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Shiplap Update

Hello! Today, I’m sharing a quick home improvement project that we recently did.

I’ve been wanting to add shiplap to two walls in our living room. I knew it would be an added touch that would make the house feel cozier and brighten up the walls a bit.

It’s been a minute since we’ve done a home improvement project, and I was excited that this all fell into place pretty easily.

Once I saw Sarah share her shiplap update with links to where she bought the shiplap (Home Depot), I shared the idea with Travis. This way, I knew that what we were buying would look great because I was able to see the finished product on someone else’s walls.

As per most projects, I had the vision, our neighbor did the handywork, and Travis did the painting! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


Well, I’ve shared these photos before when I did the Tuesday Transformation series, but here is the living room listing photo when we bought the house over seven years ago.

After we moved in, we had most of our walls painted a gray color.

Finally, after seven years, I purchased a mirror back in the fall. Remember when we were home for two weeks on quarantine? I finally took the time to purchase a mirror! The wood tones on the mirror really made the chest (a family heirloom) stand out instead of being an after thought in the room.


We purchased the shiplap, and our neighbor measured and cut the boards before nailing them to the wall.

It took him a couple days to do both walls, but the difference was amazing!

Here’s the other side of the room before the shiplap. Also, the built-ins were in need of a fresh coat of paint.

…with the shiplap installed but not yet painted:


Once all the shiplap was installed, Travis painted it white. He kept it simple and used Behr Ultra Pure White Satin.

Close up: (of some of my favorite things: shiplap, cotton stems, books, and a candle)

Before photo

Of course, it helps that my Christmas decor is *finally* put away, but the room looks so bright and airy.

…with my “regular” decor put back in place:

Another close up:

I’ve still left a few winter touches out for the next month or so. This was my view on one of the snow day mornings last week:

And…one more close up of the finished product:

I swear sometimes I think our house will never be 100% finished, but it’s been a fun process through the years. #foreverfixerupper

Technically, the only major project we have left is to update the hall bathroom. That being said, we still think about an addition of some sorts in the future to give us a bigger master bedroom. We’ll see. For now, we are happy completing little tasks along the way.

Per usual, I have to thank Travis (and neighbor Bob) for making my dreams come true!

I hope your week is off to a great start!

13 thoughts on “Shiplap Update

    1. Thank you. We did the cut out as a way to open the space but couldn’t commit to knocking down a major wall 😆 we may one day, but we like that it helps the two rooms flow a bit


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