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Halloween Recap

Halloween 2019…also known as the week long Halloween. Our Halloween festivities started off last Sunday at our church’s Halloween Festival where the kids could trick-or-treat on Spooky Street, play on inflatables and other games, and eat chili. They had a great time loading up on treats and seeing their friends.

Plot twist with Halloween: with a forecast of rain, highs in the 40s (with temps dropping), and gusty winds, some communities, including ours, moved trick-or-treating to Saturday from 3-5. This isn’t the first time trick-or-treating has been moved due to weather, and I kind of rolled my eyes at the idea…that being said, Thursday legit felt like winter! By Thursday evening, I wasn’t mad about a low key evening at home, an easy dinner, and some tv watching with the kids. Since it was Halloween, there were no other activities planned, so we were kind of forced to slow down and have some time at home. We had eaten dinner by 6 (never happens), kids were showered and clean by 7 (really never happens), and then we actually had time to catch up on our family tv shows.

I read Andrea’s post on Thursday morning for an easy dinner of Zombie Brains and Bloody Fingers. Sounded easy, fun, and delish, so I stopped by Trader Joe’s on my way home from school to get what we needed. The kids loved it.

Trick-or-treating in the daylight on Saturday felt a little odd…but to be honest, I ended up enjoying it. We weren’t rushed to beat the daylight, it was a Saturday, so no rushing home after school to get ready, and then we had time after trick-or-treating to hang out with friends while the kids swapped candy. Then we ate chili and soup and hung out…while not worrying about an early bedtime.

It was sunny and high 40s, so not super warm, but definitely better than how it would have been Thursday night.

The kids chose their costumes pretty easily this year…and, as always, thank goodness for Amazon. Hayden has an interest in Ghostbusters, so I showed him the costume online and said, “Do you want to be that?” and he said yes. Hadley was adamant on being a nerd…and instantly loved the “Nerdy Girls Rock” shirt she found on Amazon. The bowtie, suspenders, and socks were in a pack together…and when the glasses arrived, she said, “We have to put tape on them like they’ve been broken.” Lastly, she asked me to bring a dictionary home from school. Girlfriend had a vision for her costume!

Hadley in costume (and character!)

Hayden’s costume did come with a proton pack…and I figured it was only a matter of time before Homer popped it!! We made it to Halloween though!

My brother’s family comes over for Halloween. The kids know we need to get a cousin pic on the steps!

I call this the “OG of trick-or-treaters” pic. These kids have grown up together, and I’m blessed to call their moms my friends! The oldest two (twins!) are in middle school now…Also, all except for “Dorothy” have November birthdays, so we see each other quite a bit in the November/December months.

For fun (or to make me cry)…here’s our first year trick-or-treating together ….2010.

We trick-or-treated with lots of friends and ran into many other friends and neighbors.

Homer dressed as a “good dog” this year…definitely a disguise. haha

I can’t get over all the candy they get each year! It’s insane…and this year they received many full sized candy bars. Crazy!

We definitely had an awesome (week of) Halloween. Up next: birthday party planning for these two almost ten year olds!

Have a great week.


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Flashback Friday: Halloween

I seriously wish I’d started blogging sooner….then, I wouldn’t have to have Flashback Fridays to get all of my pics in one place! haha. Since Halloween is next week, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane with the kids’ Halloween costumes through the years. I only cried twice while writing this post!


Hadley as a jack-o-lantern and Hayden as a skeleton.


A friend mentioned that the kids should be M&Ms for Halloween but have H&H on their chest…and I loved that idea. Insert homemade costumes by GG.


Fireman Hayden and Princess Hadley


Hands down my favorite costumes ever. I clearly remember Hayden saying he wanted to be Batman and Hadley chimed in that she’d be Robin. Seriously, it was her idea. Love love love this costume combo!


We had just moved into our new house, and thankfully the kids were very decisive on what they wanted their costumes to be…as I didn’t have time for them to change their minds! Hayden was Captain America because he was at the age to love all things superhero …and Hadley was obbbbsessssed with all things Frozen, especially Elsa.


This year seemed kind of random…Hayden as a ninja and Hadley has a Pink Power Ranger! The neighborhood has never felt more safe!


Hayden was Luke Skywalker and Hadley a bumble bee. Funny Hadley story about Hadley’s costume. Her older cousin had given her the striped bee dress as a hand me down for play clothes. I remember Hadley wanting to look up costume ideas on the computer. At one point, she showed me the computer and said she wanted to be a bee. She remembered she had the hand me down costume when she saw a picture of a woman in an adult version of a bee costume that said, “Buzzed!” 😂I couldn’t quit laughing…


2017 was another costume favorite of mine for both kids. I thought Hadley was so cute in her Super Girl costume, and Hayden was his favorite baseball player…Mike Moustakas of the KC Royals. The price of Hayden’s costume was $0…so no wonderful I loved it so much.


Last year, as we drove home from our October fall break, the kids started discussing costumes. Both were pretty definitive with their choices as last fall Hayden decided to play soccer again…hence the Cristiano Ronaldo costume. From the back of the car on that ride home from South Carolina, Hadley said she wanted to be an 80s party girl…and I said, “Oh, an 80s girl…” She said, “No, mom….an 80s parrrrttty girl!” I laughed and wondered what that costume would entail…as always, Amazon for the win!

Time sure does fly. Where have my babies gone? Any guesses what they will be this year?

Bonus Flashback!

My brother and me in 198?…

Cheerleader and Care Bear ❤️😂

I hope you have a great weekend! We have soccer, UK football game, and neighborhood pumpkin carving on tap!


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