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Breeders Cup

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

I’m finally getting around to recapping our Saturday at Breeder’s Cup.

I’ve shared about the October/April meets at Keeneland as well as Oaks at Churchill Downs, and today’s post is about Breeder’s Cup.

A Few Facts:

  • Breeder’s Cup happens every year in November and the races are all Grade 1.
  • It’s a year-end championship for North American Thoroughbred racing.
  • It’s a two day event with Friday’s races consisting of two year olds and then other ages on Saturday.
  • The biggest race is the Breeder’s Cup Classic on Saturday with a purse of $6 million dollars.
  • Keeneland hosted in 2015, 2020 (but there were no spectators), and then this year as well.

We went with our friends in 2015…

…and here we are this year! It was such a great day.

To prepare for Breeder’s Cup, Keeneland installed temporary seating throughout the facility to increase capacity from 20,000 people to 45,000 people. They added more seating with additional boxes and five chalets. We were in a chalet by the final turn which is where we were in 2015 as well.

The chalets are huge with buffets, bars, and big screen tv’s. We did say that we preferred the “aesthetic” in 2015 because they had couches, high top tables, dimmed lights, and different spaces to hang out. This just felt more like “how many people can we fit in here if we just keep adding tables and chairs?” Anyway, needless to say, our table was the most fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Besides the buffet, at various times, servers came around with snacks like pretzels, cookies, and more. There were many betting stations as well as tables to grab waters and soft drinks as needed.

At one point, the ladies hopped on a golf cart to visit the gift shop.

At the gift shop, we saw Carson Kressley shopping!

For most races, we’d go outside and stand by the rail. The weather was warm and windy which felt unnatural for November!

After one of the races, we snapped a few pics…

…as well a one with the ladies, the guys, and the group photo…

…and a group selfie. (Our friend Scott is a big self guy…he’s tall and comes in handy for photos!)

Yikes! I need to clean my mirror, but here’s a closer look at my dress.

I bought this dress from Avara, and it won’t be my last! They have such cute and affordable dresses and easy returns. I paired the dress with my Target boots that I’ve worn many time so far this fall.

The Breeder’s Cup Classic is the second to last race. Frontline, the favorite, won easily.

Travis and friends usually have multiple bets going on throughout the day. I can’t even begin to understand it all, but they have fun. They usually come thisclose to winning big by the end of the day, but tracks aren’t built on winners. haha

One of the wives picked this up at the gift shop, and of course, we needed a pic after the final race.

As we were walking out, we couldn’t help but admire the amazing sky. The official color of The Breeder’s Cup is purple…and just look at that sky!

We left around 6:30, and didn’t have a dinner reservation until 8:30. That being said, of course traffic was crazy. Travis was lucky enough to have a pass, so we didn’t have to walk too far to get to our car.

Once we got to the restaurant, Frank and Dino’s, we hung out at the bar and had a couple of appetizers.

Then, we were seated and had the sweetest server. It sounds like they were slammed on Friday after Breeder’s Cup, and learned a few lessons. It honestly didn’t feel like we had to wait too long for our food, but we appreciated her being up front about it all.

I got the pesto gnocchi, and it was delish. If gnocchi is on any menu, I order it.

We all hung out, ate, and chatted before grabbing an Uber and calling it a night.

Of course we had to have a dinner selife!

We got home around 11 and headed straight to bed! It was a long day that started at 6 AM to get to Hayden’s cross country meet in Louisville.

Let’s just say I was very grateful to “fall back” that night!

Good friends can be hard to come by, and this is a special crew. All of the guys are Trav’s friends from college. Two of the couples live in Lexington like us and see each other somewhat regularly. They were some of my “first friends” when I moved here 18 years ago and didn’t know anyone. The other two couples live in Nashville, and we try to see them once or twice a year.

Anyway, it was a great day. I hope Keeneland hosts the Breeder’s Cup again in the next few years.

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this! It really sounds like a fun event. I don’t know that I’ll ever make it to one, so it was fun reading about it here. I feel you on the long day part- my stars, I’ve usually been asleep at least an hour before eleven thirty! I’m such a party-er. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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