haha. That being said, of course, it’s nice to hear a loved one’s voice or receive a nice voicemail.


Yes. Yes. Yes. What pretty much gets me through my early alarm clock is knowing what time I will be home and back in my pjs in the evening. Honestly, like I said, I like to plan out the week, so we know what all is going on, but I also like planning out the week to look forward to the evenings where we don’t have much on our plate, dinner isn’t rushed, and maybe we can play a game or watch a show as a family. I do feel like recharging is so important for all people, so we don’t get run down, tired, and/or sick.


I love my home. I think I’ve always been this way, but I guess just in adulthood, I’ve realized how much I truly do love being at home. If I’m home, I want it to be a place I enjoy and feel comfortable and cozy in. So, of course that means my favorite places to shop are Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, and Target. πŸ˜‚ I will say if I bring home another pillow, Travis may throw a fit! I am the definition of a home body!


I wouldn’t necessarily have described myself as introspective but once I saw it listed on the graphic, I do feel like it applies to me as an introvert. Like I said, I can be quiet. It takes time for me to process information. I’m the type that occasionally keeps a journal, has notes on my phone of meaningful quotes, turns the radio down on my solo car ride home from school to think about my day, and needs some β€œme” time to decompress from the day. I’m reflective enough to know that I have good and bad days, great qualities but that I’m also a work in progress, and that no relationship is perfect…and they take work.

Like I said, this graphic definitely resonated with me when I saw it on social media. I think sometimes introverts may get a bad rap of being snooty or closed off. Just because someone is quiet or guarded doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to offer or don’t want to get to know you….it may just take them awhile to warm up or feel comfortable in a situation or setting.

Hayden tends to be more like me. When Travis asks where we want to go for dinner on a Friday night, 9 times out of 10, Hayden says he wants carry out! haha. I will at least leave the house for a good dinner πŸ˜‰ We aren’t sure where Hadley got her more extroverted personality from. While Travis is more extroverted in comparison to me, I’d see he’d probably label himself as closer to an introvert than an extrovert. I’m constantly in awe of Hadley’s self-confidence, assertiveness, and her ability to make friends effortlessly. I feel like it’s easier to be an extrovert than an introvert, so I’m so thankful she has the qualities and is dragging her brother with her along the way!

Just my two cents on what it means to be an introvert. I know extroverts probably feel misunderstood too sometimes! πŸ˜‰ Thank goodness we all aren’t the same!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Take care,


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About Me: Part 2

This is apparently my 21st post (Word Press says so), and I thought I’d share a little bit more about myself. At the beginning of the year, for a get to know you activity, I usually have my students do a three truths/one lie for the class to get to know each other better. Sometimes the “lies” are obvious, sometimes funny, and sometimes serious. With a few readers who are new to the blog and even for people I know, I just thought I’d share a bit more about myself…and all of them are truths.

Truth: I was a cute kid πŸ˜‰ I wanted to get my ears pierced forever and ever, but I had to wait until I was 12. I was trying to fool everyone in the pic below with my stick on earrings.

I had a very short dancing career, I have a younger brother named Connor, and I loved my Madeline doll (and sitting on shag carpet!)

Let’s skip all the way to college (not sure where all my middle and high school pics are?!) I loved my time at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I graduated with a degree in Secondary Education with a focus in English/Language Arts. I even earned my first Master’s degree from MU too. I will forever be a tiger fan.

Another blessing of my time at MIZZOU was meeting Travis. We got married in 2005.

I vividly remember taking this photo. The photographer said the pose seemed cheesy, but it would be a great photo. It’s been on my bedside table for 14 years and counting…

Hayden and Hadley were born in November 2009 and bring us great joy (and headaches, and heartaches, and stress…but we love them and can’t believe how quickly they are growing up!)

Fall 2015 photos by Trav’s brother Chet
We often vacation in Siesta Key, Florida and Chet took some sweet pics of us a couple of summers ago.
Some of my most favorite pics ever.
Family fun at the Magic Kingdom in July

And, of course, we can’t leave out Homer. I’ve always been a dog person. I grew up with dogs in our home and being a part of our family where Travis did not. I had to convince him to get our dogs Shiloh and Scout, but I’d (and he would) say he’s a dog person now too. We lost Scout in April 2018 and Shiloh this past March. We didn’t know how long we’d wait to get another one, but the beginning of summer and second I saw Homer, we I knew it was time πŸ™‚

Sweet boy (most of the time)

Random Facts/Truths About Me

  1. The first fact was actually what made me think to do this post since yesterday was Friday the 13th. I am superstitious about the number 13. For example, if someone turns the radio or tv volume to 13, I turn it to 12 or 14. Or, if I read chapter 13 of a book, I always read chapter 14 as to not leave off on chapter 13. I also don’t cross days off my calendar until the next day or turn the page of a calendar to a new month until it’s actually that month. I don’t want to jinx anything. (because—you know—life works like that. haha)
  2. I’m left handed. In my family, the left handed gene (does it work like that?) is strong. My grandma, my mom, my aunt and myself are all lefties. Then, along came Hayden and Hadley who are left handed too. Hayden bats right handed (I did too) but is a leftie otherwise and Hadley is dominant left in everything.
  3. Along with being a leftie, I make my check marks backwards. (There are people reading this right now who have known me forever and probably don’t even know that—hello, Travis…?!) My students are always like, “Mrs. Whhhhiiitttee! Your check marks are backwards!” I say it’s because I’m left handed, but I obviously know many (all?!) lefties where that’s not the case. It just feels natural for me to do it that way.
  4. After I cook pasta, I always eat some of the freshly cooked pasta plain. Like a cup or so of plain cooked pasta. #Ilovecarbs
  5. I play Bejeweled Blitz almost daily on my phone. If my Bejeweled Blitz bank account has less than $1M, I’m stressed. (#kiddingnotkidding) I only play a couple of rounds a day, so only a couple of minutes, but it’s my favorite game.
  6. I’m a homebody…like for real. The end goal is always how quickly I can get back home (and most likely back into my pjs), but I also have FOMO. I like to be with people I know and love and don’t want to miss any major events.
  7. I sleep with a weighted blanket and a sound machine. I’m still a horrible sleeper, but they help me relax at night.
  8. I don’t play when it comes to birthdays. I always say my birthday is my favorite holiday..but people (Travis and my mom) are quick to point out it’s not actually a holiday. I go big on my kids’ birthday as well–with them, I always figure it’s one day–not two kids with two different days— I have to go all out on…at least that’s how I justify it.
  9. I don’t like peas or yogurt…and basically pat myself on the back most days when my kids devour both. At least they love those things.
  10. Lastly, and this is deep — I finally took the Enneagram test and I’m a 5. (are you still reading?) πŸ˜‰ A few years ago, my principal had the teachers take the Strength Finder Assessment and my strengths were: consistency, discipline, and connector. I wasn’t really shocked, because those are definitely my strengths but “connector” made me stop and think. It was free therapy πŸ˜‰ I am a connector and I think it stems back from when I moved to a new school in middle school. That was very difficult for me, and it’s hard feeling left out and new. Ever since, I do try to include as many people as possible and always worry I will forget to invite someone; I’d never want someone to feel left out. Real talk: being a connector can also being exhausting πŸ˜‰

I had another principal once say that he’s an introvert who thrives on routine and dislikes conflict…That. Is. Me. and his point (and mine too) if you are in education, you can’t be those things….No wonder I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

Back to the Enneagram Test. I had heard a few people talk about it , and it’s one of those things where if you (and others) know your number, it helps in relationships. When I took the test, it said I was a 5w6. Type 5, wing 6. A five is an “investigator” which took me by surprise. I wouldn’t really label myself that, but when I read the description, many things hit home for me. (By the way, a 6 is a “loyalist”—which I am…I may be hard to get to know, but I’m very loyal to those who are loyal to me and the description did have quite a few points in which I could relate). “Investigator–Thinker who tends to withdraw and observe,” A few tidbits about a 5: Fives tend to withdraw and retreat to mentally prepare for their day, they are generally well read and thoughtful, fives aren’t good at dealing with their emotions, they tend to be shy, independent, reluctant to ask for help, sensitive, have a need for privacy, and sometimes have a minimalistic lifestyle (Trav wishes. haha).

Here’s the link to the test I took. It was pretty lengthy, but I found it interesting.

So those are just a few random facts about me. All truths, no lies.

I hope you have a great weekend.


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About me…

Welcome to my blog…Starting a blog has been a goal of mine for quite awhile. As a busy mom to twins, working full time as a high school English teacher and being married (full time! haha) as well, it was difficult to carve out the time to start one. Finding the extra time held me back….as well as thinking of a name! This summer, I made starting a blog one of my main goals to accomplish. Recently, I really started to focus on what to name the blog and I realized I should combine my past (my roots) with the present (my life) to form the name. I was born and raised in Missouri, so the ‘Show Me’ state will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY for fifteen years, and while you won’t hear me say, “Bless your heart,” my love for a good monogram and a “Hey, ya’ll” shows that I’ve picked up a bit of the south through the years, along with a sip (or two) of sweet tea.

My main hope for this blog is to be a creative outlet for myself while also sharing about my family, books I’m reading, or new recipes that I’ve tried. I began reading various blogs a few years ago, and there are some I read every morning to start my day. To be honest, some of these blogs have changed my life in both big and small ways, and if something I post can be of help to others, I figured why not give this blogging thing a try?

Thanks for stopping by and reading along…and hopefully, throughout time, more than possibly just my mom will be reading this. (Hey, mom!)

My family on a recent vacation

Happy reading,