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Summer Fun List

Hello and happy Tuesday!

Real talk: I’ve realized Monday is my least favorite day of the week…even in the summer. Mondays mean to do lists, grocery pick up, laundry, and more! During the school year, those are usually Sunday chores! Now, I just bump that business to Monday! I’m very happy to move on to Tuesday.

Anyway, before the summer slips away, I thought I’d have the kids write down some things they want to do this summer. Hadley’s list is on the left, Hayden’s on the right (more real talk: he was kind of grumpy when he made his list), and family items in the middle. A few of the items we’ve accomplished already, but I wanted to have a list for our entire summer.


  • Learn a new Tik Tok dance (Thankfully, this isn’t a family activity 😉
  • Tie Dye
  • Bake
  • Go to Bob Evans restaurant (She loves the microwave mashed potatoes I buy—she wants to see if they taste the same at the restaurant!)
  • Dance workshops
  • And more!


  • Teach Homer tricks
  • Take golf lessons
  • Baseball
  • Draw
  • Play outside
  • Take Hadley to camp for a week (I hate to burst his bubble, but camp has been cancelled!)
  • And more!


  • Vacation
  • Pick strawberries (maybe Travis can join us next time!)
  • Go visit family in KC
  • Go to the zoo
  • Kayak
  • Drive in movie
  • And more!

Our summer looks a bit different with less pool time this year, but we hope to make the most of it and plan some other activities.

The kids have even started a little dog walking business. They walked their first two clients yesterday.

I don’t know that anything too fun is happening today. Hayden will have to update his list because this morning he is, in fact, getting his phase 2 braces. Poor guy! Good news for him (and Hadley) is maybe we can stop for a root beer float at A&W after his appointment!

Take care,

5 thoughts on “Summer Fun List

  1. Hayden’s list made me laugh – he doesn’t want braces and he wants a week away from sis! You guys should check out Canoe Kentucky or I think I liked Cave Country Canoes better but it would be further for you – it’s in Southern In. Dogs are allowed and Ernie has been twice! You pick canoes or kayaks and maybe even rafts? They put you on a bus and drop you off and you take your time paddling to the outfitter where you parked. You can bring a picnic and stop wherever. Ernie swam or explored the shore most of the time and didn’t stay in the canoe much! Also, the caves in KY and S. Indiana would be fun! I miss having kids at the age they would do anything I came up with! I’m not sure what their Covid status is, either. Pools can open Monday I guess? Such a weird summer! I love a list, though and I will share mine soon.

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    1. Thank you for this info! I’d like to kayak or canoe on slow moving water…I’m hoping that’s a thing! We had a crazy tubing adventure on a river in NC a few summers ago. The rapids were so quick we about lost our kids. I know I’m still scarred from the experience 😂I didn’t think of the caves! That would be something different to do. I think we are pushing our pool dues to next year. With limited time, rules, raised prices, I’m annoyed with our club situation. My inflatable pool arrived yesterday 😂


      1. Oh yes – Cave Country is hardly moving. I think Frankfort is faster. I have always loved rafting even though it scares me. We did a very easy one at Cumberland Falls but on the last rapid we lost Tom and Mason out of our raft and it spooked me and Tom. Mason was very chill. We found a Groupon for Cave Country and the whole family plus Ernie did it for like $20! This was 6 years ago I think.

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