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Tuesday Talk: Seint Makeup


Well, today’s post is a bit out of my comfort zone…lots of selfies of me, but I’ve been using Seint makeup for about a month and want to tell you all about it.

Tuesday Talk: Seint Makeup

I’ve always said that Hadley knows more about hair and makeup than I do. She doesn’t wear much, but she needs to know how to apply it for dance. Plus, most teen/tween girls like watching makeup videos on You Tube! I’ve used the same drug store (L’oreal, for example) products for years, and honestly had no issues with them. They do the trick, and I’m a “less is more” gal anyway. I’ve always worn enough for there to be a difference in making my skin look more even, but not much otherwise.

That being said, my friend Amy is now a Seint consultant, and I was intrigued but her Insta stories sharing about the products.

I went to her house, and she did a color match on me in person. That being said, many Seint reps can color match via a photo you send them.

I’ve gotten the hang of it pretty quickly. Amy has shared a few videos of her Seint makeup routine, and at first, I followed along as she did them. Also, there are so many videos on Instagram and Pinterest. I also used my color map that Amy sent me after my consultation as a guide, but it was nice to see the process in real time and follow along.

Palette and Brushes:

I purchased the IIID Palette 12 in silver. This palette holds six makeup tins on each side. There’s a mirror in the palette, and it has a magnetic closure. These are cream based products, so there’s no mess!

I think most will say that the IIID Brush does it all. So, if you just purchase one brush, get that one. I purchased the IIID as well as the Detail Brush, and I am glad that I have both.


Here’s what’s in my palette:

  • Contour: Astoria
  • Highlight: Aura (light highlight, similar to your concealer)
  • Highlight: Mango (darker highlight, similar to your foundation)
  • Bronzer: Bella (I don’t use this as often as I thought I would)
  • Lip/Cheek: Pink Grapefruit (great summer color, but I think I will get something a bit darker for the fall)
  • Illuminator: Rose Gold

So, the other side of my palette is empty, but I bet as my tan fades, I will need a different color of highlight(s). Also, Seint as cream based eye shadows, but I have a few other products that I currently use.

Here I am after my first time applying Seint in late July. I followed along with Amy’s video, and thought that I did a pretty good job!

The Process:

Warning: here come the selfies!


Step 1: contour, highlight (concealer), highlight (main)

I use my finger to apply the product(s).

Contour – Apply to forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and outside of nose to the tip.

Highlight (concealer)– Apply to either side of eyes, down the middle/bridge of nose, under nose, on chin, and blemishes if you have any.

Highlight (main/foundation) – This goes anywhere you don’t have makeup.

BlendTip: Blend light to dark. I use the wider side of Detail Brush and go up my nose and fan out to get my forehead. Then I blend my chin, and then I use smaller side of detail brush to do under my eyes. I then use the bigger side of IIID brush and start with contour rubbing in circles on my forehead up to my hair line to blend. Then, I blend in the contour on my jawline and down to my neck.

After blending contour and two highlights:

Step 2: blush

I dab a bit on the tops of both cheeks.

Blend: Then, I blend using the smaller side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the blush:

Step 3: bronzer (If using)

I put this where the sun hits my face. So, I put a bit on my forehead, the tops of my cheeks, and my chin.

Blend: I blend in the bronzer using the bigger side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the bronzer:

Step 4: Illuminator

I put this on the middle of my forehead, down the bridge of nose, on the tops of my cheeks, and a bit on my chin.

Blend: I blend using bigger side of IIID brush.

Before and after blending in the illuminator:

Step 5: lip

I’m more of a lip gloss/Chapstick girl, so I typically only do lip for a weekend night. Again, I like this grapefruit color, but will look for something more fall/winter that’s dark but not too dark once we get into September.

After adding lip color:

*After the photo above, I went back and blended on the bridge of my nose a bit more… (but forgot to take photo) #notabeautyblogger


The cream base of Seint makeup is forgiving because I can add more if needed. So if I have too much bronzer, I can add more highlight and blend to take away some of the bronze.

I also love that I can kind of choose what works for me for the day.

For example, on the average weekend day when I just want some coverage, I’ve just used both highlights for to even out my skin…and also applied mascara. (I don’t go anywhere without mascara!)

Also, there are many days I skip bronzer and illuminator…just depends on what I’m wanting for that day. I really can get away with just contour, both highlights, blush, eye shadow and mascara for a normal school day.

A few options:

Here I am Saturday night with no bronzer or Illuminator, only the other products.

*Like I said, I think I’m more of a lip gloss girl and added some after this photo but I like this pink for summer.

Then, for church on Sunday, I didn’t use bronzer, but I did use Illuminator. Then, I added lip gloss to the grapefruit Seint lip.

Overall, I’m loving the Seint makeup. The process is now pretty easy for me. I feel like it helps my skin look flawless. The coverage seems to last all day.

I think I’ve moved from novice to accomplished using Seint over the past month. It definitely hasn’t slowed down my morning routine at all. I actually timed myself yesterday morning, and I’d applied all makeup in 5 minutes!

Well, I feel like I’ve been in your face quite a bit today! 😂 Let me know if you have any questions. I’m sure Amy can help get those answered or help you if you are interested.

I hope your week is off to a great start! Seint is also perfect for hiding the bags under my tired eyes!

Happy Tuesday!

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: Seint Makeup

  1. I love it on you! You are a pro! In fact, I am going to follow your directions to apply bc I think I have gotten a bit rusty. I honestly think I am more satisfied with my makeup than maybe ever. I am not out searching for the next best product. It doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. I have Bella and Mango but those are the only ones the same. Oh, and this stuff lasts forever. I have been using it for 2 years I think – maybe a bit more – and have only made two purchases and that wasn’t because I was out, but I wanted some different colors.

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    1. That’s good to know. I can see what it can last forever. Like I told you, I think I will get a new cheek / lip in the fall as well as highlights…assuming I will need different when my tan fades. (Other) Amy 😂 shared a video of hearing up her tins to get the most out of the leftovers of the products. Mind blown 😂


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