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Shaker Village Hike

Last Friday, Travis and I took the kids to Shaker Village to hike. I’ve been to Shaker Village a few times to explore the property, learn about the Shaker community, and visit the Historic Centre. That being said, I didn’t know they had hiking trails until a friend posted her family’s photos near a beautiful waterfall.

With Friday being my last official day of summer, Travis took the day off, and we headed to Shaker Village which is about a 30 minute drive from Lexington.

There are various trails, but we knew the Shawnee Run trail would take us to the waterfall. That particular trail is label “strenuous” and says it’s a 6 mile loop. We saw signs sending us to a different connector so after seeing the waterfall, we hooked up with the Chinquapin trail to finish our hike. All in all, we hiked about four miles in about an hour and 45 minutes. So, we didn’t do the complete loop of that trail, and the trail was very doable for all of us.

We hardly saw anyone on our trek, so it was definitely a socially distant activity with beautiful scenery.

I’m a sucker for a run down red barn. We parked right by this beaut, so of course I had to snap a pic.

and…make the kids stand in front of the chippy red barn!

The grounds of Shaker Village are so beautiful. Stone fencing like this always stops me in my tracks.

Off we go…

We probably only hiked about a mile to find the beautiful waterfall. We hung out in the water and by the falls for 20-25 minutes.

Hiker Boo:

Hiker Sis:

Such a pretty place to explore with the falls, the mossy rocks, and the cool water.

Parent pic:

After the falls, we continued on for the rest of our hike stopping every once in a while to let the kids splash in the water.

After the hike, these guys were waiting for us by the chippy red barn.

The horses have a great view!

Now that I know these trails exist, I certainly hope we make it back again soon. The kids are at a great age for hikes like this because they can keep up, and even sometimes lead the way!

I hope you have a great day!

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    1. Yes, lack of amenities would be an issue 😂 The first time I went there was with Hadley’s Girl Scout troop when they were in 1st grade for Breakfast with the Babes (baby animals) which was so fun. SV has a lot to offer but I’m not sure about an overnight stay 😂

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