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Blog Challenge Part 2

Hello and happy Thursday! December 1st. Wow!

We’re chugging right along this week, but re-entry after break has been quite the adjustment. We’ve had school, activities, and even found time to put ornaments on the tree. Unfortunately, we “found” the time because Hadley was home yesterday (and last night) with another round of strep!

Anyway, I’m continuing on with my self-imposed (for lack of a better word)…

A few weeks ago, I shared Part 1 of my “Blog Challenge.” This all began because I had writer’s block, and now I hope to keep incorporating these posts into my regular blogging routine.

Today, I’m tackling topics #4 and 5…

4. Earliest Childhood Memory

Well, the first thing that popped in my mind was when I was three or four, and I was at day care. I pinched my finger in the folding chair and had to go to the doctor. At the time, I remember that my mom had a bad case of poison ivy and had to be careful picking me up. The injured finger was my left ring finger, and to this day, that nail is different…and one of the reasons I prefer having my nails painted!

When thinking about my childhood, some of the memories that immediately pop in my mind are going to my grandma’s (Lulu, my dad’s mom) house most mornings before school. My dad would drop me off, and she would take me to school. She had a mean cat named Al. I also remember going to my other grandparents’ house (my mom’s parents) on days I was sick. I’d lounge on the couch, watch I Love Lucy reruns and eat Bon Bons.

My grandparents:

Lulu on the left, Gma and my grandpa on the right. (Just missing a pic of my other grandpa.)

5. My Guilty Pleasure

Ok…how lame am I? My first thought was waking up early in the mornings…That quiet morning time has definitely turned into my 45 minutes of calm, quiet, and peace to start my day.

Other guilty pleasures are a small fry and Diet Coke from McDonalds, soft serve ice cream at Jason’s Deli, Real Housewives, and a glass of wine!

What’s your earliest childhood memory and/or guilty pleasure?

I hope you are having a great week!

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{Hashtag} Blessed

Hello and…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so it’s the perfect time to take a moment to give thanks and be grateful.

Of course I’m grateful for a roof over my head, my healthy family, a rewarding job, Homer, starting my mornings with a warm cup of coffee, Amazon, grocery pick up and more. This is a natural time of the the year to count blessings and feel grateful. That being said, I know there are many who are going through so much more whether it’s a diagnosis, loss of a loved one, job loss and more.

I’m taking a moment to pause and think about all of the things, both big and small, for which I am grateful.

I am grateful for:


Shew! I couldn’t do life without him. He’s the ying to my yang, the calm to my crazy, and just simply the best. We are a true team, and there’s no way I could juggle doing all the things while working full time and getting the kids where they need to be without him. Also, he’s just such a positive person who encourages and supports me. He’s there for all of us. Always.

(& of course, I’m thankful for my kids as well. They get our attention all of the time, so sometimes I need to remember to give a shout out to T-rav!) ❤️

My friends.

I have such a great group of “mom” friends as I call them. Without the kids, I wouldn’t have met these wonderful ladies. That being said, this year, in particular, I’ve gotten to know some of the moms of middle school friends that the kids have made. What a blessing it is to expand my circle. I appreciate moms who treat my kids as their own, give them a ride if needed, and even text them “Happy Birthday.” I hope these friendships, both old and new, continue for years and years and years!

A rewarding job with a calendar that allows for me to be present with my kids on days off. I’m not exactly sure how to word this…I don’t mean that I’m working only for days off. 😆

I really enjoy my job, and it’s so fulfilling.

I just mean that it’s nice to have natural breaks throughout the year where I know that I will be home with my kids, that I’m able to pick them up after school most days, plan visits with out of town family and more. I’ve lived off a school calendar since 1985, and I just appreciate having the built in time through the year to be at home, recharge, spend time with family, and get things accomplished without having to stress about taking days off.

My health.

Now listen…I know I’m not 25 anymore…and well, I wish I had appreciated my health back then! That being said, this year has been good for me in regards to getting on track with workouts and tracking what I eat. I’ve seen results that I haven’t seen in years. I think it took a bit for my hormones to level out after my hysterectomy. And, to be honest, while I’ve regularly exercised through the years, I needed to buckle down more on nutrition. While I’m forever a work in progress, I appreciate that I’ve taken the time for myself to workout four to five days a week and eat with “progress, not perfection” in mind.

As I type this, I haven’t had a good couple of weeks. We’ve been extra busy which means I haven’t been getting my workouts in like I’ve been doing consistently for so long. Also, my eating has not even been 80/20…feels more like 60/40 the past month or so. And…I’ve tweaked my back again. Last week, when I pulled the Christmas decorations out of the attic, I felt a twinge…and now it’s a constant pain (literally and figuratively). Once or twice a year, this tends to happen to me. I’m hoping to take it easy, and then starting Friday, I’m focusing on a plan for decent nutrition and workout schedule to get me to 2023!

Quiet mornings.

I’ve taken advantage of getting up before the rest of the house for years. That being said, with constantly busy days and evenings, that quiet time in the morning has become even more necessary. I need to ease into the day with a little “me time” that includes a cup of coffee, my favorite blogs, and right now, the glow of the Christmas tree.

You! Y’all are the best! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading, and commenting on my posts. I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of my readers and appreciate this community so much. Show Me and Sweet Tea is a fun hobby for me, and I appreciate the support so much!

Before I go, I just thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes again. We always make this Turkey Rice Soup the day after Thanksgiving. It’s a family favorite. I thought you might enjoy it too.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you back here next week.

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Blog Challenge Part 1

Hello and Happy Thursday!

Well, I’ve had my blog for over three years, and every once in a while I kind of draw a blank on what to share! So, I turned to the place I find ideas on all the things…Pinterest! I found a few different “blog challenges” with topics. Sometimes, I think I put pressure on myself to write full, lengthy posts. It might just be the English teacher in me!

So, I think over the next few months, I will occasionally chip away at the topics in this challenge. I like that some of these topics are quick and easy while others will require a bit more thought.

Also, I will most likely combine some of the topics as I know I’ve covered some of these in some way. That being said, I also feel so lucky to have new readers who might not have seen some of these posts!

1. Introduction:

My first ever blog post was published on August 4, 2019, and it was a little introduction about myself.

The short and sweet of it is…I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, went to school at the University of Missouri and moved to Kentucky when I was 24 years old. I met Travis while at MU, and he’s from Louisville. He wanted to get into the horse business, so Lexington made the most sense for us to start our lives together here. We have boy/girl twins who will be 13 in less than two weeks. I’ve been a teacher for over 20 years which is so hard for me to believe! Blogging is a hobby for me, and it’s been such a fun thing for me to spend time doing.

2. Twenty Facts About Me:

A few weeks later, I followed it up with another post with 10 random facts about me.

To stay true to this topic, here are 10 more facts about me:

11. I love to read. I almost always have a book on my Kindle and a book on my bedside table.

12. I’m a high school English teacher (This is my 21st year in education)

13. I have one brother who I consider one of my best friends.

14. I’m a dog lover. If we lived on lots of land, I think I’d have 10 dogs at least!

15. I’m pretty introverted and quiet until I get to know someone.

16. My favorite place to be is on the beach with my toes in the sand, a view of the water, and a book in my hand.

17. I love to watch sports. As a family, we go to most of the home UK (Kentucky) football games. I joke that I don’t “bleed blue” like the rest of the family, but I’ll cheer for the CATS. I cheer for MIZZOU as well as the KC Chiefs and KC Royals.

18. Fall is my favorite season.

19. I have a very type A personality. I like to have a plan, make a list, and feel accomplished at the end of the day.

20. I love nothing more than a rainy, lazy Sunday, but Thursday is my favorite day of the week.

3. Meaning of My Business Name:

I’d wanted to start a blog for quite a few years, but I always wondered who would read it, and I struggled with the name.

In 2019, I remember that we were all in the car driving Hadley to summer camp. I told Travis on the way home that I’d thought of a name: Show Me and Sweet Tea. He said, “I like it!” which was the final bit of encouragement I needed to figure out Word Press and get my first post published!

Here’s my explanation of my blog name from my first Introduction post:

“I realized I should combine my past (my roots) with the present (my life) to form the name. I was born and raised in Missouri, so the ‘Show Me’ state will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve lived in Lexington, KY for fifteen years, and while you won’t hear me say, “Bless your heart,” my love for a good monogram and a “Hey, ya’ll” shows that I’ve picked up a bit of the south through the years, along with a sip (or two) of sweet tea.”

By the way, this is very “on brand” for me to go from “what should I write about” to cramming three responses into one post!

As always, thanks for reading…and let me know if there are any topics you’d like for me to write about!

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Tuesday Talk: Seint Makeup


Well, today’s post is a bit out of my comfort zone…lots of selfies of me, but I’ve been using Seint makeup for about a month and want to tell you all about it.

Tuesday Talk: Seint Makeup

I’ve always said that Hadley knows more about hair and makeup than I do. She doesn’t wear much, but she needs to know how to apply it for dance. Plus, most teen/tween girls like watching makeup videos on You Tube! I’ve used the same drug store (L’oreal, for example) products for years, and honestly had no issues with them. They do the trick, and I’m a “less is more” gal anyway. I’ve always worn enough for there to be a difference in making my skin look more even, but not much otherwise.

That being said, my friend Amy is now a Seint consultant, and I was intrigued but her Insta stories sharing about the products.

I went to her house, and she did a color match on me in person. That being said, many Seint reps can color match via a photo you send them.

I’ve gotten the hang of it pretty quickly. Amy has shared a few videos of her Seint makeup routine, and at first, I followed along as she did them. Also, there are so many videos on Instagram and Pinterest. I also used my color map that Amy sent me after my consultation as a guide, but it was nice to see the process in real time and follow along.

Palette and Brushes:

I purchased the IIID Palette 12 in silver. This palette holds six makeup tins on each side. There’s a mirror in the palette, and it has a magnetic closure. These are cream based products, so there’s no mess!

I think most will say that the IIID Brush does it all. So, if you just purchase one brush, get that one. I purchased the IIID as well as the Detail Brush, and I am glad that I have both.


Here’s what’s in my palette:

  • Contour: Astoria
  • Highlight: Aura (light highlight, similar to your concealer)
  • Highlight: Mango (darker highlight, similar to your foundation)
  • Bronzer: Bella (I don’t use this as often as I thought I would)
  • Lip/Cheek: Pink Grapefruit (great summer color, but I think I will get something a bit darker for the fall)
  • Illuminator: Rose Gold

So, the other side of my palette is empty, but I bet as my tan fades, I will need a different color of highlight(s). Also, Seint as cream based eye shadows, but I have a few other products that I currently use.

Here I am after my first time applying Seint in late July. I followed along with Amy’s video, and thought that I did a pretty good job!

The Process:

Warning: here come the selfies!


Step 1: contour, highlight (concealer), highlight (main)

I use my finger to apply the product(s).

Contour – Apply to forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and outside of nose to the tip.

Highlight (concealer)– Apply to either side of eyes, down the middle/bridge of nose, under nose, on chin, and blemishes if you have any.

Highlight (main/foundation) – This goes anywhere you don’t have makeup.

BlendTip: Blend light to dark. I use the wider side of Detail Brush and go up my nose and fan out to get my forehead. Then I blend my chin, and then I use smaller side of detail brush to do under my eyes. I then use the bigger side of IIID brush and start with contour rubbing in circles on my forehead up to my hair line to blend. Then, I blend in the contour on my jawline and down to my neck.

After blending contour and two highlights:

Step 2: blush

I dab a bit on the tops of both cheeks.

Blend: Then, I blend using the smaller side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the blush:

Step 3: bronzer (If using)

I put this where the sun hits my face. So, I put a bit on my forehead, the tops of my cheeks, and my chin.

Blend: I blend in the bronzer using the bigger side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the bronzer:

Step 4: Illuminator

I put this on the middle of my forehead, down the bridge of nose, on the tops of my cheeks, and a bit on my chin.

Blend: I blend using bigger side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the illuminator:

Step 5: lip

I’m more of a lip gloss/Chapstick girl, so I typically only do lip for a weekend night. Again, I like this grapefruit color, but will look for something more fall/winter that’s dark but not too dark once we get into September.

After adding lip color:

*After the photo above, I went back and blended on the bridge of my nose a bit more… (but forgot to take photo) #notabeautyblogger


The cream base of Seint makeup is forgiving because I can add more if needed. So if I have too much bronzer, I can add more highlight and blend to take away some of the bronze.

I also love that I can kind of choose what works for me for the day.

For example, on the average weekend day when I just want some coverage, I’ve just used both highlights for to even out my skin…and also applied mascara. (I don’t go anywhere without mascara!)

Also, there are many days I skip bronzer and illuminator…just depends on what I’m wanting for that day. I really can get away with just contour, both highlights, blush, eye shadow and mascara for a normal school day.

A few options:

Here I am Saturday night with no bronzer or Illuminator, only the other products.

*Like I said, I think I’m more of a lip gloss girl and added some after this photo but I like this pink for summer.

Then, for church on Sunday, I didn’t use bronzer, but I did use Illuminator. Then, I added lip gloss to the grapefruit Seint lip.

Overall, I’m loving the Seint makeup. The process is now pretty easy for me. I feel like it helps my skin look flawless. The coverage seems to last all day.

I think I’ve moved from novice to accomplished using Seint over the past month. It definitely hasn’t slowed down my morning routine at all. I actually timed myself yesterday morning, and I’d applied all makeup in 5 minutes!

Well, I feel like I’ve been in your face quite a bit today! 😂 Let me know if you have any questions. I’m sure Amy can help get those answered or help you if you are interested.

I hope your week is off to a great start! Seint is also perfect for hiding the bags under my tired eyes!

Happy Tuesday!

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Little Miss + Enneagram


I’m not sure why or where these Little Miss sayings started, and I think people either love them or hate them. haha

I follow (Tess) on Instagram, and loved looking at her recent Enneagram types posts.

I think it’s been two years since I took the Enneagram test, and I’m a 5w6. Sometimes, I think I’m more of a 6 than a 5 when I see different references, but I think it’s fun to analyze.

Here are the Little Miss sayings that most apply to my Type 5w6 self:

Type 5
  • Little Miss “All Black Wardrobe”: While I don’t wear all black (mostly because of Homer hair haha!), my winter wardrobe is usually black, gray, and navy!
  • Little Miss “Give Me Space”: I definitely need my “me” time every day.
  • Little Miss “Doesn’t Like the Spotlight”: I definitely don’t like the spotlight. I’m happy to blend in.
  • Little Miss “Probably Overthinking”: All day, err’y day!
  • Little Miss “This Could Have Been an Email”: I like to be as efficient with my time as possible. I hate when I feel like time is being wasted…or a meeting could have been an email!

Type 6
  • Little Miss “Needs the Schedule”: How can a person live without a schedule?!?
  • Little Miss “Planner Addict”: The best thing about “back to school” is a new planner and new pens!
  • Little Miss “Online Shopping Addict”: Did you see yesterday’s post? I don’t think I’d call myself an “addict,” but I do prefer to shop online. That being said, I also think that goes with my tendency to want to be efficient…and stay home.
  • Little Miss “Little Miss Overpacked”: I wrote about my over-packing tendencies in this blog post. I’m a work in progress. I’ve also admitted that I’m a “home body,” so I think that’s why I overpack. I just want to feel “at home” wherever I go. Also, I used to overpack a large suitcase. Now, I just overpack a medium one. #babysteps
  • Little Miss “Makes Tons of Lists”: I love a list…or 12. I have lists on my phone, lists in my school planner, lists on sticky notes, grocery lists and more. I also make “to do” lists for my kids for their chores or even schoolwork if they need to stay on top of it. I’ve even added things to lists after I’ve already completed the task just so I can cross that item off. So satisfying! Am I normal? Actually, don’t answer that! 😉

What Enneagram type are you? You should check out Tess’s posts, and let me know which Little Miss you relate to the most.

I hope you are having a great week.

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Hello Monday

Hello (Monday!) How was your weekend? Ours was great. Saturday’s weather was gorgeous; Sunday was super soggy! Thankfully, no early alarms were set on Saturday. Travis was in California for work, so I was flying solo all afternoon getting the kids where they needed to be. In the afternoon, Hadley had three hours of dance, Hayden had two hours of baseball followed by a basketball game. Yesterday, Hadley and I spent most of the day at her second dance competition of the season at EKU.

Today, I’m linking up with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday.

Usually, for Hello Monday we recap the weekend, but I’m just sharing all about my Friday. I feel like we went non-stop for the month of February, and I got behind in all areas of my life. With Travis out of town and already feeling behind, I decided to use a personal day to get my life together before a busy single-parent weekend.

Listen, I know how to really live it up. I slept in on Friday…waking up at 6:30 instead of 6:05!

I still had my quiet time and coffee. (Day at home or not, I need the time to ease into the day before the kids get up)

After the kids got ready, I was able to drop them off at school. I know this may sound silly, but any time I have off and they have school, I love taking them to school. I feel like it’s one of those working mom things, and just a simple thing I like to do when I can.

(It’s also why I love the middle school vs. high school schedule. I’m able to pick them up from school, and I rarely was able to do that during the elementary years.)

Then, I headed back home to tidy up, clean up breakfast, and make the bed. Then, I headed to a doctor’s appointment before running some errands.

I had a few Amazon returns,

…and decided to get a manicure. I usually do Funny Bunny, but chose Mod About You this time.

Then, I went to Save-a-Lot for a school errand followed by a quick trip to Kroger.

I decided to get one of my favorite lunches…

…the Harvest Kale Salad.

I brought it home and watched an episode of RH NJ.

Then, I went for about a thirty minute walk,

and read for a bit before picking up the kids.

Also, I was able to cross some things off my list around the house like tidying up my closet, doing some laundry, and getting organized for the weekend.

Was this the most exciting day ever? No. Well, for me…maybe yes 🤣 but it was much needed to get some things accomplished heading into the weekend. I often use the allotted personal days we get for field trips with the kids, Keeneland or Oaks, Field Day, etc. That being said, now that the kids are in middle school, sadly, I don’t need to save those days for school related events. {😭}.

I’ve also learned how much better I feel (which means I’m a better mom and wife) when I take the time to take a step back when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed .

We only have 50 days left in the school year. That is so hard to believe!

Well, Travis is back home, and just in time! Yet another action packed week is about to begin!

I hope you had a great weekend,

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Thursday Thoughts: Dime Beauty

Hello! Today, I’m sharing a bit about some favorite skincare products. Now, my blog is the farthest thing from a beauty blog as you can get. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, Hadley knows more about hair and makeup (even though she only wears it for dance competitions) than I do. That being said, I’ve tried to up my skincare game through the years because while I don’t mind looking my age, I’d like to do what I can to have an effective skincare regimen.

My Skincare Journey:

I’d say I’ve been consistently using skincare products for about ten years…probably since my early 30’s. I definitely should have started sooner, but I’ve now made skincare a priority.

I mostly used drug store products but for the past five years, I’ve tried various products off and on such as Rodan and Fields and Mary Kay. Once I started using these more expensive products, I kind of mixed and matched high and low price points. For example, I’d use Neutrogena face wash, but then follow that with a more expensive moisturizer.

For about four years now, I’ve gotten monthly facials. I rotate my treatments between chemical peels, dermaplane, microdermabrasion, and facials. While I’ve felt guilty splurging on this luxury for myself, I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my skin while prioritizing these monthly treatments.

Now, on to what I really want to talk about….Dime Beauty.

Dime Beauty:

I guess you could say that I’ve been “influenced.” Since the summer, I’ve been using Dime Beauty products, and I’ve been loving them. Quite a few influencers have shared their products. Jen Reed (@thesisterstudioig) is the first one I saw to promote the products, and she even visited their facility and spoke with the founders.

I’ve also seen Lacey (@ponderosa_and_plaid), Autumn Calabrese (@autumncalabrese), Mary Beth (@livinwithmb) and others share the products they love. I’ve used their codes along the way too for discounts.

The products I use:

*descriptions/key benefits from

Started with…

Honestly, the first product that piqued my interest was the Super Firm Serum. While placing that first order and knowing I use moisturizer both morning and night, I added those to the cart and got free shipping.

In the mornings, I wash my face and then use my regular toner (Thayers). Then, I apply the:

  • Dewy Day Cream

At night, I use a makeup wipe (which I think is a “no no,” but…convenience sometimes wins out!), then I use my regular toner followed by:

  • Super Firm Serum and the Restorative Night Cream

Dewy Day Cream:

Two pumps is all you need of the Dewy Day Cream.

Key Benefits: replenishes skin, helps promote collagen and elastin growth, plumps and firms skin

Super Firm Serum:

I just use one to two drops and apply to my face.

Key Benefits: tightening and firming, helps accelerate collagen and elastin production, works to limit muscle contraction

Restorative Night Cream:

Like with the Dewy Day Cream, I just use two pumps of the night cream as well.

Key Benefits: restores dry and damaged skin, maintains soft and hydrated skin, revitalizes shine and complexion, fights the aging process

For both creams, I apply any leftover cream to the back of my hands. I figure I might as well use it wherever needed!


I started using the Gentle Jelly Cleanser and Luminosity Eye Serum.

I now use the Gentle Jelly Cleanser in the mornings to wash my face.

I added the Luminosity Eye Serum to my evening routine as well.

Gentle Jelly Cleanser:

Two pumps of the Jelly Cleanser is all I need to wake my skin up in the morning.

I do only use it in the morning and have continued to use my makeup wipe in the evening.

Key Benefits: Removes dirt, oil, and makeup, hydrates and soothes after cleansing, softens skin texture after consistent use, protects the skin from damage caused by environmental stressors

Luminosity Eye Serum:

A little bit of this goes a long way, and I apply it under my eyes, crows feet and arch of eyebrow. I only use this product during my nighttime skincare routine.

Key Benefits: improves youthful appearance beneath the eyes, improve dark circles, lessen puffiness, improve fine lines and wrinkles

Newest Additions:

Blue Facial Oil:

Mary Beth (@livingwithmb) shared about the Blue Facial Oil, and I was curious. Thankfully, I don’t get many blemishes, but I also thought this may be of use to my kids as they’ve started paying more attention to skincare (Read: they now occasionally wash their faces)

I just use a couple of drops and pat it on my face. I use this two to three nights a week after the Restorative Night Cream.

Key Benefits: anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, spot treatment, promotes wound healing, antioxidant-rich, hydration

“Cons”: It is an oil, so I end up washing my hands after using this product.

Daytime Order of Product use:

  • Gentle Jelly Cleanser
  • Toner (Thayers)
  • Serum (Revolution Hyaluronic Acid)
  • Dewy Day Cream

Daytime Order of Product use:

  • Makeup wipe
  • Toner (Thayers)
  • Super Firm Serum
  • Luminosity Eye Serum
  • Restorative Night Cream
  • Blue Facial Oil (a few days a week)


Emily (@champagneandchanel) shared about Dime Beauty’s perfumes. I apply a spray of perfume every morning, and am not too picky about what I use. Honestly, most perfumes I have last for years because I don’t use much. So, I was in need of some perfume and thought the sample set would be the perfect way to choose which one I liked best.

Their perfume is made with a clean alcohol, and the sample pack included these scents:

The scents:

  • ILYSB (I love you so bad), sandalwood, gardenia
  • Lovely Dreams – floral citrus scent
  • Malibu Night – coconut musk and berries
  • 7 Summers – warm cream scent with touch of vanilla lavender

My favorite scent from the pack is 7 Summers followed by Lovely Dreams. That being said, I’ve been rotating which ones I use and wear them all.

Some things I love about the products:

  • Vegan + Cruelty Free
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • I feel the products working on my skin.
  • Price point is great
  • Many influencers have codes you can use for discounts
  • You can earn points to apply towards future purchases. (I’ve even written reviews of the products and earned discounts/free shipping)


I feel like the products last for quite some time. I’ve gotten about:

  • 2.5-3 months out of the day and night creams
  • The cleanser has lasted me longer than three months, but I only use it in the morning (and my make up wipes at night)
  • 2 months for the Super Firm Serum
  • 3 months for Luminosity Eye Serum
  • I assume the Blue Oil will last a while because I only use it a few days a week.

Up next, I hope to try their Super Skin Toner.

Like I said before, I’ve used a variety of product lines through the years. I’ve never really been disappointed in those products, but I feel like Dime Beauty products are ones I will continue to re-order and use without hesitation.

Have you tried any Dime Beauty products? I believe they just came out with a sunscreen too!

What are your favorite skincare products?

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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2021 Blogging Recap

Today, I’m taking a look back at my blog for 2021.

Blogging is just a hobby for me. It’s something I do for myself. When I started this blog in August of 2019, I didn’t know what to expect. Along the way, I’ve “met” so many new people, and I appreciate all the love and support from my readers.

I feel like I’ve found a groove with blogging. I like sitting down each month and planning my posts with pencil/paper. I always write down the link ups, and then fill in the blanks for other days with my monthly posts like Monday Memes and What I’ve Been Reading. I enjoy coming up with my own topics, but I also love writing on the same topic as others but with my own thoughts to share.

When I started out, I blogged three days a week. During Covid, I had a bit more time, and was blogging five days a week most weeks. This school year, I definitely needed to slow down a bit, but I didn’t want to give up on writing. So, four days a week tends to be an achievable goal for me.

This year, I’ve “stretched” myself a bit, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the Not Just a Mom link up and becoming an Amazon Associate. Thank you so much for your support!


It’s definitely not about the numbers for me. I joked when I first started the blog that I figured it may just be my mom who reads it! That being said, I find it interesting to see how things have progressed throughout the years. From the number of posts I write, to views, and interest in certain posts, I just think it’s neat to look at occasionally.

As of yesterday…

  • I wrote 197 posts (with a few more planned before the year ends)
  • 61, 478 views in 2021a
  • 18, 516 visitors in 2021
  • September 2021 has the highest viewership with 5.8k views.

I realize some bloggers get that many views in a week (or a day!), but it’s just fun to see the growth from year to year. Last year, I had 41,000 views from 16,000 visitors.

It still blows my mind that people read, comment, and/or “like” my posts. haha

My most read categories are:

  • Holidays
  • Friday Favorites
  • Clothes
  • Let’s Look
  • Amazon


I appreciate all who read my posts, but the following are my top commenters.

I think it’s so interesting that they have blogs of their own!

  • Amy (Coffee and Cocktails at the Casa)
  • Holly (Pink Lady)
  • Sarah (Sunshine and Books)
  • Joanne (My Slices of Life)
  • Lauren (Don’t Mind Our Mess)

You should definitely check out their blogs too if you aren’t already doing so.

Top 10 posts:

My favorite posts I’ve written this year…

I’m a pretty reflective person, and I just like to take a few moments to look back on the posts and stats from the year. As I continue to grow as a blogger, I’d love to know what topics you are interested in reading about, and I can try to to plan accordingly. So…feel free to let me know!

As always, thanks so much reading. I truly appreciate this special community!

See you back here tomorrow for one more post this week.

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Thursday Thoughts

Hello! Today, I have a Thursday Thoughts post.

I’ve shared Erin’s (@cathartic_word) Enneagram graphics in previous posts. When I’m scrolling the ‘Gram, I immediately stop and look at her posts. Her Enneagram graphics are amazing, and I immediately swipe to see what she’s created for 5w6.

I’ve had this “Things each Enneagram loves” post saved for a while, and today I’m breaking down my thoughts on the 5 (investigator) and the 6 (loyalist).

Things each Enneagram type loves…

Type 5:

  • Quiet time: Heck yes. I’ve shared before that I need my morning quiet time to start my day. If I can have pockets of quiet time throughout the day, that’s even better!
  • Take out: While I love eating out, I also enjoy just getting take out and eating dinner at home in the comfort of my home. There’s nothing better than pajamas, a good book, and food I didn’t have to cook 😉
  • No plans: Do you know what’s better than no plans? Cancelled plans! haha
  • Long talks: This one is less like me than the others. I think after talking all day long with students, I’m ok with shorter conversations. That being said, it’s always good to catch up with someone I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Their bed: Absolutely! While I don’t mind travelling, there are times I’ve left my house thinking about how many nights of sleep until I’m back at home and in my own bed (with my favorite pillow, my weighted blanket, and my sound machine! #highmaintenancesleeper)
  • New books: Have you met me? This is a definite yes. I love a new book! It’s like meeting a new friend.

Type 6:

  • Stationery: It must be the teacher in me because I do love stationery.
  • Multiple cups: of coffee?? haha I do have my favorite coffee mug, water tumbler, and wine glass. I guess I am particular about my drinkware!
  • New pens: Again, the teacher in me…I start every year off with a new pack of pens. My faves are Optimus Fine Point Pen or Paper Mater Flair.
  • Dinner date: Sure! It’s not often we get to go out, but I do love grabbing dinner out with Travis.
  • Reliable Friends: I’ve learned through the years it’s the quality not the quantity of many things, including friends! I appreciate those who “get” me and are there for me.
  • Mismatched socks: uh no. This is definitely not me! It drives me crazy when I can’t find the match to a sock.

I feel like this glimpse of what a 5w6 Enneagram type loves is pretty spot on.

You should definitely check out Ashton’s Instagram account. She has so many fun Enneagram posts, and she often shares cute seasonal graphics that can be used for phone backgrounds.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites.

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Tuesday Teacher Talk


Well, a big part of my life (for almost twenty years!) has been being a teacher. It dawned on me that I haven’t shared much about that aspect of my life, and a few readers commented on my recent Three Things post about my current Academic Interventionist job.

So, today I’m taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing my teaching experiences through the years in my first ever…

My first year of teaching was in a small school outside of Columbia, Missouri. I graduated from MIZZOU in May of 2002 and wanted to stay there a bit longer (and I was dating Travis at the time). I taught in a very small school where I was the only English 1 teacher. I had ninth graders all day long (I was more energetic then ;). Fun Fact: I was also the cheer leading coach that year. While I may have had more energy, I’ve never been described as peppy. The coaching position was attached to the English 1 teaching position which I actually don’t think you are allowed to do! Ahhh…small town life. Anyway, I enjoyed my time there. One funny memory I have is that one day I wore two different black shoes to school…both had a bit of a heel. It was a day the cheerleaders had to stay for the basketball game, and I just remember wanting to get home and out of my mismatched shoes!

The time came where Travis wanted to move back home to Kentucky and get into the horse business. While we were serious and had discussed marriage, I just didn’t feel like I could move to Kentucky yet and he wanted to get settled with a job. So, I took this opportunity to move back home to KC. I taught at large high school with a diverse population, and my mom taught at the middle school that was a feeder school to where I taught. Since I wasn’t married at the time, some of her students got a kick out of the fact that they had Mrs. Galvin in 7th grade and Ms. Galvin for 9th (or 11th) grade since I taught both of those grade levels that year. I also had the school newspaper as a class and loved it! They were a great group of kids. I loved being closer to my family, making more money, and being in a bigger school. My mom retired at the end of that school year right as I made the decision to move to Kentucky with Travis.

We got engaged in May of 2004 right as I found my job in a somewhat rural district in Kentucky. Nicholasville is right outside of Lexington and is a great community. There are two high schools in the district, and I loved my time at East. I taught English 1 for many years. I was blessed to work for the same four principals for 11 of my 12 years there. They were amazing principals and great leaders for our school. During that time, so much changed in my life. I got married, had the kids, and met some of my best friends. It was also during that time that I earned my two Master’s degrees. In the fall of 2005, right after I got married, I started on my Master’s in Literacy. I earned the degree online over the next two years from the University of Missouri. I have always loved the literacy part of teaching English, and especially the reading aspect.

my classroom at East

With that degree, I earned my Rank 2 in May of 2008 which led me to a Literacy Coaching position at East. Our district was a part of a four year grant with the University of Louisville. During that time, I did reading intervention with students. I typically had two classes of freshmen and one class of sophomores. Because it was a grant, the boundaries of those classes were dictated by the stakeholders, and I couldn’t have more than 12 in a class! The other half of my day was spent being a resource for teachers. I worked 1:1 with students, I shared strategies with teachers, I facilitated professional development opportunities and more!

Throwback photo in my old classroom.

Also, with the grant was the opportunity to earn a Reading Specialist degree. I put that off for a bit because it was optional, and I had a lot going on. Finally, I started that degree when the kids were two years old and worked hard for a year to complete my 36 hours. It was definitely a crazy time, but I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t take advantage of earning this degree, and it was paid for by the grant. In May of 2012, I finished that degree and earned my rank 1. When the grant ended, I went back into the classroom and taught mostly juniors and seniors. While at East, I also took on other roles as teacher rep on SBDM and splitting the English department chair position for a few years. The year my kids were in kindergarten, I knew I needed a change. As much as I hated to leave, I needed to be on the same school district schedule as them, and I was unhappy with the new administration at my school. So, I looked, applied, and interviewed; I was able to secure a teaching position at a school in Lexington.

my first classroom at my new school

I now teach at one of the largest high schools in the state. It actually reminds me of where I taught in KC. I taught English 2 for the first time ever when I moved to this school. I taught sophomores the first year, then the second year I had sophomores and two MTSS classes for students who hadn’t met benchmark on the English or Reading sections of ACT. We did other things like reading strategies, study skills, test taking skills and more. The next year, I had sophomores and one class of freshmen! Blast from the past! They were actually a great way to start my day. Then, there was a job posted for a reading interventionist at my school which I applied for and got the job in late October 2019.

My current classroom

My job title now is Academic Interventionist. It feels like I’ve been doing this job forever, and it also feels like just yesterday I made the switch. This position was created because we needed extra support for students, especially freshmen. I started by checking in with students who were struggling in their classes, and provided some support for them. Sometimes that meant study or reading skills, other times I helped them complete work, and there were times we’d empty out backpacks and get organized!

I’d barely started that work when in March of 2020, everything changed. During the pandemic and virtual learning, I still helped students…just via Zoom. I’d also make lots of phone calls home to check on students and set up appointment times to work with them.

Crazy enough, this year is the first “normal” year I’ve had in this Academic Interventionist position. We’ve been able to expand how we help our students. Thanks to additional funds, we’ve added more teachers and are now a team. I now focus on Social Studies and English classes because there’s a new counselor to now focus on students who are struggling overall academically, and there’s a science and math interventionist as well.

What I love about this job is meeting new students, and every day is different. I have a Google form, and teachers add students to it who need additional academic support. Some days, my room is a quiet place for a student to take a test, other days I’m reading chapters of Of Mice and Men aloud to a few students and then we answer questions, I help students brainstorm ideas for their paper and then complete an outline, and I also encourage students to use reading and writing strategies. I help students 1:1, pairs, small groups and even half of classes. I’m also an extra resource as I sometimes go into classrooms on days when teachers need an additional teacher when giving a test or sharing new content.

I’m also on various committees such as MTSS (academic support for students), PBIS (behavioral support for students), and 9th grade Task Force (helping plan intentional strategies and help for our 9th graders).

I hope this job lasts as long as possible. I love it. Unfortunately, in education, the funding for these positions doesn’t always last forever. That being said, this job has been just what I’ve needed at this point in my career to have some flexibility in my day (sometimes, in education, you feel like you are stuck in a rut!), help students in a different way, and use some of my other teaching skills and credentials.

Favorite Education Quotes:

You know as an English/Language Arts teacher I love a good quote. Here are some of my faves:

  • “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” -Unknown
  • “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” -William Butler Yeats
  • “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” -Nelson Mandela

Shew! That was a long post. I guess when you’ve been teaching twenty years, you have a lot to recap! It’s really crazy to me that I’m 2 / 3 of the way finished with my teaching career. I swear I still remember what it feels like standing in front of my first hour class on my first day of teaching in 2002. Time flies.

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know if you have any questions! Also, if you are a teacher (or have been one!), share with me how many years you’ve been teaching, and what you teach. Teachers are a tribe that sticks together!