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Tuesday Talk: Cozi App

Hello! I hope your week is off to a good start.

Today’s Tuesday Talk is about a new app my family has been using…

…called the Cozi app.

I often send my kids (and Travis) texts with reminders for things like practices and upcoming tests. This year, I thought we’d try the Cozi app. I honestly didn’t know much about it, but I knew it was a way for stay organized and keep the family informed. I created an account, and had everyone download the app. I invited Travis to use the app via email, and the kids just used my log in info for access.

Here’s a sample week on Cozi (not my family!)…

A few things about Cozi:

  • I assigned each family member a color. There’s also a color for “everyone” in case the whole family needs to know. When you create an event, it’s basically like entering an event on your phone calendar. You can enter the event, location, time, and add notes if needed. Then, I click who is going, and it’s color coded.
  • Anyone can add to the calendar, and I’ve encouraged the kids (and Trav…haha) to add to it as things pop up whether that’s a test or a Student Council meeting. You can also set a reminder to the events just like on the calendar.
  • Emails are sent weekly with everything on the calendar for that week. That being said, since my kids weren’t invited via email, they don’t get those emails like Travis and I do. I just encourage them to check the app every Sunday and then daily as well just for reminders.
  • There’s also a place for lists…
    • Shopping lists: grocery, wholesale, other. This has actually come in handy because the kids will add in things like “toothpaste” or “Doritos,” and I check that part of the app when placing my grocery order.
    • To Do- There’s a “shared to do” list and then one for myself…I guess because I have the account. We haven’t used the lists as much, but I may use it for weekly chores like putting up clothes or taking out the trash.
  • I haven’t used it, but there’s also a “recipes” tab with quite a few recipes. If you choose a recipe, you can also add those ingredients to your grocery list.

We use Cozi for practice and dance schedule, test dates, doctor appointments and even things like UK football games, birthday parties and more. You can mark an event as “repeating,” and it plugs it in for each week. So, for example, Hadley’s dance is always on the same nights every week, and I only had to enter them once.

We have the free version, but I think it’s $30/a year that has other features like a monthly view, reminders, and a birthday tracker.

I’ve heard other busy families talk about “shared calendars,” but we’ve never done that. I kind of like keeping my phone calendar to myself because I have so many reminders and other things I put in it. This app, being separate, has been really nice.

Between the weekly paper calendar on the fridge with activities and what we are having for dinner and the Cozi app, hopefully we won’t miss any appointments or activities!

How do you stay organized?

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: Cozi App

  1. Interesting! I didn’t realize there was a free version. This might be nice for us even though we just have Tom and I at home. The two in college might like to see what we are doing, but maybe not! Ha!

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  2. We love Cozi. We started using it some time last year and we all like the reminders and being able to see upcoming things we have planned. Even my daughter and husband add things sometimes so it is nice to have it all there in one place without them having to ask me about every single thing.

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  3. What a great find! I love hearing about new app’s. I use Google calendar, and probably don’t need to link with the family at this point in our lives. But this would have been wonderful for those busy school days!

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